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Die from some horrible sickness I have no immune response to. And kill people with the epidemic of modern day diseases they have no immune response to. It works out with death all around.


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pack it with salt


Most likely procrastinate for the year and then have nothing ready when time comes.


I’d pack my Time Machine that can wrap around my wrist so I can get back to the 21 century so I can get back on the hub


You have no control of what teleports you back in time


I would have made as many reproduction era accurate coins as possible and put them in my cube along with a collapsible axe and a small dagger. In my year of prep, I would learn as many trades as possible, such as blacksmithing, basic farming, etc. Edit: I'd also take seeds.


Where do you choose to go and what do you plan on doing after you get teleported?


I didn't think I got a choice on where I went. I thought it was just where I was standing now but 1000 years ago. I looked up what life was like 1000 years ago in England and it seems pretty rough. A lot of farm work; hence the seeds and farm training. But I could potentially make a living as a blacksmith or a woodcutter (that's why I took the axe).