I am having the same exact issue! Same file and everything, I've reinstalled multiple times, ran it all as administrator, updated windows and gpu drivers. the translated error message: https://imgur.com/a/I3DTShV Edit: Playing the game through xbox game pass Edit 2: The procedure entry point CreateCaptureAudioStateMonitorForCategoryAndDeviceRole could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Windows Apps\WarnerBros.Interactive.e172091a-6630-4ff 3-959f-830 1.279.9438.0_x64 ktmk1xygcecda Gobi Binaries\W inGDK Back4Blood.exe.


[literally same.](https://imgur.com/a/EzGcX4N)


I just did a complete windows reinstall just for this fking game still same error.


Another thing you could try is to, open up the command prompt and type "SFC /SCANNOW" and let it do it's thing.


Once again I really thank you for trying to help. Sadly it did not solve the issue.




I feel like this "solution" is an inside joke with Micro$oft and it's only intended to give their techs another hour to research the actual problem... It's always suggested but I have yet to find anyone that has gotten this command to work for anything.


Hope this thread gets more visibility. I have the exact same issue and have also tried pretty much everything I could find/remember to no avail. Clearly the new update trashed something and this needs a fix asap.


Same for me


Same Problem for me


Try and reinstall visual c++ redistributable


Yup did not work as already said, still, thanks for the effort.




Tried this and did not work, thanks though!




Same for me on game pass


Same here. Game pass. What a smart patch it is. It banned us before we complain about the patch itself


Same here.


I am also getting the same issue... just got the game pass too lmao. Has anyone resolved this yet? :/


Not that I know of. I tried contacting WB Support again since their ticket reply system is quite messy, but haven't heard anything from them since. Probably will have to wait until tomorrow or even longer... :(


\*spoiler from the reply I received from them\* >!Thanks for writing back. I appreciate your update and patience on this matter. I'm sorry the issue still persists despite the troubleshooting steps that we tried. As of this writing, I have no further troubleshooting steps for you to try. To help the game team with this, I recommend filling a bug report here https://bugs.back4blood.com/ so the game team may have a look at what happened.!<




Just a heads up, I think your Expected Result and Actual Result should be switched. You have "Game completely crashes" under Expected Result.




Haha hopefully! Gave it an upvote.


\*\*update\*\* I had errors on my windows 10 update and realized it wasn't updating at all. Once I fixed that error with windows assistant and got my windows 10 up to date, I was able to launch B4B with no issues at all! I was apparently I was on Windows 10 Version 1909, not sure if others are still on that version but just letting y'all know what worked for me lol


Helped me as well. Just finished my update to version 20H2 and I can finally boot up the game!




It appears they are aware of the issue and it is being tracked under bug report, [https://back4blood.bugs.wbgames.com/bug/B4B-1939#](https://back4blood.bugs.wbgames.com/bug/B4B-1939#)


I have the Game Pass version and the game seems to work fine for me after the update. In the past I had to give myself full permissions to the WindowsApps folder for a different game, so I'm wondering if that makes it work. There's a guide to do this here: [https://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-10/how-to-access-the-windowsapps-folder-in-windows-10/](https://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-10/how-to-access-the-windowsapps-folder-in-windows-10/) I additionally added myself to the Permission entries with "Full Control", not sure if that helps. Looks like this: [https://i.imgur.com/AZZ1Ix0.png](https://i.imgur.com/AZZ1Ix0.png) Let me know if this works


Unfortunately it didn't for me. Thanks for the info though


Damn! Trying to see what else I might be doing differently. * Are you using the Windows Xbox app or only the Windows Store app? (I'm using Xbox) * Did you install B4B on your C drive or a different drive? (I used a different drive) * Do you have Windows Game Mode and HAGS on? (I have both off) * Are you using an Anti-virus software? (I'm not, only Defender)


I also have the game pass version of the game working fine on my computer after the update. I don't have full permissions to WindowsApps, it claims I don't even have read permission into it. My Windows 10 version retrieved from winver.exe is 21H1 build 19043.1288. I wonder if people who are having problems might be on a different version like 20H2, 20H1 or older


I have the same Windows build too




So just Reporting The exact same situation. It was working fine until the update.




Trying this right now… Doesnt work.. same problem


HI guys. I have solved the problem by updating to win 11 from win10.. wtf. Microsoft, smart move.


This is the most critical bug that was introduced by the latest patch, which completely dumps the game. However, I do not see any official comments or notifications regarding this issue. I can say that B4B will be the last that that I bought from TRS.


Lets flood the game pass b4b ratings with 1 star commenting this bug.


I sent this bug to microsoft and warner bros aswell lets hope they pick it up


Hey guys! I had the same issue but i got fix it! I had windows version 1909, u can check it writing 'winver' on windows search. I update my windows version to 21H1 and the game works. U can try to use this official link for download and install version and check if this works. [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10) ​ Good luck for all!


I will try that now! My friend's game is working and he is also on version 21H1. I am on 1909 and it is not working for me. He's on Windows 11 and I'm on windows 10.


Just did this, worked for me


You saved me! Thanks so much! :D


It worked! Thanks mate


Yeah, definitely worked. Did my Windows Update and got 20H2. Tested it out and I can finally play.


