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If you have dl my Battlefield 2 V1.4.1 - germ/engl - (Cider) and want to play the BF 2 mod Allied Intent Xtended (AIX 2.0) look at Features:
 - 14 custom maps and 7 Dice remakes!
 - New UN Army!
- 37 Custom weapons and 7 custom kit items!
 - 32 new aircraft!
- Resupply crates!
- Pickup kits and gun crates!
 - Enhanced AI strategies!
- New Bot behaviours such as entering ribs on their own and destroying commander a ssetts!
 - Full offline stats and awards system! you just download the AIX2 mod and control-click/right click w/ mouse the Battlefield 2 icon to show the package contents. Open the folders until you find the "mods" folder of BF 2: Contens/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/mods Then put the AIX2 and the stats folder in this "mods" Folder - Boot up BF 2 and when the menu appears click on "COMMUNITI", then click under "CUSTOM GAMES" and select AIX 2 ............ Due to the bad graphics capability of all CIDER Rip Games on the mac I strongly recomment to set all VIDEO to DEFAULT !!!!!!! Sorry no widescreen support.............
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