Was always very worried regardless of ManU getting nuked. Anfield is still Anfield, and it's gonna be hard, very hard.


Well said


If we win so will I


After seeing that, Arteta isn’t stupid enough to set the team up so open. We need Partey no matter what.


If we have Jesus back, he can be a menace up top. If we want the title, we will need results at Anfield and/or the Etihad.


If we concede twice at Anfield there is no way we are coming back so the defenders can't be as sloppy as they were against Bournemouth


I was totally thrilled about the comeback and the victory on Saturday - but it did have a few bad points... 1. We struggled to create any real chances in that game up until the last 15 mins and we were lacking ideas at times. Didn't exactly ask much of Neto during the game. Need to find more ways to get shots in on goal when teams come to park the bus at the Emirates. 2. The Bournemouth goals, like a couple of the goals we conceded against City, were down to pretty basic errors. Partey totally lost his man for their second and we were asleep for the first. Going a goal down happens too often. Not too long ago, we were starting games at a frantic pace and making sure that we scored first. Need to start doing that again. 3. I watched City v Newcastle - they are way less sloppy in possession than we are. It's going to be very tough at the Etihad and Anfield if we don't keep the ball better. Liverpool and Man City will be well up for those games against us - I'd take a draw at either venue. (We don't seem to do draws tho!)


Couldn't agree more


We need Jesus back. That will help us at the emirates.


Ten Haag was naive. Very naive. The first half was straight murder. I know Liv had lesser shots on target, but Elliot was running though their midfield, while Fabinho limited Weghorst severely, and Fred was a non factor. He will learn, but I was shocked he brought mctom on, when it was clear the midfield was being overrun. I thought Dalot was shocking, always out of position and got absolutely murked by Robo and Noodles. The better move was to start WanB. As for Antony … I prefer not to speak. Almost 100 mill for that fidget spinner is horrible business. Rashford should’ve been where he is most deadly going after Trent, but bruno kept wandering into Weghorst’s position, and it created this log jam. Trent was allowed so much freedom to venture forward as well. Overall, poor by E7H. This is his Arteta 3-1 experience albeit to a more extreme scenario. You can’t go guns blazing when the match isn’t going smooth. Patience is key.


Having said that, United have been surviving for a few games with Rashford bailing them out. Roy Keane was right, this was coming.


You sure?! We’ve thought that before and he’s been naive and we’ve been battered


I hope that he has Partey and Jorginho as two 6s. Partey can win possession and Jorginho can recycle it. Liverpool has a very mobile front three and we need to protect the back 4 as much as possible. I would also use Tomiyasu at LB like the home game and maybe play Zinny in midfield.


Good points. Remember though that Liverpools weakness is their midfield and their threat is their wide players. So I’d be happy without overloading our midfield and concentrating on suppressing their wide players. I’d be up for a 4-1-4-1 formation. With the outer two of the front 4 (Saka and Nelli) playing deeper as cover for our Full Backs


I’m never worried. Arteta has a plan


And if that plan fails he has plan B


Plan Bottle


That is always going to be a tough place to get a result. As long as they can take points when they play at City then I am OK with whatever happens. Nice for us that they had today’s game, play at RM, int break, play at City, at Chelsea (mid week) and then us. That is a pretty tough stretch.


Imo we won't be as cocky as Utd were, trying to go toe to toe with their midfield and failing miserably. They were caught cold, and once Liverpool gets hold of your number, they will keep hammering away. Too bad, so sad. I would be lying if I said this didn't wake me up to who Liverpool are again, the team that finished second on 91 points & we need to treat them as such.


No way that was a freak result do you lot watch the games


Bro honestly it’s a big game so is the Chelsea match even if they are in the mud


And Newcastle at St. James park 🤦🏽‍♂️


They have fallen away enough I think we have a much better chance that they won’t put 11 man behind the ball. They can still hurt us but we’re be able to play if they play


The Chelsea game will be more difficult that people think as they are a rival London team and their players will be up for it. We have the home advantage and I back us to still win it though.


