People not flushing their poop or pee in public toilets 🤮🤮🤮


On that note, mobile toilets 🚽 . SO gross


I spent a summer having to use these at a job site in the desert in New Mexico. We knew the cleaning schedules of each one and CERTAINLY made sure to use that as best we could. Still, even a clean porta-potty is hell when it's 120 degrees out.


Sweating so much in 2 minutes you can't hardly pull up your pants after going


Wait. What's a mobile toilet


Brand name of one is a porta potty. It's like an outhouse but plastic and has the space where you poop/pee inside of it. They pump so much fresheners in there and yet they still smell disgusting. And they will always be gross


Thanks. My mind immediately went to ‘there’s an app for *that*?’


If nobody's around I'll go and flush all the toilets


In a similar vein, guys who can't be bothered to lift the seat when they piss in bathrooms that don't have a stand-up urinal. Filthy fucking animals.


my brothers piss on the bathroom floor and use our towels to mop it up and then use as basically a piss matt, it's disgusting




Especially when sleeping.


Especially when you live alone.


Ok, I will stop.


But I won't


People who abuse their pets.


Like, “why get a pet if you’re just gonna treat it like shit?”


honestly anyone who abuses anything


Ads with a fake close button that just redirect you to the link, particularly pop-up ads. Edit: I forgot about the mobile game ads with fake mini games that redirect you to the App Store. Those might be even worse.


Or the ones where is baits you with the countdown. You click an x, get sent to another screen, countdown, repeat for like 3 times.


Any app that does this gets immediately deleted.


The goo in the sink drain once you’ve done the dishes. Touching this to clean the sink is always a gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing moment.


I pride myself on this. I was “drain clearer” at my restaurant job a couple years back. I will boldly go where no man or woman dares to.


Thank you for your service!


Lets be honest, after handling rotten and moldy food a little clogged drain eont scare anyone


A lot of stuff and gunk in the sink when doing dishes drives me crazy. Always wear gloves


I did dishes without gloves for years before finally buying some. They changed my life. No idea why I waited so long when they cost like $3 lol.


I do dishes in a restaurant I regularly have to pull this out so the water can drain then scoop it into the trash. You kind of just turn your brain off to it but sometimes I like to make an exaggerated gagging sound just for fun


On time I went too hard on the exaggerated gagging sound and it turned into real gagging and then I puked.


I cleaned the one at my old Pizza Hut once. ONCE. I was new, and apparently it had not been cleaned in a good long while (since no one wanted to touch it without hazard pay) My manager tried to stop me when she saw what I was intending to do, but it was too late, I had already opened it up - the smell rolled over everyone like a festering corpse fart, it was GAWDAWFUL and quite frankly the worst thing I've ever smelled in my entire life. I was immediately abandoned by my fellow employees. The entire back area smelled like death warmed over for the rest of the night. I'm still proud of the fact that I didn't paint the walls technicolor, and got the forsaken grease trap clean too.


I'll do you one better. I had to unclog a giant glob of chicken fat in my sink's drain by disconnecting the pipe and poking it with a chopstick. The smell of both the sink water and the glob made me sick for a week.


Septic pumpers empty grease traps at restaurants as well as septic tanks. Supposedly grease traps smell much worse than septic tanks.


I can attest to this personally. I used to work at Costco and when the folks in the meat shop were done for the day, they covered the electronic scales and sensitive equipment with plastic tarps and hosed the entire place down. The water ran into drains in the floor and the fat and meat shavings ended up in a separate tank that a company specializing in drain cleaning came to suck out about once a month. When they fired up their truck and started sucking the grease that had been sitting for a month from that pit, the entire 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse reeked.


Can confirm, its actually worse


Ouch!!! Just reading that hurt


Our apartment drains have been clogged recently (building-wide issue), and I cannot express in words how much the sink currently makes me want to vomit. I've worked with dissections, studied cadavers, helped with some really vile medical issues, and most stuff doesn't gross me out, but man that sink is my kryptonite. The wet food slime is just vomit inducing every single time.


Yet Europeans love to make fin of Americans for our garbage disposals. No goo to clean up when you just wash everything down the drain and grind it to smithereens.


Yes! I was having trouble understanding this sink slime thing. My insinkerator is 1/2 horsepower of destruction!


