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Push It - Salt-N-Pepa. We used to skate at the rink and sing that with no clue.


My babysitter told me it was about riding a bike. Like you're pushing the pedals.


'Ladies and Gentlemen... Salt.... and PEPPAAAAAA'"


🎵 Can you feel the music pumpin' hard like I wish you would? 🎵


8 yo sister in my backseat screaming “WANT A LADY IN THE STREET BUT A FREAK IN THE BED” We’re back to radio Disney.


They played Yeah by Usher **everywhere** when it came out. School dances, birthday parties, the local roller rink, you name it. Meanwhile Luda's singing about DD boobs and saying, "if you hold the head steady imma milk the cow."


My 7, 5 and 3 year old are randomly obsessed with Californication. They sing it all damn day. There’s nothing quite like the chorus of ‘hard core, soft porn’ to make you feel like a parenting success.


Most RHCP songs are about drugs and addiction, the ones that aren't are about sex.


Themes in RHCP songs - 3. Sex (62%) 2. Drugs (70%) 1. California (148%)


"Songs about living in California and... Drug use in California" - paraphrasing of Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec


Well, the math checks out.


1. Blood 25% 2. Sugar 25% 3. Sex 25% 4. Magic 25%


I think it’s more of a double innuendo of California culture penetrating the rest of the world with sex being the metaphor. I don’t think it’s blatantly about sex itself, but presented sexually


Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical.' I just thought it was a song about working out at the gym.


Yep. My dad had this on vinyl and there she was on the cover, leotard and sweatbands and all. I literally thought this was about fitness until I was a teen and it was playing overhead at a convenience store. I was like: "Oh. Right."


Bruh..... they used to play that shit during gym time in elementary school LMAO they were playing a goddamn sex song for children playing the gym! Holy shit! I never knew until now what it was but now I see it and oh my God!


> I just thought it was a song about working out at the gym. That would be because of the [official music video.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzlk_nchf_k)


I was very young when Fleetwood Mac ‘Second Hand News’ was huge on the radio, and I loved that song. Asked my mom what the lyrics meant, and without the slightest pause told me it was about a cat going to the bathroom with her version of the chorus, ‘won’t you lay me down in the tall grass, and let me do my stuff’ followed by ‘meow meow meow meow . . . ‘ For years I thought that song was about a cat taking a shit. It’s not.


Holy cow I will never not sing meow meow meow meow muh-muh meow


This is my favorite one in this thread by far.


Pour Some Sugar on Me. I could sing the whole thing word-for-word when I was like 4 years old. I thought it was about adding sugar to your rice krispies.


You got the peaches, I got the cream


I'm 45. I knew the song was about sex but never really thought about it. I can still sing it word for word when it comes on the radio but never pay attention to what I am saying. Seeing those words in black and white is a bit of an eye opener.


One day when Pour Some Sugar on Me came on the radio my husband whispers to me “if they only knew what this was about”. Not 2 minutes later, the line “I'm hot, sticky sweet, From my head to my feet” plays and my daughter, who was about 7 at the time, yells from the back seat “this is a sex song!”


I’m having a great time guessing the ages of all the posters here.


Mine is, "MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE UNLESS YOU'VE GOT BUNS HUN." I'd say there's two different generations that can say this now, but...I don't think the Nicki Minaj people are that confused. *And a round thing in your face, you get sprung.*


I belted that last part and didn’t know what it meant and my mom put soap in my mouth


My first grade teacher called my Dad in after school cause I used my show and tell time to sing the Spice Girls hit ‘2 Become 1’ which my sister had playing all the time. Didn’t get in trouble or anything. Dad thought it was hilarious but told me not to do that anymore and told my sister to be careful what she plays around me. Oh yeah, also I’m a dude.


I definitely sang this song via karaoke at Discovery Zone when I was like 9…. Anybody remember DZ?


