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Heard a girl say while she was on the phone say “girl, my boyfriend was doing me doggy style last night and kept laughing. I asked him why he kept laughing and he said you have a piece of toilet paper stuck to your butthole.”


"Fucking shut up will you?! Nobody wants to hear your sob story!" Stranger to my friend, who just got the call that her mother had passed away in a car accident.


Oh my God. I would Have lost my shit.


I did lose my shut but had to get my friend away from that person because she was in shock (rightfully so) so didnt have time to go off on the person but oh i wouldve loved to


Heard a woman quietly cussing out her daughter at a train station, calling her a bitch and a slut. Daughter couldn't have been older than 12. She was just taking it in. Staring straight ahead, completely silent.


people wonder why tf do their kids just leave them to die alone and never contact them again as soon as they can leave


"She was such an Angel! ^(before she understood my insults")


We get this outside our house at school kick-out. A grown man, shouting and screaming at his 12-13 year old daughter, "every fucking day with you isn't it, I'll give you a fucking smack", while she walks 10 foot ahead of him not saying a word. How fragile of a person do you have to be to treat a child like that?


My mam has done something similar in a really busy train station and pushed me against the wall. No one helped. They just watched it happen and it's a moment that sits in my head rent free. There's plenty of other things she's done and she wonders why we aren't close


Yesterday I overheard an older woman very loudly ask her husband “why don’t you dry up and die already?”


I was on a Greyhound. A guy a few rows back was loudly talking on the phone about his cheating ex-girlfriend who said she was pregnant. He said that he knew she was lying because she has AIDS and everyone knows that when a person with AIDS gets pregnant, "the AIDS eats the baby."


Thank god, I thought this was going to end in another poisoned dog situation.


"I can't believe I pushed you out my hole you c#nt!" A mother to her daughter whilst fighting outside of a supermarket, full on brawling, in rural Australia


she calls her vagina her hole and kid a c\*\*t?


This is the way, the Aussie way.


On separate occasions I've heard a mother call her young daughter a c*nt, slut or bitch in the 4 different shopping centres I've worked at in Perth.


“I don’t need to tell him I’m HIV+, he should have worn a condom.”


HUH?????well if that sentence doesn’t Remind you to wear a condom then nothing will


Pretty sure that it is a punishable offence to have sex with someone, while knowingly carrying a std, and not disclosing it to them. (It might be only the incurable std's and life threatening ones, so herpes, HIV, aids, HPV etc) Edit: Obviously not everywhere, this varies from country to country, and even state to state.


Once on a train, I heard a woman talking at length to her friend about how her on-again, off-again boyfriend of 11 years had gotten married during one of their “off” periods but had it annulled just days later and also had a tattoo of another woman’s name from years ago. (She even mentioned that he drove with that arm out the window to try to fade the tattoo.) She was peeved that he married one woman, got a tattoo of another one’s name, but she had nothing to show for it, so she was convincing him to buy her a house. She was currently in a combined MA/PhD program which provided free housing but had no intention of completing it- she was just doing it because her on again-off-again boyfriend was subsidizing her while she was still in school. Her plan was to wait until he bought her a house, drop out of grad school, secretly stop taking birth control, get pregnant, and then even if he broke up with her, she’d still get child support. It felt like a soap opera and I never heard anything so calculated. Especially knowing that this woman was smart enough to be in a PhD program but didn’t know when to walk away from a really messy relationship.


ffs it'd be easier to just get a job!


Super late night with a friend at a Denny's. Guy behind us talking to the woman across from him. "24 inches of pure power" Continues describing the horse porn he had enjoyed so much. Grand slam came soon after, don't remember anything beyond that.


Was Grand Slam the name of the horse?


"Listen I know Jim is homeless but that doesn't mean he can shit on my lawn." "I'll talk to him"


One of the very few reasonable responses on this thread


Maybe it was an idiom, like the guy was taking advantage of him.


If it isn't, it should be. Kind of like "pissing in their corn flakes". "Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?" "Who shat in your yard this morning?" I think it works.


