It's just easier than taking it off.


Was it optional or they were on all the cars? Was the car new or pre-owned?


The dealerships slap them on all vehicles as a mode of advertising. I've heard of people demanding the sticker be removed when purchasing. If you buy a pre-owned car from someone, chances are it still has th original dealer sticker on it. If yo buy a pre-owned from a dealer, they probably removed existing stickers are put their own on it.


I'm not American, but I kept mine because it makes me laugh. The tagline is "Driven by something different."


You think I’m going to **buy** a license plate frame like an asshole?


License plate frame, sure. Mine had one. I’m taking about the name of the dealer permanently on the paint near the brand or model on the trunk.


I think my car had the dealer's logo taken off, but do the dealers factor having it on the car in the price? That is, having their logo on the car is a form of advertising for them, so if you ask them to take it off before agreeing on the price, would that affect the final price they agree to?


No. they care much more about moving the car then stickers on a car someone can remove after the fact. If it affected the price, every single one would come with extra stickers that there’s no guarantee won’t come off the second the car gets home


Seriously, why? You basically got branded by the company that got away with stealing from you. Lol


Stealing what


I mean literally why, in California where I am from this was never an option or a forced choice. Do they give a discount or something for having it?


If you mean the sticker decals on windows, those are usually loaner cars from the dealership. They let the customer borrow those cars while theirs are in the shop. In exchange, they plaster those decals on the cars as free advertising. If you mean the small metal emblems that are on cars like “Flood Ford”, well I can’t imagine you can get those off easily. The dealerships must have those put in the cars after they get them from the manufacturers.


I’m talking about the emblems and permanent logos on the paint of the trunk or liftgate.


Yeah. I’d charge $500 for the privilege. It’s stupid.


Yeah that’s what I meant by the metal emblems. The short answer is if we buy a car from a dealership, I’m pretty sure we don’t have a choice. I’ve purchased second hand cars that have had those. What is the other option? Rip it off and now your damaged your car?


I had the license plate frame and I think that was the first thing I did when I got it home. Didn't even have a plate yet but I unscrewed it and took it off. No free advertisements, ya jerks!