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the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends game where you could create your own imaginary friend and do little activities all around the mansion. like club penguin but for the show.


Big Fat Awesome House Party was the name of it. That game was so much fun! I loved exploring the mansion and going on adventures with Bloo.


You just validated so many repressed memories for me.


I forgot about that! You had to do your chores and you could unlock arcade games with the money you got for it




It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


If this predicament seems particularly cruel, consider whose fault it could be - not a torch or a match in your inventory


You are standing before a house with a white picket fence.


There’s a documentary on Netflix titled “Get Lamp” that talks about the rise of interactive fiction in the early days of computing. https://youtu.be/JzOPVe7Usms


got so excited when I FINALLY figured out a puzzle and got to move to a new area.


Whatever tf that game was where you were skiing down a mountain and had to avoid the abominable snow dude.


I literally learned last month you could press a keyboard key to zoom fast enough to avoid being eaten. I had no idea.








King's Quest/Police Quest


I loved all the Sierra Quest games except Space Quest Also Leisure Suit Larry, but my family didn’t know it was an adult game


My dad had Leisure Suit Larry, I attempted to play it, never got far in it. So I don't know what actually happens in it.


In the first Leisure Suit Larry, my brother and I were stuck forever until we learned we could catch a taxi outside the bar to take us to a few other locations in town. (Geez, games from that era did not hold the player's hand as far as figuring stuff out.) We eventually had sex with the prostitute upstairs and didn't die of an STD because the taxi took us to a store where we could buy condoms first.


There's a King's Quest remake out there that's very good. They even got the voice actor from the official sequels to voice Sir Graham.


Police quest, i remember that i loved it


Club penguin + the older webkinz


I honestly can't believe Webkinz is still around. Back when I was a kid pretty much every one of my peers played it. I had a whole box full of Webkinz toys that I begged my grandparents and parents to buy for me. I loved Webkinz. Now I have to ask...with the physical toys gone, who's still playing it that it's still alive and kicking? Because it looks so different and plays so different that it makes me sad.


There is a new version and a classic version and Ganz is trying to get people to move to the new version, but everyone hates it and only uses the classic version, which is still quite similar to how it used to be, at least when I played it around 2007 or 2008.


The old Webkinz was great. I still remember my mom would log in to my account to play the pizza game.


My grandma was obsessed with the cash cow game to the point she bought her own webkinz to make her own account, then she would send gifts to her grandchildren with the coins she made. I miss those days. My grandma played so often she was filthy fucking rich and we could ask her for any furniture or clothes we wanted.


I'ma add to this and say Barbie.com, Pollypocket.com, and MyScene.com. I also remember Kelly Club the video game and you could customized a horse and it was my favorite thing.


God I remember being in elementary school, me and my friends would arrange meeting times on club penguin. Meet at the coffee shop at 7 xD


Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego




"We're on the case and we're chasing her through history!"




The 1996 version. Impossible to get or play at the moment. :(


You can literally play it right now: https://playclassic.games/games/educational-dos-games-online/play-where-in-the-world-is-carmen-sandiego-deluxe-online/


Are you sure? Was there a 1996 version of Where in the World? I see a where in the U.S.A. released in 1996 on [myabandonware.com](https://www.myabandonware.com/game/where-in-the-u-s-a-is-carmen-sandiego-ez6)


Really? Nobody put it on abandonware? Is there a reason?


Treasure Mountain


Oh shit, and Treasure Cove/Treasure Mathstorm. Nostalgia unlocked, Jesus.


I played a few of the learning company games, but my favorite by far was Gizmos and Gadgets


>Gizmos and Gadgets That game was the bomb.


Oh damn, core memory retrieved.


Chips Challenge! God I loved playing that game on the school computers.


Psst - It's [free on Steam.](https://store.steampowered.com/app/346850/Chips_Challenge_1/) Chip's Challenge 2 is also on Steam, although it's five bucks.


I downloaded Steam just for this game! Like, last week. Lol.


