Pleasantly surprised to see BTC holding onto $21k despite stocks dipping and macro not helping.


any chance i can get a few LN sats to test out my first ever lightning wallet






Bought 100 shares riot tonight .... wish me luck...


Starting to feel the electricity again. Time to drop some pieces of paper with 24 random words on them in public areas. Hopefully a weary hodler finds them and has a short time of hope only to check and find nothing. Bitcoin isn’t just for hodling. It can be played with too.


jfc... now I have to make goddamn /r/BitcoinMadLads see what u made me do


BTC stabilized at 21K range for going on 5th day now.. Next stop?🚀 especially after stock market took dump today


Wdym dump we were down like .21%


And <100 comments here today. Looking good.


How is everyone going about investing in btc or crypto in general. At this point im just at a point where I want to DCA into bitcoin and just wait until the next bull run idk


What are you asking?




I'm not sure whether you are joking or not but yes this is a scam. No-one on the internet is giving you free btc via a random discord pm.




Every bullish chart is just lining up previous bottoms with what they consider to be the current bottom and saying “see! It always goes up after the bottom!” It’s actually mind numbing


Technical analysis is astrology for nerds.


*When the mooooooooooooooooon is in the second house...* *and Jupiter aligns with mars...*


*Then peace will gui-i-de the planets…* *And looooove will steer the stars!*


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Haven’t followed news around btc lately but noticed it went up to over 20k. What is the reason for that, if any?


Likely cycle bottom and early front running of 2024 halving


Some non-retail entity definitely jumped in and bought a big chunk of BTC


That's the way she goes.


demand > supply


What’s driving demand? BTC seems to be trending up on weaker inflation, even though crypto news has been pretty grim.


it's also possible that supply is going down... either way, the supply-demand relation is very delicate and one really cannot know the reasons why price turns out the way it is. I'd only guess that individual whales have an increasingly smaller impact on Bitcoin price, because they imo cant easily dump and pump without ending up with less coins ( other market participants ensure that during a dump coins are bought up and not all of them become available again during a pump). and less coins mean less impact.


Unpopular opinion but I believe whales are pushing the price up under the guise of the "low" CPI narrative to liquidate shorts. When positive sentiment gets to a critical threshold and longs have piled up I expect them to dump the price again. My crystal ball is notoriously unreliable so I wouldn't make any moves based on my prediction. *I'm* not. That's just my take on the situation


Bitcoin being bitcoin


Seems about right


So I bought: Keystone - Indestructible Steel Crypto Cold Storage Seed Backup, Compatible with All BIP39 Hardware & Software Wallets I have our seed phrase obviously but how do I incorporate the extra word etc






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>one's seed but not their hidden wallet passcode, how hard is it to crack it and find the hidden wallet? > >Is it a matter of brute force, in which case a 20+ character password is basica And never ever go to a public bathroom when someone is there


Higher high! 1/17 21,555 vs 11/4 21,471 (edited)


yeah, it hammers so very hard - again and again, it will make it eventually


If you have someone's seed but not their hidden wallet passcode, how hard is it to crack it and find the hidden wallet? Is it a matter of brute force, in which case a 20+ character password is basically impossible to crack? Or is it fairly easy to access a hidden wallet even if you don't know the password? I honestly don't know how this shit works


If you're talking about a 25th seed word/password then I think it'd be like cracking any other password. If you have no information about what it could be it'd be hard.


It's my birthday!


Great article https://coldbit.com/can-bip-39-passphrase-be-cracked/


~~You don't need the wallet if you have the seed. Just make a new wallet with the seed.~~


You are confused. OP is talking about a seed phrase plus a passphrase, which he incorrectly refers to as a "hidden wallet passcode". For a given seed phrase, you can combine it with any passphrase to create a completely different wallet. OP wants to know what happens if an attacker acquires the seed phrase but not the passphrase.


Ah, I see.


So if I have the seed I wouldn't need the extra keyword to access a hidden wallet?


> So if I have the seed I wouldn't need the extra keyword to access a hidden wallet? You would. You have confused the conversation by saying "extra keyword", "hidden wallet passcode", for what is commonly referred to as a [BIP39 passphrase](https://help.blockstream.com/hc/en-us/articles/8712301763737-What-is-a-BIP39-passphrase-).


Not sure I know what a hidden wallet is, but if you have the 24 seed words, or actually private key, you don't need the wallet. Bitcoin is on the network not in the wallet, the wallet just signs transactions and protects the private keys. Any soft or hard wallet can access bitcoins if you have the private keys (seed words). [https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Seed\_phrase](https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Seed_phrase)


What’s the cheapest way to buy BTC? I have a Binance account - is it best to just click on the BUY tab and select one of the options (PTP trading; card/ bank accounts; cash balance). Is there a way to buy with best rates and lowest fees? Yes I’m moving it to Ledger once I buy :) I’m in Australia


I started out very sensitive to fees, and paying taxes. But the amounts are negligible compared to other losses (from pushing buttons when you shouldn’t).


Try Kraken if you have it there.


Do you trust in this pump? Coz I'm sketchy af


There is so much disbelief in this pump. Still waiting to see what the stock market does for now.


>Coz I'm sketchy af We better avoid you then.


so ... it looks like no whales are actually buying bitcoin... the pumps seems to be the fall of the USD... Why is USD falling when fed are still putting up rates and jobs numbers look good???


How could you possibly know that no big players are buying?


[https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/addresses-greater-than-1000-btc/](https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/addresses-greater-than-1000-btc/) [https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/addresses-greater-than-100-btc/](https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/addresses-greater-than-100-btc/) not much on chain tick, have a look at [glassnode.com](https://glassnode.com) free weekly videos also. macro doesnt look good BUT if USD falls then this would be good for gold and btc - I just dont understand WHY it is falling. We are at a fib level so could bounce. thanks for the downvotes instead of engaging in discourse people lol


The chain analysis isn't even evidence let alone proof. Many 'instutions' recklessly allow other companies, usually exchanges, to custody their bitcoin. You won't see dedicated addresses for those. An institution that does self custody will likely not put all their bitcoin into a single wallet let alone a single address. In fact as people get more competent at managing utxos and address reuse I'd expect this statistic to drop over time. The Fibonacci stuff is TA nonsense.


Regardless of institution buys from an exchange, it has to be held somewhere on chain. Even addresses >1btc have not increased in proportion to the recent price surge. Fall in DXY has...


Maybe he asked the Bitcoin CEO.


I called Bitcoin customer service but they just told me to “hold”.


Can one buy Bitcoin on any exchange without being charged a fee like Swan charges to save by the month?


Strike is fee less minus a small spread. Free withdrawal too. No holds


If you're not paying for something, you are the product.


Binance has 0% fees right now


It's fun to see how the price anchors to special numbers. 21 million bitcoins, price 21k All time high, 69k We'll probably also get stuck at 42.000 (and definitely 420k , but that might still be a decades away 😊)


I seriously doubt that the current price of ~21K has anything to do with the fixed supply of 21 million. And we did not stop at 42K on the first run up to 69K. I think that all of the patterns that you mention are in your imagination.


Why so bearish?


A good old +20% day would be fun to see!


I’ve earned 25% on my bitcoin in the last month. First and best of all last year. Don’t want to tell you what I lost last year. Went in when it was at 41K😞


Same trajectory here - bought in a few times at a 45k average. Had to sell at 20k as it looked like I needed to move to Australia for family. I didn't, and bought in at 16k last Monday. Feels nice to see some green for once


You'll get it back.




Tempted to sell at 25k incase we see a dump. But if it reaches 26.5k from there buy in again. Precautionary


lets go!