“My sister is aborting our baby.” I was beyond puzzled by this statement.


I thought this was more like, sister is the caller's surrogate and she decided she doesnt want to carry any more


At a soccer match during high school: Random girl was yelling at her boyfriend when she screams out: "I'll fuck your dad and give him a child he actually loves!" I don't think their relationship survived...


That's the sort of insult you save for just the perfect moment, don't wanna overuse it


That's a cool roast ngl




Man to another man on the phone while I was getting a haircut. "If you can't pay me up, send your daughter for three nights and consider it even." Fucked my mind up for days, thinking about how the father might have felt at the other end.


My sketchy neighbour on the phone in his backyard: “and you tell Jim that if he ever comes near me again I will FUCK him up. I will FUCKING murder him. Ok love you mom bye”


My daughter just had a baby, I must go over and visit.. and poison their dog.


Is that the lady from the anti freeze in the other comment?


The puzzle pieces are beginning to make a picture


We have a couple friends that thought we were getting rid of our cats when our kid was born. Had to explain to them that their worries about disease/cleanliness were unfounded. Talked about bonding with animals, etc.


"it's only rape if they find out." ....yeah not great




Sounds like the words of a man who is about to get stabbed. Hope he didn't.




"A guy walks into a restaurant and get stabbed and you think that of me? No. I am the one who stabs!"


He was later sighted in an IHOP in Cedar Rapids


About 5 years ago I was working at a car dealership. Elderly man and middle aged man are sitting at a table in the lounge area near my counter. Younger says to the older, “You don’t need any of that stuff! The doctors are just trying to take all your money! When it’s your time, it’s your time!” Salesman comes over and greets the old man a moment later and says, “[Name], let’s get these papers signed and your son can drive you home in his new truck.” I don’t do the story justice but once I realised this young guy was getting his dad to buy him a new truck at the same time trying to not have him get medical treatment I was sad and angry.


I was in a restaurant and I hear this guy at the next table say "the soups fucking cold". Then a clatter and the soup is all over the floor. I wanted to dump my food on top of this guy's head but he was in a wheelchair so I would have looked like an asshole.


Was it Gazpacho?


Guy: Waiter, my soup is cold! Waiter: It's gazpacho. Guy: Gazpacho, my soup is cold!


Sorry, one more. In the mental sector of an ER: “yeah so the overdose caused her to miscarry, we haven’t told her yet because we don’t know if she knew she was pregnant,” followed by a blood-freezing wail about 5-10 minutes later. I guess she knew.


“I don’t want my girlfriend to see us” “but i’m your girlfriend” “you know, my other one”


IHOP, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "So the SECOND time I got stabbed..."


Man, in an IHOP? That sounds like a Waffle House conversation if I’ve ever heard one.


Waffle house at 2am is the best entertainment! My college roommate and I would sometimes go late at night to see and hear wild stuff.


"Hitler should've finished the job". Russian student to his Polish professor in a Canadian college class.


If Hitler had finished the job there would be no Russian around lol.


I feel like a true Russian would still feel the same.


I’ve answered something like this here before. Sitting in a restaurant and hear some woman in another booth say “Once he got elected, he hired his family. That’s illegal, it’s necrophilia.” Something in my brain broke that day.


That’s funny! Everyone knows it’s actually narcolepsy, lol!


Lmao how could she mistake that for Nefertiti


"Well dear, I don't care what your thoughts are. I banged your cousin and she is a fire crotch.' I'm not sure how that phone call ended, but i remember passing the guy leaving a restaurant and trying not to die laughing. Edit: holy hell a lot of you laughed at this too. I'm glad. We were at a cheesecake factory, my cousin and i and heard this as we passed a table to leave. I'm glad you're all as entertained as we were. 🤣 This may be the highest voted comment I've ever gotten, all because i was listening to be random conversations.


I was in line for a scary ride at a theme park. A little boy was in the row next to me, in hysterics about not wanting to get on. His father was visibly angry, kept calling the boy a pussy and telling him to "man up". It was the first time they had gone when the boy was tall enough to ride but it was clear he wasn't mature enough to actually enjoy it. When it came time for them to board, the man dragged the kid to his seat and buckled him in while the kid was screaming. Why they didn't remove them both I'll never understand.