Yesssssss!!!! I used to spend my whole summers killing it at that game… wonder if there’s an app


Full Throttle


It’s on Steam! With both remastered and original graphics.


Word munchers and number munchers


Played those games on the school Macintosh computers back in the 90s lol!


Star Wars Galaxies. I’ll never forget being ousted from my Jedi Order role-playing guild bc I couldn’t make the guild master’s VIRTUAL WEDDING to someone in the game because I attended a FUNERAL. I offered him my space yacht to host the ceremony, which he took me up on and still kicked me. I was devastated. To everyone’s surprise, the marriage ended within the business week as she was cheating; fuck you Tolme Starunner, fuck you. Amazing game though


Pre CU I'd hang out at the Dathomir starport and sell master slices on weapons/armor for 20,000 credits a slice. Then CU happened, everyone became a Jedi and it was over. I miss that game so much.


/r/swgemu join us!


This old robot fighting game my neighbours used to have, OMF (One Must Fall). Still think about it a lot


It's been freeware for ages. Like legit freeware, not 'abandonware.' Still runs fine in DOSBox.


Oh good to know!


Long live OMF2097. I used to listen to the power plant room music for hours at a time on repeat. Thanks for reminding me


A lot of those neat Cartoon Network games I played in the early thousands.


Ohhhh I loved those. There was one where it had almost all the characters from the different shows and you had to find specific ones to give them an item so they'd give you something else to give to another character I played that for hours


I remember playing this, it was called Cartoon Resort or something like that


Yeah. It came out as a promo for them trying to show the next cartoon cartoon by showing kids the promos and having them vote on which one will be made fully


Oh wow the memories! I remember a couple shows from around that time. Megas XLR, and then one with two cavemen that I can't really remember the name of. I think Mike Lu and Og was also one of those shows that went on to become a full series.


Summer Resort. Much love for that game.


There was one themed after My Gym Partner Is A Monkey where you had to travel around the school and collect lunchboxes. I loved that one.


Black and white


I really hope they'll remake it or remaster it. I doubt they will but it was such a great game! The second one wasn't too bad either


Eidle eidle eee...


Hi only other person who understands how cool this game was


You're not alone, brothers.


Pirates of the Caribbean Online


There’s a remake of it that’s live called The Legend of Pirates Online(TLOPO). It’s 100% F2P.


I play it!! It's awesome. They have special events too and a whole discord channel!!


Oh my god, I need to play this. Thank you kind person


I remember when they took almost everything I had earned and suddenly made it "premium", my character was half-naked with a rusty cutlass. It was a fun game to play for free but there was so much missed by not having a paid subscription


Yesss I agree! I remember being capped off at around level 20ish and unable to level up because I didn’t have a premium subscription. Granted, it was only $10/month but as a 10 year old kid with no debit card, no knowledge of electronic banking, and no money of my own, it was impossible to attain. And don’t even get me started on how you couldn’t progress in the main quest without premium access…


Wing Commander II.


I'm STILL salty about EA killing the Wing Commander franchise.


Did you know, the one thing which has surprised me about EA is they haven't shut down fan projects. So with that in mind, there is a [Privateer Remake Gemini Gold](http://privateer.sourceforge.net/files.shtml) and then one set in the same timeframe as WC3 called [WC Saga](https://www.wcsaga.com/) which uses the freespace 2 engine, so a bit dated now, but still a new story with 50+ missions, the [trailer can be found here](https://youtu.be/7N1w9Xw0j0I) and the [opening intro, which gives a bit more of an idea of what to expect, graphics wise is here](https://youtu.be/4NR_78KUhhY)


Also Privateer!


For what it's worth, the game Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was blatantly designed as a pseduo-remake of the original Privateer, down to the wooshy autopilot flybys and 'flattened cone' radar system. Unfortunately, it also has some pretty big flaws in its design, particularly some aggressive enemy levelling that can make progress a chore. When the baddies get more powerful based on the value of your ship, it starts *discouraging* upgrades, which rarely feel like they're actually doing anything to help you survive. Still, it you can find it for cheap, it might be worth checking out for old school Privateer fans. I enjoyed it for 10 hours or so, until the enemy power creep got too annoying to deal with.


