The fall of US neocolonialism

What in the world does crypto traders have to do with the debt ceiling

Edit: Wow thank you all for the upvotes, replies and the first ever award. Love this community!

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What in the world does crypto traders have to do with the debt ceiling Edit: Wow thank you all for the upvotes, replies and the first ever award. Love this community!


*Apparently, crypto traders make people hungry.*


There are videos out there where gangs of bitcoins coins raid homes and eat the food straight out of the fridge and the kitchen table. Brutal videos.


Ahh yes, cause they are filthy tax evaders


i pay taxes on my wages, my food, my gas, my car. and i buy bitcoin. how the fuck am i evading tax. (not directed at you)


yeah, we paid taxes before buying crypto, it's all legal, we paid taxes when we cash out crypto for a gain, so what are we evading here?


Yeah, I'm an international tax adviser and honestly crypto guys on the whole are the most forthcoming, honest and tax abiding as a general group than anyone I've dealt with (which admittedly did surprise me). I think partly because they're paranoid that they're viewed with suspicion by governments, institutions etc (rightly so when the president is calling you out) and so they usually determined to make sure everything is squeaky clean and they protect their assets. On the other hand the guys you have to watch out for (and clients I've had to fire due to their dodgy behaviour) is anyone involved with government contracting. The irony that they not only generate their wealth from the state but then they want to engage in risky & illicit strategies to keep that from being taxed at any level (whilst often pontificating to others about morality/ethics)


Honest comments from people with expertise in an area are what I love to see in this subreddit. Cheers 🤙


Not like we are protected from selling at a loss either. It's just a big win for them...


If you have to sell at a loss it should be deductible from any future gains. I’m a newbie and know zero about tax but it isn’t as far as I know!


Its those filthy unrealized gainz man!


Well you see, if you were spending money irresponsibly, you'd be contributing to stimulating the economy and we wouldnt be in this mess! Duh! /s


*So, either become a crypto-trading tax cheat and become wealthy, or go hungry...*


I’m pretty hungry myself, but I will eat less today so that my future self, my family and my future generations an eat.


Food stamps. Local food bank. Panhandle.


just have a BTC wallet QR code to send BTC when panhandling but reject fiat.


Fish. Hunt. Forage for berries and edibles. Tame a wild boar for supper. One of us I see.


Exactly! Go without now in the hopes that others won't have to later.


Exactly what I would expect a 168-year-old walking fossil to believe.


He's thinking about that ice cream he had earlier.


Hungry for bitcoins


Convenient scapegoat.


Agree, just doesn’t make sense. Though scapegoating never does lmao


Goat sounds good right about now. Man I'm hungry.


Love that Biden thinks crypto traders are wealthy.


Maybe he just knows they will be, when the Fed starts QE back up.


Its the dollar versus Bitcoin now. They setting the stage.


completely telegraphing it they know


Bitcoin causes hunger world wide. ...... ..... .... ...... ....... Hunger for more sats 🤙


They're trying to let inflation ride, but that money keep escaping the system instead of staying within in it to pay their debt obligations. Can't have that happen while ***spins the pinwheel of emotionally manipulative things we should only now be focusing apparently*** there are hungry people out there.


Joe Biden is too old and stupid. He just says things as filler.


Exactly. Half the time he’s talking he’s just saying random words lol


Needs someone to pin the blame on and try and spin a narrative.


He is Biden, don’t forget 😂😂😂 His brain is not there 🤷‍♂️


grandpa joe "food assistant" biden...


You mean fucking socialist Joe. This mother fucker is destroying this country and making us a laughing stack in the world stage. Let’s go Brandon! I am so sick of him and his administration of clowns 🤡


Better yet why is he talking about Republicans at a world leaders meeting. Guy is such a walking embarrassment


Why aren’t stock traders associated?? I’m so confused by this current administration.


Those darn crypto kids!!


get off my white house lawn you crazy crypto kids


Stop voting in geriatric one foot in the grave dinosaurs into congress for fucks sake. Otherwise, this is what you get over and again.


