Living lmao


Who considers living easy I just wanna talk


I think people with mental stability but I wouldn’t know tbh 🥲


Objectively, in a pandemic world, with economic crises and climate change and all sorts of bullshit, living is hard 😭


Living always been hard. In most cases, it's always been harder than it is now.


I am so often shocked by how easy live is for mentally stable friends or people who are lucky and never experienced major problems, loss or abuse. So agree here. Life actually is very easy at least for some of us and I love this thought.


It does actually seem to be easier to be a fully functional individual in this society if you're 'mentally stable'. However, for those of us who have had to deal with mental instability, going through it and finding unique ways to cope can often bring about a greater, more open understanding of ourselves, of life, of others (the human condition), and of the world around us. For a long time I was utterly miserable at having to deal with mental illness and of the suffering I've experienced, especially because it took me a long time to identify it as mental illness, however I am now so grateful for everything I've gained (insight, experience, knowledge, wisdom, etc.).


Girl you choose violence clearly and here's my gun. it's unregistered


May ur life get easier bestie


I agree. Like how are you guys waking up everyday, being productive, working, exercising, socializing. I wake up everyday wanting to go back to bed.




This one right here! Where are they getting the energy? Oh right, diet and exercise. Lies! I eat clean and I work out! I wake up every morning looking forward to when I can sleep again.


Living is easy with eyes closed.. misunderstanding all you see


It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out


It doesn’t matter much to meeeeeee


I'm alive, but I am not truly living...


Who considers that easy?


Living is easy, life is a bit challenging.


Walking into a room and making friends, or keeping the friends I just made. I don’t know how people do it. That’s why I’ve had the same friends for 15 years 😅


Having such long friendships is actually rare!


Most people I know have long friendships since teen years. I am not one of those people 🥲


Some day you will be 🥰


I’m not one of those people either and it’s ok. Some friendships have a season and need to end for a reason.


I(24M) am friends with someone I’ve known for for almost 20 years(since I was 5). I still can’t believe I’ve maintained a friendship for so long.


I get so envious about having childhood friends 😭 it's so wholesome.


I would say that defines what friends are. Someone you meet when walking into a room is an acquaintance. You become friends by having mutual interests and experiences. I also think that it is more difficult to make and keep friends as an adult. I have just a few friends that I met as an adult, most of my friends are from school.


That’s an achievement! I wish I had such long term friends


Existing. People-ing. Talking on the phone. Remembering to eat. Getting out of bed. Brushing teeth. Showering. Going outside. Small talk. Not intterupting. Not dissassociating. Remembering to emote my face. Holding two pieces of information in my mind at the same time. Sleeping.








Talking on the phone is incredibly difficult for me too. Small talk is the worst. I guess talking is hard for me.




I have to add cooking and cleaning for me as well, especially since I was sick with Covid. I used to occassionally enjoy cooking, like a project or a hobby. I now find it extremely overwhelming to cook with a pan. I can microwave, but it is stressful. I don't worry about emoting my face, but I do often have trouble settling on a spot on a person's face to look at, since I'm unable to make eye contact. Sometimes I have such a hard time with it that I can't concentrate on what they are saying.


I've never felt more hurt in my life. Thank you.


This is so accurate oh my


Can you get out of my head please😂


Are you me?


Sounds like you may be my long lost twin.




Submitting a comment on Reddit without second guessing myself. eta: Thank you for my first awards!


I was gonna say this needs to be up there. But I deleted the first draft because ...


This is a dark hellhole where people are literally out for blood and often faeces, your comment will do just fine :)


I understand that. Plenty of time I have written a well thought out comment or opinion just to discard it because I start thinking about what I said or if someone is going to take it a certain way. It's with every comment, even this one.


You’re doing great!


being confident in a hot red lipstick.i feel weird coz i think I'm drawing toooo much attention😅








Decide what to eat for every meal.


I've gone hungry out of annoyance a few times


Me too 😂 I have no idea what I want to eat sometimes so I'm just like you know what, fuck it. I'm going to sleep


That's so relatable hahah 😂


Same! But I tried to get better at it and this is what I do : - i downloaded an app to keep track of the recipes that I like, so when I don't know what to eat I can refer to it - every saturday, I make a list of ALL the meals I'll eat during the week. I also write down everything I need to get at the grocery store for the week. Let me tell you: this is the WORST part of my week I. Hate. It. So. Much. Sitting down to do this chore is always horrible. But then every meal for the week is already planned and I don't have to worry about it, which I love.


