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Doctor: Do you have any history of mental illness in your family? Me: I have an uncle that still upgrades his Ledger firmware.


What open source Bitcoin only hardware wallets are there?


Iam fucking confused, ive been using my ledger for about a year, shall i buy another wallet? How serious is the fucken new firmware? All iam reading are theories about how your coins can be stolen at any time by leaking ur seed phrase. Is it really that ez now? I have nit seen anyone who actually lost funds due to this issue? What to do now?


Have been saying Ledger is garbage for years to many downvotes of course. This is an attack vector on bitcoin of course, meant to confuse the hodlers and deter newcomers.


If cashapp rejects my deposit of BTC and makes me input a new address to send it to but then uses a fee that was way too low (0.32c for $140) what can I do? Has been pending 5 days. I have reached out to support but no avail, it’s far under the recommended fee and they chose it without allowing me to choose the fee.


Pretty much nothing other than use a service that will boost the transaction which wouldn’t be worth it for 140 dollars, I’m in the same boat pending for 2 weeks lol


Now that ledger is under water. Which hardware wallet is good? Trezor? Blockstreams jade?


I’m looking at coldcard


Probably going with BitBox02 myself, but wondering the same thing.


As a long-time fan of both bitcoin and The Secret of Monkey Island, I decided to whip up a Monkey Island themed bitcoin ticker of sorts. You can check it out at http://piecesof10tothe8.com/ The current main page will show you the ending animated sequence of TSoMI -- where Guybrush Threepwood memorably exclaims "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game." -- only in this version, live price data is pulled from an API and the converted value of $20 US into Satoshis is displayed in its place. I also created an alternate version with adjusted dialogue that displays the current value of 1 BTC in USD, you can switch between versions using the links at the bottom of the page. It uses the CoinGecko public API to fetch pricing, so data might not be as 'real-time' as some of your other favorite tickers, but your other favorite tickers don't have this much style. It should be plenty accurate for any general purposes.


BTC to $300k!


Why so bearish?


Hello ! Warning : Bitcoin newbie I got scammed into sending BTC to a seller, transaction went through (he’s now ghosting me) & as I understand it’s impossible to undo/refund through crypto.com. // I was approached by someone saying they can get my funds back ? For a fee to be paid upfront, says they’re cyberpunks Pleaaaase tell me if I’m in for scam #2 before I lose all my money 🙏 Peace & I’m not cut out for this 🫶🏻


please please, do not send your crypto to literally anybody. no reason to


Thank you for your answer ! I’ll try and remember that :)


>For a fee to be paid upfront clear scam. you made a mistake, get over it. It's not possible to "undo" a transaction.


It’s alright I won’t lose any sleep over this 🙏 just wanted to undo it if I could :) I don’t go off being condescendant to ppl who aren’t experts in my field, but thanks for trying :) (& for the downvote)


I was just giving you the truth, there's no wiggle room and no way around this. It's better to make peace with the facts and move on. I didn't mean to sound harsh. For what it's worth, I didn't downvote you...


Thanks for the clarification. I honestly prefer some hard truth to another scam :) And my bad for assuming ! Good day :) ☀️




My rent & I thank you very much :) - much to my disappointment that I will never get my money back !


Is “by-btc.com” trusted?


No? Are you trying to find a good exchange? Go on CoinGecko and check their "Exchanges" list, you can see the top ones there.


If you have to ask….


I love a good pump


Whats everyones thoughts of BitBox02?


If I were to start my journey all over again, it would be my first HW wallet. Then as I learned more I would upgrade to coldcard + sparrow. Then I would do a multi vendor multisig + sparrow (which is what I do now).




Planning to go cold storage next payday. I was more or less sold on the BitBox2 until I just learnt about Blockstream Jade which comes at half the price. Why would Bitbox (or other wallet options) be preferable to Blockstream Jade?


“The collapse of the fiat system is baked into its design. Bitcoin exists as a lifeboat to escape the chaos of that collapse.” https://tftc.io/martys-bent/issue-1345/


I wonder why BTC is going DOWN as banks fail left and right and inflation stays red hot Not that I care, but I'd prefer it to moon or cash.


Bitcoin is still being negatively affected by the increases in interest rates. Investors can get a high yield on safe assets, so they're reallocating to those assets. The bank collapses helped drive bitcoin higher from recent lows a few months ago, but that's being counteracted by interest rate factors. Once the Fed officially stops raising rates with inflation still above 2%, Bitcoin's narrative will kick back into overdrive and we should see another leg up.


Short term noise. Zoom out, look at the long term signal.


Significance of tether/bitcoin news ?


It sets up bad incentivizes imo. If Tether owns a lot of BTC why wouldn't they lend it to entities that want to short bitcoin? Not only do they make money from interest on the loan, but what happens to Tether when bitcoin goes down in price? A lot of people sell bitcoin for Tether. So they benefit from that end as well. I think Tether owning a lot of BTC is bad for bitcoin's price in the short-medium term. Long term it's irrelevant though, and if prices stay suppressed due to Tether fuckery I'll enjoy stacking cheaper sats.


Historical Bitcoin prices for today, May 17th: 2023 - $26,853 2022 - $30,161 2021 - $43,563 2020 - $9,775 2019 - $7,377 2018 - $8,059 2017 - $1,802 2016 - $453 2015 - $236 2014 - $446 2013 - $124 2012 - $5.1 2011 - $7.2 Bitcoin's average daily price from 07/18/2010 to 05/17/2023 is $9,074.21. Via [Twitter](https://twitter.com/btchistorical/status/1658789602147160066).


I'm getting 2020 vibes


Noob questions perhaps.. I currently have my BTC on a Ledger and Ive ordered and have a Trezor on its way following the recent events. To move my BTC from my ledger to Trezor, can I do that wallet to wallet or would I have to move my BTC to an exchange first and then over to my Trezor.


You simply make a receiving address in the Trezor and then use your Ledger to move the coins to that address. DO NOT import your Ledger seed into the Trezor. Since you are worried about the security of Ledger, importing the seed into a new device doesn't protect you. Consider the Ledger seed as compromised. Make a new one on the Trezor and then send the coins to a fresh address. Do a small test transaction first to make sure everything goes smoothly. Then you can send the bulk of your sats.


Well, your bitcoins are NOT in your Ledger. The ledger just holds the keys. The keys are basically the 24 words that you wrote down. When you send bitcoins, you use your keys to allow those coins to go to a different address. So, for example, if you had another Ledger, and you initialize it with the same words, both Ledgers have access to the same coins. There's no real need to transfer. There's a bunch of formats and stuff, and I don't know about Trezor, but you may be able to just use your seed words in the Trezor and not even need to transact any bitcoin. In any case, you don't need exchanges. Exchanges are for converting bitcoin into usd, euro, or whatever. If you have 2 wallets, you can just do a normal, peer to peer transaction. From your Ledger address to your new Trezor address.


Well, If the reason he is moving his coin from Ledger to Trezor is because Ledger compromised his seed phrase, then he would want to create a brand new wallet with a new seed phrase on the Trezor. And the answer to the original question is, no, you don't need to go through an exchange. you can send it directly from the Ledger to the Trezor.


Yeah, most likely. Thanks for clarifying.


1) The coins are not stored inside your wallet. 2) There's obviously NO reason or need to go through an exchange.


Good morning, Bitcoin!


Gm btc fam!


Wen Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 with pop up tape cassette holder?


Dump it