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For those who are suffering from the zip file, I am uploading only the iso file. ------------- on December 30, 2007, 02:45:15 PM Hey, I┤m still not able to extract the zip.file. I tried any software on Windows and Mac but I only get errors. The files I tried are the ones uploaded on tpb a week ago. Is there any way to download the iso itself, are there other torrents that might work better, could anyone of you maybe upload a new torrent with the iso?? ------------- KALYWAY LEOPARD 10.5.1 intel SSE2 and SSE3 Only (with 512 MB of RAM)!!! efi v8 All IchX and Jmicron compatible !!! but still problem with ide dvdrom on jmicron controller! Read carefully !!! designed and repacked by KALYWAY! additionnal scripting and customs drivers by DUNE ! you can try vanilla kernel at dvd boot ! just type vanilla after f8 !!! you can use Diskutility to format the whole hd as you want ( guid or mbr)! then select custom install !!! this installer will set hd bootable for you ! just have to select boot guid or boot mbr depending on what partition map you have chosen before with diskutility ! CAUTION for mbr choice: we advise you to use an empty disk but if you have no other choice than installing Leo on a disk where windows is already installed, you should be aware of that the installer will active the leo partition, so to be able to boot again on your windows, you should install a bootloader (eg. Grub) , or you can active back the windows partition with fdisk and use chain0 (if your leo partition is under the 200gb of the HD). FIXES include : x11 update (resolve issue wit gimp and some x11 app! ; directoryservices ; otools (resolve packages maker crashes) Some drivers extras setting are present (Only select one driver for each section!! ) sleep kernel 9.1 install by default ! intel sse2 system video drivers audio drivers network drivers Vanilla kernel and acpi vanilla (wit reboot fix and ps2 support) ( you must select both of them) bootloader (guid or mbr) Additionnals applications ! fairmount (dvd decript that work with vlc) VLC (video players for divx and various format) perian codec for quicktime (divx and various unsupported quicktime formats) Better zip (archive utility) Pacifist (pkg extractor and installer) kexthelper ( kext installer for noobz) transmission ( light weight torrent client) Google notifier (menubar notifier for your gmail account) PPF-O-Matic ( utility for applying ppf patch) stuffit expander ( for extract sit rar and zip archives) Change finder ( make visible or invisible system files) Colloquy (irc client) Solarseek (soulseek client) i have make a restore app ! for Restore_Factory_Desktop_finder_settings Restore_Factory_Desktop_Finder_settings (default background,icons,dock) for change orange colour in window finder! right click on orange colour then Show view options and select background white !! use by default ! new users accounts will be virgin ! CAN BE USED ON ALL 10.5.x DISTRO !!! it's all !! MD5 for KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1_intell_SSE2_SSE3.zip aff692cfe4daaae471f528974f5bac07 MD5 for kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso f8546bde2a5b3c7dff47f2aab31862a9 THANKS TO ALL OSX86 COMMUNITY and TEAM OF HACKINTOSH !! Specials thanks to netkas , def , turbo ; asap , jccool ,joblo,dan , rofl , joe75 , kabyl , chival4ry and all the others !!! To Apple: Think of this as of a demo version and as of a free marketing campaign. Therefore, let it be ENJOY ! if you love MacOSX think to buy it !!! This DVD should only be used to preview Mac OS X Leopard. If you really like Mac OS X Leopard and you want to use it, you should get a real Mac. If buying a real Mac is too much, you can, at least, buy a license for Mac OS X Leopard.
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