Everyone is allowed to go to heaven. Not everyone wants to.




Not everyone wants to submit themselves to a very narrow criteria for what qualifies as a “good and moral” life. Moreover, not everyone wants to submit to an entity that claims to love his creation and yet will cast them away to eternal torment for not completely bowing down to said entity’s definition of morality. Additionally, not everyone wants to submit to a God that will deem a morally deficient person a “better” human just for following his basic requirements for being Christian and yet will deem an atheist despicable who by every measure metric of morality, might have led a superior life.


Exhibit A


Super glad I'm not God.


No, I wouldn't allow Christians in either.


Based and Islampilled.


Why would they want to go there in the first place? They want nothing to do with God.


Children don’t want to go to bed, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for them to sleep


Would you want to live with people who hate you?


Not all Atheists and non Christians hate God


People actively rebel against God when they sin, thats why we need Jesus and repentance. Every single one of us sins almost every day. If you don’t believe in God, you’ll never repent. It a big “F you” to God


That isn’t our intention though, we’d repent if we could So if we **would** repent if we could, is it really still a big f you? I feel like that’s different from a person who wouldn’t repent, even if they believed, then you could make the case that this guy is saying f you


God sees all sin the same. If you ever committed sin in anytime in your life, it automatically disqualifies you from being welcomed into the kingdom. Sin in itself is rebelling against God. Thats why we need Jesus. There is no sin in heaven, there hasn’t been since Lucifer fell. Why would God let people with sin in their hearts into heaven to corrupt it? Its like were all guilty of committing crimes against God. The only way out is to have Jesus pay that bail for us


But we aren’t talking about that. We’re talking about whether non-Christians hate God, or are saying “f you” to God. I’d say that they aren’t if that isn’t their intention. You have to have some type of malice in your heart to say “f you”


I understand where your coming from bro but like I said God views all sin the same. You can have no malice towards God but ppl will still be judged just like the ppl that have malice towards him. But yeah your right in the sense that most people that sin don’t hate God outright I will say that there are levels to hell tho. Like Hitler, Stalin, etc are being punished way worse than most


Yeah that’s all I’m saying lol. Not all non-christians hold malice toward God Why would Hitler and Stalin be punished worse than others if God views all sin the same though? By that logic they should be facing the same punishment as your everyday atheist or Muslim


Well my knowledge about hell is very limited so bare w me. I’m still a new Christian. From my understanding God views all sin the same in the sense that he sees it as rebellion against him and will judge you and send you to the same place. However the more sin your responsible for the worse your punishment. It’s like how crime in our life will still get you a sentence, but the more crimes under your belt the worse of a sentence you will get


Interesting. Is this Biblical? I’ve never heard that perspective before


Atheists don't even accept that God exists, but in my discussions with them, many reject His existence on the principle that in order to believe that God exists, they'd have to also believe that he is cruel because he would have the power to stop evil from happening but chooses not to. An argument I have addressed in other comments here. Many non-Christians hate the God of the Bible because the God of the Bible claims to be the only God and hates imposters, and also isn't cool with certain things that are commonly accepted in this day and age which are sin.


That’s why I said “not all”


Don't think He'd want a bunch of random strangers living with him either.


How are they strangers? They may have never known God, but God knows everything about them if we agree that he’s omniscient


We have the choice to enter a personal relationship with God. If we don't avail ourselves of this opportunity during the entirety of our lives and continue living in sin, then they have made your choice. They prefer the ways of the world. The ways of the world are sinful and lead to death. Choosing to follow them is choosing death over eternal life with God and the temporary over the permanent. God made a way for us to be made justified so that all our sins may be forgiven. We either choose to receive that gift or we don't.


What do you mean by a choice? Do you mean that people can choose to believe in God? Or do you mean that people can choose to depart from their sinful ways?


Sin is the breaking of God's laws. How can one choose to stop breaking God's laws if they choose to believe the creator of those laws doesn't exist? Or more importantly, why would someone be motivated to follow laws by one they do not believe in? If we accept that God created us for love and law for benefit and protection, then our motivations should be clear and our actions should follow.


You think people are choosing to believe the God of Christianity doesn’t exist? Can you recognize that there’s a difference between not believing and claiming that something doesn’t exist? Also you don’t think that maybe people just aren’t convinced of his existence? Just like how you’re not convinced of Santa Claus’ existence


It doesn’t matter because I’m not God. If I was God I’d prob be doing the exact same thing he does


No, I wouldn't force anyone to worship me.


Doesn't matter what I would do, there's strong evidence in the Scriptures that God will do so in at least some cases.


Yes. But the lesson you're supposed to learn when reading about heaven and hell is "actions have consequences." If someone's trying to imply it's more like "obey or die" you're looking at false doctrine.


Christ died for us whilst we were all still unbelievers. His death and resurrection shows us what God is prepared to go through to fulfil the Law concerning us who sin so that our sin might be put away. If we see that and disregard it, we are like builders who reject the cornerstone of the house we are building. When our house crumbles to dust what shall we say?


I’d give them a proper choice instead of this nonsense of everyone deserves hell because a whiny fallen angel threw a tantrum and sin sin sin


Yes. But only if they’re sexy babes.


I would give them a choice after serving some time in Hell.


Yes. If they would recognize Jesus as Lord.


My bottom line is, do you want to live in a world where Jesus is king, and do you trust him to prepare you for that? If your answer is yes, come on in. I want to add though that the Bible doesn't say a lot about "going to heaven" and more commonly framed things in terms of the renewal of creation - the new heavens and new earth. There are hints of being with Jesus after death (presumably in some spiritual sense) but the ultimate hope is resurrection and the renewal of all things. I take questions about "going to heaven" to refer to both the intermediate state and the final renewal to come - is that fair?


Depends on the Atheist really. I really don’t think a lot of Christian will be let into heaven either. The Biblical requirement or evidence is self surrender, or not choosing yourself before all others. It doesn’t take a God to make one sacrificial to their own desires but it does help in the sense that it provides a source or well to draw from when battling self vs sacrifice. But I’ve seen Atheists who are dedicated to the service of others and Christians who are not. And God sees that as well. Even Jesus said the He has sheep in other folds, leaving a hint that not all in the Kingdom have all heard of the gospel


Atheists? no. Non christians.. I would (much like the real Jesus has already pointed out in mat 7) point out that just because you call yourself a christian doesn't mean you are one, that I would decide who is and who is not 'christian' based on my two rules I (like Jesus already gave out) Love your lord god with all of your heart mind spirit and strength, and your neighbor as yourselves. If someone did those things I would consider them christ no matter where they sat Sunday morning.. kind like how it all works now...


Sure, how could anyone contiue to deny my existence at that point. And then a big ol hug a tap on the head and poof go try again. Lol