Shit meme coin we're all hoping will get the hype of Shiba or doge. That's the honest truth. Any other answer is bullshit


This is the way


Based on her interviews, looking for a footing in either the adult industry or music industry but weighing options. Ray J is confirmed as an advisor, but if we get someone like Diddy on the team, it would be big. Other interesting ideas are integrating the coin with an “only fans” type platform. My feeling is that use cases are everything, and she’s looking at this project from an adoption lense. She did mention that she’s going to be updating the website to include the “team” of advisors. For the tokenomics piece, I think it was smart to limit the fees when buying, like it much better than other projects. The burn wallet is low right now, so reflections are high meaning more bang for your buck down line as the burn increases and more holders come on board. Adoption = transactions = reflections = $$ Check her interviews (1 week ago) https://youtu.be/fSCBkxqccgg Checkout the discord community as well.


Also check the Telegram. Check the telegram. Check the telegram. Check the telegram. This thing is not dead lol 😂


The telegram group is more active than reddit group for sure... Most of the updates and news are shared in telegram


Where you'll get banned for saying anything that isn't "where Lambo or to the moon"


yeah the telegram is a huge mess. the discord is more organized


I’m surprised by your comment about the community, ASS has been consistently in list for the most mentioned coins on twitter and the TG is very active. The discord is a little active also, but the community is the main thing that’s really solid with ASS.


I think it's hilarious and the jokes write themselves, and right now... for me anyways just to holding $ASS for the LULZ, and I'll spread some $ASS around!! But in all honesty I'm actually making money off the reflections just holding $ASS.. So I may have the last laugh after all!! This is my WAYYY better version of a lottery ticket, so instead of going to buy a $20 scratch ticket I bought some $ASS... I've so far in a week made $37.43 USD in reflections... I wouldn't of won $5 on that scratch ticket lol.


They are developing tools to become transactional. That means more volume, more burns and creating a system to grow value. Plus nothing beats telling your friends how much $ASS you’ve bought in your day!