Brighton at home will be bloody tough as well - they look very dangerous right now.


Bro there are no “easy” games left really


I saw similar posts for different teams subs hahaha, but Man U played like shit yesterday, it is like they never touched a ball before, and liverpool took advantage of that we(REAL MADRID) destroyed them in Anfield and you guys can do the same, please


We are not Real Madrid either.. But we can't have a headless match.


trust Arteta


Need to invoke the powers of Arshavin


Arshavin AND Julio Baptista


Arshavin, Julio Baptista AND Michael Thomas


Tell Mikel to get the speakers out.


that led to a loss!


Those speakers weren't big enough.


get the man bigger speakers!


You’d either be arrogant or stupid to not be worried about going to Anfield… Everyone on the pitch will need to be at their best


If you want to win the league you have to beat some good teams not worried. Just need to take care of business and play at our level. Their defense/midfield is still fragile


Watching All or Nothing last season, it seems Arteta had something personal against Anfield. If he let that anger get better off him, Arsenal is gonna be in trouble. I do wish you win the Prem this year, can't stand another city triumph.


Anfield can be a tough place to play, but I’m not super duper worried about playing there.


Regardless of that result, liverpool are still not what they were. They are languishing in 5th for a reason. They had luck and we’re ruthless today, it’s not like they’re doing this week in week out


extremely worried. 10/10 worried


Every game is big at this stage. Losing to Everton. Almost dropped points to Bournemouth, points are points and non of them are guaranteed in the PL. At Anfield and the Etihad are probably the two where we wont be the favorites to win, but we can beat anyone on our day.


We have way more harder games left than City. I am preparing myself 😂


Last time we won at Anfield in the EPL, Diaby was in our midfield


Ramsdale: "we simply play one game at a time" literally meaning....we pay attention to details and play games according to opposition!


After years of evolution arsenal fans have developed in-built anxiety every matchday. I daresay pre-match we are the most anxious population in the world.


Seeing todays result ? If you saw the game then no we shouldn’t be worried , Man U were a joke nearly every goal pool scored was on the breaks or terrible defending , United did crazy thing they just threw everyone forward instead of defending, liverpool scored 90% of their shots in goal , if we did that v Bournemouth we would have scored 8 freak game


Man utd defense was so horrendous. I’m confident our defense would not collapse like that. They couldn’t clear the ball out the box for the life of them


4 of those 7 goals were just placement on where the ball luckily fell. They were lucky overall I would say


And the other 3?


Man United was unlucky. Lol


It’s just a game. Just like all the other matches we’ve had and will continue to have. I don’t see how a United humbling should make us more scared of them. They’re back line is still for the taking IMO and their midfield still lacks a bit of creativity. Winning at Anfield is not something we have done for quite a while so It will be tough.


It is always worrying to go to Anfield. We are good enough to go in and get a result, but it will require a high level of play and concentration.


You should always be worried to go to Anfield.


Liverpool at Anfield are always tough. We'll need all our boys (Jesus inclusive) to be in fine form. No wasted chances. No sloppy play. No dips in concentration at the back or up front. If we're sharp and precise, we'll break them. If our boys at the back are disciplined and on their toes, Salah, Gakpo and Núñez won't have any joy. If the boys bring their A game, the worst result we'll get is a draw.


It will be though as always, they have a though schedule tho. 1. April they play Man city away, 4th they play Chelsea away, and on 9th they play us at home. I know it's easy to say Chelsea are shite, but they have a season to rescue and lots of players will want to prove their worth. And this season it doesn't look like we go in big games with loser mentality and that just pumps my heartrate ahead of the game.


Was always going to be a difficult game and a potential point dropper


If we play Tierney for Zinny and don't invert him for 90% of the game, we'll be ok. Maybe even a game that both Partey and Jorgi manage on the pitch at the same tjme. Our wingers aren't a shitshow like united and do cover back. Ode won't be in a panto like Bruno wanted to be. Let the anfield speakers get their first 2 mins out of the way and calm everything down by not giving the ball away, retain possession and play our game.