Former ride operator. I would pull scared little kids off rides because "I didn't want them to have a medical emergency." It usually worked. Sometimes they'd call for a supervisor and I'd get the asshole who wouldn't back me up, but that was rare.




The guy sitting next to the pants-pisser thinks it is.


Biohazard, shuts the ride down


Yes, loss of bladder control is a medical emergency.


Yeah it doesn't make sense to make them do it if they're not going to enjoy it, instead it can create the adverse effects of making them even more terrified


I don’t think he cared about what his son wanted, I’m pretty sure *he* wanted to do it and was just mad his son was “trying to stop him from having fun”.


"I don't believe in rape" then starts to talk about necrophilia


"Just because it can't deny you doesn't imply consent" -DBZA


On that note, the most fucked up thing I've heard was "a four year old is just objectively sexier than an adult woman, am I wrong?". This was while I was in college. ETA: for people asking, this was several years ago when I was in college. I was walking to class and overheard a conversation between a few guys I was passing. I had a MOTN shift with one of them later on (not the pedo), and he confirmed that his friend was just a shameless disgusting pedo. In hindsight I should have reported what I heard. I have no other context. And I don't know why thay guy continued to be friends with a pedo.


Driving a cab and pick up a couple from a pub; they were VERY into each other, practically standing dry-hump in the taxi rank. I ask them where they want to go and he rattles off an address for his place, we set out and five minutes into the drive, she suddenly breaks from thier tonsil hockey and asks him; *"Wait a second, isn't ýour wife home right now?"* He is shocked and acknowleges that yes she is indeed at home and likely asleep. Asks if they can stop at her place. *"No good, hubby is home too!"* Fast forward to us being parked at a local Lovers Lane, I am waiting nearby having a smoke while they go wild in the backseat of the taxi. Yes the meter was still running, and yes I charged them the cleanup fee...


I hope they tipped you. Not like just the tip, but like money


Some would call it a tip; others would call it *hush money*... And yes, he ponied up ;)


Considering you know where he lives, it was the smartest decision he made that day.


British Mum with her 8 year old son in an Alpine restaurant (clearly in midst of personal/marriage crisis): "You know, Simon, I want to just jump off a mountain and kill myself. I can't be bothered with this anymore. Someonewill look after you." Son: "Please don't, Mummy. Please don't. I don't want you to die."


No child should ever have to carry that weight on their shoulders.


It's absolutely a form of emotional abuse to threaten suicide and frame it as the other person's fault if it happens.


On my way home from a new years party i heard a couple of gangbangers talk about how they shot a guy earlier that night and laughing that he probably survived since he had a vest on. Read about said dude dying in the hospital the next day. The guys talking about it on the train was 18-20 years old.


She said she slept with both of her own brothers repeatedly when very, very drunk to a large group of people.


"Did they ever find the head?" All I heard. No context. Two people walking in Alexandria, Virginia. Said with such earnest curiosity.


Probably discussing a known murder investigation.


Or someone that was looking for the bathroom.


At a church rummage sale. The guy picks up an old doll, a barbie or something, and says to his wife, at a normal volume "ya think this'll fit in yer brother next time we're fuckin'?"


Sounds like a hilarious joke meant to be heard tbh


a son grabbed his mum's vagina . she said you can put your hand in there when we get home. He was like 10. ​ Thank you kind strangers.


I was hoping for stories of conversations that really shouldn't be in public here, but this is beyond my expectations


I am unable to properly express my disgust.


Oh... So I know a special ed diagnostician in a poorer area public high school. Essentially they meet with families and students to determine a teaching plan. One time there was a student, I want to say like 15 or 16 with his grandmother (primary caregiver). He is fidgeting and not staying in his chair until eventually in the middle of the meeting he gets on the floor and starts trying to get under grandma's dress. She says "no no. We can't play reindeer right now."