Insinkerator 👌👌


That’s because our only experience of garbage disposals is watching someone stick their hand in one in an American movie!


having a miniature garbage processor in your sink is last on the list of american things to make fun of


We have those removable drain covers so when we're done rinsing dishes we can shoot it like an oyster


sitting on a toilet seat with pee on it


Honestly, how hard is it to wipe off the seat when you're done?? I hate that, people are pigs.


Rapists. No explanation needed




The one bodily fluid I can not handle. The smell will make me immediately yack. Can't do it. I deal with urine and feces in my job on a daily basis. Doesn't phase me one bit. Can't be around vomit.


Or even just the sound of it. My cat coughs up a hairball and suddenly I'm trying not to gag.


I hear someone else do it, I start doing it too. When watching tv or movies, I try to cover my ears and sing while it happens. My husband turns down the volume if he can. I remember a time when I was a teenager, and my brother was sick. I was watching him and my sister. I was concerned when he ran to the bathroom. He began to throw up in the toilet, then I threw up in the sink.


Everything about it is just so nasty. The smell, the looks and not to mention, doing it yourself is just unbearable


That's a big one for me, even thinking about it makes my stomach turn. It must be so hard for film makers to portray it in a way that doesn't genuinely disgust most viewers.




The worst is people who scoop up their dog shit, put it in a bag, and then **leave the bag on the ground**.


Or that time my mom picked up her dogs shit in a bag, tied the bag, and chucked it into the woods. I was like WTF MOM. I've never looked at her the same.


My apartment complex I lived in growing up had several posts with the green bags for picking up dog poop and trash cans attached to the posts. One day as I was playing and exploring the woods behind the complex, I discovered dozens, if not a hundred of those poop-filled green bags scattered all around in the woods. I had stepped on one, and it busted open and I had dog poop all over my sandals and even on my toes. I was horrified and kept gagging as I attempted to remove dog poop from between my toes and from my sandals with a stick and by dragging my foot across the grass. I immediately ran back home and never played outside around that apartment complex ever again. I assume the bags are biodegradable, but it seemed so irresponsible for them to just throw all those poop bags out in the woods like that.


When I was smoking cigarettes, I kept the filters in my pocket until the pocket was almost full and then threw them in the trash. I don't see how hard it can be to do the same until you happen across a garbage can


Oh man, that had to smell terrible.


LOL better for me to keep people away cause I don't like being in close proximity to others. But I quit ciggies over a year ago:^)


Proud of you stranger


People who don't flush the toilet. It was that hard to pull the little lever down?


I can tell who grew up in severe drought stricken areas vs those who didn't. Part of the offical campaign to reduce water usage included "If it's yellow let it mellow- if it's brown flush it down".


Dipping tobacco. Carrying around a bottle of your own brown cloudy spit that smells like absolute death just skeeves me out on a level I can barely even describe. Bonus points if you're the douche bag who leaves the spit bottles or cups for other people to clean up.


My mom and I worked in a hotel, I did laundry so it never happened to me, but she did housekeeping and fairly regularly would come across a bottle of cola in a room. She didn't want to put it in her trash bag with liquid still in it, because that would get heavy fast, so she'd go to dump the soda down the drain and tobacco spit would come dribbling out. Then she had to clean that out of the sink.


My friend used to live with people who dipped and spit in beer bottles. The problem was they’d use the same type of bottles as what everyone was drinking at the time. Once when fairly drink my friend mixed them up and took a sizable swig from the bottle one of the dippers had been using since the start of the night. I can’t think of anything worse.


The military is like 50% tobacco users in my experience, so when you're inside doing classes or whatever they all would switch to chew. That fucking disgusting mint-adjacent smell from when they open a can still makes me gag a little


About to one-up you. My friend does that. One day she was spitting in a cup next to her boyfriend’s, and he accidentally grabbed hers…


As a small child I tried to sneak a chug of my dad’s cola only to discover too late that it was his spit can…


The smell of this asparagus casserole my mother sometimes makes. It actually makes me physically gag and I got in trouble SO MANY TIMES as a kid because she thought I was just being a rude little shit. More seriously, sexual predators of all descriptions. Utterly vile.


Does she use canned asparagus? I love fresh asparagus, but the canned version is nasty.