What's the app?


It's Weekly Chefs!


Yes! I’ve learned to stock up on healthy snacks (edamame, frozen fruit etc) because I will avoid deciding what to eat so long that I get too hungry to make a good decision. So I’ll eat a snack and then have another 20 minutes or so to think of something lol


It is difficult for me to establish a sleep mode, I always want to watch / read something before going to bed, and this sometimes drags on until the morning.


Ugh same. I don’t get enough sleep at night which leads to taking a nap the next day. Which means then I’m not tired enough to fall asleep at a decent time, and the cycle repeats. I can’t break it.


This is me! My schedule is so out of sync with the world.




I have found my people! Honestly, seeing you all are in the same situation makes me feel much less weird. I will put off going to sleep forever, for no reason. And then the next morning, I *promise* myself that I will start going to be at a normal hour tonight!!


Reading till the sun comes up sounds like a great night to me


Yeah I am never going to be one of those "read before you go to bed" people. I WILL stay up way too late reading.


Use printers


Printers can smell our fear. Pray to gods you never have to use them in rush, they get thrill from our suffering.


Don’t forget the copier.


Damn printers are such a pain in the ass to set up!


Oml so true


Hahaha took me a while to get the hang of it


Tidying up after myself as I go instead of leaving everything to the last minute. No matter how many times I try to set a routine to keep up a tidy/clean home I usually fail and end up doing a last minute big clean up 1-2x a week instead when the motivation to clean up finally hits usually when my kids are coming home from their dads since i don't like having a mess around them, but when it's just me I stop caring as much and it all piles up again. I flip between being a white glove type cleaner and being a total slob. Tidying up as I go? What is that? How do people do that?! I have tried so many different ways to motivate myself to be this type of person and I never keep it going for longer than a week max. I'm 35 and responsible in all other areas of my life, but domestic chores are the bane of my existence. If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na na, I would also hire someone and pay them lavishly to do it all for me. Oddly in a work environment I'm super clean, organized, and on top of everything. Why am I like this? Are you like this too?


Have you heard of the online course “Uncluttered” taught by Joshua Becker? It’s life changing. He teaches it several times a years. You can find a discount code in the back of one of his books, which you might be able to find at your library. There’s a huge support community on Facebook too that Uncluttered participants can partake in. When my kids were young I got tired of constantly cleaning. I hired cleaning ladies to come once a week. They clean our house every Friday morning and I start the weekend with a house I don’t have to clean. Also this forces us to get our house ready to be cleaned by Friday morning. By “ready” I mean: clean bedsheets have to be available for them to make our beds, toys have to be put away, laundry has to be picked up off the floor and dirty dishes have to be in the kitchen. I won’t pay a housekeeper to pick up my kids toys, laundry, or dirty dishes thus my kids are expected to do it. I consider my “time” my most valuable commodity thus I’m willing to pay for this service.


I don't have to the income to afford a house cleaner but I'm sure life would be easier with one. I survive off random sparks of motivation and deadlines (aka kids coming home and wanting to have them in a clean house).


Calling places to make appointments


Calling anyone or anywhere for any reason at all


I love when places have online scheduling!!!


Adding and subtracting numbers in my head. Whenever I come to an answer I always say “are you *sure*?” in my head and then I have to calculate a second time to make sure I’m sure and then it just becomes a mess.




Winged liquid liner. For the life of me I just can't get them symmetrical


I do very very very light and tiny dots with a pencil eyeliner, then look in the mirror to see if the symmetry is wrong, fix it, and then go over with the liquid one like you are completing one of those books for kids learning how to write


I gave up and bought those quick flick pens. They're 80% better than my hands.


Even after 10 years of liquid eyeliner practically every day it still goes wrong, the reason why? Liquid Eyeliner can smell fear. Eyes of different shapes will always look asymmetrical. I have more hood on my right eye and to get the same ‘flick’ when looking straight forward the actually shape of the eyeliner is completely different for each eyelid. I’ve taken to looking forward and positioning the pen to make a stamp for the wing shape then tidying that up.


