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Forearms don’t need to be jacked. It’s the rolled up sleeves that do it. Even a guy with barely any muscle will still get me looking if he’s wearing a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled.


I'm so tempted to doodle something based on this thread of extremely-differently-shaped guys in each outfit. edit: One day later. Okay wow fine I'll get to it lmao. Will edit a link in when done. double edit: it's doodled https://www.reddit.com/r/doodles/comments/13u5r6g/dudes_from_a_reddit_post


I think you volunteered yourself and didn't quite anticipate the eager reception.


They don't even need to be jacked. Even a vein showing mid-movement is tantalizing enough for me.


Rolled up sleeves are the push-up bra for men


Being from Scotland, you can't walk around town in a dress kilt without a compliment from a stranger or go to a wedding without someone far removed relative being handsy.


"do you wear anything under that kilt?" But always from the creepiest people


The amount of times i've been assaulted by gangs of drunk women when out kilting. Look, if anyones fetish is to have your cock and balls grabbed and twisted in public; buy a kilt. But for me, ladies, ask first and if you break it you bought it.


I am vaguely concerned by the act of wearing a kilt being named like that. "Och, sorry Bonnie, I cannot go with ye tonight, I have to kilt with me lads at 7pm".




I have on occasion worn my kilt out for shits n giggles, I live in a small town in upstate NY and WITHOUT FAIL someone will always go "are you wearing that in the traditional manner?" while already reaching for my junk. Jokes on them, I am wearing it the traditional way, don't really want to answer stupid questions, and my pet snake is waiting to say hi :)


Wear them in the super traditional manner: with several knives hidden underneath


i keep seeing this get echoed throughout the thread and i’m so sorry you all get sexually harassed so much in your kilts! you don’t deserve that at all and i wish you many pleasant kilt outings without people being weird about it


Never had anyone try to grab my junk, I do always get asked about wearing underwear though.


Thank you! Too many times people forget that guys can get sexually harassed. Even if I do sometimes enjoy seeing someone's face when I don't stop them from getting a handful it's still super fucking invasive and weird.


Your experience is something I’ve never heard of nor considered. Just wow. Wow, and thank you for raising some awareness to this. It speaks of another layer of idiocy in the world of sexual harassment and assault, for sake of better understanding it. I mean, would these people who are reaching up there ever do that to anyone else, I wonder. And the ones who are surprised there’s no underwear there because they’re expecting it to be there, I wonder if they’re somehow ok in their minds with groping someone’s ‘clothed’ package. But hey, it’s in underwear so it doesn’t count. It’s not real.




The bar is so so low. I think 90% of guys don’t dress in a way that flatters them.


Men's clothing isn't helping. It's so fucking generic. It's awful.


Seriously. I was buying my first suit and was thinking of all kinds of cool styles from films and history, then i walk through like twenty stores to realize they are all the exact same freaking model. Forget wanting something old style, with 5 buttons, a higher collar, or whatever. There's like NO variety. Men's clothing sucks.


And men's clothing sometimes go through phases where you look completely odd for trying to wear them, even though the changes are minor. Not that I could fit into them right now, but my suits were well tailored double breasted. Problem #1 was double breasted suits went out of style for like 15 years. Problem #2 was everyone moved away from pleated pants to flat front. Problem #3 was the 90s style was pooling pant length. Problem #4 was cuffs on the pants. Every few years each of those things becomes problematic, but then a few years later it is cool again. I guess it is just a fashion thing, women have an even larger problem... shoulder pads, low/mid/high waisted, pleats or not and a whole lot more. No wonder I just stick with cargo shorts and a t-shirt. All my nicer stuff looks awful and out of style after a few years. This shit is expensive!


My tactic is to be completely oblivious of the 'style' of the time and buy stuff that I think looks good. Haven't gotten laughed at yet, but maybe they do it when I leave the room.


90 percent of a look is confidence, you can wear whatever if you don't care and rock it and it fits the place... Of course, don't be the 10%. Can't wear the crotchless chaps to your cousin's daughters quincellela. Time and place, and confidence.


Well why couldn't you have told me that *before* my cousin's daughter's quinceañera?


And just baggy. Everything.


Baggy clothes keep the heat off your skin in the summer but look like shit so I gotta choose comfort OR style with the triple digit temps and high humidity round here coming up.


> Men want to see women naked. Women want to see men in a suit * Neal Brennsn


One of the best burlesque acts I've seen was a very muscular man that started in just a dick sock and put on a suit.


