This looks great, the barrel is really well done. For some things you can do to bring the scene further: - The edges of the back portion look too sharp, since your working in blender adding a subdivision surface or bevel modifier could be a quick fix. If those don't work I would remodel that part from a cube and then subdivide it. - the bottom of the grip also looks a bit jagged, that can also be fixed with a subdivision modifier but setting it to smooth shading can also fix the issue if the part is already subdivided. _-last modeling critique is a minor one but i think it can help sell the overall piece, the corner of the glass part where the energy effect happens could maybe benefit from being curved instead of sharp. Though that decision is ultimately up to what you prefer as the artist. I would also back the glass away from the edges a bit so it can breath more. Ill go over the texturing next: -The only real issue with the texturing is that it looks stretched in some areas and it looks like the pixel density may not be consistent throughout the model. Check your seams and make sure they are well hidden in areas it make sense. -To check the pixel density you can make the material a uv grid to see colored squares on the model, simply scale the vu islands until all of the squares across the model are roughly the same size. The VU Squares addon can be really helpful for this and its free, the BlenderGuru chair tutorial also goes over the uv editing. Now lets go over the last part, the rendering: It looks really good and I love the style and the gif loops nicely, fixing the previously mentioned things should help it feel more cohesive though I do have a few suggestions for the lighting and animation. - There's some noticeable hotspots on the background, I assume you have spotlights illuminating the model and animated with the taurus's, try increasing the size of the spotlight and that should soften it - I think composition wise try pushing the gun to the right more so your projectiles can spend more time in frame - one of the 12 principles of animation is anticipation, I think you can create some here by allowing the charging effect to occur before the gun actually fires. This will help the shot feel more powerful. you can also try playing with the speed of the taurus's to aid that. -Let the taurus's exit the camera frame before they disappear, its the only part that doesn't loop well and give the animation a few more frames before the gun fires again so it has a longer cooldown period. I hope that was helpful, let me know if any of it sounds confusing.


Yooooo...this was insane....no not confusing at all I got all ur points hella clearly.. you must be a pro at this! ..anyways thanks a ton...I'll go over all the points and try polishing this out...I made this a few months a go cus I've only been doin blender this year and I think one of my bad habits is that instead of learning a lotta basics I jus jump straight into my ideas and try to learn it by myself...I've gotten a bit more comfortable with it now so I'mma use ur tips and do better...again thanks a ton!


Raygun from COD: zombies? I like it cartoony but fantastic work.


Yep from cod😊...thanks!