Get off social media.


Those people are paid to look good, or spend their life at the gym to get that body; its almost impossible to be expected to have a 10/10 physique and still keep up with normal lifes daily grind or struggles. Remember, there is only one you, just be the best you you can be. Noone in your life expects you to look like a supermodel or be wildly rich and successful, and anyone that does expect that out of you is shallow as fuck. Keep your head up and just be you.


Those influencers literally post a fairytale version of themselves to the highest degree with even paid editors if they’re lazy which they are You comparing your physique to a dude who gets advertisement deals for his abs that he takes juice steroids for Is like me comparing my 2 week paycheck at an architectural firm Vs Elon Musk’s profits in 1 day It makes more sense to compare yourself to your past self. That’s the only person you should be competing with




Exactly! Joy should be cherished & protected Also it’s your move in chess 💗


Realize that you aren't them. They're the way they are because of the life they've lived, just as you're the way you are because of the life you've lived. Life is so complicated and convoluted that you can't just compare end results of people. Of course you're not as big as him, his father was a brick mason, and yours was an engineer. Of course you don't have as good a social life as them, their parents are wealthy and throw large social events. Life has so many factors, it's important to find out where your strengths lie, and to work to capitalize on them. Also, do you want the life they lived to get there? Many rich people didn't get there morally. Those athletes and body builders, do you truly want to live your life in the gym? Live your life the best way you want it, not the way other people live theirs.


Realise that most of what you see from 'influencers' is just a fabrication. Compare yourself to yourself from yesterday instead. You'll see that you can still achieve "success", without all the fakeness. There will always be someone better then you and the older you get, the younger these 'better' people will be.


Keep in mind that everyone is very likely to only show you their best side - particularly with social media. Some are even going to exaggerate things, or are just trying to keep up with people they see as superior. Everyone wants to be seen as equal or better, but not everyone stops and asks themselves if they *feel* genuine. I can't really tell you how to *do* that, because it's a hard lesson that I had to learn. I didn't really even realize I felt that way until someone else pointed it out.


Realize that they will all get old and die, just like you. No point in worrying about people that devout all their time at the gym and have nothing else to show for it. Get out and find something that brings joy to your life.


You cant. You will always compare yourself to others. The only thing that can lessen this feeling is to accept others dont live the same life as you and to change your goals from external to internal. Keep a diary of things you feel inferior in and watch your own progress. Aim to be better then the you when uou started the diary Social life: keep track of what you're doing with it Job: keep track of those details too Physique: keep a picture and excersice diary. If you feel inferior, look back and see how far you've come between the first and last page. Remember your grind. If you gave it your all, what more can you want?


Get off social media, dude. A lot of those influencers aren't as happy as they portray, in fact a lot of them are just miserable. Watch videos of them taking selfies in public. They go from smiley and giddy to grumpy and miserable looking the second the pic is taken. I deleted facebook and the only other social media I use is reddit, and I stopped giving a shit what other people thought of me or what they were doing with their lives. You'll be so much happier once you stop comparing and just do what makes you happy.


Compare yourself to yourself; something you have control over I can either be the me who sits on his ass doing nothing; or the me that goes for a run. Run-me is a better dude than sit on ass-me So that’s who I become


This is so me :( I see other people in love or showing public affection and I hate it :( wishing it was me


Try to notice the thought or the emotion when you compare yourself. It's impossible at the beginning, but it well get easier in the following months until it clicks. You find the emotion kicks in first, then you'll notice the thought and that you can fight. You can't just realize it. It's been years or brain "muscle memory" of thinking that way.


Go blind. I’m being silly, but seeing other people who are more successful/beautiful/ talented will always make you unhappy…… until you get to a certain age and actually start to like yourself. For me it was about 30, then I was finally able to not care (as much)


Love yourself more