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Hemi-Sync Support for Robert Monroe's book, Journeys Out of the Body


This series was designed as a companion set of exercises to complement the Journeys Out of the Body book. Chapter 16 of that book, titled "Preliminary Exercises", describes the use of the "borderland sleep state" to achieve deep relaxation. The concept if quite simple, however, it is successful execution requires dedication and persistence.

The basic idea is to pick a time when you are tired and sleepy, and to use your mind's concentration to keep yourself awake for an extended period of time. If you are successful, you will find yourself in an altered state of consciousness, where your mind is awake but your body is asleep.

This mind awake/body asleep state is a primary milestone in the Institute's flagship residential program, the Gateway Voyage, Using Hem-Sync, program participants to learn to achieve this state in a relatively short period of time (See Gateway Wave Series) "Preliminary exercises" outlines four main steps on the way to achieving the out-of-body state, which Bob labeled as Conditions A through D. The Hemi-Sync Support for Journeys Out of the Body series provided exercises designed to assist you through each phase of your journey.

It is strongly recommended that you read Bob's exact instruction, as they were written in Journeys Out of the Body back in 1971. You may find that reading (or re-reading) the entire work may be appropriate as part of your preparation process. At the very least, you are encouraged to read Chapter 16 and keep it handy to refer to as your move from step to step.


The Exercises:
Introduction by Bob Monroe
A digitally re-mastered and newly-edited monologue discussing the out-of-body experience, that is Bob's story in his own words.

Relaxation Reinforcement Exercise
This exercise provides an introduction to Hemi-Sync, for those who are new to this audio-guidance technology, in the form of a verbally-guided progressive relaxation technique. It also provides a refresher for those who are already familiar with the Hemi-Sync technology or with other meditation or relaxation techniques. The exercise begins with the Gateway Affirmation in order to establish intent, and then introduces basic relaxation techniques. Use this exercise as often as needed to prepare for more advanced work, and to revisit if you find you need to return to familiar ground, or for additional reinforcement.

The Borderland Sleep State, Condition A
"Lie down, preferably when you are tired and sleepy, As you become relaxed and start to drift off into sleep, hold your mental attention on something, anything, with your eyes closed. Once you ca hold the borderland sleep state indefinitely without falling asleep, you have passed the first stage. You will know you are successful when you become bored and expect something more to happen."
Bob, described Condition A as "the ability to hold calmly in the borderland sleep state, indefinitely, with your mind on an exclusive thought." Continue using the Condition A support exercise until you have achieved this state.
The Condition A support exercise consists of Hemi-Sync audio-guidance designed to help you stay awake and alert. At 20-minute intervals, an extended reminder sequence refereed to as the "beacon guidepost" is repeated with additional reinforcing Attention/Concentration frequencies, and a short verbal reminder in Bob's voice, "remember your purpose...."
This exercise and all that follow are one hour in length and can be repeated automatically, if desired, by setting the appropriate controls on your CD player (refer to your owner's manual).

Condition B
Similar to Condition A, but with the concentration eliminated. "Do not think of anything, but remain poised between wakefulness and sleep. Simply look through your closed eyes at the blackness ahead of you. Do nothing more. You have accomplished Condition B when you are able to lie indefinitely after the impressions have faded away, with no nervousness, and seeing nothing but blackness."
The Condition B support exercise is identical to the Condition A exercise, without the repeating reminder sequences. As you begin to acclimate to this borderland sleep state, you will no longer need the reminders and they will simply get in the way.

Condition C
"Condition C is a systematic deepening of consciousness while in the B state. This is approached by carefully letting go of your rigid hold on the borderland sleep edge and drifting deeper, little by little, during each exercise.
"Condition C is characterized by the shutting down of various sensory mechanism inputs, The sense of touch apparently goes first. You seem to have no feeling in any part of your body. Smell and taste soon follow, The auditory signals are next, and the last to fade out is vision."
The Condition C support exercise, as in the previous two exercises, uses Hemi-Sync audio-guidance designed to help you stay awake and alert. At 20-minute intervals, the Attention/Focus/Concentration signals re replaced by Hemi-Sync signals designed to allow you to drift deeper and deeper into the borderland sleep state and reinforcing signals conducive to the out-of-body experience and lucid dreaming.

Condition D
"Condition D is the achievement of C when one is fully rested and refreshed, rather than tired and sleepy, at the beginning of the exercise."
The final exercise in the series switches to Hemi-Sync audio-guidance frequencies designed to help you move from a fully awake and refreshed state, into a state of deep relaxation. At 20-minute intervals, additional reinforcing signals are added conductive to the out-of-body experience and lucid dreaming.

Continuing Your Exploration
Exploring states of consciousness is a fundamental application of the Hemi-Sync technology. If you have not already done so, you might consider the Gateway Experience from Monroe Products as a means to continue your explorations. This six-album in-home training series will provide you with in-depth experience in Focus 10 (Mind Awake/Body Asleep), Focus 12 (Expanded Awareness), Focus 15 ("No Time"), and Focus 21 (Other Energy Systems).


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