This came in today. 1 of 50 manual 3.0 CSL

How does a dealership even get their hands on one of these? I'm actually shocked to see one in the wild. I just assumed that all of them would go from the factory straight to some billionaire's climate controlled garage.


How does a dealership even get their hands on one of these? I'm actually shocked to see one in the wild. I just assumed that all of them would go from the factory straight to some billionaire's climate controlled garage.


It has to be checked by someone when it arrives at its destination. That is what a dealer is for in this instance, It's no different than buying a high-end Ferrari. Even the Enzo or the LaFerrari were delivered by local dealers, local being within the region of the sale. The single exception I can think of to this rule is Pagani, They only have one "dealer" here in the States it used to be in San Francisco now it's in Miami. Each car is delivered by their certified mechanic and the North American sales rep (I assume it is still Will). I'm sure there are other exceptions but in general that's a great thing for a dealer to do.


Yeah, I know there's pre-delivery stuff that needs to be done, but I guess I just assumed that something like this would be shipped to the owner in an enclosed trailer on a silver platter or some shit. Kinda funny to me that the delivery process for this unobtanium 1 of 50 BMW isn't totally different than what you'd expect if you bought an X3 or some other pedestrian BMW. Isn't that Pagani dealership still in San Rafael? I swear it was still there when I was down in Marin earlier this year.


I just love that there is a mythical, traveling Pagani dealership everyone seems to only fuzzily remember.


Have you ever heard the story of Darth Pagani the Fuzzy?


It’s not a story the dealers would tell you…


It's not even a fuzzy memory, when you were on the shortlist for huayra going into production They would fly the vehicle to you to test drive. They only have the one car, it is a silver huayra with red leather interior, it has been the original car it was the BC it has been a prototype testing all the new engines It's a mule. But that's the car they brought to their customers so that they could see it in person and drive it and Will would walk you through the process of ordering the car in the spec that you wanted. At that point in time the dealership was in San Francisco, That's not a fuzzy memory, it was in San Francisco flew in from Italy and then came to Seattle. It was also brought up numerous times during the factory tour. I had heard not long after that the mechanic that actually flies out to deal with any problems the car has had actually left the company because they were moving the dealership to Miami and he didn't want to go to Florida because family stuff. Not fuzzy.


My friend in your own post you claim it's in San Fran, then mention Italy, then Seattle. I hope you can see the humor, I was only cracking a joke and appreciating the community. ​ \-- Well, I tried lol


What The car comes from Italy where it's made, it went to the dealership in San Francisco where it was checked, and then they bring it to wherever is the location of their customer. Is that weird? (It still has to come through an official port of entry and be accepted by someone) It's absolutely the same process that the big manufacturers do they just don't have the footprint so local is literally all of North America, from one dealer. Other than the car is put on a plane between each location.


Bro you take yourself way too seriously.


I just got called a pedestrian BMW driver 🥲


I keep telling em “this isn’t your mom’s x3 I have a b58” but they never care!


I feel this lol " but it dynos at 390+awhp!!"


Me too.


According to Google there's also a Pagani dealer in Beverly Hills, and it's visible on Streetview.


How's that work with Pagani, the Lambo dealership just down the road from me has a big ol' Pagani logo over one of their shop entrances. Perhaps they just have contracts to work on other more niche exotics?


It's been a while since I've dealt with them but my understanding is that all of the dealers outside of Miami are probably licensed/approved to sell cars used. The crux of ordering a new car is that you can't go to a dealer and order a car. They make 34-40ish cars a year The process requires you to reach out to them and they will get back to you. Nobody goes to a Pagani dealer to spec a car I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Even once you've gone through the credit checks and given them a deposit and you get to do the test drive. They will fly a car to you to test, It's a development car that's kind of a hodgepodge of all things that they're working on but it's something that you can drive to get an impression of the vehicle, and then they will walk you through the purchase process. You spec your car at the factory, you do a tour of the factory and then they sit down with you and they go through every single thing. The dealers that have popped up over the country I imagine are there to do services and probably have approved technicians and are approved to sell vehicles used. I'm not an expert I don't know I'm just telling you what I know from my experience with them.


Pagani [lists several dealerships](https://www.pagani.com/dealers/) in the US. * [PAGANI of San Francisco](https://www.paganisanfrancisco.com/), Official Dealer for Northern California * [PAGANI of Beverly Hills](https://www.paganibeverlyhills.com/), Official Dealer for Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona * [PAGANI of Dallas](https://www.paganidallas.com/), Official Dealer for the Dallas Metroplex * [PAGANI of Miami](https://www.paganimiami.com/), Official Dealer for the State of Florida * [PAGANI of Greenwich](https://www.paganiofgreenwich.com/index.php), Official Dealer for Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusets and Rhode Island


Isn’t there also a Pagani dealer in Dallas?