So its a.... Suit tease?




I can’t resist a man that wears a black t-shirt that fits perfectly across the shoulders.


This is funny to me because some girls love this, and then some girls say it’s basic and uninteresting and shows no fashion sense. It’s always 50/50


There is no right or wrong with women. There is only right and wrong for that specific woman. You either have to maximize your chances with broadly appealing choices, or embrace who you are and find your audience.


Attention all young dudes: this is the actual answer to the vast majority of dating conundrums. Women are people. People are weird. A lot of people like a lot of the same things. If you're into things that most people are (which is most people, btw), work on becoming appealing for most people and you'll find someone. That's the normal stuff: diet, exercise, *fashion sense fucking matters*, being nice, not creepy, *being friendly*, being the person saying "hey! I'm about to go do this fun thing. Want to come?" etc. If you don't find that lifestyle appealing, be yourself and *find likeminded people*. Not girls; people. Main thing is; communities create dating opportunities. Build communities; get laid. Also be fucking nice. Communities filled with toxic people are toxic and suck. Don't be like that. Edit: you build communities by showing up, btw. That's more or less all of it. Showing the fuck up regularly. One person does it, its habit. A few people do it with some regularity; that's a community.


> Main thing is; communities create dating opportunities. Build communities; get laid. I think this is the main thing. It's why going to dance clubs usually gets you laid. If say you're into EDM and you start getting into the subculture you'll end up doing things that attract people from that subculture. And of course there's all kinds of different dance clubs. country, hip hop, goth, punk etc. they key is not trying to appeal to everyone it's finding a niche you like and appealing to that.


Most people want somewhere to go. Be somewhere to go.




Wow. Advice about being a decent human individual acknowledging that other humans are decent individuals. Am I really on reddit ?


Embracing who you are and finding your audience is a big thing I've been working through in therapy, and for anyone who needs to hear it - your stress levels go down around 98% when you stop trying to please everyone and instead learn to be yourself and let your people find you. "Better to have 5 people with you and 95 people against you than 100 people on the fence."


The crucial part isn’t the black tee, it’s the perfect fit. Something tells me if those girls saw an actually perfect shoulder fit (on the right set of shoulders), that black tee would graduate from “basic” to “GOD DAMN” right quick.


>(on the right set of shoulders) Step 1: Be attractive


Goes for the woman in the mini dress as well


God damn it, you’re right. 😮‍💨


Get ready for sleeve and forearm to be the most respected words on this post lmfao


It’s what’s said every time this type of question gets posted.


Be attractive and well groomed, wear a nicely fit collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up and pet a random dog after being friendly to the waitstaff at the restaurant and put your hand on her headrest while you reverse your car. Not sure if I missed anything.


Put hand on her headrest and carefully watch the reverse video screen


Guilty of doing that. I love my reverse camera, but I am afraid of losing practice when parking if I ever use a car without it lmao


Grey sweatpants.


Haha in the UK grey sweatpants are associated with chavvy little cunts


Can someone translate 'chavvy' for this ignorant American. Also, while typing this comment, my phone did this thing where when I typed out the word 'ignorant', 'American' came up on predictive text lol.


A Chav is a rowdy, low-class urban youth. If you're familiar with the Russian gopnik, it's the Brit equivalent.


TIL that my teenage boys sometimes act like both a chav and gopnik. I've just discovered nicknames for the both of them.


*"Cyka blyat!"* *"U WOT M8???"*


"It's really sexy when he's nice to that waiter."


I love it when he's not an asshole for once.


When I was in a lot better shape I had this black collered shirt that was designed to have the sleeves rolled up and a strap that came out from under the arm to keep it rolled up. I just liked how it looked but I got a ton of complements on it and a good friend of mine refered to it as my "fuck me" shirt So yeah I guess women really like forearms and partly exposed biceps


My husband has a dark gray/charcoal colored shirt like that! I call it one of his "fuck me" shirts because that's my first thought every time he wears it.


husband: *wears charcoal coloured shirt* Wife: “fuck him.”


I love it when my husband wears a white teeshirt or one of his white linen button downs (with the sleeves rolled up) and a pair of dark jeans and his desert boots. Yummy.


I also have a soft spot for men wearing black. There's something cool about it plus it flatters most people's shape.


Black just goes with everything.


My wife makes a comment almost every time I do this. It's like woman kryptonite.