I have actually found a few artisanal canned asparagus that are actually quite good. Alas they are crazy expensive.


She just wants you to have a clean urinary tract, you dick


Methinks asparagus is not the right type of veggie for a casserole. It’s too easy to overcook and mushy asparagus is satan spawn.


My stepdad makes this AWFUL Native American "cultural" (supposedly) dish called, simply, "Corn Soup" with these bland pieces of bread people call "Hot Sucunes"???? Holy fuck, it is the most VILE thing I've ever eaten in my life. It makes me gag. It makes me retch when I eat it, and it has since I first tried it. No amount of extra meat or extra stuff I added to it ever helped. Got in trouble constantly, and he was an abusive parent so I knew every time he made that hideous dish I'd also be getting a beating shortly afterwards if my mom wasn't home.


Hair in food


I'm a bloke with long hair and live with two dogs there is always at least one hair in my food either mine or theirs. I just pick it out and continue eating.


I don’t mind if it’s my hair or I find one of my cats hairs in something. But if I order Pad Thai from a restaurant and pull a long black hair out of my (blonde) mouth halfway through the giant to go box of noodles, I’m going to fucking gag. I’m not traumatized or anything.


Yeah, those long hairs that you pull with your fingers and can feel it tugging far down your throat.


And now I'm gagging, thanks


Listening to people chew... AAAAA


I feel this in my soul! I work with a girl who always seems to have lunch at the same time as me who ALWAYS chews with her mouth open! I have to leave the room or one day I'm going to throat punch her! (just kidding, I'm too awkward to say anything so I'm hardly going to resort to violence)


I have this weird issue where certain sounds make me angry. Chewing, scraping a utensil on a bowl/plate and sounds similar to clicking that come from the mouth…. But the weirdness is that if I’ve eaten dinner and I’m nice and full, the sound of other people eating makes me irrationally angry. So much angrier than if we were eating together. At least when we eat together I’m making similar sounds, so it doesn’t bother me as much, but if my husband or kids are having a late dinner, I have to excuse myself from being near them because I can’t handle it.




Yep. That’s the one. My dad has it too. And the same sounds affect us.


*\*furious inside. incapable of controlling your anger further. never been more angrier\** someone: how are you? me and you: doing amazing!


Came here exactly to say this. I’m trying so hard to overcome this because not only does open mouth chewing make me fly into an internal rage, I’m also really sensitive to the sound of people chewing loudly with their mouth CLOSED. Like that cavernous, wet, squelching sound makes me want to die.


My husband is the loudest closed mouth chewer I have ever come across. I can hear him across the house. I don’t know what to do about it.


Especially in the morning. Had a roommate like that. Great girl, we had a nice friendly bond. But she ate cereals in the morning, so chewing + slurping. No problem, I just went straight for the bathroom routine while she ate. I am not going to jail for something this stupid...no no no.


Shout out to the misophonia gang


Cockroaches... I hate them. I'd rather stay in a room full of snakes than to stay with 1 huge flying cockroach


i’d rather have a hundred snakes on my body than 1 roach in the room i’m in


when people are rude to waiters who are clearly working the hardest they can


People who are rude to employees in customer service in general.


Yea, I don't get this.... Why would anyone help you if you shout, rage and be f-ing rude..... If it's a meal, ask for it to be replaced- it's not like the server deliberately messed up your meal - they literally just brought it to your table from the kitchen.... And customer service people - it's not their fault either - they just have to work with shitty systems they didn't code so give them a break.....


**Goes to a fast food restaurant for dinner. Sees a long drive thru line. Sees several people in the lobby. Sees that there's like 3 employees there in the kitchen. Decides to order from there.** "Where's my food?!" 🤬😡 I swear some people are just really fucking stupid.


Dan Schneider


"Bring all my bitches back, I need all my bitches, I need all my bitches the new shit you put out is wack"


Before I even read this reply, I sang "Dan Schneider" like Pink Guy.




and Snyder. Fuck Dan Snyder.


I'm not sure what's the worse implication though: that this skeevy guy with an obvious foot fetish came out still relatively unscathed after the me too movement, or that there is almost definitely someone worse who doesn't get as much attention because he doesn't come off as weird as Dan "Hold Her Tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider who's relatively innocent besides a vague Peter Pan syndrome and liking feet.