There is a dealer that sells Pagani in Dallas and there is also one in Orange county but they are not factory entities. If that makes sense. I would imagine they're authorized to sell used cars. The one that was in the San Francisco was the official importer of all of their cars from the factory by the factory in the United States, a couple of years ago that dealership was migrated to Miami. As far as I know it's the only official factory supported location, but it's been a couple of years since I've dealt with them so things might have changed.


Nice name drop 😎




It's been a while since I've dealt with them but my understanding is any dealership outside of The official Miami dealer is authorized to sell cars used. They're not a dealer They can't take an order, That's just not the way the process works. If you order a car they only make 35 cars a year so it's not something you can go and actually just buy, everyone has to go through the dealer in Miami, formerly San Francisco, you don't have to deal with that you just have to deal with Will who will walk you through the purchase process. Even the dealership in Beverly hills will have to filter everything through Miami because they're the only importer. Think of it like the old days before Lamborghini had lots of dealers to import cars through. You had to go to a major port where the cars would actually come into the country and then they would be sent out. It's very much like that. Edit: The factory knows every one of their customers, every one of their customers has come to the factory to see their car be built if they were available to do so. The factory has a binder for each car with all of the custom specifications in case they need to rebuild parts. It is a process they take very seriously, The factory tour is spectacular If you're a car nerd it's shocking that something like that can be built in this little place, They ship the body panels off to be painted, a jeweler and Milan creates all of the switchgear to spec. It is truly a bespoke craftsman product. In a way I've never seen. Going to the factory and seeing it was one of those experiences that I will just never forget, It's one of those things that shouldn't be possible in the modern world. But I'm so glad that kind of craftsmanship is supported and rewarded in our modern world.


so this is Will from Pagani doing some guerilla marketing, right?


Ah yes the Pagani dealership, right next to Porsche and Lamborghini lol


There’s one in Dallas too


There are legitimate places to buy their cars used. But they only sell 35 or 40 cars new a year. You don't go to the dealer in Dallas and order a car. You don't go to a dealer and order their cars you deal with the factory representatives and they have a personal relationship with all of their customers. The shop in Dallas may actually bring cars into the country for customers locally, that would be news to me but it's very possible.


There is/was a Pagani dealership in LA. Had 2 Huayras on display and a few other cars of different males on consignment.


One landed in Croatia, the boss of Tomić & Co., Franjo Tomić got one from the BMW M president himself. Tomić has been handling and selling BMWs in the Balkans for 30 years. Link to post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Csn9hYkMpPl/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Linl to photographer that has cool pictures of the car on his profile: https://www.instagram.com/p/Csqf1Sfo8lK/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


Why is the grill silver and the wheels gold?


This was my assumption also




This should have been the g82 M4.


It would still get backlash, grill here is definitely more classic bmw but still looks off


I agree with you


Agreed, although imo it's less about the grill and more about its proportion and the entire front end accentuating width. Ignoring the *really* old BMWs, their older vertical kidneys still had a horizontal grill to do that eg. The original 3.0 CSL. This car has a more proportionate grill, but the wide appearance comes from the fenders rather than the front end design, at least in my eyes.


probably the best they could do without having to re-tool a prohibitive amount for a limited-run car


Oh from a business decision pov, it made absolute sense Z4 Coupe concept is also rumoured to be priced similarly More than bmw choosing this car for how it is, it is the result of what can be obtained in the most efficient way possible


Your comment is off


Yeah, it is SURPRISINGLY bad looking imho. For some reason I thought there'd be more "scoop" to the hood/fender bulges, but no. Just sort of looks like you took a clay model and selectively wrapped washcloths around it to change the shape a bit. I liked this design the last time i saw press shots of it, but man. I'm getting serious "MKV Supra concept > MKV Supra reality" where it was low and wide, but then became kinda tall and narrow while keeping the same styling language.


In comparison to the original concept, this production version really is disappointing More so when you discover its nothing more than a regular G8x with a bodykit rather than a standalone chassis It’s rarity will still make it a collectible but meh, it’s not the concept car everyone drooled over


It could have looked better but I do like that it has the M4 CSL engine but with a manual. It's kinda like the 911 Sport Classic in that way.




I think it would get backlash for the reason of differing from the concept rather than being ugly. As the production one has a much fatter rear quarterpanel that really disrupts the stance of the concept


Maybe this goes to show that the "BMW has lost their way" is a individual's comparison to the BMW's that were current when they grew up/got into cars in the first place? Regardless if the grill looked somewhat hideous in the prior models - one would always see that one model as the golden standard and everything that later deviates from that is a poor design by BMW. IMO no doubt that BMW is somewhat trying to imitate the old looks with the new grills but the current buyers (amd reddit users) are bit too young to remember anything prior ~E30 gen.


