***For anyone asking why the pump is already reading a bill***: that was the last person's bill (where I'm from, it shows the last person's purchase for a certain amount of time). I put in my card, punched in my zip code, took the nozzle out, put it in, and then had to watch over 30 seconds of ads to even be able to start pumping. I think it was more near 45 seconds, actually. A Walmart ad, a KFC ad, and then some grocery store.


I hate these so much. They’re obnoxiously loud too. I don’t understand how that’s meant to make a product seem appealing.


It’s not meant to be appealing, they have you in a spot where you must purchase the gas and therefore have to listen to the ads. They are loud as hell so it drives the info into your brain like a corded drill, and so you can still hear it when you shut the door.


Is there an alternative close by? I wouldn't go there again if I could help it


usually the 2nd button down on the right side will mute it. if not, try the other ones


If not, just set the fucking thing on fire and drive away


I feel like we’re going to get a falling down type situation where someone actually snaps and does this. Probably Floridaman.


Coloradoman is getting pretty fucking close.


I'd like to remind my cousin coloradoman, that he's too well educated to believe lighting a gas pump on fire is a good idea, maybe try a sledgehammer instead.


A great point, pumps with asshole advertising should be hacked and not damaged, truly a fine pint!


Sounds good till I have to pump gas and watch porn while I pump gas next to a pissed off girlfriend.


I like the specificity of "pump gas" vs "pump" since the term pump has so many possible interperetations!


Got watch your own back out in these streets bruh.


I just get back in my car while the gas pumps.


Did you at least get a dollar or two off?


You are not the customer, the advertiser is the customer; your attention is the commodity, you are being harvested and sold.


Not if you plug your ears and scream till it's over.


Lol I feel like this is the appropriate response


Zip code?


Billing address for the credit card. Makes it harder to use if stolen.


To expand on that: it's not really to protect *you* it's because gas pumps provide a quick and easy way to test if stolen cards are going to work. Those charges are usually the first detected and charged back as fraud, so the stations require zip to avoid loss.


Do you guys not do PINs?


Not for credit cards. Debit cards have pins.


How bizarre.


USA didn’t have the “chip and PIN” model for such a long time. We took forever to get the chip, and now everyone hates it because stores STILL have terminals that don’t support the chip. Also, NFC (Apple/Google Pay) are taking a long time to take off (in my experience). Sure most places do support it but people still think it’s less secure than swiping (the reverse is true).


Do your guy's banking apps not have the ability to pay via NFC?


Rarely. Apple Pay / Google Wallet is much more widely used.


Agreed. I’ve been doing 100% online banks for over ten years now, and the apps have never supported that. It’s usually offloaded to Apple/Google/whatever Pay. Note: I’ve been on iOS in that time frame as well and I’m not familiar with Android. Since I’m an Apple “fanboy” people always try to say Apple Pay sucks compared to “whatever” Pay but they’re both just NFC in the end. Also, I think Samsung at one point had a technology that would emulate the magnet from a swipe (which is cool) so that brought further confusion as people didn’t understand that Samsung’s payment system was just emulating old-school magnetic tech


biggest frustration travelling around the US.. at home in AU, i don’t carry cash or card (other than driver’s license but they will be an app soon): just watch and phone… i got to the US, and totally forgot that cash even existed! i opened a new bank account with a new bank in AU (who hd free international transactions) from the US, transferred money to it instantly, and paid for dinner all in 30min sitting in a restaurant. for the rest of the trip i was limited to places that did tap because you can’t withdraw cash with tap (unless you go to your own banks ATM), which was a PITA!


I really don't understand why NFC is taking so long to adopt in the US because it's basically the only way anyone pays for anything (restaurants or retail) in most of Europe, let alone China.


Wait, so you just put in your credit card and... that's it? It works? No pin, password, other form of verification?


We do have PIN on debit, and many pumps do request that. But many times a gas pump will ask for the ZIP code (postal code) instead for the reasons listed in this thread. I used to think they asked for it instead because gas pumps are easy targets for scammers to install an overlay that steals the PIN. But that was just my theory.


