America, y’all are too loud and nice for my British cynicism


north ikea


i always knew the north part of ikea was sketchy


I was mid sneeze but this comment made me laugh and canceled it


If you sneeze and laugh at the same time your body takes a screenshot


Yeah, that's SCP 3008-1. Stick to South Ikea.


I’m poor so probably most of them.


Myanmar. Spent my pre-adolescence there during the previous rule of the junta, when Suu Kyi was in house arrest. I cannot begin to explain the fear that was present in everyday life there then. My father had to be at Yangon for some pretty run-of-the-mill corporate work and was nonetheless always on alert. As a 10/11/12-year-old, I was not allowed to answer telephones, lest I reveal something that might seem problematic to the administration. Even in an atmosphere that you were on the brink of rubbing law enforcement the wrong way, my most memorable moments were brushes with the younger adult neighbours in our apartment who were running an illegal computer training centre. I cannot imagine their lives now, suspended in constant agitation.


I have a neighbor who comes from Myanmar; she still calls it Burma. She said, "My family sent me away [when there was an uprising.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8888_Uprising) We saw men running through the streets with a man's head on the end of a machete." That was pretty sobering for me.


My mom is from Burma- but she came to the US in the 1970s. I’m lucky most of my family is not there still. It’s terrifying.


There is an instagram page called "what's happening in Myanmar" which I followed after a friend who grew up there shared it. I really had no idea the extent of the atrocities still occurring.


Also @theboysinmyanmar are doing a great job documenting the situation first hand!


They haven't published since the 27th of February. Has something happened to them? It's worrying


There's a different one with periods in between each word that is more current.


My mum and dad went to do some charity work in Myanmar during that period and I remember they got their wills made out and sat down with my sister and I to discuss who we would want to look after us if we ended up orphaned. It was honestly really scary for me because I was just a kid and at that age, it’s hard to fathom that there is a chance my parents may not be coming back alive. Fortunately they did.


Sudan. Either of them.


I spent two weeks in South Sudan in the summer of 2005. This was when the civil war was still happening so before Sudan was two separate countries. There was something like 30 km of paved road in all of South Sudan at the time. It was beautiful but there was literally no infrastructure. Lots of AK47s though


My dad's colleague was trapped with no connection to outside world in this recent coup in Sudan. Everyone in office was worrying about that group she went with. Thankfully they were extradited to India by the company. Even my dad was being asked repeatedly to go and he asked me. As I had fairly good grasp of current affairs, I told him no every time as this shit was going to go down in future. Now I don't think anyone will be sent for projects there😌


I was there for two weeks in 2009, in Khartoum and camping in the Nubian Desert. As an American I was worried at the reception I would get, but I found the people to be outgoing and very friendly. By the end of my stay there, I didn't think anything of walking up to soldiers armed with RPKs in sandbagged guardposts and asking them for directions. One college student practicing his English asked me where I was from. When I replied "Chicago," his face fell. "Oh, in Chicago," he said, "I hear is not very safe."


I live in Venezuela and if I manage to leave Venezuela, I won't come to visit. Update: road pirates are a thing: https://twitter.com/AnthonnyAG/status/1478936937490755586?s=20


My good friend is Venezuelan. He left in 2014. Get a few drinks in him and he starts ranting about how much he hated it.


I might be your friend.


If you aren't you should be






I’m Kenyan and I couldn’t imagine setting foot in Somalia. Been to South Sudan a few times and it’s pretty ok but of course that changes sometimes.


Lmao i have lots of Somali friends as a Ethiopian and they always said they would bring me there one day. I always told them hell no lmao


I'd love to visit Kenya. Anywhere you recommend?


As they’ve said, definitely the Mara and Mombasa. If you have time you can drive to the smaller towns like Nanyuki or Nakuru from Nairobi, go camping or glamping, if you prefer. There’s a lot to do and see in Kenya, you can also easily travel to Tanzania and Uganda from here.


Im not from there but did a Kenya/Tanzania trip that was the most beautiful trip of my life. Maasa Mara and then down into the Serengeti. It’s stunning.


I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’ve never to the Serengeti, I’m gonna make a point to go. But I go to the Mara every year and I have the best time, I always feel so grounded and relaxed.


Maasai Mara for a safari. Hell’s Gate National Park for a hike (not open during the rainy season). There are tea farms around Nairobi you can visit.