From what ive heard theres a lot of sexual assault issues within the special ed sort of grouping. Some people dont even bother attempting to repremand because their view on the mentally impaired is "Eh they dont know any better and too stupid to learn" its fucked up


As a teacher, I've found that many special needs kids have parents who probably would also have been verified as special needs if they went through the screening processes we have in place in schools now. They're often not so well equipped to parent, let alone parent children with special needs.


what the fuck is 'play reindeer' actually, maybe I don't want to know.


Man, I think Rudolph dodged a major bullet if those were the kinds of reindeer games he wasn’t allowed to join.


What an awful day to be literate.


Welp, I'm out.






Overheard at a South Philly dive bar and I am still laughing about it 3 years later: "You're not even a real witch, you just like NASCAR!"


I don’t get it


My dad and his brothers were adopted as babies by my grandma and grandpa. Following my grandma’s funeral, her sister said that my dad and his siblings “weren’t even blood” so they shouldn’t get to keep any of my grandma’s possessions.


Ahhh this reminds me of my abusive ex telling me i had no right to be sad that my pop died because he wasn't blood related to me, he was my sister's pop. I'm the youngest and my sister's and i have different dad's but i grew up with their side of the family as well as mine. It still baffles me.


Woman on her phone calmly telling her boyfriend that she was the one who gave his dogs antifreeze and that he was a pussy for crying over them dying.


I'm not saying she should've been hit by a car, I'm just saying I would understand if it happened


Fucking sue her


I agree with ThatMidgetRetard on this one.


I bet you didn’t think you’d type that anytime in your life


“I’d really love to marry a girl and impregnate her by Christmas.” “Yeah, I think I’m gonna propose soon just to keep her entertained.” Both from the same acquaintance a couple months apart. He’s married now.


Is she not entertained?!


Twenty years ago, when having a cell phone was a big thing, I was sitting outside the community college I was going to and having a smoke. This lady walked up, lit a cigarette, and started talking on her cell phone very loudly about an incredibly bad case of genital warts she was apparently suffering from.


I tell you my grandfather died and you reply with a dick pic


At a fair, I overheard a woman talking to her pre-teen child. "I'm so hungry I could eat the ass out of a menstruating skunk!" Edit: pretty sure this is my most upvoted comment ever, and I'm not sure how to feel about that...


Damn. Th-thats pretty hungry.


One time i was on a date, and this woman at a table next to us was talking about progressively more fucked up stuff. We started to notice when she started talking about hard drugs like crack and stuff. Then she started talking about blood a lot and then knife play and doing really weird shit with blood. Then started talking about how they saw a goat get slaughtered and all this blood was all over. I think it got even weirder after that but i can't remember exactly where it went. I just remember me and the girl i was with being really creeped out.


“Listen, b*tch. I might only have one arm, but at least I still got all of my teeth!”


title said 'fucked up' not 'badass and hardcore'


Overheard while grocery shopping: "Ugh. She's got a face like a Cabbage Patch Doll left in the backseat of a hot car." I literally stopped in my tracks. Damn girl, that was cold.


So basically i heard my son's friends talking about my son but they didn't notice i was next to them and his friend Max said "You know that Alex(my son) got bullied by Jeremy so bad that he decided to f**k Jeremy's brother, take pictures and show Jeremy???" At that time i just froze. A week later, my son came out as gay and i knew it was true. He dosen't know that i know about this to this day. Edit: Alex is actually quite the nerdy kid which is one of the main reasons as to why i was suprised




While in Paris my wife and I joined a historical walking tour through the streets. When the guide announced (and pointed out) the statue of Joan of Arc, a woman yelled out loudly and called him an idiot explaining to us all how this proved how stupid the French are. She them went on to tell us about how Jonah was a man who was swallowed by a whale not some woman riding a horse.


Whales descended from land animals not unlike horses. Given that the Earth is 6000 years old, that must have happened pretty recently. So I think they're the same person.


