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Disclaimer :- Please read modern.combat.sandstorm 1.3.1 godmode infinite ammo Everything is delivered AS IS. I do not take support requests I do not make patches for updates (unless I personally want to) I do not take Game Requests (I pick the games to match my skill level, Im still learning this). All the patches are tested on my iphone 3GS, however in using them you accept to do so at your own risk. I wont be held responsible if you manage to use the file transfer to delete all the files on your iphone If your not sure of what you are doing, then my advice is dont do it!!! Instructions ************** You will need 1) a Jail broken Iphone 2) afc2add installed - can be found on cydia 3) someway to transfer files to your iphone (eg. iphonebrowser, ifunbox, sftp client) You will need to know 1) how to install an IPA to your phone 2) How to use the above mentioned file transfer method to copy a file to your phone. How to install the patch ************************* Where ever I write GAMENAME substitute the name of the application 1) You have obviously unpacked the RAR files to be reading these instructions :) You will also have :- GAMENAME.IPA, GAMENAME.TXT and a file called just GAMENAME with no extension. ALWAYS READ THE GAMENAME.TXT it contains any special installation instructions + details of what has been hacked. GAMENAME.IPA is the version I hacked - the patch likely wont work with other versions. The file called GAMENAME is the patched file. 2) Install the IPA via your normal method 3) open your preferred file transfer method 4) go to the applications installation directory. To do this open your phone in your file transfer program. VARMOBILEAPPLICATIONS In the applications directory are all your installed applications under folder names made up of hex, for example 12AC13E2-298A-4916-A831-DBA3C6123FA8 Each of these folders will contain 4 other folders TMP, DOCUMENTS, LIBRARY and GAMENAME.APP Keep looking in these folders until you find one that has GAMENAME.APP for the application you are patching (see FOOTNOTE 1) Unless otherwise stated in the game specific .TXT file, this is the directory you should use (always have a look at the game specific GAMENAME.TXT as these instructions are generic and will go out with all the games I patch) 5) go into the GAMENAME.APP directory and locate the file called GAMENAME. ***BACK UP THIS FILE*** Use your file transfer method to make a copy of this file. This is your original Un-patched file 6) Copy the GAMENAME file from the unpacked RAR files to the GAMENAME.APP folder replacing the original GAMENAME file Congratulations - Your game is now patched!!!! To remove the cheats simply copy your original Un-patched GAMENAME file back replacing the patched one. (See FOOTNOTE 2) have fun /neverstores ************ *FOOTNOTE 1* ************ If you have a program called iFile installed on your Iphone it has a great function that when you navigate to the applications directory instead of actually just showing you the 12AC13E2-298A-4916-A831-DBA3C6123FA8 it will retrieve the applications name and sort the directory by application, showing the app name and the 12AC13E2-298A-4916-A831-DBA3C6123FA8 allowing you to skip searching every directory for the right one :) + many other useful functions - well worth the investment ************ *FOOTNOTE 2* ************ If for some reason you *forgot* to backup the unpatched file you can extract it form the IPA. Rename the .IPA to .ZIP, unpack it, go to to the folder PAYLOAD, inthere will be a GAMENAME.APP and inthere you will find the original GAMENAME file.
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