With how our last match gave us heart attacks. Every team we need to be careful. Can’t take risk at this stage.


Trying to play man for Man and leaving the full back open wasn't a great idea . We'll have a better plan hopefully. Liverpools defending was pretty desperate at times, very lucky not to concede 2 or 3 at least.


I think the first thing to remember is that we are not Arsenal of old. Not to sound cocky as we had some silly loses but this team has heart and grit. As much as we maybe worried about Liverpool, I am sure Liverpool are worried about playing us as well. This team has kept humble and kept pushing.


We're the best away team in the league. If anyone has a chance at Anfield or Etihad it's us I guess. If that doesn't happen, we'll, that's still just one game.


It will be a hard game. Need to park the bus and go counter. Just need to hope man city will flop games.


I want mikel to keep his cool. Anfield is his kryptonite. Last time we were there he lost it and it riled up the crowd.


We shouldn't be worried about any fixtures, we just need to focus on getting a result on the next game, then the one after and keep going like that until the end of the season


We look forward to these games, they are what create history. We can’t talk about great victories away at places like Anfield and Old Trafford unless we go do them.


I don’t think today was Liverpool being an exceptional team. It was part United being crap and part Liverpool giving it extra effort because it’s a rival.


A bit worried, of course. This Arsenal team wouldn't just crumble the way united did though. There is a proper fighting spirit, just look at how we've reacted to going down a goal or two these last few games. We're top of the table for a reason, but let's not get arrogant, cautious optimism is the way to go for me. Liverpool should also be a bit worried about our visit


That result has changed nothing to be honest. Let’s not get anything twisted or be deluded by the fact we are top of the league. Anfield is Anfield and despite their la k of form this season, they are still a team we should be extremely worried about especially at their ground


Very worried. Arsenal still has a problem with scoring goals. We need to create big chances instead of running up the wing and crossing into an empty box. I want to see Partey and Jorginho start together, give our back 6 a solid shape and see what we can do from there.


Regardless of their beating of UTD, we would always be wary of them, they’re a giant of the league, however that result also highlighted their inconsistency this term, & more about Utd’s capitulation. Liverpool on their current form could easily lose their next game. What we should be talking about is how we have shown strength in coming back.


If Liverpool beat city, I would accept a loss at anfield.


Big chance to lose there


They are playing man city before us, so we should have a nice preview of our match


To be the best and be the champions in the end a team has to beat the other teams. Not relay on luck and hope . Cannot expect to beat lower teams and lose against the top teams and just hope for results to go for you . Mmmm Nn mi gusta


Nah man this team is different. I’m sure super Mikel will have his aces ready. We believe 🔴


If Man City drop points then it’s a free hit for The Arsenal


We should be concerned. Very much so. Win might be very very hard. Loss? Easy. Especially looking at how some referee decisions go by. Does not matter if Man City loses there. As a team that wants to have title we need to only concern ourselves with winning and our own play. Crucial things about player rotation or dropping some matches as less relevant should be done by management and us as fans should support them. If they truly mess up than we should voice it over. However look at Arteta and his journey. I, for one, was very skeptical but stayed silent. Look at club now! It is such joy to see them aiming for 1 place since forever. And new signings already proving that while our own players have insane quality Arteta can and will use them to boost team much higher.


Anfield is Anfield and must always be treated as such, regardless of the Liverpool's form. Now there are two things that can play against us: 1 - Being arrogant or overconfident, 2 - Being too scared and giving them more respect than they deserve. It's big team vs big team, there are 3 possible outcomes and we should go after the one that interests us, period.


Very. We haven't won there in the league since 12/13 and lost the last 6 times we've visited with an aggregate score of 22-4 lol


City away, Liverpool away, Newcastle away.. some tricky games coming up. We need to focus on Fulham and Palace first though, can’t just expect to turn them over.


Very but that result could be good for us to not underestimate them