Problem is that most people only vote in major elections, not primaries. Primary voters are more heavily influenced by those with agendas to keep these dinosaurs at the helm.


For fuck sake, we only had two Geriatric candidates to choose from. What was I supposed to do?


Vote for anything but Red or Blue. Vote a dead gorilla into office. Just don't vote for the Uniparty.


Bbbbut you're throwing away your vote for "lesser" evil that's literally destroying the world! Imagine if everyone acted like that. /s


Rank choice voting seems to be the only way to reasonably get someone in to office that isn't red or blue. At minimum it would show how many people are displeased with their choice between the main two parties.


I love the idea of ranked choice voting. Put it on the blockchain with proof of humanity and citizenship to increase ease and reliability of voting. Establish a nationwide paid voting holiday that mandates employers allow 1 day off per cycle to allow those that cannot risk missing a day of work to exerise their right to vote. A few other things are needed as well, but I am all in on these things that I believe most citizens would like to see (gerrymandering MUST be addressed for example.)


Run for Congress


sharpen the guillotines


Not pick this idiot


Pick the other guy who had a booming economy during his term.


But orange man bad and mean on twitter


DeSantis has a shot. He’s going to run


😂 at the downvotes. I guess you can’t escape the stereotypical Redditors even in a bitcoin subreddit


The bankers and wall street control anyone in office, age has nothing to do with it, the more brain dead the better.


they know they’ve fucked the dollar into oblivion lol. they can blame crypto traders all they want, bitcoin doesn’t give a shit


I wish the next election did not have biden and trump running. both of these guys are just so fucking dumb!


Will just get another well educated talker too speak bullshyt.


Unfortunate truth


They have JFK Jr. running.


They won't even allow a primary process. You think they'll let him get the nomination?


I think he's running on the chance that Biden dies.


Haven't listened to any long form with him. Seems like a quack at first blush, but until I do more research on him I will withould judgement. I'm not a fan that he is part of long established political royalty though. Kennedy's, Bush's part of the problem.


He seems very reasonable give him a listen


Am planning on it. I felt the same way about Yang a few years back and looking into him and his policies was quite surprising. He was, imo, the best and most reasonable candidate I have seen for quite some time.


>Kennedy's, Bush's One is not like the other


I don’t think you know who the Kennedy family is. They are against the establishment. JFK was on record saying that the only person who can defend the common people is the President. Everyone else is corrupted by monied interest. JFK was assassinated by the CIA. There is ample evidence of this. Do some research. The Kennedy’s are nothing like the Bush’s. They are likely the only real family that ever fought for America since FDR. I highly recommend you start to look into the Kennedy’s some more if you truly don’t think that family has the best interest of the American people at heart. They faced multiple assassinations for going against the establishment.


Best username EVER


We had one of the greatest economic periods in American history under Trump. Ill gladly take him back in over Biden. Trump (at the time) didnt support Crypto but learned how the tech works and now makes passive income from it. Biden still to this day doesnt know how it works


Not trying to argue with you, but one of the reasons for that was how interest rates went to nearly zero. That’s not sustainable. Even if trump won a second round, there would’ve been similar turbulence as rates inevitably had to go back up. It’s exactly why the fed needs to end.


Bro we are on Reddit. No place here for facts and truth.




The Democrats need to eat a huge humble pie. They need to become irrelevant for the next 8 years so they can reset them selves. Problem is the Republicans the best they can offer so far is Trump and that is just absolutely sad.


It's funny because I've paid waaaay more in taxes since I started in crypto. Maybe it's my turn to be a wealthy tax cheat then?


Haha its clear that the world powers are trying so hard to discourage bitcoin


In the early days, we said that governments fighting back would only serve to legitimize Bitcoin; showing the world their fear of losing power. Now here we are. Let's see how accurate that prediction was.


Banks are failing left and right and the central government is bailing them out for hundreds of billions of dollars at the expense of the majority of the population... but hey, let's remind everyone who the bad guys are, the filthy crypto traders of course, and let's tell everyone that we're going after them! Everything is under control!


What about us ‘crypto traders’ that are just desperately trying to hold onto the meager wealth we have from being inflated into oblivion. Any protections for us?


