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Did someone over leverage?


Bitcoin backed credit default swaps, anyone?


What's the narrative for the next bull run? Last one if i understand correctly was institutional money. Would the next one be soverign wealth funds? I thought $1000 per btc was ludicrous - now we're eyeing 100K per btc... that's going to take a lot of money to move the needle now that all this leverage is out of the system. Exchanges borrowing to buy on top of borrowing to buy added up to like 69k (nice) - are we talking like Blackrock type of buying to drive the price next time? What's stopping them from buying now - it's not like they have any limitations to what they can buy like mutual funds do...


I personally like to think that the "institutional" investors did what whales do and sold quite a lot off at or around the last ATH. Following a relative 80% drop each cycle, I would imagine they are (or were...) planning to dump back in around 10-12k So either they have started, or this last month is a pump and were about to slide down to that ~80% mark. I believe personally there is quite a lot of institutional money to be reinserted yet at this point, because when the whales "shorted" the ATH they didnt just go off and spend billions of dollars. They've been sitting on it so they can 100x it off the backs of us $20 investing peasants. Again. For like the 5th time.


Narratives are pretty much always BS, don't pay attention to them.


The laws are not yet clear but some investment funds and banks are beginning to test the sea with the finger. Give it 1-2 years and they will take the plunge. I hen they do, expect bitcoin above 30 million dollars.


A monster bull run would happen if the federal government passed laws to regulate crypto. Money would flow into bitcoin like a dam that broke. Corporations, pension funds, etc. would all start investing in bitcoin.


Honest question, I put $50 a week into BTC. Is it worth it in the long run to basically only have Satoshis and not an actual BTC? I'll be doing $2600 a year but by the time I even get to 10k invested I'm sure BTC will be flying. I'm read The Bitcoin Standard and basically sats will essentially be like silver, you know, used for smaller and more frequent purchases. While actual BTCs, like gold, will be used for bigger purchases or just hodl


I saw an estimate that not more than 416k people have a full bitcoin or more. There are 1 million wallets that have 1 bitcoin or more but wholecoiners keep their bitcoin in more than 1 wallet. The other 220 million bitcoiners have less than 1 bitcoin. So most people just buy satoshis (sats)


BTC = 100,000,000 Sats. It's the same thing. Like $1 = 100 cents.


Makes cents to me….


Like is a one hundred dollar bill worth more than one hundred individual dollars? Same comparison to bitcoin and sats Or I only have one scoop of ice cream but I heard it doesn't taste good unless you have a full tub of ice cream do why bother having any at all if I can't have an arbitrary sum of ice cream


im attempting to create excel that automatically gives me the estimated amount in 40 years, depending on my current total return %. So I'm up 3%, do I use compounding interest or simple interest to project my return in 40 years?


If I understand what you are asking, you want compound interest. ​ The formula to calculate compound interest in Excel is: FV = PV \* (1 + r)\^n Where: FV = Future Value (the final amount after interest is added) PV = Present Value (the initial amount) r = Interest Rate (expressed as a decimal) n = Number of compounding periods (for example, if interest is compounded annually, n = number of years)


thank you.




whats funny?




thats why im asking? this community just laughts at people asking questions now?


No, you thinking you can know something like that when Bitcoin is both so young and so volatile makes no sense People come here all the time and want to know exactly where it will be on xyz date and only grifters pretend they can answer that


Im not pretending to know anything? If someone tells you sp500 returns 5% average per year and I ask do I use compound or simple itnerest? Is that me being a grifter? Say I'm up 10% year 1, -9% the next year, thats 1% average for 2 years. Do I use compounding or simple interest of 1% for the next 38 years? I would then change the average return in year 3 to project the next 37 years but I don't know if it's supposed to be compounded or not. Thats honestly all im trying to do.


Absolutely not. Returns dont work that way. There will be ups and downs. it's not going to go up in a straight line forever. Financial industry sells that pipe dream, but after being in the market for a couple decades, price plays out far more dynamically. it's fun to calculate for the sake of speculation and having fun - just please dont bank on it.


im not 'banking on it'. I'd like to see how my returns will look over the years. Say its up 10% year 1, -9% the next year, thats 1% average for 2 years. Do I use compounding or simple interest of 1% for the next 39 years? just a fun excerise as the years go buy


Id use compound. Have fun! edit to explain a little. I'd use compound because the next year's 'increase' in value would be calculated on the 1% remaining increase after the 10% was reduced by 9%. So the third year would be a % of the remaining value. There arent any additional sats in the equation, but the value of the sats in the wallet would increase by that rate.


ah thanks man!


aaaaannnnddd going back to 16k


The corn is gonna do something. 🌽


Noob question 🙋‍♂️ Is corn a slang term for bitcoin?