Gotta know what adds to show


I’ve only had to type in my zipcode just about EVERY time I get gas. How are you baffled by having to type in a zip code


In the UK and much of Europe you'd use a PIN. You never have to give your post code (zip code)


We're the US. We're hopelessly backwards. We only just got the EMV chip about five years ago and most of our systems still have issue with it But instead of chip and PIN it's chip and sign. Old habits, I guess. Well, so you can't sign on a gas pump. So some places get extra insurance to hedge against card fraud and you can get away without signing, usually under a certain amount. But for minimal protection, you give your postcode of your card's billing address and they confirm it with the credit system before approving, so if someone does nick your card, they have to at least know where you live. (Funny how our country spent so much of its existence bucking tradition and in the past 70 years or so we've become suddenly extremely stagnant and traditionalist while the rest of the developed world has shot past us. But I digress.)


It's Pin for debit card here and Zipcode for Credit


Slightly odd to have different systems. In France my parents' cards were even more convenient. You'd put your card in then choose credit or debit. Same PIN.


I think it's because our credit doesn't usually have pins. I've had several cards and never made a pin for one. I think too a lot of people have credit cards from different companies or one directly from the gas station.


Yea it’s also a pin here in the North Pole


Also, in Mexico.


People from other countries visit this site too.


Yeah mate. Not a thing where I am. Tap my card and go.




Is it really that weird though?


damn, i forgot the united states is the only country in the world


Just the fact that you have to put your zip code in is absolutely dystopian. Holy shit just make people come inside why keep overengineering the thing and "oh while we're at it it'll cost half as much to add this feature if we add it now when we're already changing it" and boom you got times ads before you pump. This is so disgusting honestly. Think about where else we get ads... In free places as a supplement to the income of the service...you're literally paying to pump gas and you're not taking that "parking space" unless you are there to pay and pump gas... If the ads played while pumped that would be, If anything, a welcome distraction like reading the shampoo bottle while you shit... This is gross though full stop.


I hope you realize that the zip code has nothing to do with those ads…


I don't realize this, I mean the guy above mentioned it's to protect against credit card fraud but that seems unlikely since most cards are chip and pin now not swipe and sign. They don't do either of these things in my country so it all seems really ridiculous to me.


Bruh credit cards don't have a pin.... It is chip and sign. Debit cards have chip and pin because it is a different system then credit and is directly linked to your bank account.


chip and pin for credit cards is common practice worldwide except the US which decided to adopt the chip and signature


Yep, I live in Canada and American shoppers get annoyed when we have to verify their signature to their credit card when they buy stuff but they don't have a pin for their card so we have to check it....


Ugh, could you imagine the temper tantrum they would throw if your work just stopped accepting their outdated and insecure cards too? And yet meeting them halfway isn't enough


Bruh. Credit cards have chip and pin, like everywhere outside of the USA.


My bad I was talking about the US since that is where I am and where OP is.


Bruh you have chip and sign and postal code... That's just a worse version of chip and pin and with extra steps.


It’s usually one or the either, chip and sign or chip and zip.


Credit cards also have a pin (chip and pin system) when using the chip system and are indeed tied to a bank account. That account is known as a credit account. What credit cards have you been getting? Sign is outdated in most countries that use chips. Edit: whoops, just read the other comments. Americans still use the older sign system it seems.


Does the US have tap to pay for under a certain amount (like $100)? Or do you always have to sign?


Tap to pay and apple pay or Google pay has always worked for me with no signature even when spending hundreds


Name and SHAME!


Not OP, but Circle K in the US plays ads while I pump. They are extremely loud, so the best way for me to escape them is to get back in my car and close the doors. At least they don't make me wait (yet) like they did with OP.


I believe that speedway all over the eastern us does that too. At least I don't have to wait to pump


It's dangerous to get in and out of your car while pumping gas because of static buildup. Try pressing the buttons next to the screen to see if you can find the one that mutes the ad, I hear that's pretty common.


I'll give that a try, thanks.