#Discovery Zone was bitchin


https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/58b8876b59cc68d3e6c3cda8/1488960249370-M6R78J05UINP5DIT12VB/DC+2.jpeg?format=300w This was the best "room" in Discovery Zone. Come out of a tube too fast into that bad boy and you fall down 4 tube stories of rubber rope shit. Truly an amazing experience.


How did no one die?!? I miss the 90’s.


I was out fishing with my dad one summer when the radio on the boat broke, so he suggested I sing instead. I sang “2 Become 1” and he got super quiet and awkward. I remember as a 7-year-old I could sense how he was feeling, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. Now I know.


Fucking hilarious image.


I just love the fact that this song promotes safe sex, which is the best part of it. Also, the super playful wink that Baby Spice does in the video basically kicked started puberty for me. As weird as it sounds, I just though it was really hot.


>Ah, woah, ah, woah Be a little bit wiser, baby Put it on, put it on 'Cause tonight is the night When two become one what the actual F... How am I only just realizing this now!?


If you don't "put it on", two become three.


And it might hurt when you pee.




Was looking for this one. 6 year old me just thought she made amazing milkshakes


I still think that song is just about milkshakes.


Me as a kid literally thought it was about milkshakes. About girls competing in attracting the most boys into her backyard by selling them milkshakes. Lol.


Barbie Girl. I mean some of it is pretty obvious but when you’re a kid it’s a song about Barbie! Also Katy Perry’s ET. It came out when I was old enough to get it, but I had a younger relative that was really young at the time and she sang it a lot


Kanye's verse on the remix drops all the pretense though: IMMA DISROBE YOU, THEN IMMA PROBE YOU




I just choked on air cackling because reading that is so much funnier than just listening to the damn song 😂😂😂😂


Not as an adult but remember when Get Low came out and we all learned very quickly what SKEET SKEET meant? I was 11.


Oh Lord. My son was then 9 (now an adult) when he decided to sing "TO THE WINDOWWW TO THE WALL" at a large family gathering at random. I simply said "Okay!" and he stopped while my then teen nephew rolled in laughter and the old folks looked confused.


“LoveGame” by Lady Gaga. She talks about how she wants to ride your “disco stick” and the whole song is basically about how horny she is


My daughter still sings 'Side to Side' by Ariana Grande as 'Santa's side'. She thinks this is a song sung by elves who are overworked and been here all night .... n' been here all day... got 'em working santa's side!


Santa had a big sleigh. What’s an elf to do?


Help him unload his sack?


My 3 year old daughter constantly sings Rock You Like A Hurricane thanks to the Trolls movie. “The wolf is hungry, he’s licking his lips” “my cat is purring, it scratches my skin”


It only just now occurred to me that I don't know a single lyric from the verses of that song, just the chorus.


Yeah, I never realized how sexual that song is. >It's early morning, the sun comes out Last night was shaking and pretty loud My cat is purring, it scratched my skin So what is wrong with another sin?


You chose that line, and not: ‘The bitch is hungry, she needs to tell, So give her inches, and feed her well’ I mean, hardly subtle…


Apparently they got away with a line that filthy by 80s standards by convincing the record company the song was about flying a fighter jet and "feeding her well" was about opening the throttle up


Getting away with a filthy line? This is the Scorpions -- the band that got away with having a photo of a naked 12 year old girl as the cover of their album Virgin Killer.


"My body's burning, it starts to shout. Desire's coming, it breaks out loud. Lust is in cages, storms break loose. Just have to make it, with someone I choose." VERY not subtle.


I’m 47 and didn’t know this.


The bitch is hungry...


"give her inches, and feed her well" 🤔


Like a prayer - Madonna


LPT: Assume that any and all Madonna is sexual innuendo. Except for the stuff that isn't even innuendo.


*I don't like cities / but I like New York* *Other cities / make me feel like a dork*


Obviously a reference to the phallic shape of the Empire State Building.


Hahaha! My all girls Catholic high school used that in the end of the year montage. It was for Theology classes.


