Advanced Password Recovering Tools (Msn,Gtalk,Hotmail,Trillian)

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Advanced Password Recovering Tools (Msn,Gtalk,Hotmail,Trillian) Details: Includes the following Recovery Tools: * Gmail Password * * Google Password * * Google Talk Password * * Hotmail/MSN/Live Messenger Password * * Trillian Password * Windows Live Password Recovery is the tool that will instantly find, decrypt & recover Windows Live passwords that were saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login. This decoder will recover multiple accounts and supports all known versions of Windows Live Messenger including Messenger Beta, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger. Works also on Windows Vista. This cracker works when the "Remember My Password" checkbox is ticked in Windows Live Messenger and you are able to login automatically without entering your password. Even if you have un-installed Windows Live Messenger there is still a chance that your password is saved on your PC. Functionality of Gmail Password Recovery: * Decrypt Gmail password (Google Mail password decrypter) * Decode Gmail passwords (Google Mail password decoder) * Crack Google Mail passwords (Gmail password cracker) * Recover GMail password (Google Mail password recovery) * Find Google Mail passwords (Gmail password finder) * GMail password ripper (rip Google Mail passwords) * Google Mail password hacker (will hack Gmail passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts) * Gmail remote account hacker (not implemented) * All versions of Google Talk; Gmail Notifier, Picasa, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox are supported Extra recovery features: * Works through any Firewall * Opens alternative port if port 21 is used by another program * Recovery guaranteed!,Gtalk,Hotmail,Trillian).html
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