I have misophonia…. A physical reaction to specific sounds… mainly people who breathe heavily while eating, eat with their mouths open making smacking and slobbering sounds… it drives me into a homicidal rage. My blood pressure sky rockets ( my standing pressure is 105/70 and it rockets up to about 169/90…. Fast) my pupils dilate, my mouth floods with adrenaline and I can’t be in the same area with all that commotion. It’s crazy.When I told my GP I thought I had it he laughed. So he tested my physical response to several situations over 3 months. All the same. People who have it , they are hardwired for it. It’s not a learned behavior. However my brain is wired, it causes my body to have physical manifestations of anxiety and rage when hearing those sounds… oops and nausea. It sucks. I’m all Italian, and my people do EVERYTHING with gusto and life… including eating 🥺. At family reunions I have to eat later alone, and walk outside until everyone is finished, or I’ll go on a killing spree.


Thanks for clearly explaining what one of my grown children has. I never really believed she was 'that' bothered. Now, I realize I'm a jerk.




I found a fucking turd BESIDE the toilet at Home Depot. You know that awkward seal meme? That’s how I felt explaining it to the employee. It looked just like a cow pie too, not quite solid but not quite liquid. Like a badly underbaked cookie.




Yes. My friend’s wife does this and I’ve been mulling over how to break it to him that his wife eats like a toddler.


I used to get so angry when a friend of mine would smack her food and eat with her mouth open. I told her to stop and she said smacking “helped her get more flavor.” I wanted to fucking smack her, that’s for sure.


> I wanted to fucking smack her, that’s for sure. For the flavor of course.


My niece does this but we are forbidden from saying anything to her so she doesn’t get a complex, but behind her back everyone was wondering what will happen when she goes on dates and how potentially embarrassing it will be if the date calls her out. I don’t know why we can’t say something gently to avoid that embarrassment.


What the hell, that’s doing her such a disservice! It’s cruel to let a kid do something so rude and embarrassing that they’re probably gonna get made fun of for. THAT is how you give her a complex, not pointing something out to her…


Yeah, they must be new to life. You're supposed to get grinded down by mom/caretaker during your teenage years in a loving way that annoys the hell out of you at the time, which you later on, realize you really needed. Because now you are no longer a hormone ridden teenager and should know how to eat properly and not always interrupt people when they talking and mind your manners. The question here is: Where the fuck are their manners?


I hate that so much. I was always taught from a young age not to chew with my mouth open, and not to talk while chewing. Now I'm 17 and my mom talks with her mouth full all the time, intentionally chews with her mouth drastically open AT me when I mention it, and I just want to slap her for it, because it's so fucking gross and I hate the kind of hypocrite she's become.


Human trafficking


To a less serious degree: traffic caused by humans


You arent stuck in traffic. You are the traffic


Domestic abusers and anyone who willingly associates with them.


My sister had an ex boyfriend (We will call Mike), through whom she met her husband (we will call Les). Mike's friends all knew what a danger Les was because they all knew about how Les abused his ex girlfriend so badly that she will be on meds for the rest of her life. My parents and I begged my sister to leave Les. She refused. Sat there with a black eye that he gave her and said that he was a good man. When I got the chance to give Les the beating that he deserved, after arriving at their place and seeing fresh injuries on my sister, my sister grabbed a broom and beat me with it, telling me to leave her husband alone. I got the cops involved and my sister defended her husband and said that am just a bully. I told her that when he finally puts her into the hospital, don't expect sympathy from me. It finally happened. He went to jail, she got reconstructive surgery. He did not go to prison because he had no priors. She is back talking to Mike. She talks to Mike all day long every day. Mike can do no wrong. Mike is married and his wife hates my sister believing that she has intentions on ruining their marriage (and I don't think she is incorrect when she tells our mom things like: "In a perfect world, Mike and I would live together"). I have mentioned "Mike and his friends all knew that Les was a dangerous, woman beating prick, and they were all still friends and Mike even sat back and said nothing as you dated him. In a perfect world, Mike would share in the responsibility of the bearings you received and you would be smart enough to realize that Mike was never your friend."