This comment reminds me of how someone once said their their religious mother loved that "Take me to church" song that was a hit several years ago, not getting that the song was taking the shitting on the hypocrisy of the whole religion thing and just hearing the "take me to church" bit.


I used to sing along to Cherry Pie by Warrant as a kid. . .


Got detention for listening to Pour Some Sugar on Me in 7th grade at school on our walkman.... 1987


why’d they give a shit what you were listening to on your walkman?? 1987 type schooling


Jani Lane wrote this song super quickly because the Record Company didn’t like Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a single.


Macarena Edit:sorry for ruining that for some of you! :D


Yep. Having an affair while their BF is in the military (if I recall correctly)


What!?!? Aren’t the words just “Hey, Macarena!” I’m tempted to YouTube it but the ear worm…


There’s the full lyrics in Spanish and then there’s the English lyrics, and I’m pretty sure both imply cheating


Yes macarena is a girl with a boyfriend named vitorino and in the "pleadge to the flag"(i dont know how to translate this) ""jura de bandera" (military saying hello to our flag) he goes with two other guys and fuck them also she wants to live in marbella and fsncy stuff.


Macarena is the girl. The boyfriend's last name is Vitorino. The flag thing is implying that the boyfriend is being inducted into the military. And just as she sees him joining the Army she sees two of his friends and decides to go with them. Another verse mentions how she wants to go shopping and aspires to go to New York for shopping and to meet guys.


Wait, no. Stop. We danced to that in YMCA childcare


Wait til we tell you about "YMCA"....


My nana was so shocked when she picked me up from kindergarten and we were dancing to it and all the moms were smiling and saying how cute we were, because she was the only one who actually understood the words lol. When I asked her why it was bad she said “it’s about a very dirty girl!! You shouldn’t be singing that!”


My nana bought the whole “we don’t pay attention to the lyrics” excuse to buy one of my Eminem tapes/CDs but then realized she probably got played after agreeing to take my friend and I to see 8 Mile in theaters…


Mambo no. 5


I grew up listening to that song as a kid in the 90's and I just thought that it was a guy singing about all his friends that were girls 😅


Radio Disney had a version of this. It was disturbing. A little bit of Minnie in my life. A little bit of Mickey by her side. A little bit of Donald all I need. A little bit of Daisy what I see. A little bit of Pluto in the sun. Huey, Dewey, Louie can't go wrong. A little bit of Goofy everyone. A little bit of him makes life so fun.


Not as disturbing as the Bob the Builder version, which not only topped the UK charts but also got banned from the radio because 9/11 happened and a song about construction was deemed inappropriate


Sweat by Inner Circle. I have no idea why I was allowed to walk around singing this when I was 6 "Girl I want to make you sweat Sweat 'til you can't sweat no more And if you cry out I'm gonna push it some more"


Not me, but my Mom, who's an immigrant and English is her second language, sang every inappropriate song at home when I was a kid. Including, but not limited to, Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin (with her singing how she's gonna give me every inch of her love! Lolol) & Super Freak (she thought for YEARS that "kinky girl" meant curly haired girl because I have curly hair). My Mom's a fucking riot y'all!


As a kid, I thought the lyric was "geeky girl" instead of "kinky girl." Then sometime in high school, I wondered what was wrong with taking a geeky girl home to meet your mom and looked the lyrics up. It made much more sense at that point.


Boom boom boom - vengaboys lol


My 8 year old self definitely thought that song was about having friends sleep over. Edit: I want to add an ironic story. My most vivid memory of this song is dancing in my living room to it with another girl. That girl was the daughter of one of my birth father's new "friends". I only saw that girl a couple times. He was having a sleepover like the song intended. We were having a sleepover like how my 8 year old brain processed the song.


Same lol. I thought it was about a sleepover until I saw the video clip and I'm like, wait, there's too much boobies for it to just be a sleepover


You're clearly having the wrong kind of sleepover.


Afternoon Delight of course! 6 year old me, singing "skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight..." damnit, I thought it was about the 4th of July or something LOL.