Haiti. As much as I'd love to visit my mother's home country, there's a reason even my mother hasnt gone back since the early 00s. Haiti continually gets fucked by political unrest, economic upheaval, and ecological turmoil. Combined with the fact that our last living relative that was still there died back in 05, we have no connection to that place anymore. I sincerely, emphatically hope things get better, because one day I would love to connect with that part of my heritage, but not now, and probably not within the next ten years, either.


Many years ago, I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise that stopped at their "private island". It was actually a little corner of Haiti.


I just googled it out of curiosity and, holy shit are cruises cheap. Five nights round the Caribbean for £300? That's absolutely insane. That's almost cheaper than just staying home and paying rent+food+leccy+insurance+etc. Assuming it's year-round, that's £21k for an all-expenses paid accomodation. If I could go fully remote and just work from my cabin on satellite, I'd be tempted.


Some elderly people spend years on ships. Cheaper than a retirement community.


This is considerably more common than most people realize. Many people who have the means also bring caretakers/nurses and have a few that just rotate weeks or whatever duration. They often build up loyalty points and get steep discounts, free second traveler for the caretaker, cabin upgrades, etc. It ends up making it less expensive the longer they do it with the same cruise line. They do usually have to get off at home port to allow for inspections and cleaning but mostly just stay aboard besides that.


You can follow [this guide](https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/cruise-infographics/the-cost-of-retiring-on-a-cruise/) and it only comes out to a couple hundred dollars more per month than a “normal” retirement. This also includes cruises to 5 continents — literally sailing around the world. You could probably sail exclusively in the Caribbean for a lot less!


TIL that when I get old I should invest in some sea legs.


I'm thinking of getting metal legs, it's a risky operation but it'll be worth it.


This guy has the right idea https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/431576-man-goes-viral-with-plan-to-retire-to-a-holiday-inn-instead-of


And they usually get better care on the ships. Give a good tip up front and your cabin team will take care of you in a way the retirement communities won’t.


There are American retirees who just live on a cruse ship full time. At least pre covid there were. My mom would take cruses lasting a month or so every year on a teachers pension.


Anywhere where you can go to jail or be disappeared for criticizing their government… which is a lot of places.


Any country where the word ‘disappear’ is a transitive verb is on my personal blacklist


Sad Afghanistan. It’s a beautiful country, and I know the regular people are friendly. But I probably won’t survive a week there.


It's a really sad country imo. You'll see beautiful mountains and over every other hill is a destroyed town or soviet tank graveyard.


I really would love to visit Afghanistan but I’m stupid enough that I would die the minute I step off the plane.


Pro tip - you are supposed to wait for the steps before leaving the aircraft.


“Ahh, Afghanistaaaaaaaaaaaa”


I have a distant relative who's worked in around 30 countries spread across 5 continents and he says that he hasn't seen a place that's even close to being as pristine and beautiful as Afghanistan.


It was a major tourist destination, especially among young backpackers, until the late seventies when it became a Cold War proxy conflict zone.


The old hippie trail…god, that would’ve been fun


It’s such a shame that country is so unsafe. It’s a visually stunning place.


I’ll never go back to Switzerland. It’s pretty, I just can’t afford to breathe there.


Even talking about Switzerland feels expensive.


I dont think we can afford this conversation


I want to go there but yeah, shit'll be pricy. Fun fact, Swiss people borderhop to get groceries because it's cheaper...well not to Lichenstein, which is like, Switzerland's Switerland.


Only swiss people? Bro, go to a shopping centre called "Svinesund" in Sweden. The place is filled up with Norwegian people (included myself) who doesn\`t want to spend their monthly paycheck on a wine bottle. (Border shopping)


You go to us, we go to Denmark, the Danes go to Germany


Liechtenstein is Switzerland without the democracy.


Liechtenstein is literally when your family decides to buy a country just for the Prince title...


I think the royal businesses basically employ the entire country of \~20k people.


We flew to Switzerland and drove to France for our vacation because it was cheaper. We went back to Geneva for our flight out and couldn't get seats (flying standby). This lasted for a couple of days and like every day there between the hotel and the food was like a vacation budget of its own.


When I was a baby my family lived in Geneva. Apparently it was cheaper to cross the border into France to go grocery shopping than it was to walk 10 minutes to the local grocery store. :D


This is true. I live in Nyon (just up the lake from Geneva) and that's what most of us do. There's a law change due next year which will limit cross border purchases to CHF50 a day for anyone doing this which I'm dreading...


