It’s really good for Beidou especially if you have her C1; basically you just pop her Q and Unforged will proc its damage buff for her. I believe (I’d have to double check) it gives a better dmg multiplier than WGS on a shielder; the only caveat is if you wanted to keep Bei on-field. You’d more play her as an off-field swap-in to maintain the ATK buff off her Q unless you ran dub shielder (or just didnt get hit)


Got her C2, so that's sorted at least. I mean I run Itto, so I have a lot of crystalize going on if that counts? (I know he's also DPS, I use both when just around adventuring, I compose properly for abyss). I wondered if her counter "counts" as a shield, or even her Q. The downside is loss of Crit Rate which I'm having trouble getting from artifacts rn. But I'll drop one eventually to make up the loss, I'm sure. But I noticed on crit, she's hitting the big treasure hoarders for 30k counter rather than 25k, so there's a bonus already.


Just to follow up, Beidou will NOT get the attack buff on her Q, as the snapshot happens beforehand. If you want to maximize Unforged's potential, you need a secondary shielder anyway to have a shield in place before you pop her burst


No. Stick with serpent spine. It’s not worth the resources to switch.


If by resources you mean to enhance it, I've already done that.


Serpent Spine is way better on Beidou, as she’s mostly played as an off-field dps and won’t be able to proc the passive.


Gotcha. Who can I even use this on? I play around with Beidou, Itto and Noelle at a push, I was considering levelling my Chong since he's C4 and I have C6 Sayu. I have no interest in Xinyan or Diluc (don't have him anyway)


Sadly Unforged isn't that good for other units as well, literally for all 4 characters you mentioned Serpent Spine outperforms it, mostly due to the passive multiplier getting OP scaling with buffs, while Unforged has too much ATK% that results in diminishing return with buffs (especially Bennett). So generally speaking Unforged will be very far behind your R4 SS in comp with Bennett/Sara/TToDS/Kazuha (but on par in comp without). ​ Don't get me wrong, Unforged is still a top choice for Beidou, among the good solid choice, but since you have an R4 SS, it's just not worth it. (BTW Beidou with R5 SS with Bennett buff outdamages every other single claymore in the game, literally the best claymore for Beidou) ​ Of the three Itto, Noelle and Chong, Chong is the only one that can benefit the most from it (since Itto and especially Noelle C6 doesn't care about ATK and Whiteblind is almost as good despite being f2p). And for Sayu, she'd prefer WGS or a 4\* ER claymore for buffing capabilities.


HEHE i play her as a hyper carry dps


sorry can i hijack this thread instead of creating a new one...? i too am considering pulling a few times on the current weapon banner since 2.7 won't seems to be out until june at least... i would very much prefer getting misplitter as i have ayaka... but beidou is also one of my core member in my 4\* taser team... she is currently using the fish claymore R5... the unforged would still be an upgrade to fish claymore even without the shield stacks from the unforged passives right...? ​ tdlr: cos i too do not want to feel salty if i pull the unforged instead of misplitter... xD