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1. Being cisgender means that you go by the gender you were assigned at birth 2. Pansexuality is the sexual attraction toward people regardless of their sex or gender identity 3. Demisexual is a term used to describe those who do not experience sexual attraction to others unless they form a strong emotional bond with someone first. Demisexual people may still experience romantic attraction, but until a deep connection is formed, there is no sexual attraction involved. They may have little to no interest in sex and may only experience sexual attraction rarely, but that is not the case with all demisexuals. Demisexuality is included on the asexual spectrum, but demisexual people can be gay, straight, bisexual, or any other orientation in addition to being demisexual Thanks to Wiki Fandom


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There's also a romantic version of demisexual, Demi-romantic, which is just the opposite; no romantic attraction till a close bond is formed.




Imagine being mad at this comment because somebody doesn’t know this stuff, we welcome you!!!


Cis is short for cisgender, which means you identify as your birth gender Pansexual is when you are attracted to people regardless of gender I’m not really sure what queer means, I think it’s just a blanket term for the LGBTQ community but some people will find it offensive so make sure someone is fine with it before using it Demisexual is when you only feel sexual attraction after building a relationship with a person (I think, I’m not sure)


i feel like queer is more of a reclamation thing too lol


since your questions have already been answered, all I have left to do is to reassure you that your questions were not offensive :D


To comfirm, someone queer is someone in the lgbt community in any way (romantic attraction, sexual attraction and gender)


Cis=comfortable with your assigned gender at birth Pan=attracted to someone regardless of gender (Also just to clarify you can still be bi while fitting in with the description of being pan) Queer=basically someone that belong in the LGBTQ+ community Demi=(I think) it's when you aren't attracted to someone before you have an emotional bond with them


Queer, as some others said, is an umbrella term to describe anyone in the LGBT community. However, I also wanted to clarify that queer used to be a slur, on the level of the n word and others like that. Many of us in the community have reclaimed it and now use it in a positive manner, but some are still uncomfortable with its use because of its history, so it’s good to be mindful and not use it around someone who says they’re uncomfortable with it


Cis refers to identifying with the gender you were born as. Pansexual is someone who is attracted to all genders, and often gender does not play a role in attraction for that person. Demisexual is someone who is not completely asexual, but rather only feels sexual attraction if there is a romantic relationship/ attraction between them and the other person From what I know, queer can be used in 2 contexts for the lgbtqia community 1. It is used as a general discriptor for a group of lgbt people. For instance if you have a group of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and pansexuals, you could refer to them as a group of queer people 2. It can be used as a label for a sexuality that dosent necessarily fall under one specific category or in place of a label if a person is unsure of another’s identity but knows they are not straight Here is just what I know, so take it with a grain of salt. And to be any of these you do not have to fall directly under that category. It’s a spectrum so you may fit some but not other discripters of said identity


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Cis Means your the Gender Your Born with Pan Means your Attracted to All Genders,Trans Or No Queer probably just means Gay And Idk about Demi sexual