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The program can be used as a nice remote administration tool, or just to have some fun with your friends on the net. Using this you will be able to have near complete control of any computer on your network or over the internet that you know the IP address. Some of the stuff you can do remotely on another person's computer: ??? Open/close the CD-ROM once or in intervals (specified in seconds). ??? Show image. ??? Swap mouse buttons (the right mouse button gets the left mouse button???s functions) ??? Start application. ??? Play sound-file. ??? Point the mouse to optional coordinates. You can even navigate the mouse on the target computer with your own. ??? Show a message dialog on the screen. The answer is always sent back to you. ??? Shutdown the system, logoff the user etc. ??? Go to an optional URL within the default web-browser. ??? Get a screenshot ??? Increase and decrease the sound-volume. NOTE: YOUR ANTI VIRUS WILL PICK THIS UP AS A VIRUS. If you wish to continue and use this amazing piece of software ignore it. Screen Shot: (Installation and use instructions are also provided)
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