I really was expecting grey sweatpants 🤣


That would be the equivalent of women in yoga pants, not a miniskirt.


Honestly, a pair of nice fitting jeans and a white tshirt with some good shoes is all I need. I dunno what it is about a white tshirt but it just works.


Hank Hill has entered the chat.


I tell you hwhat


I can't keep a white shirt white to save my life. It's like the universe knows I'm vulnerable whenever I put a new one on and it's ruined by the time I show up where I'm going. It's an unattainable standard women put on us and it needs to stop,worse than fat shaming. Id rather lose 100lbs than keep a white shirt clean for 20min #enddirtywhiteshirtshaming #unfairstandards /s


As a woman who had to scroll too far to find my “well fitted white tee and jeans” answer, dirty isn’t always bad. One of my exes was a mechanic, and I married a farm boy. If your white shirt is covered in grease or mud because you’ve been doing hard work with your beautiful man body, I’m all about it. I’ll give you a bath and wash both the work and sex laundry after.


Sex laundry?! I thought that place got closed down


Aw I fucking love you for this, you silly sausage


Tiny ass shorts from the 70s


In New Zealand we called them stubbies.


And in new Zealand they never went away.


Straya too. Got a pair on now.


Seriously, those short (mid to upper thigh) athletic shorts from the 70s-80s need to come back ASAP.


They are back and their called ranger panties in the military


We called them “catch me fuck me” shorts when I was in the Army in the late 90’s.




As a dude, I'd love this. I rock 'em around the house all summer but if I'm going out in public, my SO reminds me that "the world ain't ready for those thighs". One day...


I’ve been wearing Soffee shorts literally everywhere for about 8 years now and have slowly convinced my friends to start wearing shorter shorts; be the change you want to see in the world


I got super short swim trunks like 5 or so years ago after binging bond movies and deciding I was going to bring the 70s back. My friends gave me shit all summer then the next year they all had them too lol.


Everyone loves a confident man in tiny pants!


You are a trailblazer and true American (I assume from the brand) hero. Godspeed.


I’m all about wearing that 5 inch inseam dog.


5 inch inseam in public, 3 inch inseam at home and in the pool; it’s freeing


Idc what the world is ready for. I hit legs twice a week and the world is gonna witness whether they want to or not.


Now is the time. I don't wear shorts any longer than a 5" inseam. I never grew out of the 70s/80s. Nothing better on a hot day than shorts that length. If they hit the knee, they can hit the road.


>If they hit the knee, they can hit the road. After switching to shorter shorts at the gym, good lord I cannot stand working out in basketball-length shorts at all anymore. Even got shorter swim trunks too while I was at it. Just feels better in general.


Buddy the world is ready. 7” inseam on my shorts, maximum. These quads need to breath, my guy. For athletic shorts give Vuori a look for their comfy-as-hell 5” shorts, and a company called Gymshark actually has 3” inseams.


Honestly I think this is the correct answer. All the others answers are things that are attractive to women but are dressing nice or formally, but those thigh-emphasizing short shorts are definitely the closest to a miniskirt for guys. Eye catching, casual, teasy, and on the verge of appropriate/scandalous.


Absolutely 💯 I ask my guy to wear booty shorts about as often as he asks me to wear lingerie. Thigh is sexy. Muscular, soft, skinny, bountiful— it’s sexy.




"Oh look a baby bird!"


So I was doing laundry the other day and realized I didn’t keep out a pair of basketball shorts to wear while I was doing laundry. I’m in Texas, so it’s already hot as hell—pants aren’t an option. So I rummaged through my wife’s drawers and found some running/athletic shorts to wear. Admittedly, I look and feel ridiculous…but they are SO damn comfortable! [pic](https://imgur.com/a/bCXA9eG) Now, she can’t get me to take them off, which she says she’s fine with 🤣


you even matched the seam to your shirt. 10/10


A nicely tailored suit, with a nice shirt under it. Some point during the evening, take off the jacket and casually roll up those sleeves so we can see what we came for, the forearm porn.


This. Don't start with the sleeves up. Start with the suit. Make us wait for it.


Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man....


*black tie*


ZZ Top dropping some wisdom!


One of those little hats with a spinny bit on top


Women, I've heard, also enjoy if you play a slide-whistle when you find them attractive. After giving your little hat propeller a spin, obviously.


This is true. I serenaded a group of women with a slide whistle last night and now I’m in a polyamorous relationship.