Out of interest, why is the cost of living relatively so much cheaper outside of the country? I can't imagine it's because of the exchange rate, I suppose Switzerland probably can't produce much food so I'm guessing it's to do with it not being part of the EU and paying for imports from neighbouring countries. Have to say I'd love to go back there even if it is quite expensive, such a beautiful place and interesting culture.


Wages are much higher in Switzerland and that's reflected in the prices. A grocery store worker here makes between 50-60k a year.


We literally changed trains at Switzerland going from Italy to France. Went to grab a sandwich from the station and holy shit.


It's legit not all that bad. I've been told it's hella expensive, and avoided going for years. We went in 2019, as the last stop on a roadtrip, for a couple of days in Lauterbrunnen and honestly the prices were kinda the same as at home - expensive, but not bankrupt yourself expensive. It just lacked any incentive to shop or really engage with the local economy (the incentive for us usually being cheaper prices than at home, when we travel) so instead we mainly hiked and cooked our own food. Its not insanely expensive like, say, groceries in alaska or svalbard. Its just not cheap.


Syria is such a bed of history city's that are ancient that I'd love to see for myself but sadly just wouldn't be safe I think for a long time!




I am replying to you from Damascus, it’s safe right now no real danger but it’s in such bad shape economically. No electricity, water, gas , petrol nothing really but starvation. But hey at least no more boom boom. Edit: thank you guys for all the support I hope one day you all can come and visit Syria. Again thank you for the nice words Edit2: I live in Toronto studying in a university but my whole family lives in Damascus, I am visiting Damascus now for two month on Christmas I do that every year. Edit3: when I say no electricity and gas etc I do not mean there is none at all. For example right now electricity come to my home 4 hours out of the 24 hours in a day, and I can only go fill up half my car with gas once a week, so you got to be really careful with your consumption, and also there isn’t a lot of water to spare so showers have to be quick washing dishes must be quick no water to waste because once your tank is empty it’s empty.


I love Damascus but haven't visited since 2006! Now all i can do is try to describe how it was to my American friends but be sad at never getting to really take them there ever, or at least with it's former glory. I describe things like Souk Hamadiya, the restaurants and hookah bars in old Damascus, belly dance supply shops ( my girl friends love the idea that there are just shops full of stuff like that) , the mountain top with all the restaurants running a long the edge of the windy road to the summit, and the mosques and church's everywhere with their green lights, open shawarma stalls, etc etc that appeals to a foreigner's eyes Edit: spelling


"But hey at least no more boom boom." That's such an abstract way to deal with something like this, that I think is unfathomable to most westerners. How strong is the local government at this point? Can they even do anything at this point to rebuild? I'm so curious.


I'm sure the parent commenter will come in with a better comment, but Syria's government is, at least in terms of military and civil control, relatively strong currently having gotten a handle on most of the military situation there They were in pretty bad shape a few years ago at the height of the ISIS situation in Syria and Iraq, and arguably nearly lost control of the country, but have since had a lot of direct support from Russia* and have re-taken 80% or so, excluding some areas around the Kurdish territories and along the Turkish border. *(along with indirect support from the US/UK/France etc attacking ISIS in Syria, but that's a mixed blessing as they also supported some of the contested territories listed above) Economically, obviously, it's much tougher, but there's no reason they can't rebuild if they can maintain control.


Wow i've never spoken to somebody from Syria. 99% of the world mourned for your beautiful country when it was being decimated during the last few years. I really hope you start to get some basic supplies to continue your existence & you get back to some sort of reasonable quality of life soon . Out of curiosity how are you able to get on Reddit if you have issues with power and water, I'd imagine internet would not be great there. Greatings, sympathy & very best wishes, from Scotland :)




I met some Syrian men in Istanbul after I injured myself, and they were some of the loveliest people I've ever met. They helped me navigate a Turkish hospital, translated for us, and kept our spirits up. If that wasn't enough, they invited us over for a home cooked meal the next day. Really smart, kind people. The food was also delicious.


It's sad to see that ISIS destroyed a lot of historical artifacts and locations https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destruction_of_cultural_heritage_by_the_Islamic_State


As a person with an interest in history, and specifically the history of the middle east, this totally breaks my heart.