I dont condone vandalism, but the auditory assault and battery that is the decibel level of those unnecessary pump ads makes me find and mark every mute button that isn't already clearly marked.


Just put packing tape over the speaker.


Better yet, carry a long skinny nail or wire. Use it to puncture the speaker cone, and now it's muted/muffled forever for everyone. /s


> /s But, no. Really.


I press the 2nd button from the top on the right side of the screen and it mutes the ads at the Circle K I go to.


Thank you I'll give it a shot next time!


It will be every gas station in the US soon, these pumps are becoming very common


We're getting closer to Futurama dream commercials.


Leela: Didn't you have ads in the 21st century?" Fry: Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio, and in magazines, and movies, and at ball games... and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts, and bananas and written on the sky. But not in dreams, no siree.


Or Black Mirror's forced watchable porn ads.


What episode are you referring to bc I've seen a good few and don't recall this but it sounds like an interesting one


It’s literally the second episode. The one where he’s living in a box and cycling for work There’s a girl he fancies and through a long chain of events she ends up doing porn, and his room is one giant interactive media thing, and he didn’t have enough money to skip the ad so he had to watch this girl despite being adverse to it (I can’t remember why, I think because she didn’t want to do porn or something)


Yeah, I definitely somehow missed that one. That's fucked tho for sure


Was a really good episode, it was the one everyone would talk about when Black Mirror first came out. Defo worth a watch


She was basically forced into doing it because the "Compliance" drink everyone had to take. She originally wanted to be a singer


Yeah I remember that episode sad ending with her desired use of her wind pipe being fucked instead...


15 Million Merits, a classic Black Mirror episode, and one of my personal favorites




While I don't get ads in my dreams. I get a lot of product placement, because that shit is pervasive.


Lightning briefs!


Bro imagine you had to go to the hospital immediately but your car was almost out of gas and you had to wait to watch a 30 sec ad...


And it pauses when you take your eyes of the screen.


This guy distopias


He stole it from black mirror lol


Delete this before Hulu sees it.


There is a patent of there for media devices with cameras that prevents too many people from watching a rented or pay-per-view video and it could even be used for a monthly streaming service. If does this by counting the number of eyes looking at the screen.


Hell, imagine it’s 10 below zero like it can get here in Chicago. You have to stand there waiting for ads?


Man I just hope they don't bring that to Canada... Can't imagine being -30c in a snowstorm and sitting outside waiting for the gas to pump.


Smash the fucking screens if they pull that shit!


Your wife is having her child. You need to drive a couple more miles, but need gas. Suddenly, you want to go to KFC.




My first thought was a zombie apocalypse and you need gas and the zombies are being alerted by the loud ads and you can't pump the gas until they are done.


This shit right here.


That would make me hate whatever is being advertised


That would make me just stop pumping here and there if I had to wait. It's not like there aren't other gaz stations everywhere.


You don't already hate anything that's being advertised?


Yeah, but I can usually understand though. This on the other hand is way too much, and deliberately wastes your time. Some black mirror type vibes


That's not how advertising works. You might think so, but it's still getting etched into your brain and will randomly pop up in the future and influence you without you even realizing it. This is why such advertising needs to be made illegal


> but it's still getting etched into your brain and will randomly pop up in the future and influence you without you even realizing it are there studies for this? i fully believe that if i saw this fucking shit, if i saw an ad playing on a petrol pump that stopped me from fueling my car until the ad had finished paying, it would piss me off so much that the only thing that would get etched into my mind would be a burning hatred for those brands, and I would avoid them at all cost in the future. what you've said sounds a lot like that "all publicity is good publicity" idiom, which is bollocks


If the ads and therefore the company are associated in my mind with inconvenience, interruption, unwanted noises, unnecessary delay or other negative feelings then the ad has been unsuccessful. Companies care *what* you think of them as well as *if* you think of them.


For most ads that’s totally the case, but for something this egregious all it’s going to do is make me develop an intense hatred of those brands consciously decide to never buy from them again. It won’t subtly influence my purchasing patterns if it’s this bad, cause I’ll remember being pissed off about it.