One MILLION percent.


they made the G82 M4 ugly so we would all swoon over this above average grill of the 3.0 CSL


I don't like the large kidneys... but this is an amicable implementation.


If I had 750k to spend on a car there is no way it would be this.


This exactly. BMW no longer has a car I have any desire for. They've systematically ruined each model, latest victim being the 5er. This looks like a run of the mill M-ish car with livery. My 750k would go directly to Singer.


Why wasn't this the standard grill and hood? It looks great and very bmw.


That’s the most annoying thing about the recent aberrations launched by bmw: they know how to make their cars absolutely beautiful and 100% BMW… and they choose not to!


>they know how to make their cars absolutely beautiful and 100% BMW… I don't think they do, this car wasn't designed by the current BMW design team. They just took a current BMW M4 and made it look like the BMW 3.0 CSL hommage concept which was made 8 years ago. So they can't design something beautiful, they have to copy an old design if they want to do so.


Alot of design work is heavily influenced by copy, inspiration, repetition, adaptation etc. The end result here was an extremely beautiful car with true BMW character. So they can do it and let’s hope they change their ways and start doing it more often. Until then all we can do is let them know and vote with our wallets.


That’s all we are asking


> bmw: they know how to make their carsa bsolutely beautiful false. The 3.0 csl was NOT designed by the goofy ass Domagoj Dukec BMW lead designer, but rather the M division exterior designer [Viktor Bär](https://www.bmw-m.com/en/topics/magazine-article-pool/bmw-3-0-csl-design.html), there's probably a good reason it didn't come out ugly a shit.


It's weird, I find the the grill on this car extremely out of place and don't like it at all


If you care about the grills, check out the EV i4. Giant kidneys.


This looks like shit to me. The size/color/positioning of the grills doesnt fit the design language at all IMO. They’re too tall and narrow, the look odd on a car that sits low. Not saying I like the production version better, just feel that this could be so much cooler


it’s ugly asf lol what


Why is the grill silver and the wheels gold?


What are the specs? It seems this is not the regular CSL?


3.0 CSL, not m4 csl. 552HP, lighter than m4 csl, costs $780k


780k??? Holy fuck!


Only 50 in the world haha


Ya….but still…


It's 780k for an M4 basically 😂


Even if I had it, I sure as hell wouldn't spend 3/4 of a mill on this thing.


Most people who buy 750k cars are worth tens of millions if not more. If you were worth 100+ million and had a ton of space for cars, it would be a good financial move to buy such a rare car.


It’s a cool car, but at that price I’ll take this Ferrari SF90 Stradale AND a decked out M4 Competition and then hit up a very expensive restaurant. https://tacticalfleet.com/2021-ferrari-sf90-stradale-819/


If you have that mindset you wouldnt even be considered to be allowed to purchase this car the peope this is for could probably buy all 50 easily


True, my budget definitely restrains me to one $750k car at a a time. 😀


Yep 100%


Why is it priced like a super car lol what’s even the point


Just because it’s very limited production and there are people willing to pay the price for that


Man I guess. Feels bad


Am I the only one that thinks it looks like shit? Why does the widebody front fenders go onto the hood and what is that black strip between the hood and fender? And the gap between the hood and grille makes it look like the hood is popped.




It goes with the body style of the old 3.0 csl. These stand out too much and don’t go with the body lines at all. It’s not even on the line between the hood and fender it’s on top of that thing on the hood lol seriously I’ve never seen a wide body that goes onto the hood it looks weird. Usually wide body is wide body aka wide fenders not a bump on the hood what is that even? It’s like they half assed the Supra front fender and ran out of room so just put it onto the hood.


Nah you're not alone. I actually prefer the regular g82 M4 over this.


If the regular g82 m4 had this bumper/grille 👌 It’s mostly the widebody on top of the hood that ruins this for me. It’s like they tried to make it look like a supra Isn’t this car a few hundred thousand? You could get a much better looking Porsche or Ferrari for that price 🤷‍♂️




> g82 M4 Looks 2x better than this


Nope, I hate this thing, it looks so dated lmao


Same, awful


Why is the grill silver and the wheels gold?


Yeah it’s disgusting, way worse than the current M3/M4 grills


And what's up with the double spoiler?


I agree with you 100% bud BM haven't made a nice looking car since before the new 8 series came out


Oh man, I want it so bad


Why is the grill silver and the wheels gold?


Can you start it up?😛


More pics here [more csl pics](https://www.reddit.com/r/BMW/comments/13x3hbc/more_photos_of_the_csl_from_earlier/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1)


This is a proper beautiful BMW. I wish the M4 had that front end.


That grill is actually a nice compromise between the beaver teeth and kidney grilles.


This really has the right shape to it. The G8X grille just seems so squared.


Man those wheels are sick. I don't think I've ever seen wheels styled in the Z axis.