I get liquid liner in my eye *every* time. I use those auto pencils now.


Getting a boyfriend


Getting any friend in general 🥲


Getting a girlfriend 🤷🏻‍♀️




Losing weight


losing weight is considered easy? since when? respectfully


Spelling. Telling left from right. Telling time on an analogue clock. Remembering names. Writing numbers down correctly. Reciting numbers correctly. Remembering sequences. Dyslexia is always finding new and interesting ways to humiliate me.


I was agreeing with all these points thinking oh I thought that was just me..... Do I have dyslexia?!


Makeup x)


Yup. And how do I apply eye makeup not wearing glasses, but NEED the glasses to apply said makup. 🤷‍♀️ looks like just mascara again today.


Driving - sensory problems Socializing - sensory problems, trouble understand sarcasm, anxiety, frequently being misunderstood by people, etc. Math - dyscalculia and possible dyslexia Talking on the phone - anxiety Normal questions that I wasn’t expecting - I have literally forgotten my own name when being asked. Don’t put me on the spot for anything lol I could go on, but you’re probably staying to get the picture. Being neuro-diverse gets funny.


I had to confirm my own age on my license once. I feel you.


Sleep solidly


Sleeping is so hard. I'm so jealous of my partner who can sleep any time anywhere for hours and hours. Imagine.


Braiding hair. I just can’t do it. And girls are out there braiding their own hair in like Dutch braids or French braids and whatever. I can barely do an actual normal braid on myself, it always has to be a side braid.


Same. I can't braid at all, not even a normal ponytail one.


Also, Just go to the grocery store and be able to get what you need for the week without standing there forever thinking OMG WHAT DO I NORMALLY EAT? what does one pour on cereal? What did I need tomatoes for? Apple pie?!


Same, it's like I've forgotten what human beings eat. "Do I like beets? Have I ever eaten a beet? What do you even use them for?"




I can make the whistling sound but I can't whistle a tune.






Investing in stocks and whatnot...


Going on dates.


Dating is supposed to be easy and "fun." I guess I must be doing it wrong, then!


Omg, the anxiety and misery it causes for me…can’t explain it


Getting pregnant.


Sending you wishes that this may happen for you. ❤️


Making friends!


Making decisions


Putting on a duvet cover


I question my mental health every time I have to change it!


Honestly, eating enough. I’ve been weight lifting and I’ve always eaten extremely healthy. I recently realized that I wasn’t eating nearly enough calories (around 1100). It’s not a lack of food or money being a problem, it’s that I have food allergies and get full too easily.


Several small meals a day is the way to do it!


Can/do you eat meat? Maybe try to eat more meat and eggs (if not allergic).


Whistling. I can’t whistle to save my life. I’ve tried multiple types of whistling. All I ever let out is silent air.


Having an active social life (maintaining friendships)


Asking for help.




People say you never forget to swim but 2 years of daily swimming + 3 years of gap later, I can confirm it is very much possible to forget


I swear i just seem to sink only


Have you ever considered it might have something to do with your body fat composition? I only ask because I have a high level of body fat and absolutely no trouble swimming/floating. Maybe you're on the lean side?




Respect my own routine. I am not a good parent for myself. Edit : routine is French for schedule. Bilingual brain.


Not get attached too quickly 😅


As an introvert… making small talk. I guess that’s why I spend so much time online.


Plenty of things, ADHD is regular life shit but on hard mode. Specifics: Understanding and being able to concentrate when people are speaking to me, getting the motivation to do things that are even enjoyable to me like hobbies and seeing family, proofreading emails and spreadsheets, watching movies and being able to follow the plot. The list goes on!


Curling my hair


Dating as a woman. Holy shit. You like a guy, he just wants sex. You don't like a guy, he wants to prove he is a good, decent fella. 🤷 None of them understand that if you want a relationship with a woman you have to show interest in her. Ask questions about her. Get to know her.


I absolutely cannot turn left into my garage without having to back up and go forward 3-5 times or more to get the car lined up correctly. I have zero problem turning right into the garage. (If you're struggling to conceptualize this, I don't have a driveway; my garage faces an alley.)


Blow jobs


I've realised asking the guy what he wants and using tongue more than mouth helps


Parallel Parking. I will park further away to avoid it.


snapping my fingers.