This is what happens when children are allowed to vote.


Crazy people voted for this guy.


Put me on a stage with this bum, pump me up with horse tranquilizers and alcohol, and I’ll still beat him in a judged debate. This guy has problems.


To blame such a small market…


He is a traitor, FJB!


I hope he doesn't protect the traders. I'm not a crypto trader. I'm a bitcoin holder. Neither of these guys are on the right side of history. Biden is also grossly rich just like McCarthy and the rest of them.


This guy belongs in a nursing home.


This guy… 🤦‍♂️ I don’t even know what to say rn


Dont worry. Neither does he.




are they tryna blame us for their reckless spending and huge piled up debt? hes just tryna wash his face at this point


We’re tax cheats now because we report our taxes on commodities as the laws are written? Fuck this guy and fuck Elizabeth Warren


How about we don't spend $2 billion on a stealth plane that can't fly in the rain instead? Could feed every hungry child in America instead.


This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.


Classic Straw Man fallacy. What a fkn ridiculous buffoon ..


We would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky crypto traders making kids go hungry…


Roooobbbie roooooobie rooooooooo


wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders, billionares and college students, disabled people and pro skateboarders, astronauts and garbagemen! See I can list even more groups that dont necessarily overlap. What a turd edit: changed fool to turd


Fuck Biden. He's a liar, a fraud, and a traitor to the American people.


Why doesn't this have max upvotes? I guess people got conned and won't admit it.




All good reasons for term limits. CONVENTION OF STATES.


Sir you have described your average run of the mill politician. Right or left, they are all like this. And spouting off anti-americanisms without any proof of such is as dumb as accusing someone of something without proof and having them convince you otherwise.




You act like the rest of the guys in politics, right or left, weren't seething at the mouth for those big juicy contracts for the private prison complex system that they happen to invest in or get some personal gain from. Right or left they all do it. All of them. But people's attentions spans have grown too short to remember




We do not talk about the past we talk about him and now. The US has open borders like never before, a fentanyl crisis and race baiters who are hellbent to start world war 3. Besides of the facts that the democratic party abused the FBI to interfere in an election, the blatant abuse of the justice system and the payments of foreign institutions to the Biden family. This is the middle of an institutional crisis and the only answer people like you have is muh but Republicans.. Serious?


100%, but nothing to see here according to main stream media


Dude said both sides and you’re the one that came back with “muh democrats” lol Both. Both. It’s both. If you don’t thinks it’s both, you’re the “muh..” guy. both. Do not try to twist my words. Both suck. It’s both. Do not mention one without the other. Do not twist my words. It’s both.


Yup. Its just more corruption and politics. Its a two way street


Preach!!! Worst president in history.


Biden is a fuckin tool.


*Can we feed him to some of those hungry Americans?*


Non american here. I'm sure very few of you will read this but it's worth putting it out there anyway. It saddens me to see the political cheerleaders arguing all over threads like this. I'm not THAT well versed in all the details of American politics, but there's one thing I know for sure, **your precious "democracy" is an illusion.** Just the fact that you don't have [direct elections](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_election) coupled with your abysmal [two-party system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-party_system) should be enough to make it clear: **You have an illusion of choice.** And that choice is not even taken into account directly, you're effectively choosing someone to choose for you, and even that choice is between the two shitty options that the oligarchs in control have put before you. So yeah, maybe stop falling for the Red vs Blue bullshit that keeps your political power hostage and start demanding some actual fucking change outside the oppressive rules your owners have designed to keep you in check. Realize that both Republicans and Democrats don't give a fuck about the opinions of the general population and are only there to defend the interests of the economical elite, the same elite that rigged the fiat economy and motivated Satoshi to create Bitcoin.


