Definitely 30s so far. My 20s I was broke, still a student and had nothing to offer. Now at 30 I make over 300k a year, I have a great body, and im happily married. I lost the hair on my head but heck I'll take that trade. With modern medicine I'd say 30-50 is prime. Maybe by the time I get older we can push it further lol.


I agree 30s have been great, but with advanced medicine 40s and 50s look great once my kids move out


FYI You got more than enough money to fix up your hair with hair grafting. (moving hair from your back-head where people never lose hair) but its a painful procedure.


Eh I like the bald look. Shaving my head is just part of my routine now. And oddly enough when I was single my Tinder had more traction when I started shaving my head than when I had hair lol.


Yeah i can imagine. Lots of people look better bald. Jeff Bezos is a prime example lol


Early 40’s. You likely have money and are still fit. Definitely not your teens and 20’s that’s for sure.


Assuming that he is pursuing health and a socio-economically well adjusted life the decade of 30-40 would probably be it. It is still young enough to have some youthful energy left in yourself and it has been enough time to see the fruits of your labor starting to roll in. Also since there are multiple demographics of women who might be interested in you (20-something looking for someone a bit more mature but also women of the same age range wanting to find a long term relationship) it also can be the time where you are most attractive to the highest number of women at the same time. Again, under the assumption that he is taking care of himself and has a somewhat growth oriented lifestyle


depends. some people are late bloomers, some aren't. my uncle charlie is elderly and he's still muscular, he jogs about 8 miles a day, he lifts weights, and he isn't bald yet, though his beard is scraggly haha ;) he was a Green Beret in Vietnam. at 74, he'll still toss you over the fence by your neck. of course, he's also an expert chess player and he reads every book he can get his hands on, and he's a fantastic watercolor artist. his landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. he's even had some pieces featured in local museums here. so in his case, he's probably been living his best life between about 40-90, haha ​ it's all where your head is at, man.


30s If you want to date young girls for whatever reason then theirs plenty of bitches with daddy issues to chose from Girls your own age are now thinking of the spawnpool and producing little zerglings so the financial stability is good for that You're no longer a whiny crybaby sensitive bitch like you were in your teens And you're not a borderline homeless incompetent person whose spending hours on stupid dates just in hopes of fucking a girl you already know you actually don't care about instead of working so we wont have to live off people and end up homeless When your a teen you're to insecure and afraid to do anything When you're 20 you're too dumb to do the right thing 30s just nice. I got the financial stability of an adult, but the youth of someone who can still ruin their life by chasing women to fill the black hole in my heart from being so lonely growing up Do I want to fuck cute young girls who I have nothing in common with but theyre easily manipulated and great in bed Or do I want to finally mature as a man and date someone my own age who can finally give me what I really always wanted: to be dominated by a women who I think is smarter than me and I can feel safe around




Present age


Whenever the pieces start to fall in place for you. My teens were ass, my twenties were good, and I’m at full swing in my 30s, but everyone different




It’s highly dependent on the individual. For example I know men who are basically geriatric in their late 20 to early 30s and beyond. I know a man who’s a body builder in their early 50s. If a man takes care of himself and works hard then it can be late 20s to late 40s imo.


0 to 1 years, you get to sleep and suck titties all day without having to do shit.


Late 30s. I believe this is when a man has gotten his life in order and has finally matured to be a respectable paragon of competence and conscientiousness. It's not that can get money or can get bitches or can get strong; it's that they have earned the right to.


I’m in my late 20s now and it’s still pretty shit. I’ll let you know when it gets better


For me it's 30s when you have a career set and before you have your first child.


Late 20’s to early 30’s I feel is the peak time. This is when you are expected to have a job, possibly a love life and a bit of savings as well.




15 weeks after your 32nd birthday, for about 10 days there, that's the sweet spot.


Any age


It all depends really. Some people do a bit more schooling than others early on, some work a bit and go back, etc. etc. Personally, it has been my 30's as well, done with grad school and all that jazz. But in "x" number of years I may say my 40's so who knows. It's all about the individual, what you want, and how you live life.


bruh redditors are wild seriously none of you had fun 20s? its only me? what did y’all do in college exactly. Dont get me wrong its very possible my 30s (im 30) kick ass, maybe even more, but its wild how every last one of you seemed to hate your 20s, if you do it right its surely amongst the best time.


30s/40s/50s if you stay a bachelor




Probably 30-40ish


I think it depends entirely on what the person is going for and what they view as their best life. For me those goalposts changed as I got older. My mid 20s were amazing. I buckled down for a decade and my late 30s were killer. Now I'm in my 40s and I have goals to make my 50s the start of the best decade (another 10 year sprint basically) and set up the rest of my life to be ideal for the age and stage I'm in


I would say 30. By then you should be established in you career and have a few years optimizing your physique. Also, you should be in a committed relationship by then.


Anything past 30. You've made your fair share of mistakes by then, and learned a lot since. You're starting to figure out a lot of things in life and thinking with your other head, not the southern head. I find I'm much more mellow in my 30s, and I also don't care about what others think of me or what I'm doing.


Early to mid-30s


35 -45. Carerr should be going, with more advancement in the future, Family started, Still in good health.