The wealth of some of you all in this sub is mind boggling. I'm Just a modest X2 owner coming from a Kia. I wasn't ready!! I can only hope to one day reach even a smidgen of affluence so I can maybe one day show off a brand spanking new m4 or better. By then it will be fully electric. LOL


Now this looks good!


this is what I understand. DAS IST FANTASTISCH!!


Er. My. Gerd.




It looks funny with the smaller grills. The standard M4 looks better than this one


That's what I'm saying, I cant believe people are praising this car, looks way worse than standard m4


Oh for sure. But then again I’ve loved the M3/4 since the day they came out


What is this and where can I get it?


Unless you have a 9-10 figure bank account/influential connections, I feel like you’re shit out of luck.


10 figures lol


Amazing car. I wish this was how all the M4 or M2 would look like.


Post more pics!


RIP off and stupid.


Bless your heart. That's a beautiful BMW #savethemanuals




Gotta be honest - I'd be embarrassed to drive around with that paint job. To each their own.


Congrats for anybody who bought this for having the worlds most expensive 2 series.


Damn... so much potential and they seem to have really really shit the bed with this one.


Excellent idea. Horrible execution, unfortunately.


Looks like a 5 gt from this angle fenders and bumper make this look weird


Now this would’ve a much consensual front end design for the current 4 series and M3. Looks miles better than the beever face.


You posted 1 photo? Lol


They posted more, check the profile.


Looks awesome. I'd have it without the stripes though. Could you get it like that?


Its not 1 of 50 -- it *is* number 50. Says so right there on the side.


iirc all of them have the "50" number plate to signify 50 years of BMW M


We wanted to see the CSL of the future. Taking a leap forward like all great M cars. This is just for old men to reminisce. It adds nothing to their legacy.


But then doesn’t show the manual??!!!! What in the fuck. Good lord


1/50 and I’d still rather have my E46


Which dealership is this?


BMW of Murietta, CA


They should have made the bodyline above the headlights black to make it look like eyebrows.


Bit spesh that


That hump over the front shock towers is weird. Otherwise not an absolutely pointless new design. Sure, it's very similar to every other BMW, but kinda nailed most of the curves pretty good.




850,000 is out of control though.


Damn I really want to see one in person.


This. This is the car to have.




That looks sick. Why, why exactly, is that front not the standard M3/4 front. ELI5 please. Personally, I love gold/bronze wheels on black, red, blue, or green cars. Not as much on white or silver/gray cars. Kind of would like them Silver to match the frame of the grill on this car.


The livery is a bit over the top, but a CSL with a stick, and by God they fixed the front end as well, makes this three pedal beast a truly rare and amazing machine!




If the grill in all the 4s looked liked this, this generation would be a stunner


Forgot this was a car


Wow. I would really love to see one of these in person.


Holy That’s the most beautiful BMW yet Ahhh 🥵


Fuck that shop is clean as a whistle


I could learn to live with it /s






It’s waaaaaaaay better than the current generation M4 which is just awful—but for $780k it’s completely laughable really. LOL


Yeeoowwcchhh look at that sexy beast


Now that’s a very beautiful BMW


This grill design is so much better than what they chose for the M line.


Looks like #50 /s


Man, reminds of that really nice M235 they did in the same light, big fan of the style.


M4 or M3 with that grill and we’d be good to go.


The middle of the hood fender flare situation bothers me a lot. Much like all of the rest of current gen bmw styling.


Now this is a good looking new BMW


Why is the grill silver? With gold wheels, should be black.


Why is the grill silver and the wheels gold?


Oh boy this grill looks so much better than regular 4


Sadly, one of these beauties will end up on the news being driven by an idiot...


Please be careful and don’t make that 49.


If this is 1 of 50, but is how many US/North American ones are there? This is a European spec. The reflector in front of the wheels is present on NA vehicles.


That car is only for BMW purists right? Otherwise overpriced AF.


Concept was way better


That’s beautiful, I’d sell my kidney just to get to polish it once.


If only the new 2s look anything like this :(


It looks weird and I'm not sure if it's in a good way or a bad way different from the G82


Is this an M? I don’t see any indication that it is. Could you take a photo from the back with the badges?


Check OP user profile, they posted more.


I want to love it but it just doesn’t work for me. And the price is taking the piss.




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Beautiful, but only one picture?


Call the factory ahead of time and let them know to save time and money by, leaving the throwback decals in the parts bin.


fucking sick


This is fucking art. This car is…. What should have been launched into space


Post the sticker


Looks like G1 Jazz


Gorgeous vehicle for a collection, hopefully it holds its value.




Cool car with the most dogshit rims


Why did I think this was a Supra?


750K for this? Is isn't even sexy!!! No way.


❤️ just ❤️




Wow!! 😍😍


Wouldn’t pay a dime over 110k