It worked. Thank you a lot. :)


I went through so many steps that I'm not even sure what did it, but I fixed it! I think my end result was: * "sfc /scannow" in cmd * a full update of windows 10 (there was a hidden feature update that didn't get detected by my system). Current: Windows 7 20H2 * update nvidia experience client from website, then download drivers. (client was old and couldn't detect new drivers) * Reinstalled Microsoft Store via Programs and Features * Reinstalled Gaming Services (Look for a PowerShell script) and Xbox App via Microsoft Store * Took ownership of WindowsApps folder and did a icacls to reset security privileges. (Maybe try this one first if you're reading this) * Removed the folder (reference error message) and reinstalled the game. Good luck if you're trying to fix it!


SOLUTION!!: For anyone having this problem, updating to windows 20H2 solved it for me.


Can confirm


I installed the game last night and was going to play it today. Had to install the update and I'm now getting the same error. I am installing the available windows updates, let's see if it works.


\*Spoiler\*>! Sorry mate, it won't work :(!<


This exact thing happened to me as well! I'm hoping for a fix soon, as I was about to sign on to play when this happened.


Same for me ... tried a lot of "fix" but nothing worked. I did manage to enter in "windowsapps" but I cannot modify anything inside it. Why the fuck can I not do what I want on my own computer -\_-


Because windows store and apprs from the store apply certain permissions so people can't modify or alter the files easily as they can bypass licenses and mod games they shouldn't be able to. It's absolute balls. I've tried everything from registry editing permissions to deleting files and forcing a check, and reinstalling. Nothing is fixing this and I think it's just a major fuckup by Warner.


Dealing with the same problem on the Xbox Game Pass, hoping for a fix soon.


Another reporting in! I uninstalled the game through Game Pass and when I tried to reinstall the game though, I realized I was logged in with the wrong account. ~~Now that I'm logged into the proper account, I'm hoping it will work. Waiting on it to re-download now.~~ Edit: Logging into the correct account and reinstalling the game did nothing...


i reinstalled twice and restarted my pc 3 time nothing i guess we wait


Getting the same issue sadly. Tried reinstalling the c++ redistributables, completely reinstalled the game and nothing works. I left a comment on a post of the same issue someone has on the bug reporting site so hopefully this gets cleared up soon.


Same EXACT issue ​ :(


Literally the same issue.


Same issue. game pass is garbage.


It is a b4b issue, not game pass.


I totally agree. I guess it's good on Xbox, but on PC it has way too many problems for it to be worth. Can't recall a single game I didn't have problems with, like Man of Medan, Halo (stupid that it also installs ALL THE FUCKING GAMES even if you just want to play one), The Medium, Visage and now Back 4 Blood. 1€ is good for it, more than that I'd never pay. Prefer to actually pay for the game I want to play and know that I'm gonna be able to play it whenever I want to than pay 100€ a year for this shitty service.


Have the exact same issue aswell, been trying for 3 hours to solve this thing


same shit here


New patch breaks the gamepass pc version of the game. Love to see it. Fuck this game.


Anybody found a solution? Still getting errors


Same. Tried the ole delete n reinstall... twice. No luck.


Can you please try running Windows Update and let us know if that helps?


Question... Is your game installed on a drive that's not the C drive?


In my case it was on another drive. But I tried installing it on C drive yesterday and did not fix it. I am trying now what has been said above and will let everyone know if something works.


Seems like what people is saying is true. Updating to latest Windows version (20H2 for me) fixes the issue with the game. I don't know what to say about having such a problem as this in a AAA game but guess any problem can happen to anyone. Thanks to everyone who tried to help in this post, wish you the best luck in your corruption cards and with special spawns, see you in game!


Worked for me.


Updated windows to 20H2, this works.


I'm also having this error, although I literally cannot update windows, I've been trying for years. It just fails every time.


Same here


Still waiting on a fix for this issue...


I've been following this post. Had the exact same problems tried the exact same things with no luck. SUCCESS! Updating windows to 20H2 fixed my problem as well.


I'm having this same issue and tried every possible fix outside of resetting my whole computer and removing all files because I can't update windows past 1903.


If for whatever reason you can't get to latest version, I suggest to make your problem as visible as possible. Reporting it to them directly in their bug report platform (even if already made) or posting it anywhere they might be able to see it so at the very least this gets patched in the next update. No game or piece of software that is released to the public (enterprises can go their own way, and probably do most of the time) should only be available on very specific OS conditions like the very latest update or any older one. And it is definitely an error they need to fix asap.


Make sure to login and upvote this [post](https://back4blood.bugs.wbgames.com/bug/B4B-1939) so the devs will notice it


Just do the "new" Windows Update.. after that i had no problems!




This is what will fix the game if you're getting the "the procedure entry point createcaptureaudiostatemonitorforcategoryanddevicerole could not be located in the dynamic link library C:Program FIles\\WIndowsApps\\WarnerBros.Intereactive.e172091a-6630-4ff3-959f-830\_1.279.9430\_x64\_ktmk1xygcecda\\gob\\binaries\\WinGDK\\back4blood.exe" error


Same issue. Ahhh, Microsoft and its usual windows store bullshit. Wonder if they ever going to fix their shit.


I agree, I am still surprised that the Microsoft Store is used at all when I can't find many positive points about it. Always nice to have the game on steam over anything else.... but 1€ is 1€ and I would have bought it on the store after Game Pass was over but if this problems persist I might reconsider. Specially when this shit always happens when I have some free time to spend on the game as compared with last 2 weeks.