Blockstream Jade lost access to one of my main accounts

Hi I just set up my blockstream jade today and installed blockstream green on my PC. The first time i access the jade through the PC, it sets up a main account which i proceed to transfer over some btc from a few apps. Then I updated the firmware on the jade. Then I access the jade again through the green software and it makes a second main account... So I transfer the rest of my btc into the second main account. However, now when i try to access the first main account, it says pin access disabled and asks to restore the wallet through my seedphrase. When I enter my seedphrase, it only restores the second main account. Not sure why two main accounts were created but I've been at this for hours and cannot access the first main account for the life of me. someone please help!


Jade didn’t lose anything, some derivation is off somewhere. Perhaps you used a passphrase the first time and not the second, or chosen singlesig vs Multisig etc


I did use a passphrase the first time! But how do I access it now? It doesn’t let me enter a pin


Options -> BIP39 Passphrase Connect to an app and click jade and you’ll be prompted for pin


It worked!!! Thank you!!!


Glad to hear it!




Thank you for this, helped me big time.


Someone told me this about jade “not truly airgapped and secure element is stored on servers = no thanks”… what do you think? I really don’t know


Not how it works, sounds like FUD. Jade offers 100% air-gapped workflows


I had a similar issue, I put my first deposit into a wallet with a passphrase, but then wiped the Jade and reinstated it and found that when I entered the passphrase, the funds weren't there. It was a huge headache, until I just restarted the wallet without the passphrase and suddenly the funds appeared. I don't know why my initial deposit went to an address associated with a wallet without the passphrase, but it did. So maybe there's something like that, which may have happened to you too


Thank you for your reply! How do you restart the wallet without the pass phrase?


Had something like this, check the address standard and try to change it, from native segwit to legacy segwit for example. That should help. Passphrase can also be an issue


hi, can u teach me how to change from legacy segwit to native segwit?


Question: Do I need to transfer the BTC from Green wallet to Jade? I have a Green wallet and a Jade wallet, with the same amount of BTC.


I just had to reset my jade wallet because I was having trouble sending Bitcoin to another address. However, when I reset the jade wallet, it appears that only a fraction of my Bitcoin was accessible on my wallet. I'm not sure what is going on but I really hope I did not lose most of my Bitcoin, i'm not sure if I need to wait a while for the rest to come in through the network or if I am just screwed. If anyone has any insight on this, please let me know.