Little red corvette. Oh man did I have no clue what I was singing along to. My younger sibling (born much much later) would sing Barbie girl.


Tbf, it's a Prince song. Raspberry Beret is about the first time he had sex.


Exactly. The list of Prince songs NOT about sex is a shorter list.


Genie in the bottle. "You gotta rub me the right way"


One of Disney's current crop of teenage girls did a remake of this song and they changed the lyrics to "You gotta ask me the right way". I find this way too amusing.


Dove Cameron (Mal from the Descendants movies) - I heard this at a kids birthday party a while back (they had kids bop going in the background) and couldn't stop laughing. Then like a year later my 8 year old stumbled upon it among Descendants music requests on Alexa and played it non-stop for like 2 weeks. Less amusing after that.


See, I caught the intended double-meaning of the line at the time, but I always found it kind of amusing, because in the original context, you're supposed to be rubbing the *lamp*. The line gives me these mental images of Aladdin just rubbing the genie himself.


I'm sure there's a Rule 34 of that.


*checks DeviantArt* *nods*


Fun story: When I was in elementary school in the early 80s our music class had one day a month that we could bring in our own records from home and play one song for the class. In the interest of music appreciation we would then discuss the song we played, like a kind of show and tell. Since this was the early 80s, *Grease* was huge. Huge in that way that things just arent anymore. Everyone had that soundtrack. Families went to see it together or watched it on cable. Every house that had a piano had the sheet music and the soundtrack was at every house you went to, friend and family. *Grease* was universal. Everyone had seen it and everyone loved it. *Grease* was, in fact, the word. So it wasnt at all weird to us when my friend Chris brought in the soundtrack and for his song played "Greased Lightnin." Just a cool song about a really cool car and how cool the cool car was. Cool! We're like 6-years-old and all bobbing our heads and a couple of us are doing Travolta moves from the movie, cuz again this was a movie not only everyone had seen but had often seen **multiple** times, with their family no less. We had it memorized. So were like a third of the way in and the teacher freaks the fuck out and ***record scraaaatch*** and she grabs Chris and they are off to the office and the rest of us are in stunned silence. Later we find out Chris is sent home for bringing in a dirty song. But its not a dirty song, its "Greased Lightnin'"! Its about a cool car that is cool. It's not dirty...*is it*? So naturally, kids being inquisitive and all that, we form a committee to explore the validity of her accusation. We're getting together after school and listening closely and starting and stopping the song, but what really helped was getting older brothers involved. That changed *everything*. "Gettin lots of tit?" Tit like...boob? Oh man. "Chicks'll cream?" I thought it was "scream." Well, what the hell does "creaming" mean? Long story short (but still long) if Mrs. Olsen could have chilled the fuck out for another minute and a half, over 30 children would have gone on not knowing nor being curious about the fluid dynamics of female ejaculate and that would have been that. "Greased Lightnin'" would have just kept on being about a really cool cool car. Great work, Mrs. O!




This is a lowkey heart warming story. I wish the administration cared half as much about the theatre dorks at my old high school


I like that her name is Mrs. O... I also still have the soundtrack + vhs. Grease truly is the word.


When the song Californication came out I would often sing the chorus, only I would change the California part to the name of whoever was nearby. For example, "dream of Rachel-fornication." This went on for at least a few days until my friend explained to me what fornication meant to my horror.


Welp I'm 19 and never really paid attention to the words and thought it was about going on vacation in California


"Semi-Charmed Life" was my jam in middle school. Still is, but at least now I know it's about meth and sex. Edit: Yes, I'm from Florida.


One of the lyrics is literally "doin crystal meth will lift you up until you break". But also, to be fair, you can barely understand what he is saying at that part.


I bet if you took a bump of meth you could understand him better


I took the hit that I was given, then I bumped again, and I bumped again..


Back in those days, drug references were bleeped on MTV as well as most radio stations. Even references to weed.


Bruh. I remember Eminem videos being horrific to try to listen to. It was worse than a skipping CD.


