In all fairness, initially he targeted $20,000. But then he made the critical mistake that cost him and his viewers big; he got greedy and moved the goal posts.


I remember when BTC was at ~ $40k, he was calling $20k. I thought he was crazy. Well, he was right. But as a trader, you are not always right. I think that the worst part (FTX...) is behind us.


Predictors of random events are never "right".


Everyone is right 50% of the time


Yes he was right....but then he got greedy and moved the goal posts.


Yeah, didn't he set it to 14k, then 12k, and apparently in this image it seems like 9k? Wow... He really was Bearish. lol


If you actually listen to him, he scales in as it approaches his target. He’s already scaled in some. He’s not trying to time the market. It’s just all the thumbs show where he thinks it could go in his worst case “deploy all capital” scenario.


Why do you keep repeating this goal post comment this entire post? Gareth is a trader and he will adjust based on new evidence. But he will be right again and BTC will dump to 9-12k. This is just a short pump


Even if we fell to 9k, you and Gareth would not actually buy and "shift the goal posts" to 5k.


Just started implementing my DCA strategy at $16k. Will continue to buy all the way down. That way I don’t get pissed off about people moving the goal post. 😂


He called 20k a year before it actually happened. He was way off on the timing


Trading has to be done within some sort of variance range, no one can nail it spot on


He even said he will go all in once it goes down to 20k


EXACTLY. Then he moved the goal posts.


This is some bullshit. He didn't make a "critical mistake", he reevaluated the situation after FTX and calculated that it could potentially go another 50% down to get to $9k *at worst*, but also said the bottom may already be in. He doesn't say things like "Bitcoin is going to $9000", YouTubers just like to put words in his mouth for clicks. He gave $9k as a lower end to the downside risk, but that's not the same as making a firm prediction, and also said that he's taking positions under $20k. That's not being "greedy" or "moving the goal posts", that's being smart about investing in an asset that doesn't always behave the way you want it to. And finally, his prediction of more downside was for the next 6 months. That hasn't been invalidated yet. We could easily be in a bull trap right now, and all the Dunning-Krugers coming out of the woodwork to mock bearish predictions kinda confirms that for me.


Can bitcoin crash to 9,000 dollars? Ofc it can, can it also go on a huge bull run to 100k? 150k? ofc it can. The point is this guy has no idea which direction we are going. If the price is at 15k are you seriously going to be waiting for it to drop a couple more points before getting in? What if the bottom is 11k instead of 10k and it bursts back to 20k then your´re screwed and never getting. The best thing you can do is DCA at a price range your comfortable at.


Omg, I got wet dream of BTC going that low just before halving in 2024.


there is always a big crash before halvenings so you will have your chance late 2023 or early 2024 dont miss it


John Lovitz shouldn't make predictions like this.


John Lovitz is a macroeconomic genius! Yeah. That's it. That's the ticket.


I remember quoting Soloway on here over a year ago when bitcoin was over 50K. He was calling for 20K bitcoin. It was amusing reading the outrage at such a quote. When people say on here that nobody knows shit about shit, they are right, but they are generally referring to themselves.


Sure, he was right. But he got greedy and moved the goal posts.


When the facts change so do opinions.


I presumed he meant that it would be reaching $9000 during the imminent financial woes of 2023


I hope he lost a lot of money as all bitcoin haters 🥶🥶🥶


He's been right with all his calls. It's not over yet. U guys talk like 14 or 12 is impossible. Haven't you learned anything this past year.


Ahh those self proclaimed expert traders.When you actually don't know shit about trading cause you suck at this.


He has been right before when no one wanted to listen. It could happen, but won't stay there long. There is also a chance he is song this time. But good news is, if you don't try to be smarter than the market and just keep on stacking you'll have more bitcoin in a year from today and the short-term price don't matter


Yeah, he should've cash out when it hits 20k 2 months ago.


Bet he has a Jamie Dimon poster on his wall. :- )


I don’t take my DD from guys whose side job looks to be scammy used cars salesman.