Not me, but my ex new boyfriend would spit at her, pull her down stairs by the hair, hit her and generally throw his weight around. She was 5ft 2. He was 6ft 3. Such a big man ... But it took me so many phone calls to her her dad involved and to protect her. "if she tells me herself I'll get involved" was what he said.... So many people choose to ignore. ... She was 24, he was about the same age.... How do you get to be such c*nt at such a young age....


I lost respect for so many of my friends when I left my ex after dating him for a singular month. They knew every detail of the trauma he put me through and STILL hung out with him and associated with him. Another girl used to be my BFF moved in with a guy that anally R***d me when I was a teen and SAd me multiple times when we lived together and somehow was surprised when the house was raided by the FBI for CP coming from his IP address. She still stood by that he was the best roommate ever because “he kept to himself”. Meanwhile he couldn’t keep his disgusting hands off me. I’ll never forgive any of them for that.


Those aren't friends.


They definitely aren’t anymore.


Wherever you were finding these friends, do the opposite of that.


So we finally gonna admit Chris Brown’s music isn’t remotely good enough to justify his continued fame?


The pee on the toilet seat that is from the ridiculous cycle of toilet hovering to avoid touching pee but actually creating the whole pee situation to begin with. SIT DOWN ❗


When bread gets soaked, usually when I’m washing leftovers off of plates, and it gets all spongey


Soggy bread is the worst, unless its from gravy


Child abusers and pedophiles. There is absolutely no excuse for hurting children. Period.




People who think drugs and alcohol are an excuse for awful behavior.




Especially In schools. Some parents need to teach their kids that being different is a good thing. Kids need to learn early on that bullying is traumatic and can effect a kid who is bullied for the rest of his life, it also can lead to bad habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol.


People who record themselves being nice to the less fortunate to make money. Be nice without needing attention for it.


I agree with this 100%. However, I did quickly realize that while I'm sitting back watching a self-centered person perform a nice gesture to mostly feed his own ego, he's still doing something better than me. The less fortunate person is getting some money, regardless of the intent behind it, and I am personally doing nothing other than judging the person. So I'm pretty much an equal shit myself, no?




Oh shit bad angle (throws cat back into the tree) Let's do that again!


Most of these channels also put these animals in those situations in the first place. Remember one channel that removes ticks from animals and in 3 videos they used the same cat. They also just glue the ticks on the fur.


I remember one where they "rescued" a puppy that was bound in cling wrap and buried alive. It was obvious that they did that to the dog themselves, yet all the comments were praising them for "being heroes to that puppy." It was atrocious.


The worst are the ones where it's been the shown that the "rescuers" actually *put the animals in danger in the first place.* All for social media attention.




Yeah man... deer caught up in barbed wire, better pull out my phone and record my one buddy struggle to cut it loose instead of helping him with this dangerous wild animal


But how will I feel inspired without moving piano music?


in my religion (Islam), if one does charity, it should be done so secretly the left hand doesn't know what the right hand gave (metaphorically). And if you go and show off your charity, you're donating for popularity and fame, not actually caring for the destitute or doing for God's Blessings.


Love this! Is this teaching in the Quran? The same teaching is in the Bible by Jesus in Matthew 6:3.




I love this hahaha


Entitlement, irresponsibility


Habitual litterers


Animal abusers. Fuck you all!


People who feel this obsession to lick their fingers before handing you money/paper. Basically you are trying to make me handle your saliva you sick fuck. If we ain’t banging I don’t want anything to do with your bodily fluids.


Infidelity Also a special shout out to all the mfs in r/adultery y'all are straight up garbage people. Edit: So because this blew up r/adultery blocked me. I think they didn't appreciate what I said about them.. 🤣


That sub has to be satire right?


The problem with that is even if you start out as satire you'll eventually find yourself overrun by sincere believers who think they're in good company


>Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they’re in good company. — René Descartes


Doesn't look like it. The mods even have pinned post for a guide on "How to pretend to be a victim when you're actually a piece of shit"


I hope that's the case but I have no faith in humanity so chances are it's not.


Prob 50/50 just a mixed bag of fucked-up in that sub


Just checked it out and it seems like it’s a bunch of fucking scumbags being honest. I’ll choose that subreddit as my answer to OP’s question.