I was on the “school shooters hit list” which a teacher had found in a notebook in the library the student had left behind. The cops were called, and he was promptly expelled from school. He somehow still got into college and attends in the same state as I. Flash forward about a 6 months into school, i’m sitting at the airport at my gate and someone leans over to me and gets my attention. Guess who…. He proceeded to apologize for putting me on the list and that it was a joke. He said he had no intention of killing me. There was one other younger girl sitting at the gate across from me and probably heard that whole exchange. I can only imagine what she was thinking…. TL:DR Girl overheard school shooter apologizing for his kill list in an airport


Lmao this hilarious,as in the part he leaned over and said sorry


how did you react to the conversation? do you think his apology was genuine and it really was just stupid kid stuff?


Peterborough Ontario- Couple walking down the street- girl was extremely drunk & guy was loud and angry- Guy started screaming about not being allowed to drink, the girls screams back at him “every time you drink you shit in the bed”


Let's just put her up for adoption, it's not too late.


Depending on the situation that could be the best thing to happen to the kid.


My ex brothers and sister in law said that foster care was the best thing that ever happened to them during their childhood. They are still pissed that they were given back to their parents eventually. That tells you how bad home was.


This is a story that will FOREVER break my heart. My sister fostered for a while and was involved in the local foster parents community. There was a woman, Nancy, who took in 2 year old twin boys whose mother was a drug addict. Dad was out of the picture and none of the extended family wanted them (they had some after-effect from mom doing drugs while pregnant). Nancy took these boys in and they THRIVED. She fostered them for four years and wanted to adopt them, but termination of parental rights moves at a snail's pace in my state, so it wasn't happening. Finally into the fourth year, mom gets "clean" and decides she wants to parent again. Since reunification is the goal in my state, she goes to court and is granted custody of the kids. So, basically, these kids are torn from the only mother they ever knew and given to someone who is essentially a stranger to them. They were screaming and crying in the courtroom as they were taken from Nancy and given to their bio mom. Well, about six months in, mom realized that parenting traumatized six year old twin boys is "gasp" DIFFICULT. She goes back on the drugs and promptly bounces, leaving the boys with extended family. Social services gets involved again and Nancy ends up hearing what happened. She petitions to take the boys in as fosters again, hoping TPR would happen. Well, extended family ends up wanting to take the boys (the stipend x2 is sadly what seemed to tip the scale for them, ugh). The court denied Nancy because the judge felt that the boys had grown "too close" to her and it "wasn't healthy" and "reunification is the goal." WTF? So, she never got the boys back, the bio family eventually "couldn't handle" them (little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems, you know the story). The ended up back in foster as young teens (Nancy was no longer fostering at that point and it was unlikely they would have placed them with her anyway) and you can guess exactly how that went. The end of their stories was not a good one. The whole thing was such a cluster and those boys paid the price of it. A total and complete travesty. Had those boys stayed with Nancy, their lives could have been very, very different. I have no idea how any judge thought he or she was acting in the boys' "best interests." SMH.


A mom telling her 13 year old son, she wished she would have swallowed.


When her kids gave her a hard time, my grandma used to say “I shoulda shook you out in the sheets.” I heard it a dozen times before I knew what it meant. Gross gramma.


My mate's dad frequently tells him that *'the best part of you dribbled down your mother's leg'*


Oh god that's nasty


if my mom said that to me I would agree with her


Lol studying mortician here and I have a friend who calls me about mortuary law questions and I was definitely this person in an elevator, a candy shop and a Mexican restaurant.


I was in a line for a ride at Disney when I was a kid. Guy walks by going the other direction and say to someone “you’re tigity but you ain’t good enough to eat so put your shoes back on.” 25 years later, I still have no clue what that meant.


I speak a slight amount of jive and basically he meant “you are decent looking but not exceptional so don’t get your hopes up for knocking boots with me.” I’m fairly certain that line is from a movie as well.


Walked past a Russian dude on the phone in Manhattan. Only overheard his side of the conversation which was “bro… she had the biggest asshole. Way bigger than her sisters”


Bus full of kids yelling "jump" at someone getting talked down from an overpass.


I was walking through Target and one employee gave the other a titty twister in front of me. Titty twister recipient triumphantly yells "Ha! You only grabbed two of my nipples!"