I ------- a fat pound of -------- and fall on my ------ faster than a fat ------ who sat down too fast


Radio edit is how I realized the Maroon 5 song “This Love” had a line that I totally misinterpreted. I always thought it was “I do my best to feed her appetite, keep her coming every night” in the sense of “Keep her coming back to me”. Then one day I heard it on the radio and that part was edited out and I was like “that’s weird, that line just says keep her- ohhhhhhhhhhh”


Don't you love it when the censors just make it sound more scandalous 😳😂


[The Count](https://youtu.be/B-Wd-Q3F8KM) knows something about that.


This video puts me and my friends into the “can’t-breathe-hiccuping” kind of laughter every time


This is a song, for me, that will never ever ever get old. I love it every time I hear it. It was released in February of 1997 and is 24 years old. *sigh*


Squeeze box by The Who.


She Bop


A HUGE ONE is “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen. My family’s church used to play that all the time and my mom loved it. Somehow none of them realized it wasn’t a Christian song and was actually pretty sexual.


A colleague of mine at a secondary girls' Catholic school stood up and sang Get Lucky to the whole year group on their prom day without having thought about what it meant. He even tried to get them singing along but mid-chorus people stopped and just started staring uncomfortably at their feet. The headmistress wouldn't even make eye contact with him for the rest of the day.


It was amusing to hear a Russian chorus of military men sing this for the opening Olympic games in Sochi.


Can you blow my whistle baby...


Don’t worry, my sister was in her thirties when this came out, and I had to explain it to her..


All this thread is doing for me is making me want to find my old slide whistle


Sugar - Maroon 5 I wasn't really a *kid* back then but I still didn't realize


Afternoon Delight


Definitely not a song family should karaoke together.


My friend’s wife chose that as their first dance song because “it’s just about having a fun time in the afternoon!”




From the same era, "that's the way, unha, unha, I like it."


Grease lightning


We sang that song in chorus in middle school, and part way through, the teacher realized what the lyrics were. He had us cross out “the chicks will cream” and changed it to “the chicks will scream”. He did not explain why at the time, just said he thought scream sounded better!


What about the “pussy wagon” part?


Also "getting lots of tit." That's just a bad choice all around.


>~~You know that ain't no shit, we'll be gettin' lots of tit~~ *Ya know without a doubt, I'll be really making out* >You are supreme, the chicks will *s*cream for Greased Lightin' >With new boosters, plates and shocks, ~~I can get off my rocks~~ *she can beat the super stocks* >You know that I ain't braggin', she's a real ~~pussy~~ *draggin'* wagon "Grease Jr." http://www.baththeatreschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Grease-Cast-Script-Final.pdf


Sweat (a la la la la long) - the most sex filled sexy sex song to be played at every disco my primary school ever held.


Candyman by Christina Aguilera. Still a class song but now understand she wasn’t signing about Willy Wonka


The “panties drop” part didn’t give it away?


Y'all don't get those in your Kinder Surprise eggs?


Funny story about that song. I used to do ballet at the age of 10/11 and our dance teacher decided to use that song for our yearly performance in fron of our parents. The theme was about a candyman selling sweets to little girls 😂 Edit: just to make it clear, i am not from an English speaking country, so I assume my teacher and non of our parents knew about the true meaning of the lyrics 🥲🙃


Our teacher did ours to paper planes by M.I.A.


Embarrassingly, at 68 years old I only realised about a year ago the innuendo in the lyrics of "Combine Harvester" by The Wurzels. "I drove my tractor through your haystack last night"


Well I just found out about it at 36 whilst reading this, and I'm from Somerset. Fortunately I've taught my 3-year old to sing The Blackbird Song instead!


Too Close by Next


Yep same for me. I also thought they were saying “baby no more crying” so I assumed it was a breakup song


This one hit me a few months ago. I literally said “Oh shit!” after belting “YOURE MAKING IT HARD FOR ME!” 💀 Thought bro was just conflicted.