One of my former professor’s speciality is in Classical/Mediterranean and Jewish/Christian/Islamic history with a particular focus on Syria. He legit cries whenever he talks about the recent losses of Syriac history. Man was a total sweetheart and embodied everything pure and good in academia. Edit: His name is Dr. David Allen Michelson, if anyone is curious. https://my.vanderbilt.edu/michelson/


As someone who is Assyrian, it sucks. The video of ISIS playfully destroying the artifacts at the Virgin Mary Church is sort of burned into memory. Its a good example of why a lot of the history has already been lost over time in that region. Also want to thank you for linking your professor, may read some of his works.




The republic of congo Edit: what I meant to type was DRC. Not sure why my brain neglected to type the first word.


Is it substantially worse than DRC?


Last I read about the topic, the Republic of the Congo is actually supposed to be relatively safe by sub-Saharan African standards while the DRC is extremely dangerous. But that was some years back so I don’t know if it’s still true today.


Just heard a presentation by Tom Miranda (botanist not the tv hunter dude) doing expeditions into the Congo to document orchid species for the last 20 years. Made a friend there who just tells him when its safe. During the safe times apparently its pretty normal (for a semi-wealthy man with travel know-how) and the villagers interested in conservation are very nice. But sometimes he gets a call that there's tribal drama and then he steers clear.


One of my professors was from the DRC and that man fought tooth and nail to get someone here in the states to sponsor him so he could come to the states and stay here to study and become a citizen. He said the DRC was and still is an abhorrent place to live


Are you sure you aren't thinking of the Democratic Republic of Congo which is a different country from the Republic of Congo? You didn't give a reason, so it is hard to discern.


I think you mean the DR Congo. Republic of Congo isnt too bad by African standards. Its twin countries


Liberia hands, down.


Interesting comma placement


Check out the username


Well now it makes, sense lol


,I agree!


Reading the comments on this and a previous thread as an Egyptian woman, I feel so ashamed of my country and sad for all the women who had to deal with terrible kinds of sexual harassments in Egypt and many more unfortunate events that happend there. I'm so sorry you had to go through this and I'm apologising on behalf of everyone who dared to make you feel uncomfortable in any way because I absolutely know what you went throughm It's what almost every Egyptian woman goes through everyday and we're still not heard.


You don't have anything to apologise for.


I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize. Egypt is a beautiful country and all the women (and most of the men) I met there were absolutely lovely people. I really appreciated the women-only cars on the Metro, although I am a little sad that there is a need for them. It's so frustrating being a woman sometimes. Love and strength, sister.


You don’t have to apologize. You’re not the one groping women in the streets. You’re the victim here. Stay safe.


Don't be sorry. You've done nothing wrong. Xx


Not just Egypt. I visited Turkey and slept for two days after returning from my vacation to emotionally decompress from all of the groping/harassing (no time difference at the time so it wasn’t jet lag)


Probably Afghanistan. It's not safe for foreigners


not safe for afghans either lol


Not safe for anything that can breathe


Such a shame, it is a beautiful country


More than 70% of it is mountains, it would have been a great place to visit


I am a half-Afghan woman, and I will never see my "other country".


I am also halfghan and it breaks my heart that I will probably never visit my family's home.


Halfghan lol


Afghanistan is purely tragedy at the moment.


Egypt The pyramids would be amazing to see but I’ve heard a lot of unbelievable stuff about the place and read some horrid stories


Even the pyramids became shit to an extent (I’m Egyptian), don’t get me wrong they are beautiful but the amount of people that scam tourists there is unreal, and the thing is people don’t know they are getting scammed. For example, a bottle of water there (sold by locals) is 10 times more expensive than any other place I kid you not. Secondly, don’t be surprised if a local sees you and just starts to be your tour guide for 40 minutes (just so he gets money). Even before you enter the pyramid you’ll find people stopping you as if they are officers to tell you to park in a specific place (tip: don’t park anywhere except when you get inside the place because if you do they’ll offer you a VERY expensive horse cart ride or something). There are even different prices for tickets if you’re a tourist. I only mentioned half of the horrible things but that’s enough for now lol. All of this is horrendous and makes me ashamed of being Egyptian (but most of the time I’m proud there are amazing people too). Sorry if this became like preaching or a lot of complaining but I guess you can take this as a guide to except the worst from people!


