Fawcett Comics - 80 series, 943 comics [1939-53] Whiz, Capitan marvel, Wow comics, Dennis the Menac

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Fawcett Comics, a subsidiary of Fawcett Publications, was one of several successful comics publishers during the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Its most popular character was Captain Marvel not to be confused with Marvel Comics' character of the same name , the alter ego of boy radio reporter Billy Batson, who transformed into the hero whenever he spoke the magic word "SHAZAM!".

Other characters published by Fawcett include Captain Video, Hopalong Cassidy, Ibis the Invincible, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Spy Smasher, Captain Midnight, Phantom Eagle, Mister Scarlet and Pinky, Minute-Man, Commando Yank, and Golden Arrow.

Aside from the better known superhero books, Fawcett also published a short-lived line of horror comics during the early 50s, a string of titles which included This Magazine Is Haunted, Beware! Terror Tales, Worlds of Fear, Strange Suspense Stories, and Unknown World. Other genres included Teenaged Humor Otis and Babs , Funny Animal Hoppy the Marvel Bunny , Romance Sweethearts , War Soldier Comics and Western Lash larue, Six Gun Heroes . Fawcett also produced comics based on contemporary movie stars Tom Mix, Rocky Hale and matinee serials Nyoka the Jungle Girl . The entire line was dropped in 1953, when Fawcett closed down their comics publishing wing.


Americas Greatest Comics Fawcett \nBeware Terror Tales 1952 Fawcett \nBill Boyd Western 1950 Fawcett \nBilly the Kid and Oscar 1945 Fawcett \nBob Swift 1951 Fawcett \nBulletman 1941 Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel Adventures 1941 Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel Adventures Wheaties Giveaway Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel and the Good Humor Man Special Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel Coloring Book 1941 Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel Jr 1942 Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel Storybook 1946 Fawcett \nCaptain Marvel's Fun Book 1944 Fawcett \nCaptain Midnight 1943 continued as Sweethearts Fawcett \nCaptain Video 1951 Fawcett \nComic Comics 1946 Fawcett \nCowboy Love 1949 Fawcett \nDennis the Menace & His Dog Ruff 1961 Fawcett \nDennis the Menace & His Pal Joey Fawcett \nDennis the Menace Fawcett \nDennis the Menace and His Friends 1970 Fawcett \nDennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series 1970 Fawcett \nDennis the Menace Giant 1958 Fawcett \nDennis the Menace Television Special Fawcett \nDennis the Menace Way Out Stories Fawcett \nDestination Moon 1950 Fawcett \nDon Winslow of The Navy 1943 Fawcett \nFawcett Mighty Midget - Capt Marvel Adventures Fawcett \nFawcett Movie Comic 1950 Fawcett \nFlying Captain Marvel Fawcett \nFunny Animals 1942 Fawcett \nGabby Hayes Western 1948 Fawcett \nGene Autry Comics 1941 continued by Dell Fawcett \nGeorge Pal's Puppetoons 1945 Fawcett \nGolden Arrow 1942 continues as Golden Arrow Western Fawcett \nGolden Arrow Western 1946 Fawcett \nHopalong Cassidy 1946 continued by DC Fawcett \nHoppy the Marvel Bunny 1-15 1945-12 to 1947-09 Fawcett \nHot Rod Comics 1951 Fawcett \nIbis the Invincible 1943 Fawcett \nKen Maynard Western 1950 Fawcett \nLash LaRue Western 1949 Continued by Charlton Fawcett \nLife Story 1949 Fawcett \nMarvel Family 1945 Fawcett \nMary Marvel 1945 Fawcett \nMaster Comics 1940 Fawcett \nMighty Midget Comics Fawcett \nMike Barnett Man Against Crime 1951 Fawcett \nMinute Man 1941 Fawcett \nMonte Hale Western 1948 Continued by Charlton Fawcett \nMotion Picture Comics 1950 Fawcett \nNickel Comics 1940 Fawcett \nNyoka the Jungle Girl 1945 Fawcett \nOzzie and Babs 1947 Continued as TV Teens by Charlton Fawcett \nPioneer Marshall 1950 Fawcett \nRocky Lane Western 1949 Fawcett \nRod Cameron Western 1950 Fawcett \nRomantic Secrets 1949 Fawcett \nRomantic Story 1949 continued by Charlton Fawcett \nSix Gun Heroes 1950 continued by Charlton Fawcett \nSlam-Bang Comics 1940 Fawcett \nSoldier Comics 1952 Fawcett \nSpecial Edition Comics 1940 Fawcett \nSpy Smasher 1941 Fawcett \nStrange Suspense Stories Fawcett \nSweetheart Diary 1949 Fawcett \nSweethearts 1948 continued by Charlton Fawcett \nTex Ritter Western 1950 Fawcett \nThis Magazine Is Haunted 1951 Fawcett \nThrilling True Story of the Baseball Giants 1952 Fawcett \nTom Mix Western 1948 Fawcett \nUnderworld Crime 1952 Fawcett \nUnknown World 1952 continued as Strange Stories from Another World Fawcett \nVic Torry and His Flying Saucer 1950 Fawcett \nWestern Hero 1949 Fawcett \nWhiz Comics 1940 Fawcett \nWorlds Beyond 1951 continues as Worlds of Fear Fawcett \nWorlds of Fear 1952 Fawcett \nWow Comics 1940 Fawcett \nYoung Eagle 1950 Fawcett \nfawcett bibliography GCBD 2009-05 .xlsx
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