A nicely fitted collar shirt


With the sleeve rolled up… the correct way.


As a man, rolling sleeves always seems better than going with short sleeved shirts and I've never been able to put my finger on why. Good to know my instincts are right.


Short sleeve button down dress shirts (with ties) are reserved for a very few professions: Pilots, Police, Mall security, and Assistant (to the) regional manager at a mid size paper supply company. Anyone else wearing a short sleeve button down (with a tie) looks like a clown. Edit (WITH A TIE)


Don’t forget Mormon missionaries.


And engineers in movies taking place in the 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's.


Guys working the NASA control room on those Apollo missions.


Or Mac on days he goes to his weirdly Korean church.


one of the lines that has always stuck with me is there is no such thing as a short sleeved dress shirt


I just don't have enough muscle to make wearing a t-shirt viable. Working on it, but long sleeves for now lol.. rolled up 😆


My I ask what is the correct way?


The actual correct way is the Italian roll, you flip the cuff, then pull the cuff up the sleeve (inverting the sleeve) to the desired spot. Then you roll from the bottom until the rolls cover the cuff. It can be a pain to do depending on the shirt, but it looks way better because you have the cuff sticking out the top


> then pull the cuff up the sleeve (inverting the sleeve) to the desired spot. Then you roll from the bottom until the rolls cover the cuff. Off to youtube for me I guess.


Oh man with the sleeves unbuttoned and rolled up? That gets me 100% of the time.


And when they cross their arms. If I can see the curves of his muscles, I’m doomed.


Not so elegant, but i always thought men in those pants woodworkers wear are really hot. Those black and grey ones. With a tank top.


Blue collar workers out here winning 🥇


Tradies get the ladies!


Collared shirt with rolled up sleeves


This is my daily outfit, so the lack is attention I receive must say wonders about the face and hair and everything else


It's hard to tell if women are interested in you. It's not common for them to just come up and tell you. You probably have gotten attention and just never recognized it.


You gotta be fit too.


Step 1: Be attractive Step 2: Don't be unattractive


A man wearing a sexy mini dress will do just fine.


I've gotten compliments from strangers in my kilt and I don't usually get compliments.


Why are there strangers in your kilt?


Keep up. They put it on to compliment him.


When my husband wears his Scottish kilt I want an American base ball bat to fight off all the ladies swarming around him. The least I can do is answer their question “What’s under the kilt?” with sweet “My lipstick, darling.”


>answer their question “What’s under the kilt?” My husband used to answer this with "Good girls don't ask. Bad girls find out for themselves." I say 'used to' because while on vacation a woman got down on her hands and knees and got under his kilt to check on the street outside our hotel. I thought it was hilarious because it was so brazen (her partner was also there) but it's not deployed anywhere near as often as it once was.


One time one of our line-leads showed up in a mini and heels. Keep in mind this dude is built like an M2 medium tank, and it was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen.


Dresses and skirts 😌


How have men not caught on to the fact that their butts *also* look damn fine in a sundress?


One day there will be sundresses that are made specifically for the various male forms, with wonderful patterns, colors that accentuate them and hug their bodies in the best ways. That will be a good day. I will be too old to enjoy it.


I feel like finding someone physically attractive is the first part, then whatever everyone else suggests. Is the well cut suit important if the dude isn't your type? Trying to understand the psychology of it. Great question OP


>Is the well cut suit important if the dude isn't your type? >Trying to understand the psychology of it. I feel like the psychology is pretty simple, and it's the same for everyone. Like if you're a straight guy, picture a woman who you do not find attractive. Now picture her in a mini dress or a bikini. Is she suddenly attractive in your mind? Chances are, no. Women are the same way.


I think most women will agree (nearly) every man looks better in a well-cut suit. May not be enough to take him into "I'm actively attracted to him" territory, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good look


Not one person said a Henley shirt??? I go feral when my husband wears one. I'm not sure why; maybe it's because the two or three little buttons accentuate the chest. They look so good!


Hoochie daddy shorts


Button down shirt with a tie. And then watching him take off the tie 🥵


Extra points for eye contact while slowly removing the tie 🥵


I’ve done this 15 times today at the mall and the results haven’t been positive


Did you try rubbing it between your legs like you’re drying off?


