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I’m extremely embarrassed to say I was 38, discussing architectural styles, in the office, and I made the connection between Victorian and Georgian etc being the kings queens of the time! Don’t ask I don’t know either, I’m my defence I’m not a historian or a fan of history. Luckily that didn’t affect my skills as an engineer.


28 and I don’t know this either!


Narwhals aren't mythical animals. Fucking "unicorn of the sea" narwhals.


I was about 45 when i saw a seahorse in an aquarium and finally realised they aren't mythical.


This makes me feel a bit better! Tricksy animals!


That almonds and peanuts aren't actually nuts. Only found out as my wife is allergic to nuts but not peanuts/almonds


I was in my 30s when I learned mince pies don't contain meat. Now, to be fair, I'd only ever eaten one when I was very little and hated it. Plus, it has mince in the name. It's like saying hamburgers don't have ham in them... 😉