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Setool2 Lite v1.11 Greetings. allow me to introduce setool2 lite. it is reduced version of full setool2. limitations: - working only with cid49 db2010 phones (of course, sibley-based phones is supported) (identify works on all db2010/db2012 phone, so you can at least see usercode...) - unlock/repair and recovery functions removed. - ufs interface removed - no single setting is saved no other limitations. history: v 1.06 OBSOLETE - now working with DB2020 CID49/51/52 phones. FREE flashing, FREE files WRITE, FREE GDFS read/write. - NO .VKP, NO FILES READ, NO CROSS-CID FLASH v 1.07 OBSOLETE - now working with DB2012 CID50/51 phones. FREE flashing, FREE files WRITE, FREE GDFS read/write, FREE USERCODE READ - NO .VKP, NO FILES READ, NO CROSS-CID FLASH - now file in misc.edit during flash procedure first treated as package,if file not recognized as package, it treated as script. - added db2020 usercode reset (because gbrooks sniffed out string "06 89 01 01 00 0D 8B", GJ, gbrooks ) v 1.08 OBSOLETE - now working with DB2012 CID52 phones. FREE flashing, FREE files WRITE, FREE GDFS read/write, FREE USERCODE READ - NO .VKP, NO FILES READ, NO CROSS-CID FLASH - writing of GDSF in .bin format fixed for db2020 phones. v 1.10 OBSOLETE - added alternative security bypass for cid52 DB2020 phones. it was stolen and released for free by den_po, so why not add it now to setool2 lite ? - now you CAN: readout files, use cross-cid flash, and apply .VKP for db2020 cid52 phones. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: CHARGE BATTERY FULLY !!! select any db2020 model press identify, note yours firmware version get that firmware and add it to firmware area with "add" button check "Bypass DB2020 security" add text file with setool2 script command or .VKP script press flash. when asked, disconnect phone, remove battery, press "READY" in setool2, and attach phone. i STRONGLY recommend use LATEST usbflash drivers (included in distributive) and use ONLY dcu60 for cid52 bypass. (because with dcu60 time for security bypass is ~10 minutes, but with COM cable it is ~25 minutes) note. because way of security bypassing, entire "main" area damaged, so you should combine .VKP patches in one file... (if you NOT using quick access patch) HAPPY NEW YEAR Full archive of setool2lite 1.10 v 1.11 CURRENT - added support for "quick access" patch, which allows quick security bypass and enables flash reading. to use - generate quick access .VKP, write it in phone using "bypass DB2020 security" via "standart long way" after .VKP is written - check "use quick access patch" and enjoy fast security bypass. "fast patch" idea and qamaker is property of den_po,used without permission. ps. IF YOU NOT WROTE MAIN FILE DURING SECURITY BYPASS - YOU WILL GET "DEAD" PHONE. IN THAT CASE - SIMPLE REFLASH SITUABLE MAIN FIRMWARE WITHOUT ANY MARKED "BYPASS DB2020 SECURITY","USE QUICK ACCESS". Update for setool2Lite from 1.10 to 1.11 If you like setool2 lite, take time to check site - perhaps you will like features of FULL version. short help. first, you must select interface. USB is dcu60. UFS is nothing. COMx - comport (you should use ftdi-based service cable to achieve speeds more that 115200) then select phone model. it is important. then press desired operation. "identify" will show phone information, lock state and usercode. also, identify will show if you have REST file for your phone. "read gdfs" will read gdfs from phone in BINARY format. ALWAYS BACKUP YOURS GDFS AND KEEP BACKUP IN SAFE PLACE "write gdfs" will write gdfs to phone in BINARY format file, selected in "misc. edit" will be assumed as gdfs in binary format. "read flash" will read flash. start and len of readed area must be filled in "read setup". if you want to produce "flasheable" readout, check "read SSW" checkbox. IT IS NOT WORKING WITH DB2020 PHONES "flash" will flash phone firmware with possible package uploading. notes: if anything selected in "firmware upgrade pack" edit, attempt to handle it as SFA file will be made during flash. if anything selected in "misc. edit", attempt to handle it as package (.zip) will me made during flash. if anything selected in "restore file" edit, it will be assumed as "firmware restore" file. "write script" is most powerful and usable tool for sense users. first, it can process .vkp script files. just select "anyfile.vkp" in "misc. edit" and press write script. .VKP PROCESSING IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR DB2020 phones .VKP supported for DB2020 phones only with "Bypass DB2020 Security" checked + FLASH operation. .VKP via "write script" for db2020 phones supported only with "quick patch" installed and "use quick patch" checked. free is our way of living.
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