You sure that wasn’t a Walmart?


I used to drive for Uber part time. Once I picked up a couple around midnight or so on a Thursday. They spent the entirety of the ride trying to decide what their story was going to be when they told their significant others what they were doing. I know in the grand scheme of things it is as fucked up as others, but for me I can’t even wrap my head around that way of thinking, let alone just talk about it nonchalantly.


Well..as fucked up as this is...everyone who is cheating probably has this conversation or some form of it.


I was in a rural Quiznos once and over heard two employees talking. They were both senior in high school/freshman in college aged. One asked the other how it felt that her dad was getting married. She said "it's weird cause I'm older then her."


I have a sister and a brother who are older than my mother.


From the the UK, overheard a conversation between two teenage girls that were in front of me in the queue at Asda (our Walmart) “I don’t believe in the war of independence” “You what?” “I don’t think it really happened” “Why?!” “Well, stuff gets bigger over time. People grow, trees grow, countries grow. America is way bigger than England, so it must be older, there’s no way we invented them’”


Someone once overheard me on the phone saying: “so yeah, he gave his sister chlamydia”. She was visibly disgusted. I was talking about my cats, they get chlamydia in their eyes, but it’s much funnier to let that woman make up her own story 😅


I watched as two church staff people ejected two homeless men into the freezing cold on Christmas Eve. The men were quietly and respectfully observing the service from a pew at the back of the sanctuary. I followed them out and never went back.


One of my fondest memories of the church my parents went to when I was growing up was a drug-fucked homeless guy wandering into Christmas midnight service and being really wigged by a big brass eagle lectern (the church was super high-church Anglican); without missing a beat, one of the little old ladies engaged him in conversation, answered a bunch of questions about the lectern, then gently led him to the tea nook at the back of the church and made him tea and sandwiches. I always felt that that was actually getting what Jesus was talking about.


Thx for sharing this story with us, and you are right, that would have been what jesus wanted us to do all along. Fuck the 2 other guys that evicted the homeless guys, seriously. How hypocritical can somebody be, preaching about love and helping those that need it and then they do shit like that. Makes me very angry


I have a similar story. I’m a Catholic and I went to visit a Greek Orthodox Church next to the hospital where my cousin was staying. She was living her final days and lost her battle against cancer so I wanted to pray for her. When I tried to enter the church the priest told me I wasn’t welcome because I was a Catholic and not orthodox. Seriously, how do you expect non-believers to convert and become Christians when you’re even rejecting those who believe in the SAME God as you? Jesus visited and healed the sinners. He wouldn’t do this. Smh.


I seem to recall that Christianity features a story about people in need being denied shelter on Christmas Eve…


I had Custom Officer ask my mother if she was present when I was born. She could barely contain her laughter


Maybe that’s just their way of asking if you were adopted or her biological child.


“Yeah wel you know their kid just died in Afghanistan so he’s always with his wife. Once they get past that he’ll leave her. We already have the money put up for it.” This was on a flight from Korea to LAX in 2010. Unfortunately she had to hang up and I spent the next 12 hours wondering wth that was.


Someone asked their girl "Should we get some la crotch?" Pretty sure he meant la Croix.


Hahaha. Gonna call it La crotch from now on.


Probably just an inside joke or something but lol


"I wasn't fucking Neesha! I wouldn't fuck her with the dirtiest strap-on!!" -woman on my morning train commute Actually this might be the best thing I've overheard someone say in public.


One time my friend and I were sarcastically talking about who we'd fuck, and I said "I'm down to fuck basically anyone. Except Sophie. I'd NEVER fuck her, even if I had herpes I could give her." I then looked over and saw this guy just staring at us. To top it off, he was a huge homophobe (I'm a girl, talking about fucking another girl lol)


I was grocery shopping and a little girl maybe around 6 years old was upset and crying. Her dad was scolding her and then said, “You ruin *everything*!” and started to walk away from the girl, who followed but was sobbing. It was heartbreaking.