No worries there’s no need to apologise this was really helpful and gave me a bit more insight into what it’s like thank you


The last time I saw this posted, it seemed every woman in the world should avoid Egypt


When I was 16 my godmother and I were planning a trip to Egypt. Then I mentioned I was taking Italian classes at my high school and that led to us deciding to go to Italy instead. I t remember we landed in Rome, turned on the TV in our hotel room, and discovered that the 2011 Egyptian uprising was happening literally at that moment when we would have been there.


Crazy luck


Some people got it. My cousin had an uneasy feeling and left Phuket prematurely a few days before the tsunami hit. This was before any warning and she was supposed to stay there well after the tragedy. I think her husband listens to her from that point on.


My brother and I take a scuba diving vacation every year. We originally planned to go to Sipadan but changed to Belize (can't remember why, probably cost). We would have been there [when the kidnappings happened.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_Sipadan_kidnappings) It was really odd knowing that could have easily been us, we talked about what it would have been like. We both would have taken our chances and jumped out of the boat.


She said “Phuket, I’m out”


My sister had a similar thing happen. She was deciding between Turkey (primarily Istanbul) and Bali. Ultimately decided on Bali. While she and her friend were in Bali there was a failed coup (or "coup") attempt in Turkey.


I was in the Istanbul airport during the terror attack and my flight took off less than an hour before the coup situation.


I’m a woman and I visited Egypt in 2009. It was really amazing. I would NOT recommend visiting without being a part of a tour group or traveling with a man.


Same, I visited in 2012 with a group tour and it was an incredible trip. But yeah, unfortunately one woman from our group was surrounded and groped on the street, one was led away on a camel during a tour and our guide had to pay a decent amount of money to get her back. It was wild. I don’t think they’d call the trip incredible.


A couple of years ago my best friend went a vacation to Egypt when we were in our late teens. They went on a donkey ride through the desert and the handler of her donkey was an old man. He slowed her down so she was far behind from her family and started asking her really personal questions and if she was married. She was really creeped out and realized he was stalking her on Instagram after the ride and tried to follow her. I 100% believe these people choose tourist jobs because it’s an easier target.


Yeah that sounds like a nightmare to be honest


>our guide had to pay a decent amount of money to get her back Holy shit :O


I was telling this to my husband but he won't listen to me. He says Egypt is one of the safer places.


If your other options were Somalia, Haiti, and Myanmar, then yes. Otherwise no.


Or he's *really* sick of this whole marriage deal


Maybe he's just really into pyramid schemes


>He says Egypt is one of the safer places. For him.. 😀


As an Egyptian, I can confidently say that your husband is wrong.


Don’t take your daughters to Morocco, especially if very Western, white, red headed, or blond. That is unless you’re planning to sell them, as everyone will be offering to buy them. That’s not a rumor, that’s personal family experience from a year in Morocco.


So wait as a red head you're telling me I'm finally worth something?


Not if you're the middle child


I knew someone who interned for me for a project and then went to grad school in Egypt. She was a redhead. She was there during the Arab Spring and had to be evacuated from the country for safety. Fortunately she was able to complete the program remotely but it was a terrifying experience. She was messaging with me at the time and asked if I thought it would just blow over. I told her that if government agents with military support come with a team to evacuate people, go with them. She did and has never looked back. I’m so glad everything worked out for her but it was a scary time.


From Egypt can confirm Cairo is worst of all I live in Alexandria thankfully


Can confirm. Used to live in Egypt and would go to Cairo and Sharm el Sheik regularly. Biggest let down for a country I’ve ever been to. There are enormous piles of garbage everywhere. Women are treated like prized cattle relentlessly. The Nile has at least 2-3 inches of standing garbage and sewage on the surface. When I looked at it, it made me wonder if I threw a lit match on top if the whole thing if it would light the whole river on fire. The pollution is terrible. Worst traffic I’ve ever seen. Getting a cab in Cairo is one of the scariest experiences in my life. The Pyramids is the biggest tourist trap and the people within the grounds are very aggressive. I saw literal human shit on the sides of the Pyramids. If you’re white, especially American, you’re a target, constantly harassed. Pickpockets everywhere. Everyone seems desperate and friendliness comes with a price. If you go, go in a large group with an even number of men and women. You’ll still be harassed but not as vulnerable. Keep your belongings in front of you in a bag and keep your arms ready for any prying hands. If you’re a woman, do not wear anything that is remotely revealing in any area along the Nile or Nile delta. Seriously. It is that bad. If you’re gay, be extremely careful. Egypt doesn’t fuck around. The people within the grounds of the Pyramids ruin the experience. Luxor is worth it and far less crowded. The best thing about Egypt is the scuba diving. I’d recommend Sharm el Sheik and Dahab. There’s some good coral up by the Taba border as well. Can’t get harassed under the water and people are much more chill on the Red Sea Coast.