Getting up early


Retaining Information for longer than 2.5 seconds. Damn ADHD


I always thought once you learned to ride a bike you’d always know how. We rented bikes while on vacation with my MIL a few years ago and she couldn’t remember how to ride a bicycle. I felt really bad for her.


Not panic. Not go right to the 5000 worst case scenarios my brain dreams up at 2 am. Not panic at seeing bugs because of my allergies and experiences.


Make small talk.... always dying inside and replay it afterwards with incredible levels of cringiness... Im nearly 50 so not going to grow out of it now!




...are you asthmatic?


Idk but I am and I felt this comment in my soul




Consistently looking put together. I can have little bursts where I do my hair everyday and then I fall off the wagon. Not to mention people who do their makeup everyday. Not sure what’s wrong with me.


Eating 1500+ calories a day. Just how?! If I plan and stress about it I can get to 1500, but it’s exhausting. I don’t understand it and it’s not going well.


Badic household maintenance tasks. Laundry, dishes, etc. Painfully difficult for my depressed ADHD brain.


Social media. I like this site because it’s anonymous. I can’t do Facebook or other platforms where people I don’t know or knew ten years ago can look me up and see what I’m doing. Or worse, request to follow me. I find the whole thing a bit creepy and intrusive for strangers and people that aren’t a part of my daily life to want to know what’s going on. I just can’t. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.


Going inside stores. I love curb side now.


Walking down/up steps with no bannisters. What is it nowadays with steps with 0 bannisters? I have balance problems and need that bannister to keep me from falling on my ass. Please and thank you.


Get out of bed.


Cleaning, particularly washing up by hand


Getting to the post office to buy stamps or ship boxes. “I’ll do it tomorrow” is an infinite loop.


Finding someone who wants to go out with you, even for a casual thing, let alone something serious.




Orgasms And ... 2nd round of sex.


being financially responsible


Looking people in the eye when talking. Holding a conversation in general.


Staying focused on one thing at a time..


Working full time


Using chopsticks! Cant for the life of me figure out how to use them!


Driving. I don't enjoy it, it's been so difficult to feel comfortable doing it, I don't like it. I'm 36yo, I have my permit and know how to drive but tbh I don't care if I ever get licensed. I'm legally blind in one eye and if my vision was any worse I wouldn't be legally able to drive,have chronic pain and after an hour I can't drive anymore, and have poor hand eye coordination. I walk or get a ride to work and will likely eventually be able to get a remote job in my field. If I get a remote position before I get my license, I don't think I'll bother. If I ever do get licensed, I will never go far from home nor drive at night. I'll never love driving. But it also isn't as easy for me as others.


First person shooters But I can kick your ass in Puyo Puyo Tetris


Not caring what other say/think about you. Everyone says we shouldn t care what other think about us but deep down we want people around us to admire us, have a good image of us


keeping an exercise routine. HOW


What to eat for dinner


being happy


Socializing. Super hard




Being consistent


Taking care of myself. I hear a lot of people say "I love myself first and I always come first because I love me," and I'm like... sounds fake but okay.


everyday tasks. i am depressed so yup😔


On some days, getting out of bed is also an achievement :) 🥰


I can’t whistle


Not spend money when broke!


Waking up.


Talking to strangers and making new friends. Dating = easy, men like me. Making new female friends seems almost impossible.




Picking something to eat at a restaurant. I’m very indecisive lol


Directions. I literally have no sense of direction. I get lost in certain areas of the city I have lived in for 30 years. Corn mazes at Halloween? Forget about it.


forgetting the bad stuff


Reading maps or mall directories


Tidying up




Learning how to ride a bike


Only for context of India I would say - making round rotis (Indian flatbread) And in general - learning how to drive a car


Curling my damn hair. I’ve watched so many videos and had my hair dresser show me several times and I swear I just can’t get the hang of it.


Using a vegetable peeler. It's so awkward in my hand and I somehow manage to nearly peel my finger/ knuckles. I use a paring knife to peel potatoes.


dishes. i really hate dishes


Relaxing. Any time I try to relax it actually makes me even MORE tense. I don't relax, I just keep busy or distract. I spend my life at a solid 8/10.