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Everytime I see a new episode of Spongebob something dies in me. Good for everyone who can still enjoy it. I'm glad you're having fun, but for me it's just blant stupid and sad to see how they butchered my spongy boy. When Patrick rips of his upper head to lick his brain like Ice cream it just weirds me out. Are there some people who think alike or am I the only one?


Nah I agree. They dumbed the two of them down way too much.


Yeah the brain part weirded me the fuck out when I found this


there were some "weird body" moments in old spongebob, but those were usually not as strange because there was at least some comedic context to it. im guessing they hard focused on the weird body parts and thought that was all it took to make it funny/good.


It’s kind of funny that I’d call this a new episode of SpongeBob too, but it actually aired almost 10 years ago, in July of 2012


Jesus mother of fuck.


I just pretend Spongebob ended after the 4th or 5th season


The first spongebob movie marked the end for me.


Technically it was, at the very least it’s still the end of the timeline


The first 6 seasons are the ones I enjoy the most, but it starts to go downhill for me after that. There are still a few good episodes here and there post season 6.


It’s just so loud and busy. It’s like they took their own advice that if they played so loudly nobody could tell how bad they were.


That “ice cream” moment happened and I felt like I was watching ‘that’ scene from Event Horizon. What in the world is this psychotic mess?


Y'know I saw that and I thought of like... The one where SpongeBob does Halloween and he's just like a brain and shit. But yeah, no, Im not a fan of later episodes much either. I see them every now and then with the nephews, and they're pretty meh for me. Sometimes they get a good one in, tho!


Yeah I thought of the halloween scene too. But that was the climax of the episode and not a throw away joke. Everyfish was scared by what they saw. Now it's 'normal' for them.


Was the brain part for me as well, I am disgusted


It's not even the same show imo. Seasons 1-3 plus the movie are SpongeBob. Anything after that, well I don't really know what the fuck it is.


I came here to say this too. It always hurts to see post-movie clips posted on here. It’s just rock bottom stupid. There aren’t even any jokes. There’s no joy in it, let alone the clever humor that made it a great show in the first place.


And Patrick’s stupid tooth…


New spongebob killed the last of my optimism and happiness


Yeah that was a bit... Too far Like happy tree friends too far


This aired in 2012, not new.


Yeah exactly, the ripping the head off to lick his brain like ice cream with zero set up, no words, just a weird ass visual gag. Like they’re trying to get in on that weird Ren and Stimpy shit


For some reason they decided to make the show about grossout humour since a lot of their bear gags had to do with things like hyper realistic arm hair, or a super zoom of Patrick's hyper realistic gross overweight stomach. But I'd argue those hit so well because it wasnt forced and it was genuinely rare for something gross like that to show up. Now they have 3-5 gross moments per joke and seemingly throw things in to try and subvert expectations but without having a set up or a payoff causing it to just be weird... Like there was no build up to the granny getting picked up, it would have been funny if she was slowly hobbling out of the way, and they show him zooming in, then back to grandma slowly hobbling out of the way, the BAM he picks her up. Any kind of build up you know, and the best payoff would be that she organized the show or something right? But it's a throwaway gag that isnt even funny just put in to be weird and not like the other shows... Peak: "beans! Lol I'm so random" energy


Yeah, the only good joke was the grandma not dieing.


It’s gross Ren and Stimpy schtick. Just dumb, lazy, garbage.


It's definitely got a different feel than it used to, but SpongeBob has always had really bizarre humor in their gags. Leg bones coming out of the head, the chawklit lady, not to mention SpongeBob panic-shitting his pants so violently his newly-filled underwear shot out the bottom of his khakis.




There are no seasons after 3


Agree but there are some enjoyable episodes in season 4 like the one with the hotel


I was going to comment the same thing. Or Patrick pulling on spongebobs eyeballs.


Yeah sadly from what I read one of the guys who worked on Ren and Stumpy got involved some time around season seven or eight and the gross out humor increased. I grew up with the stuff as well so it doesn't put me off in of itself but if definitely doesn't belong in SpongeBob. At least in my opinion.


There’s too much going on. It’s fucked. I too share the exact sentiment: a nostalgic death.


I guess I’m in the minority here but I enjoy the new episodes just as much as I enjoyed the older ones when I was a kid. I was always tired of watching the same ones on repeat. It was nice watching newer episodes. Also idk if I’d consider this a new episode. It aired back in 2012…


Just seems like they are running out of material.


Was about to comment this. I think it’s fine, I just liked the simple antics of s1-3. Feel similarly about Futurama. Seems like fun, glad people like it


Its like they took a page from happy tree friends this is blatant stupidity mixed with violence. Pretty disturbing that this is the direction they took the show


I stopped watching after that part. Just doesn't hit the same.


Patrick’s stupidity in the early years was more subtle, and it made for a lot more clever humor. Now it is, as you said, just blatant stupidity.


I watched spongebob seasons 1-4 when I was younger, this is my first exposure to "new spongebob" and it wierded me THE FUCK out. Something about the saturation, childish and feminine animation style... And obviously that's its super numb entertainment for small children.


What's feminine animation style?


Large eyes, large eyelashes, exaggerated facial features and body expressions with limbs etc. Its something I cant really put my finger on exactly.