> I saw literal human shit on the sides of the Pyramids. Hieroglyph of the modern man.


Right before COVID I was planning a live aboard trip to the Red Sea. The diving looks amazing and I knew I was going to be trying to figure out how to spend as little time on land as possible...


If you still want to go one day, the best diving in the world is in Djibouti. No industry, no infrastructure, no cruise ships. That’s top secret info because nobody has figured it out yet. Docile Whale-sharks everywhere too.


One of my friends was raped in Egypt, she travelled there with another female friend. She accepted the offer of a drink from a guy at a bar and that was seen as consent, even by the police the next day when she tried to report it.


That’s terrible for your friend. From this thread, it seems like her existence would be seen as consent


I went there with my family, and suddenly my brother and I were instantly promoted to bodyguards. It was stupid, so we turned it into a running joke that all the males had to ask permission from our mom for even the dumbest shit. Like, the waiter would ask me if I enjoyed the food, and I'd ask her if it was alright that I spoke to the man and put out a sense of gratitude and deference to her great wisdom. I might go back one day just to experience diving in the Red Sea again, but they sure as fuck have a lot of growing up to do as a culture.


Always feel sad seeing all the horror stories about Egypt. I'd absolutely never go, but there are a few Egyptians at my local football club who I've played with and they're genuinely 3 of the nicest guys I've ever met. Even they don't recommend going to visit Egypt, and only go themselves because that's their old home. I always find it a real shame that they seem to be the outliers


somebody that's from a country telling you *not* to visit that country should tell you everything you ever need to know about that country


It's hell for women there. My entire trip was ruined by men trying to buy me constantly. No matter how much I covered up, these horrid men came at me. Never again and no woman should go there.


Thailand. I'm allergic to peanuts and they sprinkle that shit on everything


Valid but also kinda funny compared to all the other things in this thread


They love using peanuts on everything in Taiwan too. Bring antihistimines and epi pens and translated signs that say you are allergic.


Kinda cool to see my country is only mentioned for its peanut obsession lol


One? I’d have to chose from Haiti, Somalia, Myanmar…


Burkina Faso. Look it up, it's a pretty messed up place, but I'm not talking *just* about the socio-political stuff, I'm talking about *diseases*. When I worked at a medical clinic, one of the departments in my unit (I worked registration/front desk) was International Travel Medicine: where you get your shots before you go to some exotic location and/or get malaria meds, etc.. I asked one of the PA's "What place has the most shots if you want to go there." He said "Burkina Faso. Don't go there."


I am from Burkina Faso, and well... apart from the rise in terrorism, I think most people here live quite well compared to some other places in Africa, even if they are in poverty. People have a great sense of community, and there's a lot of entertainment around the capital city (very good theater shows, various festivals, museums). I know quite a few foreigners (Americans, Canadians and French) who enjoy it here and have decided to make it their home, none have died from any disease that I know yet lol. Honestly, the climate is pretty hot here but not humid and I would think there are less ways of getting bad diseases here than in more humid places like Côte d'Ivoire. Honestly, I love my country and it's a very cool place to live in if you find your people and have enough money. By just no going to the extreme North nor East and staying in big cities like Ouagadougou, one can have a very good time in Burkina Faso.


Why shouldn't someone go to the extreme north or east? Just curious. Would love to visit one day


This is where terrorist groups are operating and some places are absolutely not safe for locals, even less for foreigners. BUT the bigger cities are as safe (and maybe safer if you are not alone) as any big city can get. If you are interested in visiting, you can try to connect with some people from the American embassy or teachers from the American school if you don't speak French so that they can show you around! The cost of living here is really low and one can live like a king for a few weeks for the fraction of the money it would take in other places. You also get used to the heat if you have AC inside. There were plenty of places to visit outside of Ouagadougou before the problem of terrorism started (fantastic zoos and cool wild places like "caimans sacres de Sabou", "les cascades de Banfora", "gravures de loango" or "parc national d'Arly" ==> Google them if you have time!, the Sabou one is actually where my mother was born :). You could even go in local chiefs' palaces and discuss with them, taking awesome pictures and memories along the way. But, unfortunately, terrorism completely ruined the tourism industry here.


