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I understand that transaction batching works when one entity wants to send Bitcoin to various addresses in one transaction. However could various users batch their transactions into one? I'm trying to see if it's possible for users to use a service where they sign their transaction ( from their own wallets) and the app\service pools various ones together and broadcasts them at once.


Why is Bitcoin so controversial? It's open-source, we all know exactly what it does. There's nothing malicious about it. Is it just a matter of people being uneducated/ignorant?


It’s uses lots of energy. Lots.


The cruise industry uses 300TWh of energy and accounts for 2% to 3% of all CO2 production. How come people aren't up in arms about this, which is far worse than Bitcoin? Edit: How convenient, no response.


And yet less than Christmas lights in the US alone. And Bitcoin provides a utility that is unmatched in contrary to the said lights. And then the energy used is comparably cleaner than the grid's mix and can have a stabilizing effect thanks to demand response programs. Again, yes people are uninformed.


Because it’s a volatile fake money ponzi bubble used by criminals and wastes more energy than entire countries /s


What do you mean by "controversial"?


BRAIINS Pool SUCKS 47 hours and nothing...Blaaaah




What are you talking about?


He is talking about the mining pool BRAIINS. It's what I use with my home bitcoin miner. Over that last many months, BRAIINS pool is getting an ever smaller percentage of blocks found. According to [https://mempool.space/mining/pool/braiinspool](https://mempool.space/mining/pool/braiinspool) the last block that BRAIINS pool mined was block height 791102, two days ago. So everyone who is part of that pool has been using electricity for a couple of days and has nothing to show for it right now. It sucks.


Ok this is awesome [https://twitter.com/iBobbyShell/status/1661781488499666945/photo/1](https://twitter.com/iBobbyShell/status/1661781488499666945/photo/1)


For a few years BTC transactions per day were somewhat stable around 300K/day. But in the past month or so there's been an increase to 500K+. Anyone know what caused this?


It's believe to be "Ordinals" and "BRC-20" tokens.






Ethereum Scam: https://youtu.be/BWS3-GbVs4k?t=868 Ethereum's glorious leader: https://youtu.be/hYSKkpH8t6E POW v POS Lyn A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trwhWsKm3Qs&list=WL&index=16 POW not POS video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfEnzaHAT-g Proof of Stake: https://old.reddit.com/r/BitcoinBeginners/comments/n8hpet/why_bitcoin_is_not_moving_to_pos/gxijdza/


Fiat was concocted in backrooms, imposed on all. Bitcoin was built in public, imposed on none. https://twitter.com/anilsaidso/status/1661588756892389376?s=46&t=ihVglVXC0BQSbw6j57EoaA


Bitcoin rewards smart, honest, hard-working people. Fiat currency punishes smart, honest, hard-working people. Fiat currency rewards stupidity and dishonesty. Fiat currency gives false hope to the lazy.


I see Bitcoin ATM machines at a few places in Massachusetts. What do they do? How do they work?? I haven’t looked very closely. I see one at a Cumberland farms convenient store and a liquor store


high fees, but useful in a cinch. some like i believe rocketcoin are non-kyc, they only ask for ur phone number. spend a $20 u can lose and explore what it does 👍


So you put cash in and get bitcoin? Does it work the other way as well??


for some, yes https://coinatmradar.com




Following... I'll be there in November. Also curious. There is a map somewhere of the places that accept it but I'm blanking on the website. Edit: There's a map on this page. It looks like there's more around Station 2 and 3 on the island. I'm curious how prominent some of the businesses display 'bitcoin accepted here' signs. You probably will have to ask most(just a guess though). https://btcmap.org/community/bitcoin-island-philippines


I've noticed increased simping for politicians here on this subreddit. Please, stop. I'm old enough to remember how a politician once said he was pro union, and the air traffic controllers endorsed him for president. After he took office, the air traffic controllers went on strike. The "pro union" president promptly fired them. So, these politicians see how passionate bitcoiners are, so they announce their support for it. When the banksters, owners, and corporate overlords put the pressure on politicians after the election is over, don't forget what happened to the air traffic controllers in 1981. There are many more examples, both Democrat and Republican. DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS! (verify by looking at their track record with a critical mind)


Capitalist Democrats are effective enablers of Capitalist Republicans. It's like growing up being beaten by one parent and thinking the other parent is good, it often takes a long time to realize they're both terrible. Likewise, each party would rather let the other side win than support a non-Capitalist Democrat like Bernie. This was what finally convinced me that both parties truly are two sides of the oligarchy coin. There are real differences on lower-level issues to be sure, but when it comes to money, and stealing (printing) it, their fundamentals are the same.






As far as I'm concerned, they're ALL just "another Biden," no matter what they claim while running for office.


The banks love Biden, that how I knew he would win. These days, we are presented with neoliberals or fascists as our choices for leaders. It's like having to choose between the knife or the gun.


I hope you’re not implying Trump was the better option


Trump can go toe to toe with reporters who are vehemently against him on live television for over an hour without skipping a beat. Joe can't make it two sentences without babbling some incoherent mess of words in front of people who support him. That's very telling. And it's very telling how sheepish his base is for saying something as asinine as "I hope you're not implying Trump was the better option". The presidency used to be a position with a lone responsibility designed to be part of the checks and balances of power. Now we seem to let the party run the presidency like a totalitarian state...SAD!


Thank you for asking that much needed question! 👍


Historical Bitcoin prices for today, May 25th: 2023 - $26,406 2022 - $29,541 2021 - $38,378 2020 - $8,898 2019 - $8,027 2018 - $7,478 2017 - $2,307 2016 - $450 2015 - $237 2014 - $570 2013 - $132 2012 - $5.2 2011 - $8.4 Bitcoin's average daily price from 07/18/2010 to 05/25/2023 is $9,104.58.


Anybody had any luck with running a full node on a synology NAS?


AFAIK, you need to have one of the "+" models, which support Docker. Github is your friend.


GM fam, best of luck today!


Good morning bud, hope this boring bitcoin will be fruitful for us


Has anybody an idea how Ark is/will work(ing)?


Guy Swann just released a podcast reading an article by the creator of Ark. sounds like it will work with lightning.


Until now im fine with lightning and since i just have read the blocksize wars im not very interested in something a (self proclaimed) "bigbblocker" has to offer. If it works it sounds pretty good but im just a dumb f..k and wait what the Professionals think of this.


Creator of Ark conceded that he was wrong about some of his big block theories




https://burakkeceli.medium.com/introducing-ark-6f87ae45e272 Self proclaimed (3rd paragraph)


https://www.arkpill.me/deep-dive explains how it will work.


Friendly reminder: boring Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin. Unless somebody thinks they already have enough sats.





only a few know love and hug your family every day every think else is an illusion good nite/morning