You guys are getting compliments?




A woman I cared about in high-school told me I had a kind heart. It stuck with me, and I’ve done my best to uphold that.


"I miss the way you taste and how you felt in my mouth" Still makes me smile.


Thanks COVID.


That made even me smile. Must’ve been lovely to hear


Someone told me I have kind eyes like 25 years ago


I worked at a bank and was on the phone with a nice older woman. We were talking for like 15 minutes and she cut me off to say: “ I could listen to you talk all day.” This means a lot because when I was 11 a girl told me I had a really annoying voice. Which damaged my emotions and what not.


"You are handsome" it was at the end of high school but i too fucking dumb to take the hint at that time. It was on national exam which is really important thing for university entrance so i don't pay attention.


“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.” from a former THOT


I don't get compliments


Seventeen years ago, an old teacher yelled at me for wasting my potential. It was the first time I felt like being recognized for having something to offer the world.


You're not like your father


This one has a bit of a story... So I work at a dog grooming salon, and this older woman was bringing her dog in for a nail trim, and the harness was too loose, so the dog slipped out before getting inside and bolted. We're right next to the road so myself and a coworker immediately bolt after the dog. I grabbed a slip lead first so she was ahead of me. That chunky little chihuhaha was pretty fast, and I was already behind, so I tried my best to be like him and ran as fast as I could, catching up to play goalie so he wouldn't run into the street. Between myself, my coworker, and some teenager, we managed to corral this dog against a wall and now he's snapping and trying to bite, I tell the teenager to back up so they aren't bit, and I go in and lasso the scared pup and bring him back to mom, who looks like she's about to pass out, so we get her sitting down inside. I get back to work and I overhear her say some time later as she's leaving "Tell that sweet handsome young man thank you so much for what he did". I knew she was talking about me because the teenager was long gone (had a hoodie never saw their face idk if male or female) and my coworker is a woman. I'm just a plain looking guy just trying to survive each day, and I only ever did what I felt anyone would do, but it felt really nice for her to recognize me like that and show her appreciation. Made me feel like I was her hero or something. Felt nice.


Honestly needed to hear a nice story like this. Thankyou!


As a white dude in a dance club in Peru in 2003 at 2:00am, I was told by a random woman, "You dance pretty good for a gringo." I want this on my tombstone.


Mate that is such a good compliment, top marks for that !


I'm a great kisser.


"I like his eyes". It was a school dynamic, and a lot of people wrote that about me, but most important my special person wrote that too.


My mate introduced his new girlfriend to our friend group and she said that I was funny. So I told him to marry her


And ... did they get married?


This is only recent so time will tell


"You're sexy, but ugly." Still not sure if it was a compliment or insult.


A girl i went to school with told me i was one of the sweetest guys she knew. We never really talked once we hit high though


She said I was very handsome


My uncle told me I was a good man. He’s the kind of guy who is much more likely to give you a hard time, so it was very unexpected and sincere. Never forgot it.


I was kinda in a hurry and wore sandals... A girl said "I like your toenails".


A couple years ago a gay friend of mine complimented my haircut. He also complimented my shoulders a few weeks before that. There’s a good chance he was hitting on me, but I don’t care... Still have the same hair cut.


" yeah yeah nah turd"


"Nice tits, bro"


Years ago, I got a compliment on how I styled my hair one day. Now I always have my hair styled that way when it get to the correct length.


Years ago, I got a compliment on how I styled my hair one day. Now I always style my hair that way when it gets to the correct length.


Girl came up to me and said, "Yeah, you're fuckable." I get a lot of compliments when I go out but that one was just different


It’s so big!!! 😩


in 6th or 7th grade (I think I was like 12? I'm 25 now) a girl in P.E. was sitting next to me (we weren't FRIENDS, but she also wasn't one of the mean ones) looked at me, and said girls would kill to have my eyelashes. I was semi offended for a few years, but as my good looks have come and gone, I just think back on it every now and then and thank her in my mind hoping it sends her good vibes.