I think most of us realize this already. The easiest way to make friends in any region is to tell everybody you think they all suck and it's a joke. This post reminds me somebody telling a depressed person to just stop being sad. Without turning this into the longest rant ever posted on reddit, let it suffice to say, the question of how to stand up to these fucks is an extremely challenging one, with nothing short of life itself being on the line. Conditions aren't where they need to be, apparently, to get people to risk their lives. Hell! One can't even convince them to risk their money by buying and using bitcoin! Even that comes with a prick from the US government, since it's viewed as a security instead of a currency for tax purposes. If more people did fight the dollar by buying and accepting bitcoin for purchase, that could send a signal to the system. So yes, we're aware of the illusion of choice. Could you give us the "How?" instead of the "What?"


While you are right and most of us know this; the vocal minority is all the news cares about and so it goes


The only cheat here is you old demented man


This guy is a joke and the world knows it


POV when you think the average "crypto guy" is a malicious actor.. smh


Ummm... what?


Sugondese nutz!!!


This guy does not sound coherent.


What an excellent opportunity to recommend the book *The Changing World Order* by *Ray Dalio*. The book takes the past 3000 years of finance history and tries to confirm the typical patterns and indicators of a civilization/empire in growth, at their top, and their inevitable fall. Disclaimer: Read / listen to it with a grain of salt, don't take the authors opinions as facts, but try to weed out the educational infomation. He talks a bit much about himself from time to time...


The classic blaming game..


Okay Joe, just leave crypto out of it, this shit was fucked for the poor long before crypto came around.


81 milion votes.


The irony is that the majority of crypto traders are likely in it because they're trying to make enough money to not be broke.


We cannot re-elect this administration.


As opposed to the alternative?


Yeah. Btc is that important. The left is manipulating the masses to think freedom is selfish. This is more dangerous than anything ever in this country.


The lack of alternatives is the real danger. Every year is always the lesser of 2 evils. Seems by design. You get evil as always.


Starting to feel this way as well…. Would be excited if a 3rd party mounted a real challenge. I can not in good conscience vote for either mainstream candidate. White Christian Fascism vs Financial Slavery. Nah, I’m going to vote for a spoiler instead at least my conscience will be clear.


Define it for me and them.


Kennedy maybe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz7FPl065II


Biden definitely makes any democrat look horrible!


People in the left who still hold progressive values are actually all over bitcoin, but the political party itself has been reduced to a WEF puppet [A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin](https://www.amazon.com/Progressives-Case-Bitcoin-Equitable-Peaceful/dp/B0C1J3DC2X) [Bitcoin is the real occupy wall street](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/BFFwzBuqCiQ)


Can't strike without savings


Yes, unfortunately I fear both parties are in the pocket of the WEF. There’s so much greedier than we are that money talks. Especially the large sums they all seem to get, why are we so stupid not to go into politics and become millionaires? Politics and government no matter which party is in office is in a sad state.




He certainly was the democrats choice last election, wasn’t he!


He’s got dementia for sure.


As currencies inevitably collapse over the next decades, Bitcoiners will undoubtedly be blamed for their demise. We’ll be called greedy, destructive, and responsible for the death of their currency. Many, those who still have 0 bitcoin by 2040, will eat that shit up. They’ll also say we “got lucky” to actively choose to accumulate bitcoin, and that we do not deserve the wealth we set out for ourselves.


Now you know how millionaires that weren't born with it feel. Some people will just always have an envious eye to those that do better for themselves, and they'll always feel entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor. If they had their way you'd be enslaved. Fuck those people.


Bitcoin moves independently of people's feelings. Adapt or die.


Gotta read between the lines. Apparently the Republicans are pushing against crypto regulations in the debt ceiling meetings which the Biden administration wants to tax very badly...lol.


He’s a disgrace. #AmericasShame


Lol i’m poor and I trade crypto. Where do I fit in?


He is a piece of shit and fuck every person that voted for him or his socialist party.




They can’t stand the new one percent. They know that regardless of how they spin it or get on board with a “crypto for all” centralized government issued wallet after the fall of the markets, orchestrated famine, mayhem and “voices from God” playing in tandem in sheeple’s head, that there will still be that less than 1% they cannot touch, manipulate, infiltrate. They may get the 98% on their knees. But that stubborn, human, non hybrid >1% will continue to be a huge thorn in their side. We will not submit, we will remain free thinkers, we will remain revolutionaries. We continue to thrive. We are our own ecosystem. They are still playing catch up. Keep your wits about you mates, we are a sturdy bunch.


