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Sorry Any Inconvenience, this is my first torrent. Half-Life + Opposing Force + Blue Shift via Cider. To play the opposing force or the blue shift, click on the game and go to the option 'Change Game', and change to the game with you want to play. SERIAL: AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA ---BUGS--- All sound is garbeled, Music however works. I think it┬┤s because of the wave audio files. They are cut off as soon as they begin to play. The annoying Menu-text distortions are still there as in all Half-Life Cider ports. The game runs stable however (node graph out of date) messages appear when loading or saving a level. ----HOW TO FIX--- To fix the Audio, go to Applications/Utilities/Audio-MIDI Setup then select the audio output source and set it to 48000,0 Hz 2ch-24bit. If when you open the game just apear a black screen, try go to /Half-Life/Contents/Resources/Preferences and open the config file with TextEdit search for 800 or 600 and change the calues to 1680 and 1050 or whatever resultion you want. Then go to /Library/Preferences/ and delete the folder called "Counter Strike Preferences Preferences" launch the game again and you will be able to switch to resolutions up to 1680x1050. Credits to thedoctor45 and Bokija ----- Here is the list of the games that will probaly work with cider: http://cedegawiki.sweetleafstudios.com/wiki/Category:Working Have fun.
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