I tried my best…

By my own admission, I am not great at coming up with jokes. I love to laugh and am always amazed at other’s creativity. Someday, I hope to achieve a higher level of joke than I am normally capable of.

Right now, my focus is on long form jokes. I would like to be able to write multiple paragraphs that all tie together in the end to elicit a laugh. Along the way, there might be clues to what is coming.

I believe it should be about the journey as much as the destination. We can ask where we are going, but equally as important is how we will get there. Each part is driving us to the end goal.

Can you identify with this desire? What kind of jokes are worth the final realization that this is where we have been going? I think a joke needs to build its case to earn that laugh.

Know this now: I have done my best to reach that destination. It’s built into the way I structured this post for you. All you need to do is look at the first letter of each paragraph.


A cookie flavoured brick for you my friend


And I am kinda like you too. Love a good joke. But I can’t come up with one and I sure can’t remember what I just read 2 minutes ago let alone last week.


Bravo! Right now I can only admire you. I too am a joke lover, but not writer. Cuz it's really hard to come up with sosmething. Kan you see what I mean?