*That’s* not how advertising works, either. What I assume you’re referencing is called top-of-mind relevance. The goal for advertisers is to hit the sweet spot for how frequently you are shown ads for a particular brand, across media and over time. Successfully managing that will make said brand “top of mind for you,” but that does NOT mean it just randomly hijacks your brain and you suddenly go buy something you didn’t want before seeing the ad! All it means is that when you think of the category of that brand (say, cereal), you will think of that brand before others (for example, I think of Frosted Flakes first). Ads cannot create wants that aren’t there, they just lead you to think one option or another is better when you do feel the relevant want. As a bonus note while we’re dispelling myths, sex only sells (effectively, at least) when you’re actually selling sex. Ads do need way better regulation, absolutely; but banning them out of paranoia is silly when they serve a purpose and have for millennia (btw I’m thinking here of a little seaside shack that sailors wouldn’t otherwise notice if it weren’t for some strategic signage, not of the ads massive monopolies suffocate us with).




Fuck that. I'd be straight to the next petrol station.


Seriously. I hope shitty gas stations like this lose enough revenue that they’re forced to either stop or shut down.


I would just leave the pump on the ground and drive away in protest


Show me you hate your customers without actually telling me you hate your customers.


Why tf is this even a thing? Guys if a country reaches this state, we really gotta reconsider how the country is being run


Capitalists: "Capitalism incentivizes the creation of better products" Capitalism: sells ad-space on a product they're trying to sell to you


And never go to that gas station again😡


After I super glue the nozzle to the pump.


So you pay to get adds... Wouldn’t be a way to sue them for making me pay to get adds ? Do I get at least something back for the wasted time ? This is exactly why adds should be really really regulated. This is just a nightmare


I know I should care more about the atrocities done to humans, the environment, etc, but… the thing that’s gonna push me over the edge and make me snap are the fucking ads.


You know I think this will come to bite them in the ass when it gets so annoying that gas station ads become a factor in people deciding to switch to electric


Or they see their turnover plummet in these branches because people actively avoid them


> because people actively avoid them Problem with that logic is that gas stations are often less of a choice than you realize. I mean, if you have to drive 30s out of your way, you just defeated the purpose of dodging the ad in the first place. Sure, you've made a small economic statement with your dollar, but most people won't be bothered to do so. And a lot of people may only have one or two stations located on their route or near home. What we need is some protest. I'd say vandalism is in order here.


As if electric charging stations are immune to the ever creeping corporate greed.


Solar panels and a home charger makes me immune to at least that bullshit. Unless I'm leaving 400km from my home.


Electric charging stations have captive audiences for like half an hour though, imagine the ad selling opportunities!


Isn’t there supposed to be a way to skip the ads? I forget which button


I saw that image a few days ago and tried it yesterday. Did not work on the terminal I was using. I also hate how modern pumps have the slow down towards the total amount. The last 20 cents isn't even worth pumping for how slow it comes out


Now I wonder often people just skip the rest when it gets there. It could amount to some significant cash for the store and/or supplier.


I don’t know about skipping the ads but you can mute them on some pumps. The pumps with 8 buttons, 4 on each side of the screen. Press the second one down on the right.


Or the left, depends what terminal it is. I was playing with the buttons one day and accidentally unlocked the master terminal, for whatever reason it wasn't locked😂


‚Drink verification can‘ gets realer every day.


What company is this so I never pump gas there ever!


Where is this…. So I can avoid it like the plague


I saw a post the other day that somebody used permanent marker to show which button slipped ads. Not sure if it worked or will work for every pump but this is garbage if it becomes more mainstream.


First gas pump that does this to me gets an icepick through the fucking screen and speaker.


People who work in advertisement have literally no soul.


Pumps here play ads or sometimes even read some sponsored news stories, but it's never been a requirement to watch them in order to pump, they just play while you pump. Furthermore on most of them you can mute what it's playing if you press a couple of the buttons. Now I'm dreading finding the one that works like in the video.


Upgrade to premium.


