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Release name: Jubilee (XVID) Director: Derek Jarman year: 1977 file size: 700 MB subtitles: n/a runtime: 100 mins Genre: Drama, Music, cult IMDB link: IMDB Rating:5.9/10 (675 votes) codec: XVID Frame rate 25 fps size: 512px x 384px video data rate: 954 kbps Aspect ratio: 1.66 : 1 audio: 125 kbps mp3 mono Plot: Queen Elizabeth I travels to late twentieth-century Britain to discover a tawdry and depressing landscape where life mostly seems aimless and is anyway held cheap. Three post-punk girls while away their vacuous existence as best they can, from time-to-time straying into murder to relieve the boredom. cast: * Jenny Runacre as both Queen Elizabeth I & Bod (Bodicea) * Jordan as Amyl Nitrate * Toyah Willcox as Mad * Little Nell (Nell Campbell) as Crabs * Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard) as Kid * Hermine Demoriane as Chaos * Ian Charleson as Angel * Karl Johnson as Sphinx * Linda Spurrier as Viv * Richard O'Brien as John Dee * David Haughton (David Brandon) as Ariel * Neil Kennedy as Max * Orlando (Jack Birkett) as Borgia Ginz * Wayne County as Lounge Lizard Review: Derek Jarman's 1977 film Jubilee, said to be the "first official punk film" is one of the most original and disturbing urban dystopias to emerge from that era of British film-making. Setting itself in a version of late 70s London where anarchy reigns and Judge Dredd-style police are as lawless as the gangs on the street, the film never fails to surprise and Punk rock experts can play a game of spot-the-cameo. Whilst all this takes place, there's also the matter of Queen Elizabeth I, brought forward in time by the angel Arial to gain supreme knowledge... Violent and twisted, Jubilee manages, however, to convince that destruction isn't the only aspect of an anarchic society, and questions the meaning meaning of life, love, history and even the violence itself in a world without balance. ~punk77 When Adam Ant met Derek Jarman on the King's Road, the blood still hadn't congealed. Only a few minutes before, the future self-styled dandy highwayman had been lying face down in a woman's bedroom while she carved the word "f*ck" into his back with a razor blade. "I had been looking at a lot of tribal books when the idea came to me" recalls Ant in his autobiography Stand and Deliver. "This was a rite of passage for the warrior and I had decided that I wanted to be one." Julie Burchill, in summing up Jubilee-. " ..The working class think art is wank, and that the middle class think think wanking is an art." 15/4/78 NME
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