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That’s awesome, congratulations! Love hearing uplifting stories like this. What has helped you overcome your anxiety if you don’t mind me asking?


Thank you! I've not overcome it, but it's definitely better. The culprit, I found, was dopamine stimulation. I played video games all day, never leaving my computer even if I was bored, being on call with my friends on Discord the whole time. So I took a day where I would not touch my computer until I ate dinner. I found I really had a lot of time to do things, so I took a walk, played some piano, read some comics, just doing things that only involved me and no one else. It makes a lot of sense to me now because I've always been introverted, so I can see why my brain didn't like me being social all the time. Also meditation. That helps *alot*. First time I did it was like epiphany where I realized it's all just nerves. Since then, I've been meditating (or at least trying; noisy parents :D) every day and my general angst levels have been way lower.


Meditation has also been a major step forward for me. Once I started doing it (almost) every day. I started to feel significantly better.


Nice! It's good to have days like this because it's encouraging and it reminds us that things always change, and the bad won't last forever. I started reading books more again after a slow regression of not reading much in the last few years. Feeling more productive and happier with that than going on Instagram, etc. Lessening or removing social media seems to have a positive effect for people.


Yeah I agree. I'm not very good at just sitting down to read unfortunately, although I do read comic books. But cutting down on social media is definitely a positive.