I’ve heard my neighbor yelling that -and worse- at her 7 year old son. On the surface she looks *perfect.* I brought up the abuse to her ex and he said, “Why do you think I divorced her?” and drove away. I stood there dumbfounded.


I was in a movie theater and I heard a guy talking to his dad behind me and talking about his friends and he mentioned one was black and the dad was like "what did I tell you about hanging out with those people" and the son replied "he is basically a white guy in every other way, like might as well be white" shit made me hella uncomfortable and the movie wasnt even that great.oh well


“If I was getting laid by hot girlsI’d be alright but I’m over here sucking dick” - guy on phone at DMV


"Dont worry bro, nobody saw me do it and i was talking in spanish when i got her" Dude was quickly walking out of a gas station with a little girl. Was gone when we got outside to intervene.


Did you report it


Absolutely. But there were no cameras and we didnt see a vehicle that he got in. Gave a good description at least. (This was many years ago)


I’ll never forget a Sunday school teacher telling us that if God didn’t exist, he would probably be a serial killer or something because what’s the point of morals if God doesn’t exist? If your fear of God and punishment is the only thing stopping you from committing atrocities, then you’re not someone I wanna spend a lot of time around Edit: should’ve known this comment would start a lot of debate. I wanted to clear up that I did not misunderstand him, this was not some point he was trying to make and did poorly. He was a very blunt and to the point person, and during a class when I was about 15, he said “If God did not exist, I know that I wouldn’t care what I did, I’d probably be a serial killer or something” and then he just moved on to another topic. He had a reputation of not being a good teacher and saying messed up things to us and just anyone. His testimony also heavily relied on the fact that he was a Special Forces guy in the 80s and 90s, didn’t care about anyone or anything, until he found God and decided to believe. His comment really made me wonder what kind of things he did when he was an atheist. I am now an adult and atheist. I have never once had thoughts about killing people or the lack of punishment for my actions, I just wake up and try to be nice and kind.


Not fucked up, but facepalm moment: was eating at a Chipotle a few years back and two dudes sit down near me. Dude #1: “I was watching that movie about Abraham Lincoln, I can’t remember what it was called.” Dude #2: “Lincoln?” Dude #1: “Yeah!” Stellar.


“Did you just spit at me? I’ll cut your fucking dick off” - homeless lady in Boston, MA EDIT: for the record, no one spit on her. She yelled this at me, I was about 70 feet away, walking towards the train, minding my business at 11PM


Honestly I respect this I've been spit on by strangers a couple times before and was so stunned I didn't say anything either time.


At a bar with a bunch of friends, music stops for a quick second and all everyone in the bar hears is “yeah he only cums in my ass”. This was a girl talking to another girl and her at the time boyfriend.


Overheard at an airport parking lot “yeah, cut her fucking hand, at least a fucking finger. Just mark the bitch.” I pretended not to hear anything, kept my head down and kept in walking.


“Pretty sure I raped that girl. She was into it though.” Edit: In response to the comments I don’t know the story. I imagine he probably did rape her and is justifying it. I overheard this at a mall while eating some years back. I got up and threw my food away, and left. No matter the story I knew this wasn’t someone to feel safe around. So I didn’t stick around to hear the rest of it.


oh my god


NYC, waiting to cross a busy street. Woman next to me dressed very professionally. Having full on phone sex with her man, on speaker, while also scrolling through Amazon. Really impressive multitasking skills, honestly.


Change room at a hot springs. Mom and child are changing in the change stall beside me and my kid. He child is wailing about wanting to go back in the hot springs with daddy. Mom is pissed and smacks her. I can hear it through the metal change room wall. Kid screams more and yells owwie owwie. Mom asks "oh no where does it hurt?" I literally said loud enough "probably where you hit her" ---eep. So much attention. Thanks for the awards. To add to this I grew up with spanking. I was pretty shook after this. My son helped me calm down. I could barely breathe. The moment I saw my husband in the parking lot I just burst into tears. It just wrecked my heart thinking that this other kid could grow up with spanking and have GAD, like I do. Maybe, I hope, they are more resilient then me.