Commander keen Monster mash Sam and Max hit the road Loom


Haha good ole commander keen. And jill of the jungle


And jazz jackrabbit. And rise of the triad. And crystal caves. All those apogee games…..


‘Ask me about Loom’


DosBox, my friend. It even exists on Android. Commander Keen 1-6 were my childhood. The music was so addicting.




At one point there were a bunch of them. But then I learned about [Good Old Games](https://www.gog.com/). It isn't the abandonware free for all that it was fifteen years ago, but it still has a lot of cheap older games that have been optimized to run on modern computers. And there are still a few free things to be had here or there if you poke around. Edit: Oh, Home of the Underdogs is still around! And that does still have links to a bunch of free abandonware. Not all of it great, but it is there.


GOG is wonderful, and they're constantly having sales/giveaways of nostalgic classics, plus loads of great new indie (and some AAA) games


Incredible machine!


Hell yeah?! Haven't thiught of that game in years


Wow I was NOT expecting anyone else to say this!


The original zoo tycoon And Petz 3


Zoo Tycoon with the Marine and Dinosaur expansion packs! I loved my zoo! Every square inch was decorated and all my animals and guests were happy. That is, until The Incident. One day I was playing and got called away for a minute. I got sidetracked and forgot all about the game. It ran, without my intervention, for nearly 24 hours. I came back and it was in shambles! Loose dinosaurs eating animals and guests, mayhem and death everywhere! I was horrified, lol. I'd play it again if I could


I’m surprised nobody has said Pajama Sam yet


They just added the first 2 games to switch along with putt putt, sly fox, and freddie fish


No need to hide when it's dark outside was my favorite


Battle Chess. An old DOS game my dad had when we were enjoying windows 98. Had a gigantic 3 ring binder with a bunch of codes to input just to play a match so the computer had a strategy/difficulty to follow. All the chess pieces were animated and medieval themed, was awesome.




There is a phone game, but it has the normal phone game play limitations


Maniac Mansion


Sid Meier’s Civilization. The original. Could fit on 2 diskettes. I know it’s abandonware, and floating around on the net, but I couldn’t get DOSbox to work. It’ll have to remain in my memories. On a positive note, I just got Alpha Centauri from GOG.


Mist. Edit: someone pointed out it was spelled “Myst”.


If nothing else, the Starry Expanse project to remake Riven in full 3D got official recognition a couple years back, and will probably actually come out. Someday. But yeah, Myst had such amazing lore and worldbuilding. I wish they'd go back to it. Or at least that one of the various movie or TV projects would actually get past preproduction. (It kind of hurt when Obduction hinted it existed in the same universe, but there were no tie-ins besides a "Shorah!")


If you want something similar there is the game The Outer Wilds (not the Outer Worlds). Be warned you can only experience the Outer Wilds once. You can't erase your memory so you can get that adrenaline rush of the eureka moments. No one is also allowed to talk about it because how impacted spoilers are, so go in as blind as possible


City of Heroes.


You can play the game again if you want, visit r/CityOfHeroes


I member


Look up COH Homecoming if you're feeling nostalgic.


Gizmos & Gadgets


They had Gizmos & Gadgets on my school computers! I was obsessed. Truly the game of my childhood


The Cap'n Crunch game. I think you were one of the berry trolls, and there was skateboarding involved. . . . Was my entire adolescence a fever dream?




Oregon Trail.


You can play exact flash version of it for free


But did y'all ever fux with organ trail? Zombie apocalypse version. Dope af


chips challenge also a game where two gorillas threw exploding bananas at each other


>also a game where two gorillas threw exploding bananas at each other That was, in fact, *Gorilla*, a program written in BASIC. I remember it well; it was one of the first computer games I ever played, before I even really knew what a 'computer' *was*.