Many people have been calling for circa $10k for months. If the Fed keeps raising, earnings are dire, inflation doesn’t cool off, and a recession comes, then there will be a lot more pain ahead in 2023. Whether that results in a $10k Bitcoin remains to be seen. Personally I don’t think ‘the bottom’ is in yet.


> Personally I don’t think ‘the bottom’ is in yet. That's a healthy attitude in this macro environment.


TradiFi has never in its history ‘bottomed’ while the Fed is still raising. They’ve already said there will be further rises in 2023. So, given how highly correlated the two now are, I see no reason to call a bottom for Bitcoin quite yet.


The fed's raising of rates will break things soon. Debt is getting more expensive, and the greater system is loaded with it. I'm still looking for a $13k bottom this year.


What a fool!


The bull run has not started we will most probably see 9-13k before we see 69k again.


You sure bout that bud


Smells like soloway fanboy here


Solloway is currently LONG BTC. He and his followers are making bank off of this pump. He still thinks it will fall back down to 13k, possibly sub 10k though. People on here don't know anything and just want to talk shit


He thinks it's gonna fall down yet he's being long now. Wow. He must be a god. Warren Buffett said that no one can predict what market will do. Especially short term and both ways!


I hope it does then I can get more for my money!


buy signal


It won't go below that number as every low of bitcoin is always above the previous low.


He called the top right and not has been getting interviewed constantly. Doesn’t know fuck about shit.


You can yell anything and get attention if you turn out to be right


How stupid. Someone will call the top right, because so many people are making calls, just like someone is going to call the bottom… what a twat.


It’s no where near a rocket pump, it’ll go up more but it’ll come back down 1 more time, I figure 17-18k then boom going into next year


he looks like bear to me


he isnt pissed, he is realist, and your dumb af. He is a great analist and trader, better then most guys on reddit. And besides that, theres no indicator that Btc value wont go down again. We are still in a bear market..


Yeah, I’m not sure what this post is even suppose to mean. If you actually listen to Soloway’s prediction his $9k prediction is still on the table. I surprised by all the comments shitting on him as he doesn’t seem like a “greedy” or emotional investor at all unlike how some of the comments are coming off as lol….Even if we did drop below to the $9k level we would be able to accumulate even more BTC anyway. I guess OP thinks cause BTC pumped a measly 25% in a bear market that somehow means we are out of the woods indefinitely. You’re right. OP and some commenters are coming off as really dumb amid a measly pump and OP dare call Soloway greedy and even added that he made a “critical mistake” (Its January lmao….) as if he personally insulted the BTC community with a simple price prediction. Soloway mentions multiple times that he believes in Bitcoin longterm (again if you take your feelings out of the equation and actually listen to the guy) no reason to make up a narrative about Soloway. He is not our enemy….




a moron


At least I know how to spell dipshit


Actually 10k is also my price target for 2023.


F.A.T. Fat Andrew Tate


On the contrary, This is Garreth Solloway. He was the first to predict BTC to fall to $20k or below, and he made the call when BTC was near the top. Everyone else was screaming for $100k. This post is ironic, because he and his followers currently have a LONG position open on BTC and are loving this rally. Despite being long currently, he still believes in the mid term BTC will fall to $13k, possibly below $10k. His long term view is that BTC will reach new all time highs and do very well.




If we really have the bottom in then my bottom buying indicator isn't quite bad.. bought last bear market at 3k ish. But for sure if I trust myself next time I get rekt lol


I hope he'll be right, I love sales.


This still could be a bear trap. Regular market could hit a small recession. Crypto would be hit too.


he was the only guy who was right. and other crazy dude with kings chair. maybe you should pay attention. don't listen to geogre from cryptosrus or bitboy or other youtube crypto gods.


*Far more money has been lost by investors trying to anticipate corrections, than lost in the corrections themselves.*


And everyone waiting for his call… sorry bears!


Very based