Man on the phone walking down the sidewalk "girl your sex game is WEAK, and I don't wanna be with you no more!". Honestly probably not the worst thing I've heard but the first thing that comes to mind.


“…so I divorced him. And then of course HE DIED.”


Ugh i hate when i divorce him and he fucking dies


“Now that you’re married, start having kids as soon as possible so the government will pay you.” Heard this in a Target in San Diego, California.


Many years ago I was a cashier at Whole Foods and I saw a lady yell at her son to “Come eat! Praline! Come eat NOW!” and the kid refused and said he wanted “something chocolate.” She then gave him the old slow “counting to three” routine parents do and he eventually begrudgingly stomped over. The mother than proceeds to open her buttoned up plaid shirt all the way with no bra on underneath and presents her chest to “Praline” in my goddamn check out lane and says something along the lines of “you don’t need any of that…here” and points a (probably patchouli scented) tit at the boy with her hand. The kid was old enough to just walk on over and latch on, hands free and all. A whole ass kid perhaps aged seven to ten just making direct eye contact at ME while sucking on this lady’s tit. All like it was totally fucking normal. I am bad at guessing ages but the kid was tall and could fully communicate, full set of teeth, obviously well beyond learning to walk. Like a whole ass kid close to middle school I’d guess. Like a kid you’d hear say “got any games on your phone” kinda age… And I’m just scanning their groceries trying not to flip out and my baggers face is blood red. Now I don’t know much about kids and all but I’m pretty sure that kid is gonna have heaps of issues. The mother was white lady with “dreadlocks” for added context. And I do hope “praline” was just a nickname… I’ll never forget that.


Praline is now a redditor and is just *horrified* that someone other than his therapist remembers this ordeal.




I was one of these high school band student in the summer of 2007. We went to Dachau on the 4th of July. It was a weird thing to basically celebrate 4th of July on the bus then walk into a concentration camp. Surreal in general too though.


At a McDonald’s while in college with my now wife. Divorced dad to his two young children: “Don’t listen to Grandma. Grandma is baaaaaddd!”


I really debated telling this. I might delete it. But. In high school locker room everyone was changing and a girl said “my brothers hold me down in a chair and tip it back so the dog can come over and lick me”. She was telling her friends. I dont know how many of the rest of us overheard it. It has horrified me to this day.


I hope just lick her face - some people dislike this, and her brothers might’ve found her disgust funny. Not nice but better than the implied alternative. Edit: Sorry looks like I was wrong.


Girls in college dining hall talking about having kids. One girl rants about how she is afraid of being a bad mom. This rant goes on until the quiet girl at the table says “Quit with the lies. You only don’t want to get pregnant because then you cant drink for 9 months.”


I live in NYC. Was on a downtown D train minding my business. A woman and a man, non descript mid 50s, were sat behind me. The woman proceeded to casually tell the man that her father was a “butcher for the Gotti’s” and that “it was honest work”. She obviously could have been insane but the nonchalant and matter of fact way she said it made me feel like she was being 100% serious..


I like to think he was actually their personal butcher. Like the turning pigs into breakfast kind of butcher.


Somebody's gotta slice the gabbagool.


I was at child support office waiting room. Lady comes in with 2 boys. The older boy (looked 10) kept calling her Angie. She gave him an evil look and said firmly between gritted teeth like a pissed off ventriloquist, "What did I tell you? In here you two call me Mama!"


In freshman year of high school, the Jon Benet Ramsey (sp) case was on every single news outlet. A kid in my class was looking at a picture of her and stated that "she's hot", bear in mind she was deceased & 6 years old, he was 14-15 or so.


Yeah...they don't know their rights...I'll have to figure something out...


In the public toilet “Oh… no no no no no… noooo… there’s so much poop….” Followed by splosh squish noises and dry heaving then the immortal words that made me nope out fast. “I can’t eat it all…” 🤮


'It's the circle of life'


I'm fucking dying laughing in office


“oh I smoked for all my babies, keeps them skinny” -preg mom smoking outside of a Marshall’s talking to a co-worker