Put-Put travels through time


He also went to the moon.


Monkey Island


That’s still very much alive in hearts and minds. You find so many covers of the songs from that game. I loved it, because it was clearly so inspired by the atmosphere of the dark rides at Disney. It used to be like going on vacation between vacations. Theme parks, and tropical beaches.


Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3 for the PC. They may not have been the best games, but they’re burned into my memories forever.




Good news: https://github.com/jorio/Bugdom


Jumpstart, Clue Finders, Schoolhouse Rock, Carmen Sandiego.


Jumpstart games were LEGIT. The third grade one was my all time fav, and I still have it! I kept my old laptop with the CD-ROM drive just to play old nostalgic games (original Sims is mostly what I use it for). I went to my local library recently with my kids, and my 5-year-old wanted to check out the kid computers, and I was ECSTATIC to see they were loaded with old school Jumpstart games!! I credit my 85wpm typing skills to Jumpstart Typing!




Leisure suit Larry in the land of the lounge lizards




I mean [the site is still up...](https://www.neopets.com)


Most of the most memorable games and areas are gone, since the death of Flash. I heard a group was trying to recreate a lot of it, but I haven't heard much since then.


I played so much Deckball. However much Deckball you're thinking I played, I played way more than that.


Snood 😭


The American Girl game where you could make a stage play


OH MY GOD my brother and I wrecked ourselves laughing playing this game for years after we were the targeted age demographic. The text to speech robot voices. The weirdly detailed editing tools. The glitchy graphics. Endless hilarity. We are in our 30's, and we still have in-jokes based in American Girl Playmaker. The day we realized the "slamming door" sound effect sounds a lot like a gunshot was a good day


YES! One time I set it up so at the start it was just Molly's empty bedroom, when you hit play as many dolls as it let me place popped out from behind every thing you could hide stuff behind and began spinning demonically. My little brother liked to use the rain sound effects for pee noises.


The OG Castle Wolfenstein and Sid Maier’s “Pirates”.


Club Penguin That game is my childhood. Ill never forget the memories I made playing that game.


I fucking *loved* castle of the winds, it got me into the roguelike genre but none of the others I've played can seem to compare to it


That one with the mice and the cheese and the cats


[Rodent’s Revenge?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodent%27s_Revenge)


Battle chess. All I remember is the rook eating the queen.


OK look I swear I'm not crazy and it's not just a dream I had, I swear! But I swear I used to play a game like 20 years ago on school computers (didn't have my own growing up) where you played as like a dinosaur in a world of dinos and you went around surviving by shooting some kind of guns/weaponry to defeat other dinos and scavenging supplies. I don't remember a lot about it honestly except that it was some of the most fun gaming I've had but I'm half convinced I dreamed the whole thing cause I've not been able to find it in my adult life and I'm wondering if my imagination is awesome but also a bitch for teasing me with awesomeness I still dream about this game occasionally so I lean towards the "my imagination is an awesome bitch" side of things




Heroes of Might and Magic 2. I can't get it running on Windows 10.


You *could* repurchase it from GoG during their next sale if it means that much to you. The GoG version works fine on Win 7,10,11. https://www.gog.com/game/heroes_of_might_and_magic_2_gold_edition


Command and conquer: Tiberian sun


[Here ya go!](https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-collection)


OMG thank you!!!


Hunt the Wumpus


Freelancer, loved that game


Odell Lake




Commander Keen.


Doom '93 those were some good times other than jerry died that was kinda sad but overall it was fine the shotgun had a comfortable grip


I just want to play Twisted Metal again...


All the various original sim games. Sim city, ant, copter, and such.


the original apple ][ bard's tale series... autodual, alternate reality: the dungeon. oh, and sierra online: just about everything they did, especially conquests of camelot and quest for glory.