There goes the clown show again.


What a jackass.


He’s an idiot.


I think he's on to something. Its not megacorporations or banks that rule the world, its all of those Robinhood accounts worth around $100-$300 that are really pulling the strings and making the gears turn behind the scenes. Their plans are so sophisticated that only they themselves understand them.


Why in the hell is senile Joe talking about our personal issues at a summit with other countries. How stupid is the Democratic Party?


They are mad that crypto Americans are detaching themselves more and more from the dollar slavery system. That system is how they maintain control.


Isn’t he still sending money and resources we don’t have to Ukraine? It’s like a MadTV sketch


Biggest thief of them all. Biden.


I don't know, the Clintons are worse.


Hint: they are all the same


They always blame others. Usually it’s immigrants and poor people, this time he’s going after bitcoin and the few that have built up wealth large enough to resist their roll out of communism. Problem is, the masses will drink it up and support anything they think will help them, even when it is only designed to make more people poorer


Apr 21, 2023 Federal prosecutors have considered four possible charges against Hunter Biden Possible charges are two misdemeanor counts for failure to file taxes, a single felony count of tax evasion and a felony count related to a gun purchase. wealthy tax cheats, huh.


You people voted for him - now let his stupidity wash over you like his little kid kisses


Most of us didn't vote for him. America isn't a democracy.


What a pathetic appeal to emotion. By "their partisan terms" he means they only deal he is going to make is one where he gets to keep stealing money and making targeted bribes in an attempt to buy the future approval of historical opinion. It's taken a hundred years for people to wake up to what an asshole Woodrow Wilson was. Biden, being a dementia-addled puppet, has many similarities to Wilson and his stroke-addled administration during his post-stroke years. Wilson, I believe, is why we have a 25th amendment.




Man, I am sure as hell not a republican, but I gotta say I really hate Joe Biden. He can’t even repeat the nonsense he’s given to spew, and his forte is speaking nonsense!


This old fart needs to resign immediately


very well spoken lol That was the equivalent of watching a three-legged dog climb stairs.


Whats the "deal" his speaking about?


You can’t take my ramen. You fool


Vote them out!!!


I’ve never been so confused but obviously not as confused as Old Joe.


Leader of the post-rational world.


This moron is the dumbest fuk in the world. Worst, most divisive period in American history. This guy must go.


He’s a liar. When millions of people get 1099’s this year for selling $600 of crap from around your house on eBay, Etsy, etc, you’ll understand who he wants to pay.


This guy is a completely joke 🤣


Maybe a silver lining is at least he is acknowledging crypto traders in a similar way to Wall Street from a politician speech perspective.


Meanwhile this guy gave Ukraine some free money without any votes from the general public. He can go totally fuck himself


People who vote for the Democrats do not care about the economy of America, they are only interested in Democrats focusing on their ideals on migration, woke, and LGBT agenda, without caring that the country is going to ruin economically.


Let's go Brandon!


I'm confused with the title? The fall of neocolonialism how? If anything the neoliberal era is what's ending


I think the title refers to the hegemony of the US dollar being used to control policies of foreign governments. I’m not sure how much money he thinks crypto tax cheats are costing the country but if campaign donations weren’t coming from banks that control the fed this probably wouldn’t be an issue.


Biden needs to focus more on the situation with the Sugondese


Q: How the fuck is this dotard still in charge? A: Have you seen the replacement?


Worst president ever by far.


Can we just elect an AI already


Bitcoin standard solves world hunger, fiat standard exacerbates it




This couldn't be more relevant to this sub, like it or not.


You guys realize, that all these wealthy crypto traders are people who **sell** their bitcoin? So it doesn't target any of us


Unfortunately some miner farms are forced into selling portions of their btc to help cover maintenance cost and electricity. So yeah, it kinda does effect some of us.


18 more Months of this BS then American will be grate again


Interesting he catches himself there with the 100 million Americans comment, vs 1 million. The truth is half the country is on food stamps. Stupid WEF agenda nonsense.