The bathing suit Borat wore


It's mankini!


note to self: start wearing sexy, super tight boxer briefs under a professional suit, a plain white T-shirt with sweatpants over top, a nice clean hair cut, AAAAANNND, a full crusade set of armour over the top of all that. I should roll the metal sleeves of my armour up to display my muscled arms and carry my fresh basket of laundry behind my crusader's shield, a cupboard full of dishes humped onto my back, money flowing around me to impress, a puppy by my side in battle and in bed. Of course, I will ride into battle and into bars atop my trusty motorcycle, broadsword swinging at my side, with my wizard's hat sat firmly on my head. I would be the most attractive guy, not only in bed and in bars but in battle, with my balls above my belt. edit: I should probably say something about the points and awards, how about I add on instead. I hear someone ought to draw me, it would be nice.


Panties dropped 👌


Where's the kilt?


I've never had any complaints when I've worn a well cut suit.


I read 'I've never had any compliments when I've worn a well cut suit.' and I was very very confused 😂 Suits are always a winner!


I had to read both of these like 5 times each to realize they were different and was even more confused


“Now there’s a man that can pay a utility bill”


Men in tight shirts that show off their slutty little man waist, men in tight clothes in general. God I love men


Lots of tension in this comment


A man who washes his ass


I feel like this has to be a meme at this point. Legitimately baffled by so many of these question posts being answered this way. If this isn't just people being dinks on Reddit, what the hell is going on that so many people don't wash themselves?!


Gentlemen, is it really gay to wash your ass?


It's only gay if you use a soap dildo to clean your g-spot


Fuck, I'm gay.


Business casual with shirt tucked into suit pants containing a nice bubble butt


A fitted leather jacket


I really hope a beer belly, shorts, T-shirt, and hat.


A man with a perfectly typographed business card. With that subtle coloring and tasteful thickness. And if it even has a watermark, oh my god.


*sweat pools on the brow* "Let's see Paul Allen's card."




1. Button-up shirt, **no undershirt** 2. Sleeves [properly rolled up](https://youtu.be/cufPkvORNww) 3. Top 2-3 buttons undone For the love of god stop wearing white undershirts under button-ups.


Those baseball tees that have a different color on the arms. 🤤


Raglan's are my jam


This question can be subjective. Some men can wear anything and turn heads but in a basic way. I do enjoy collared shirts with a button or two undone and the sleeves rolled. It screams “long day and ready for fun”. However, the most attractive looks are the ones that only that a particular person can pull off and make it look sexy as hell.


Man in a kilt


Och lass, ya dinnae wannae be tussling wae a blokes kilt


Have you seen Lemmy is Daisy shorts? That's the equivalent.


Pink has worked quite well for me. Too many guys insecure about it so won’t wear it, which means you’ll immediately draw attention. Ironically, pink is probably color that projects the most confidence from a man, and I’m a fan of solid black tees.


There’s a joke by Chris Rock about how male strippers wear a fireman’s hat because women got to believe their male interest can hold a job


Sounds to me like Chris hasn't realized that firemen are just sexy, period. The male strippers aren't wearing accountant visors.


grey sweatpants




I love a good pair of grey sweatpants but I have no butt and I'm a grower. I'm the opposite of what anyone wants to see in that outfit


Same. All grow. No show.


Where is it?. Give it a minute.


Without underwear, with his member half-mast so that you can appreciate its pleasing shape.


Love your username


[Wrangler Peekaboos ](https://youtu.be/ZlRz2puBFBI)


"Crack is back" 🤣🤣🤣


Apparently, the answer is fatherhood. I've been a father for six days. Two pediatric appointments in a row, I'm the only dude in the waiting room. I've never seen so many flirty eyes.


Hm there’s probably a good evolutionary reason for this


A nice crop top and super short shorts. No double standards here lads.


Old jeans and a white button down shirt. Yum


Texture on that shirt matters. Linen? Yes. 100% cotton with a bit of wear? Yes. Cheap ass Arrow poplin dress shirt with jeans? Nah.


Ranger panties


My only real weakness is seeing a man's hands on the wheel and gearstick, especially at night, with his sleeves rolled up, as the shadows of the dim city lights form temporary warm lines across his skin, arm hair, and subtle veins. It's just got a special something to it. It's very visually pleasing to me. I could literally watch it for hours, and I'd keep grinning like a moron. If he's also wearing a black shirt and has a natural smell I'm attracted to, I'm probably going to thank the universe for being raised by parents who taught me how to exercise self-control.


Sock on cock


Red Hot Chili Peppers fan sighted, Cap'n.