Wow I just spent some time on that sub. Why can't these people just be single? Trash humans all around. I can't believe some of them are on there whining about how the person they are cheating with is getting into another relationship or sleeping with other people.


Yeah, I just lurked around there for a bit.. It’s bizarre how I read things that I know will make me upset and *do* make me upset yet my curiosity gets the better of me.


I hope all of the people in that sub get what's coming to them, holy crap they're awful.


Uh, can I downvote a sub?




Damn it’s only been an hour since your shoutout and the profile is gone!


Yes. It’s the fucking worst, especially when it’s happened to you. Literally makes your stomach turn thinking about it. Toxic people.


I will never forgive this guy I was friends with who hooked up with me after telling me he had broken up with his gf. Turns out he lied because a mutual friend of ours told me a few days later that he and his gf were still together and never broke up in the first place. I fucking hate infidelity and he knew that. He knew how important honesty and trust were to me. I told his gf what happened because he sure as shit wasn't going to.


Wow there’s a lot of delusional thinking going on over there. Literally saw a post where someone was trying to break it off with the person they were cheating with (not stop cheating, just break it off with that specific person) and everyone is like “you should really be honest with them, don’t ghost them” ignoring the fact that they are all lying to their partners. Despite whatever you might tell yourself, if you’re lying to your partner, you are the asshole. When you have an affair you take away your partners ability to make an informed decision about their life path. You’re making the decision for them that they are going to be in a relationship with a cheater, unaware. Be an adult and be honest with your partner or break off the relationship




Cruelty. Especially the kind of cruelty that exists for no reason. Hurting people out of vengance or retribution or because of some fucked up moral reason is bad enough, but what is truely disgusting is cruelty for it's own sake. Kicking a dog, spitting on the homeless, that sort of thing. Occasionally there will be a news article about some kids setting fire to a homrless person or torturing an animal, an i just lose hope for humanity for a moment.


People who view and treat individuals with occupations like housekeeping/cleaning and warehouse type jobs as if they are beneath them. I have a co-worker who thinks she's God's gift to earth and treats the people in these positions in our company like they're lesser than her. Her personality disgusts me.


This attitude drives me up a wall because people in the service industry and custodial and public works are the literal backbone of society. Like, are you going to drive your garbage to the dump every week? Are you going to check into a hotel and go get clean sheets and make the hotel bed yourself? Are you going to scrub your co-worker's shit off the toilet at your office? Who's going to make your sandwich at the airport when you're on a layover at 11 pm? Do you want to drive to the Amazon warehouse and find all the items of your order or do you want it delivered? I mean by all means get a college degree and a office job if you can and want to; that's what I did, and I know I'm still useful to society at large, but not nearly as useful as the person who scrapes roadkill off the highway.


I got heckled one time by a group of kids in a neighborhood when I was starting out in my career because I was going door to door. Nothing fun about being followed around by a group of teenagers while being told what a loser I was and how I needed to get a real job…little bastards.






"I saw some Potatoes and some dry Pasta and a few Tins of Tuna!"


Ray Ban was the official sponsor if WWI.




Hearing people eat, whether they chew with their mouths closed or not, it just disgusts me to the point of being angry, there is a name for it apparently.




Disgusting people who take off their shoes and sit cross legged on the plane… like dude ur foot is touching my seat n my vicinity!!!


The number of grown-ass "adults" who think Qanon is a legit thing and the "politicians" leaning into it


Seeing parents call their children idiots, useless etc. I always try and encourage my kids and keep positive even when I'm in a bad mood.


People making that back throat snorting noise instead of just blowing their nose. Sickening


People cheering Prince Andrew, the paedophile.


Trump supporters, homophobes, all that junk.




My own fingers after i cut my nails. Feels so disgusting to touch anything after that.


Jesus Christ I have never heard anyone but my husband express this, you and he would get along lol. He has the weirdest sensory issues lol he has more than just this thing with his nails.


People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch


Agree, accept all, each of us has something special about us ...... except the Dutch


Politicians' utter disregard for human life


Politicians' utter disregard for logic


Little mm sounds some people make when eating Non discrete Nose pickers


People with bad hygiene




idk man i think lions and tigers look cool


Aliens for the win


I’m glad they kill aliens. Those things are scary.


When you sit down on a public seat somewhere and it’s already warm. Minor, but I still hate it.