[NDS] Firmware MIX - R4 + YSmenu + Moonshell 2.10 [CtqSrtq] work

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YSmenu2 with R4 firmware auto boot and Moonshell 2.10 Why i\'ve done this mixture. Because I need softreset for music apps and i plays nds sometimes or listen music so this is solution was usefull. Hope it\'ll be usefull too for someone. My previous uploads with Bowsers and YSmenu is pretty usefull for these days. _R4____________How_it_works_and_what_for_is_______________ Based on 1.18 firmware. R4 menu start automaticly. Standard R4 menu with 3 buttons: 1\'st is file browser. 2\'nd Moonshell 2.10 loadder. 3\'rd is gba loader. Soft reset works perfect. _YSmenu___________________________________________________ From file browser you can run YSmenu v2 updated. It\'s better for running games and homebrews. Soft reset is off by default. Wont work with YSmenu. When U press START you\'ll see not 3 but 5 buttons. In the lower line is 2 buttons: -back to R4 firmwate witch restart console -Moonshell 2.10 loader. _Moonshell_2_10___________________________________________ When you decide to play some games just press START and choose EXIT TO FIRMWARE. There\'s no matter if you are in R4 menu or YSmenu. Exiting Moonshell couse back to R4 menu | | | I\'ve noticed that after softreset (ABXYLR) when you | | run YSmenu and some games or Moonshell sometimes DS | | freez so it\'s better to stay R4 or do DS hard restart. | | Mix was premade for and tested on R4 colone. | | | | PS I used 7z archiver so exe file is selfextracting. | | Run exe for decompress files. It\'s better to backup | | savegames and nds file and put R4M2Y2 on formatted SD. | | | | EXE was scanned | | via 5 diffeerent programs and is virus free. | | | | ceteksretek aka eggsample | | | http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5454883
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