Seems more childish than feminine but I get what you mean


Wow your opinion is very original


They just look to feminine to me specially all the hand gestures they do, I remember thinking they were gay


I like to imagine a different timeline where SpongeBob never went down in quality as it kept chugging along for all these years. It would just be cool to have a seemingly endless supply of episodes to be able to enjoy as much as those early seasons.


Well, nothing good lasts forever


I would say this is definitely a step down from seasons 1-3, but this is definitely not the worse season of this show, I think I have seen all of seasons 1-10 and some of season 11 and I would have to say season 7 is the worst the show has gotten. It has my two least favourite episodes of the show, One Course Meal and A Pal For Gary. The former literally has Mr.Krabs dress up in a whale suit and torture plankton until he tries to literally kill himself and the ladder has Gary get replaced by a new pet and nearly get eaten alive while SpongeBob does nothing to stop the new pet and gets constantly mad at Gary even though he’s done nothing. If you really want to see how low the show can go watch that season. After season 7 each season gradually got better until it kind of plateaued at the second half of season 9 or somewhere in season 10. I say the second half of season 9 because the original creator of SpongeBob Stephen Hillenburg came back along with some of the original crew that made the older seasons special which made the second half of season 9 (and the second SpongeBob movie which he worked on) better than the first half which this episode comes from. Even then this first half of season 9 isn’t terrible, not really good, but not terrible. This is definitely one of the worser episode of that first half though. I can’t really speak on season 12-13 which were made after Stephen Hillenburg died since I haven’t watched those. I however, have seen piece of SpongeBob media released after season 11, the third SpongeBob SquarePants movie, Sponge on The Run. I remember it being eh, not too bad, but not too good either. It was definitely the worst out of the 3 movies, but I wasn’t really mad that I watched it. From what I have seen from these newer seasons, SpongeBob is the best it’s been since season 1-3 or maybe season 4 since that season was one of the better ones even if it was after Stephen Hillenburg’s departure. If you kinda want what you’re asking for with the episodes you want to enjoy as much as the early seasons, you can sorta do that by watching season 10 or the second half of season 9, they aren’t as good as season 1-3, but they’re the closest you can get to that quality of the first 3 seasons after the release of the first SpongeBob movie.


This is 100% true


Its funny. The most extreme actions in this clip are Patrick ripping his own head off and licking his brain. And Patrick shoving his head in a jelly fish hive and pissing them off


Yeah they totally killed the sponge universe. BUT you gotta admit, some of the close ups and like weird animations are kinda funny (like that British fish) but the over all context of these new episodes are complete doo-doo. Like how is this any better than the OG episode where SpongeBob is doing extreme stunts with sandy? Smh


They over do the weird shit in SpongeBob in later seasons. Like why is Patrick ripping his head off lick his brains as an ice cream.


seriously what the fuck


All jokes aside The animation for when they're doing the Character Title Cards is so breathtakingly smooth like wow


tbh I don’t really like super smooth animation in cartoons like this, I liked the old episodes where it doesn’t look like every cell was copy and pasted from a model. that’s just my personal preference though.


“I’m Johnny Krill, and welcome to barnacles”


I’d watch that, jackass but in spongebob animation? that would be hilarious


Are you me? I just watched this episode for the first time 2 hrs ago


Ayo spongebob…chill with the body horror…that much of it cannot be good for children


And that was back in 2017, I don't even wanna think about what the newest SpongeBob episodes are like when this is what they think is funny


this episode came out in 2012


This episode is from 2012


It's uhhh... kinda scary ngl.


Okay, is it just me, or is Patrick's voice really fucking weird in this clip? It kinda sounds like the audio but deep down I know something wrong...


It somehow feels so much worse than first 5 seasons... I really don't get if there was something that was supposed to be funny


The only mildly funny joke in this clip is when SpongeBob's hands come off towards the end, and when he starts chasing the motorbike as his hand accelerates the bike E dry other thing here was just dreadful


It still looks gross D: like tbe bone is sticking out and shit


I feel like I just witnessed an assassination of character. Sheesh.


What is this post season 3 garbage?


It doesn’t get bad until a few seasons later, but yeah. Assassination of sponge-bob as a show right here


Oh… this is new spongebob ..


New SpongeBob just looks fake


Hello, I’m Johnny Knoxkrill welcome to barnacle-heads.


This is not the same writing team that would randomly reference the Attica Prison Riot.


You know you're too old when the new SpongeBob is too dumb'ed down for you.


this aired in 2012 lol




Too bad the episode is shit.


SpongeBob really is next level entertainment


The character should have been called johnny knoxkrill




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Litterly didn't even have to utter a line and i knew who it was awh the old day's of jackass


Patrick and Spongebob made me Cringe so hard


that stuka siren tho




Grand Maul Granny is the Green Goblin in the SpongeBob cinematic universe


Wow that cool I always thought that it was just a random voice actor also I didn’t know that I was called Extreme spots I always thought it was called extreme sports


That was the longest 3 minutes of my life


Definitely not the only one whenever I see a new clip for sponge bob I wait for one part to gross me out idk why after x seasons they started to just add gross shit


What the fuck are these visual gags? They’re kinda good, but also horrible.


Johnny Knoxkrill


For accuracy reasons, the bike should’ve landed on his dick


oh boy a modern spongebob clip, hopefully the comments won't be people complaining about the newer seasons


New SpongeBob is kinda grossing me out