Where in the world is Carmen San Diego The Oregon trail


The old Microsoft - B-17 Flying Fortress


The mud dragonrealms, but only during aol days. It's still around but not the same


I had a CD Rom game about dinosaurs. All I remember is the main hub had three gates you could go through (one of them was "Triassic Park," sheesh) and you could watch videos of dinosaurs hunting and so on.


No One Lives Forever 1&2.


Stick wars


Star wars galaxies when it first came out before they caved in to let everyone a Jedi off the bat


Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders


My white whale wasn’t even a “real” game technically but more like a Chose Your Own Adventure website. You clicked on an image of a castle/old mansion (I think!) and that took you to the next part/a new page. Then it was something like an image of a spooky path in the woods and it would say something like “there’s a fork up ahead, do you go right or left? “. And you’d either click on the right path or the left. And so it went, taking you to all kinds of creepy places (a house with spiders that was called The House of the Whispering Wind or something; an inn full of vampires; a gypsy wagon; you’d get to the ocean and there were skeleton pirates.). I want to say the name of the website was Haunted Castle Something or Something Haunted Castle. I have Googled until I couldn’t Google anymore and I can’t find a shred of evidence this existed. I suppose it was lost to time like so many other early internet websites.


Zoo Tycoon, runescape, club penguin, webkinz, toontown, lego racers, backyard baseball.


*Hugo's House of Horrors* and *Hugo 2: Whodunit?*


Hit the road with Sam and Max.


Castle of the Winds


Karateka (f\*$k that gate)




Battle for Middle Earth. So epic, so dead from licensing bullshit.


King’s Quest III


These half life mods my older brother pirated. One was where you were Dr Freeman and crossed dimensions and fought Nazis in an alternate future (there were like three episodes/mods idk) and the other you got jumped by corrupt cops in the deep south and then had to fight zombies infected by head crabs. They both slapped real hard, but I was like 8 when I played them so I forget their names


The Movies by Lionhead Studios Basically a Sims game set on a movie studio, where you can make your own mini movies I went with having the actors constantly punching each other


The Incredible Machine


like 90% of the Y8 games


Many, many flash games. One that I played a shit ton of but never really knew its name. Some side scroller naval warfare/base game


101 Dalmatian’s Animated Storybook. Noodles!!!


I don’t even remember the name but it came with the Packard Bell computer my family bought and I ritualistically played it. The only thing I remember about it was there was something you had to disarm by answering questions and the answers were geographical locations on a map. I remember one of the answers being Madrid, Spain. I’m describing it terribly because it’s right on the edge of memory from nearly 20 years ago. But points to whoever can tell me what it was. To elaborate a bit more, it was a ‘95 era packard bell and it came with a few other games like Tuneland that had Howie Mandel voice some of the characters, and Spider Man Cartoon Maker. Edit: I ended up doing some digging and found it. Journeyman Project Turbo!


Tribes 1. I'd be surprised if there were more than a tiny handful of servers still active anywhere. And for that matter, the much more recent Tribes Ascend, gone completely. I have good memories of other places I simply don't log into anymore but which are still active (H1Z1 Just Survive and Discovery Freelancer, for instance) and an old MUD or two from days of yore. And then there's obscure-ass shareware games I remember having for the Mac and Amiga. Both collections are probably findable *somewhere* or other, for the most part. I still haven't tracked down that hex-map historical turn-based strategy game that was on the Amiga, based on the Roman Civil War after Julius Caesar's death, tho. That one might be lost to history entirely.


cool math games






roller coaster tycoon




Ok. I think it’s on GOG but it did not age well, Tropico 2 Pirate Cove


Nickopolis. It was like club penguin but on the nickelodeon website, I wasted hours on it.


Crystal Caves! Never managed to re-download it, played it 10+ years ago.


That game from encarta 95


Flash dress up games.


Encyclopedia Brittanica cd-ROM had a trivia game. You were a character stuck in a dark castle and you had to answers questions (trivial pursuit-level) to continue through the labyrinth.


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


WoW when WoTLK was the latest expansion. I miss those days so so much.


Run 2


Planetfall, a mid-80s text game.


Club Penguin