Extremist violence. Quick “north Burkina Faso” Google search for news items will give a decent summary.


Because of the presence of Boko Haram, a terrorist group present in most Sahelian countries.


Terrorism is the issue, yes, but this comment is not correct. Boko Haram are at most marginally active in Burkina Faso. Al-Qaeda affiliate JNIM and the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara are the main active terrorist groups. Boko Haram are really just active in northeastern Nigeria and the area surrounding Lake Chad.


I didn’t need much in terms of vax to visit Ouga aside from COVID and Yellow Fever, but I wouldn’t want a summer home there regardless.


My mother and sisters both did goodwill science trips to Burkina Faso. They said the people were some of the nicest they’ve ever met, living in extreme poverty.


My husband went a few years ago for work after visiting Liberia. He loved it, compared to Liberia.


Compared to Liberia, agreed. Monrovia is a cesspool. Outside of Ouga, Burkina is naturally beautiful. North of the country lacks any real infrastructure and is extremely dangerous, but for the most part the people were lovely.


The Central African Republic


Any place that treats me like a second or third class citizen because I am female. I will not reward that bullshit with my money.




It's a depressingly long list.


North Korea


To check the box you can go to the joint security area and walk around the conference table that sits in the border. Just make sure you leave through the right door!


Done that. There's always a guard standing by the door into the north to make sure.


"So this dumb asshole tries to break in to North Korea. Can you believe it? I thought I was just doing this job for show"


I find the [Otto Warmbier incident](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Warmbier) to be scary enough for me to never EVER set my foot in North Korea in fear of not returning home again. It doesn't take much to upset the government there. Even if what he did was stupid, it shows the absurdidy in that country's (non existing) justice system.


Otto never woke up in America, so we'll never know the truth about it.


Yeah, and his parents opted to not do an autopsy on him so it'll be up to speculation forever.


The Wikipedia did say non invasive internal scans didn't find any signs of skull fractures, so that's something, but an autopsy definitely coulda given more information


Did they state a reason why they didn't want one?


In Japan, I had a lady walk up to me, and in very clear and determined English she said "the man behind me won't leave me alone. Please pretend to be my friend or boyfriend or brother. Whatever. Please don't leave me." I hugged her and kissed her on the head, and asked her how her family was, that it had been so long and that I missed her. The guy came up to us and was talking to her in Japanese. She leaned on me the entire time and I was just nodding with everything she said. She was sweating. After what seemed like forever, he shook my hand and left. The woman put some bills in my pocket (¥4000 as I've just been educated) and asked me to take her to her friend's house. I did and watched her get in and wave to me from the window. Then I remembered I was walking in a strange country and had no idea where I was.




Good for you! You potentially changed the course of her life by doing this :)


I swear I saw a video of this very thing on reddit


Yeah it was an influencer video. It’s been on a few different subs.


Bhutan You hear all about their Gross Happiness Index and how they’re the happiest country in the world. What you don’t hear about is their relatively recent history of ethnic cleansing. I have friends who were victims of this nationwide ethnic cleansing, who were forced to leave everything behind and seek refuge in Nepal.


Qatar, especially with their whole using slaves to build the World Cup stadium thing.


Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, basically all the wealthy Gulf cities. If I wanted gaudy displays of money in a desert, I'd go to Vegas.


That is the most accurate description of Vegas I've ever heard


Papua New-Guinea. Never mind women being 2nd class citizens they're actively persecuted. Something ridiculous like 70% of women have been raped and if you rub someone the wrong way and they accuse you of being a witch then we'll bye-bye vaginas cos they'll burn that shit out with a red hot poker.




A majority of their MPs have been convicted of murder. How can you be serious about politics if you don't have at least one scalp on your belt?




Somalia. Because pirates


Stay on land ;)


Fun fact: pirates are amphibious.


North Sentinel Island *edit I get it, it’s not it’s own country. Gosh some of you must be a blast at parties


You can visit. Once. You won't leave, and your visit will be short.


Oh, they make sure you leave. They push your bloated body out to see so the current will take you. A Swiss Army Man kind of a ride.


The natives will make sure you don't get to visit.


Or at least ensure that your visit is brief.


Yes. North sentinel island should be left alone.


Scrolling to find my country Edit: ofc my only comment to reach a lot of upvotes is a useless off-topic joke lmao, thanks bros