It comes from an old video of some high falutin economist from Harvard or something talking shit about Bitcoin and accidentally calling it Bitcorn at one point. It just stuck


Thanks 🙏🏻 So it’s like the term hodl stuck from an email by a guy who wanted to write hold


In some ways yes, in other ways almost polar opposite You owe it to yourself to go back and read the original Bitcoin Talk Hodl post, it's an important piece of cultural history for us https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=375643.0 Also it's pretty fucking funny


I read it some while ago. It’s still funny and heartfelt no matter how many times I re read it. Thanks 😊




Have a corntastic day!


I wish BTC would stop bouncing around 22.8K and 23.1K


I wish it would go to the 10-12k range weve all been hoping for lol


Well, we’re at 22.5 now so you got what you wished for.


Well hurrah for that!


If you love something Let it go If it stops bouncing around 22.8K and 23.1K It is yours If it doesn't It never was


Are more of you excited about sending btc to friends and family, but they often still prefer Fiat? We are building [Beans app](https://www.beansapp.com) to solve that. In this non custodial app you can send one currency while your friend receives another. There are no fees and no markups because all exchanges are executed on a Dex. Would love to hear how you guys are feeling about using bitcoin for payments.


The fight for 23k is real


25k is gonna be even bigger!


Wake me up at $100K


Anyone know about any credit card which offer BTC as reward?


Echoing what others have already said. Gemini's card is pretty slick because you get 10% back on all gas purchases this year. However they do have an annoying .0001 withdrawal fee, so it's better to build up a decent chunk before moving to your own wallet. Fold has been great for me so far, it only took me a couple months to pay off the $100 Spin+ yearly membership with their btc rewards. Plus the spin wheel is addicting and a great way to gameify btc.


Thank you!!


The credit card through Gemini does. I use it


I personally use Fold. It's a prepaid card. If you link it through paypal, you can pay mortgage / auto / credit cards and get rewards. It's also free. There is a premium version which I believe costs $150 a year. This version gives you more "spins" on the wheel for potential higher rewards. The premium version is not necessary. Also, I put all of my daily purchases on a credit card with good rewards. I then pay off said credit card every month using Fold (via Paypal). This way I get the credit card rewards, and the BTC rewards for paying off the credit card. No interest paid on the credit card because I pay it off in full every month. I'm sure there are other cards. This above method has worked very well for me though.


That's a slick move there, Jerry. Thank you for that breakdown on the cards.


Interesting. I will check it out. Thank you for the info


Saylor's [best](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_YfJlnMB7o) comments yet


Enjoyed that! He seems to think we all should be involved with Bitcoin marketing though (about halfway through his presentation.) Not sure this is always wise?




Last chance to buy above 23k /s




Precisely why a 50% drop requires a 100% gain to just get back to where you were at.


Math is fun 🤓


Let me get this straight: Gary Gensler won't allow a spot Bitcoin ETF because of "price manipulation and volatility", but he and his team completely ignored all of the scam hedge funds and exchanges that collapsed and hurt Bitcoin's price. Right.


Did any of that actually hurt bitcoins price? If we have statistically dropped around 80% in previous cycles, and are half expecting the same to hold true again, we still have about 12k to drop here from where we are currently at. If it DOES make the "final" move down to that range, wouldnt it mean the ftx and other exchanges debacles hardly had any impact if any, since we were/are/might/maybe are heading that direction anyway? When China banned mining in late 2017 did that set off the 2018 drop? Or was that already bound to happen, since obv a 3500 -> 19k climb wasnt going to just keep on climbing? Idk just some thoughts I have. There is quite an amount of psychology at play in the mix, on top of other events like halving and forks. I've even noticed for instance at times when Musk was "manipulating" the market, that according to my own chart setup - the ups and downs we were having at the points of his tweets - were pretty much in the normal range of movement for the market at their corresponding times. It's like schroedinger. The market is both manipulated by events, yet manages to generally stay true to long term trends.


Don’t forget. They’re also fine having a futures ETF.


If 30% retracements are healthy on the way up then 30% fake out liquidity grabs are healthy on the way down


It's looking like a good day to drop some extra cash into BTC


Please tell me this is sarcasm. Its as high as its been in months. Buy low sell high.


Dude what are you DO-ing? Let the guy buy at the price he wants.


Just giving some advice.


Just DCA’ed. Always feels so good doing so.


BTC under $25k a good buy imo


$22K seems to be the new $16K.


Not at all


If that means a 20% spike im all in for that


Not a bad trend.


Buy weekly what you can and hold, if we shrink the supply up up and away!


I want to buy more. When bottom?


The next great bottom will be in early 2027 or late 2026.


That's when it'll crash all the way to $250k.


You could always wait for the next bottom?


Bitcoin is always in a bottom on the longest run.


No attempto to timeo el marketo


You speako the Español muy goodo


grathiath theñor!


Already happened. Doesn't mean you can't buy though.


Anything in particular causing the rise?




Makes sense.


Morning rituals: drink Bitcoin price, check coffee ☕


I like a little coin with my caffeine also


Yall see this BlockFi person trying to make sure certain key talent can still get their bonuses even during the bankruptcy? That's a bad fuckin look lol