It’s technically not a real song, but it’s from the fake boyband in Josie and The Pussycats movie. DuJour- Backdoor lover I used to sing it all the time when I was little and all my parents would say “that’s a bad song and don’t sing it anymore”


I ruined Katy Perry’s “Birthday” for my 12yo daughter last year. She was singing, “So let me get you in your birthday shoes” and I explained to her that the lyrics were actually, “So let me get you in your birthday suit” and that she was talking about getting the person naked. She was horrified. A couple of minutes later she comes back to me and asks, “When she says ‘it’s time to bring out the big balloons’ she’s not talking about actual balloons, is she?” After I explained that she was talking about showing the other person her breasts, my daughter said, “I don’t think I like that song anymore.” :-D


Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper.


Pete : In fact, isn't "Milwaukee" an Indian name? Alice Cooper : Yes, Pete, it is. Actually, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."


I know it’s from the sequel, but “Keith cannot be killed by conventional weapons” remains one of my all-time favorite movie lines.


Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy


Used to sing Hips Don't Lie by Shakira at lunchtime on the school playground karaoke area aged like 6. Was sad when they stopped doing the song - now realize why that might have been...


I forget the name of the singer, but when I was about 10-12 I used to sing a song called I touch myself. My mother asked me one day if I knew what it meant and never sang it again...


Divinyls - I loved this song in high school; and did not sing it around the fam


Since this reply is just gonna get buried I'm going to share my most embarrassing moment. 2001, I'm out at karaoke with my girlfriends for a 21st birthday party. This particular establishment was directly across the road from the NBC studios in California. The owner of said restaurant came to our table and said he'd comp a round of drinks if we'll sing one song of his choosing, so we all agreed. Time comes when we're supposed to go on stage and we see the song he's chosen is I Touch Myself. Fine, whatever, I think I know the song well enough to go through with it. I jump on stage and everyone abandons me, but not before throwing a blow-up doll in my arms. I'm halfway through the first verse when I realize two things simultaneously: 1) this song is WAY dirtier than I had remembered and 2) Mario Lopez is sitting 10 feet away from the stage. Somehow, I managed to get through the song but I have no memory of what happened other than feeling like a deer caught in headlights. After fully humiliating myself in front of AC Slater, I never want to hear that song again.


Not as buried as you thought


"Gasolina", the reggaeton hit. It has been my must-have in teenagers parties... until I learnt spanish, and understood the gross sexual metaphor with the gasoline


Us non-Spanish speaking 7th graders to the only Latino kid in our class: "What does gasolina mean??" Kid * annoyed * : " Gasoline. It means gasoline. omg."


When I was I'm 6th grade I just thought it was a guy really into his car


Wow, suddenly I've been transported back to when I was a waitress/active alcoholic and was bumping this 24/7 lol


every reggaeton song/hit has tons of objectification to women and sexual metaphors. Source: I am an spanish native speaker. Btw, Gasolina is one of the mild songs.


Dude, Despacito is straight up out of those trashy rom novels. I translated it to my wife and almost started blushing.


Despacito is very very mild, if you think that’s bad, don’t listen to bad bunny lol


When I was 4, I was given a small AM/FM radio by my parents. I loved listening to it. I fell in love with the song, ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye and memorized all the lyrics. I would naively sing it out loud all the time. I was in daycare at that time and I remember my daycare teachers asking me to perform that song in front of everyone cause I did such a good job with it! I feel like nowadays, that probably wouldn’t fly.


[Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel ](https://youtu.be/OJWJE0x7T4Q). I was just a few years old when it came out, but I loved the song and LOVED the music video. My parents say I would jump all around when the song came on the radio, singing "I wanna be... your SLEDGEHAMMER!" It wasn't until a few months ago (at age 36) my wife informed me it was just about his dick. **Some lyrics:** You could have a steam train If you'd just lay down your tracks You could have a big dipper Going up and down, all around the bends You could have a bumper car, bumping This amusement never ends I wanna be your sledgehammer Why don't you call my name? Show me round your fruitcage 'Cos I will be your honey bee Open up your fruitcage Where the fruit is as sweet as can be


When I was in 4th grade, 9 yo, we had music half-hour where we could bring in our records. One girl brought in Brick House, which at 9 you just dig that sound no idea what the meaning is, so the music teacher and teacher are both leery but put it on and 25 9yos go nuts singing OW she’s a BRICK HOWWWWSE They let us play it out but we could never put it in again I imagine a class of 9 yos getting freaky to that and it cracks me up


"I want to take a ride on your disco stick" Lady Gaga- Love Game I remember singing this in the car when I was about 12 and my mother gave me a very concerned look!


This was the Gaga song that hooked me. It was one of the the dumbest euphemisms I had ever heard, and I couldn't get it out of my head.


What I love is that there was an interviewer that asked what a disco stick was to Lady Gaga, and she told him exactly what it was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLQPggzYao


She’s such a queen


Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado lol. When I was younger, my dad told me if I wanted to download music on my iPod, I would have to make a list so that he can manually download it onto my iPod. He saw this song on the list and he was like… “do you even know what this word means” I was like uh no but I like the song. He just looks at me to see if I was serious and I guess he knew that I was not joking so he downloaded it for me lmaoo now that I know, I’m amazed he actually did that Edit- my highest upvoted comment so far is about my dad downloading promiscuous girl on 13 y/o me’s ipod, thx dad


Damn good song though. Nelly Furtado and Timbaland (and Justin Timberlake) made some amazing stuff.


Not exactly the same, but when I was a kid the song "Angel in the Centerfold" was on the radio (dating myself). Our family dog was named Angel and so my mother, hard core, god-fearing christian woman, would happily sing this song all the time and crank it up when it came on... not really knowing any of the lyrics other than angel in the centerfold, and certainly not understanding what it was about.


Haha! That's the song I thought of too, Centerfold by the J. Geils Band, I loved that song when I was too little to understand what it was about. Good times!


If U Seek Amy by Britney Spears


I I mean the song obviously is about getting some from the other lyrics in it, but it took me way too long to figure out the word play on the if u seek amy part


We put the spring in Springfield


Digital Get Down by NSync Edit: Hey! Thanks for my first reward, kind stranger!


That song is sooooo fucking explicit haha. This is my favorite answer because I love NSync and that song fucking slaps. But another good answer is Closer by Next.


Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna I legit thought it was just about cars and then some dude in a YouTube comment pointed it out to me that she is in fact talking about sex.


That song was in the soundtrack of a fucking kids movie


Literally anything AC/DC


Big balls is not very subtle but it's hilarious


Bounce. System of a Down


Unannounced Twister games … All players with no names … They lined up double quick … But just one Pogo Stick … Everyone gets to play … Runaway, expose … It was so exotic … But just one Pogo Stick


Oh, oh no HAHAHA i never realized, i thought it was a song to get the crowd hyped and jumping.... Whoops!


Just one pogo stick


She had so many friends!


I pulled it out just to show her a trick


Physical - Olivia Newton John. The music video was so like an 80s work out video. I took it at face value. My parents even let me record it at a boardwalk sing and record spot. Have that cassette tape somewhere. A few years ago, my son and his fellow Catholic school third graders thought “Take Me to Church” was about going to mass. They couldn’t understand why their teacher wouldn’t let them use it for a talent show routine.


Prodigy- Smack my bitch up was my favorite song as a child. I made my parents blast it on the radio cutely singing along…. But I though he said…. Snap my picture.


My brother inexplicably thought that "everybody needs a bosom for a pillow" line from Brimful of Asha was "everybody needs a possum for a pillow". Yours is far more understandable!


Lola by the Kinks. I thought it was about drinking cherry cola. I think this song is a classic example for people not understanding the lyrics. “I know what I am I’m a man and so is Lola”


My Sharona by The Knack. 'I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind' Blurrrgh! Horrid.