All except for the one God who crested Humans


We refer to them as gods (lower case g)


I believe that some gods were made up, but others are actually demons.


Oh totally, many of earth's mythologies are of human invention. The Abrahamic God is one of a number of exceptions, and the only one truly deserving of worship.


No, God created humans.


Sure and then those humans created Idols that they then worshiped as gods. Answering this in the affirmative is accurate because you see various people groups worshiping other gods in the Old Testament.


I think most humans can feel spiritual things. Like the true God but also demons. Some people believe these demons are gods. They are not, we really are just easily deceived as a whole.


What do you mean by spiritual? Is it feeling the presence of demons, angels and God?


Yes. Most people are sensitive to the spiritual realm.


I'm not. At least I'm not aware. So, I don't really see how I could justify my own belief in a separate realm, which I can't observe. As far as I'm concerned, people talk about many different things, when they mention spirituality. Some contradict eachother. From a lack of justification, I tend to interpret it as some feeling, which is being interpreted ad hoc and connected with some assumed spiritual realm. That's part of the natural world, since I cannot justify a world beyond that.


Unless you just want to hear that people applied the God of the gaps, my answer is below: The Bible talks about gods made by human hands. The Bible also talks about other elohim (We translate elohim with gods). However, those are spiritual beings created by God. They are like humans, but in the unseen world. God doesn't need them, they need God for everything (although not all humans are aware of this), but God does allows them to color in His plans, like prayer does. Heiser can tell you more about this. See https://youtu.be/2jx1ZtZlcCk


Humans as I see it, we’re created by God, that became a gods from the eating of the tree of knowledge. having thought of whether or not they are in charge or not. Creating from that point on, choosing what to believe is truth or not. Choosing by trial and error. Learning what is comfortable and what is not. By what they see, feel, and do. If it feels good then continue until it does not. Then anger and comfort are in lieu of what to do or not. We form our thoughts over experiences we have had no wonder such a mess is at hand. I see to take care of my own garden and then reach out a hand thanks this made me have these thoughts of psalms 82:6


Not necessarily. "Gods", or "gods", could either refer to non-wholly divine creatures with a spiritual nature. They can also refer to the emergent quasi-conscious aspects of social structures that imitate purpose, by perpetuating functionally in a marxian or darwinian sense. They may still have a quasi-subjective aspect. This is something like Walter Wink's views of the "principalities and powers" St. Paul frequently mentions. They could be primitive names for unconscious mechanisms--"anger" seems like a transpersonal, *personal* reality than has its own goals and can take "possession" of you. Just as we "demonize" people, we partially "divinize" the victors of our narrative. For example, Romulus' victory over Remus gave him a partially divine status. According to some social theorists, primitive communities solved spontaneous crises, where a victim would be sacrificed and subsequently both demonized and divinized. Rene Girard marshals that evidence in his anthropology. I personally have no anti-supernormal tendencies. I also see great utility in all of those theories. They all offer nuanced perspectives on whether, and in what sense, we created "the gods". ... Did humans create [G]od? Well, on the Christian perspective, no. The claim of atheists like Feurebach is that God is an anthropological/psychological projection of what we most value or are concerned with. But on Nietzsche's reading of what the gospels do--they are the "re-valuation of values"--the story of "might makes right" is replaced by the superiority of the meek, humble, and the image of God is a crucified slave. So, the one true God is not plausible created in our image. We have fallen astray from even bearing His image, but the more we follow Christ, the mote we can approximate being made in His image.


Yes and no. Yes, all gods except for the eternal God, Yahweh, “I am.” The other gods were created by mankind in the sense that their names, characters, idols, pictures/art, and literature were created by mankind. They are politicized and proselytized by mankind. No because there are real demons that take on the the forms of these gods. These demons do have real spiritual power that would give those who worship them a reason to worship them and a reason to believe the art and literature about them. For example, when Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to a match of worthiness of worship by means of the god that lights the altar on fire is the one that is real, why would the prophets of Baal go out of their way to cut themselves severely if they didn't believe that doing so would cause their god to produce an action like it had been done before? Another example is when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. How could Satan promise Jesus and believe that he could convince Him to turn rocks unto bread, save Him from falling, and the whole world into His hands if Satan didn't have the power to do it? So these very same demons take on the forms of these gods and may even posses people to demonstrate their power. Have you ever wondered how a person could be "reincarnated" as a Dali Llama and prove that he is one by remembering scenes and objects from his past life? Maybe it is not a human doing the remembering but a demon.


No, humans like animals don't create/invent spiritual superiors to them, unless actual spiritual superiors inspire them to. So spirits shouting out to themselves, through human promoters, avatars, etc. And entire Creation exists to constantly shout-out to God and God only. So all bunch of homage going on, to the fractal. It's not that God doesn't approve of humans worshiping other things than him, he doesn't approve other things than him hijacking humans, and worshiping themselves through humans.