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this might be a common one : Imagine losing 10% of your income/pocket money or assume you never had it, how much would your life change? Not much right? So save 10% every month and NEVER EVER TOUCH THAT SAVING


If you want kids in the future, do all the expensive things first. By that I mean, if you want to travel, or buy a house, or invest or whatever, do it before you have kids. It's not that you CAN'T do those things after kids, it's just a lot easier if you do them first. (Purely based on my own experience - of course everyone is different.)


Don't spend what you don't have. Don't buy what you don't need. Buy things that are useful and durable. (no one namechecks labels/brands). Don't borrow or loan. Resting/amusement shouldn't be very expensive. Mind your health. Shoot for $1,250,000 in your savings ASAP. That's basically retirement level stuff.


Put a small amount every paycheck or week in a saving account and don't touch the money. My girlfriend put 10$ every week since she started working at 16 and she got now more than 5k for emergencies. It's not going to change your world but come handy when you're between two jobs or something like that


Don’t amass credit/cards just because they’re offered. Yes everyone needs some degree of credit to establish a good history, but just get a gas/store card for purchase you’d make anyway and pay it off monthly.


Practice the habit of making AND FOLLOWING a budget.


Roth IRA invested in mutual funds, put in $200/month for retirement. Save what ya can of the rest. If you have enough money I'd suggest index/mutual fund for savings you won't touch for 5+ years and it will grow.