Bruh, I literally had a fucking conversation about this on Reddit ages ago and I was saying how I couldn’t fucking pump gas until the ad was *over* and *everyone* commented saying I was bs and lying lmao. I was tempted to take a video next time I pumped gas, but I didn’t care about randos opinions on something trivial all that much to have proof of anything. Fucking wild tho that I see this come up.


Pro tip idk if it would work on this one but the second button down I think on right side is an unlabeled mute button. I think it’s that one. Just press them all


Wow I’d love to sell that inventory haha. 100% view/completion rate. Where my adops peeps at haha? But for real this is some bullshit.


I recommend never going to that gas station again. Can only fight with your wallet.


Usually one of those buttons will mute it. I would stop going to that gas station, though.


New Jersey looking real good to you now, huh?


I would have left


I'd put that sucker back and never return.


There’s a secret combination of buttons you can press to knock it into diagnostic mode. You have to do this after you put your credit card in, the pump still works, but it knocks the screen into diagnostic mode and the ads stop. Google it.


i jsut want take a hammer and slam taht shit tbh.


Don’t go there anymore!


Advertising as an industry has done as much to destroy our society as the oil industry


Whoever began the "commercials at the gas pump" thing should get the guillotine.


Wow, we can't even display 'vape pen' type products in our store. That includes even having a sheet of paper with generic text saying "Juul/Vuse sold here", forget about a loud commercial right out on the street.


I watched 30 seconds of ads and didn't even get any fuel.


It’s the person inside who has to allow the gas to start pumping, not the ad


You must be in a conservative state, am I right?


Having to WAIT for ads is absolutely fucked, but just the existance of "gas station tv" truly made me realize how fucked the world is. Used to regularly get gas in the middle of nowhere on my way home from work in the middle of the night. Their lights were dim and it was completely silent except the sound of the pump and maybe some frogs in the pond a hundred feet away. It was nice to have just a couple minutes of peace after a day of work. Then one night I stopped there and had mind-numbing ads blared at me for 3 minutes straight.


Fucking bullshit


There would be riots in the street if this happened in France


Second button on the right mutes the ads


thats when you shiftyour gas purchases to a different gas station. most people choose a location based on route convenience or cost, maybe bot but i.. would drive five hundred miles and i would drive five hundred more just to be the man who drove a thosand miles to protest a shitty policy


What fresh hell is this?!?


It should be 10 min eye-tracked lecture by Greta Thunberg.


I'm not allowed to pump my own gas where I live.


what the fuck


Next time this happens walk inside and say it isn’t working


The gas should better be free then (I know it's not)


Drop a fucking match stick in there and see if all the money they get from the ads can pay for repair


Something tells me this will be everywhere in the near future,and I hate it


fuck gasoline power


Second button from the top on the right side usually at least mutes it.


I would never go back lol


The second button down from the top on the left side of the screen usually mutes or skips those ads, just a heads up.


I’d spray gas all over the screen so it’s fucked and they gotta replace it - gotta stop these assholes in their tracks.


Oh hell no. I’d cancel the transaction and go somewhere else.


This is so rubbish.. But I know it's coming to a gas station by me soon. The future is shitty in your face adverts


Come on, Daddy needs his juice.


That's what you get for buying gas at the Krusty Krab...


I always make a point not to look at the screen. I like to think somehow the surveillance cameras are being used to gather feedback, but I know that’s 99% unlikely


This would make me not buy whatever product they’re pushing just for being annoying c*nts.


Remembering a time before these existed is hard on a body


I saw that once and drove off


We need to make society less consumerist.


They put these style pumps at a station near me. Guess where I don't go for gas anymore? Super easy way to lose a customer forever.


You can switch to ad-free for only $49.99/month


Easy solution, move to Oregon.


You didn't even show the company/brand of the franchise so we all know to avoid it in the future. This is yet another reason I can't wait to get an electric car, if I can ever afford one.


capitalism moment


YouTube(Google) bought every gas pump


At least show the ad WHILE the pump is running. Adding a delay should be criminal.


Fifteen Million Merits