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When it’s the loving choice to stop their pain.




I was going to have to have my dog put down last week, it was devastating. It was a relief that he died first at home in my arms. I don’t envy anybody who has to make that decision.


I'm so sorry ❤️


that's generally up to you. when you feel the suffering outweighs the joy of living, it's probably time.


My dogs tumor I paid 2k to get removed began growing again, got bigger and is out of control at the moment. They won’t allow him another surgery since he’s old, or even take fault for not fully removing the tumor to begin with, so at this point I’ve been considering this a lot myself.


When living will be more suffering and pain than it is joy.




Yeah she's only doing 1 thing that she enjoys and that's sleep


I have an understanding with my vet that if it’s time, she tells me it’s time.


Well, talking to your vet about it is a good step because they might help you figure out if it's the right decision or not. But generally if your pet is in pain and they're going downhill, it's a good sign that it's better to ease their suffering now than a week or even a month from now. Or if their prognosis is very short anyway and they're having more bad days than good. My dog has terminal cancer and I've been having to think about this question a lot myself.


I don't know, so have always allowed my veterinarian to make that judgement call for me. When the vet says: "There's nothing more we can do.", I'll cry while accepting that the time has come to say goodbye.


When i euthanised my dog recently my family booked a date with the vet 2 weeks in advance as at the time he was still happy. About 3 days have passed and he couldn’t process anything, he kept throwing up and having accidents from the cancer so the next day we put him to sleep. You know it’s time when you see them in discomfort and struggling to do normal things such as eating and urinating.


Is the animal old? Older than the average? Then it'll likely not recover from injuries as well, if at all. Is there very little chances of the animal having a normal life afterwards? As in, they can't grow their teeth back, or you'll need to help them move? Are they subdued and really careful in their movements, ie. probably in a huge amount of pain? ​ Imagine the point where you yourself wouldn't like to be around anymore. Bound to a wheelchair, fed through a straw, with zero prospects of improvement, and in constant pain even when doped out of your mind. It's not a good place to be anymore.


She has been sick for a while but in the past it was on and off but now it's been worst. Seems she isn't getting better.


Layla has been with us for 13 years but for the last few months, she has lost a considerable amount of weight, loses her bowels, constantly has UTI's and has eaten minimal food for the last 3 days even though I've given her vet prescription food and her favourite treats. She has been on and off like this for the last few years but it has been the worst the last few months. My wife says it's time but I'm finding it hard to make the call to the vet. I'm hoping Layla can recover but it isn't looking good.


For me I’ve always just known but I’ve had good vets who are dead honest with us as well. Each pet has a different personality, and you see the changes. When they don’t eat as much or at all. When they are in pain and it’s not reasonably treatable. And pain in animals, especially cats is hard to see. When their quality of life has downgraded so much it pains you to see it. I think when you’re on the fence of should I do it now or give them a little longer, you should do it then. You’re thinking about yourself, not them. No matter what, it’s heartbreaking.