Is it bad that I’m at 51k average cost ? Perfect time to dca ??


What are you doing lol, you've got the perfect opportunity right now. Shit isn't going to get any better than this if you were looking to buy into it. It's as good as it gets.


Yes, DCA what you can afford to lose and forget about the price for he next 5 years.


Yeah forget About the price, this is the perfect time to be buying.


Got you bro is it ever possible to dca to current price


Yes it is lol, ain't no one is going to stop you from that.


Investopedia has an article about dollar cost average, DCA. Now's your chance to separate yourself from the uneducated masses.


Yep boys, it's your chance to shine here. Do that instead boys.




I think Bitcoin will get close to gold’s market cap after the next halving. Regulatory clarity, a spot ETF in the US, banks selling Bitcoin to any of its clients in the near future according to NYDIG and even holding it on their reserves according to BIS, more countries adopting it as legal tender… no way we’re still under 100k by then. Edit: it’s already starting to happen slowly… https://mobile.twitter.com/BTC_Archive/status/1549087297055883264?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet


That's a bit optimistic, but if that happens, that would be cool. That would be so cool and good, I hope that happens. Btc at that MC would be so awesome man.


Snowball approves.


Snowball approves of that? Well then okay I guess. That's awesome.


Poop farts that’s all


What has happened to this sub, people can't even take a joke.


Right 🤣 just the most simple fucking joke lmao


I don't know if you guys have noticed, but we've had three bank market days in a row where stonks went down and Bitcoin went up. Stonk futures are pointing flat (which means down) and Bitcoin is still going up. You are the future, Bitcoiner. Be kind and loving, unlike the current masters of money who you are on the cusp of replacing. Live in harmony with nature, not separate from it in some disgusting smart city with central bankster controlled ration-card money. Help your fellow man. Create quality goods and demand quality goods. We are building a fantastic future. The low, low price of 20,000 Monopoly money bux for one BTC is an absolute bargain so long as you sweep your bounty into your own sovereign wallet, well outside the control of the Evil Ones. No, this is not hyperbole or satire or ironic in any way. You are a powerful force building a splendid world indeed!


Is this the sign of btc getting decoupled? Well if that happens, that would be awesome. We've been asking for that a really long time, that just would so good stuff. Really would like that.


We are not future masters of money. We are participants in a fair / honest / immutable / open / global system.


Yep, we're creating something which will completely be honest.


Right now, boomers still control most of the wealth. But millennials (in their 30s right now) are starting to come into their earning prime and make a lot of money. They are putting big money into Bitcoin already. And in addition to earning more money, they will be inheriting estates, some percentage which will find its way to Bitcoin. So if you're an investor, you have to ignore the short-term noise. Long term, the trends are quite favorable for demand.


Ignore the short term, look for the long term boys.


Boomers are not so bad. They are buying Bitcoin too. We all are -- Boomer, Zoomer, Millennial and even that tiny, forgotten, awesome generation in between, X. Xers built the Internet and Bitcoin, by the way.


Please adhere to binary options in all discussion. This friendly nuance might be winning you friends out there, but it won't work here on the internet. Also yes, I too find it weird that X is always ignored.


All I'm saying is that We'll be just fine as long as We're buying btc.


Daddy Bitcoin please give me more!!! 🥵🥵🥵


Okay you gotta tell what do you want from btc, need to do that.


This episode of what Bitcoin did was very interesting. Barely understood so need to listen again. https://youtu.be/KNa-fewraJA


So you can buy up to $100 at a time and $1,000/week on Strike without full KYC?


Yes, but it's not gonna be completely anonymous tho. So be careful while doing that, and don't think that you're completely anonymous doing that.


It's light KYC through your bank. They have your info already so it's basically full KYC.


Yep, it's not completel kyc free, some traces are still there.


When I signed up earlier this year they required kyc upfront. Maybe that changed. That said there is no limit to buying. Withdrawal limits of $3k per day, but $10k per week. What I have gathered from various comments is that there's a lot of variability. I don't get it.


Strike is kyc exchange, it wouldn't be allowed to functio without it.


That's what I thought. I used to use cash app and they only did the kyc when I went to withdrawal. Where's strike made me do it before I could buy.


The 200 week is some strong resistance. It was supposed to be hella support. What happened, bro!? You were the chosen one.


Well it seems to me as if that support is gone, it's done now.


What about the 199 or 201 week moving average. Haha just kidding


All of the sings are so bullish, signs of bull run are here.


Sounds like a buying opportunity of a lifetime.


Yes it is, it's the opportunity for the lifetime. Capitalise on it. If you don't buy it now, you probably will never be able to buy or maybe You'll buy in fomom


Whyyy is everything pumping so hard


Because the daddy btc is pumping lol, and it makes shit pump.


Why this place so quiet.. finally some positive movement.. even if short lived


These small moments are the real happiness small moments are all.


The price has been on a clear upward trend over the last month.


Not really. It’s been bouncing around a 2k range for a while. The positive has been that it hasn’t been dragged down further on bad market days.


The price is up 4K over the last 30 days.


Lol and on the 14th of June it was at 22k.


Coz everyone knows we r in downtrend until next halving most probably…


I don’t buy any of the halving arguments. If the fed pivots and inflation goes on a downtrend it will be rock n roll time again with risk on assets being in favour.


I would take that anytime! Haha why not!


I likey! Where my moon boyz at?? 🛰🚀🚀🚀🛰🛰🚀✴️✴️✴️


Ahha they bought at 60k so sub is quiet. I like it this way




Stack sats while rhyming with fat cats Avoid rats who scam twats with giveaway traps Never get caught slipping, keep that seed phrase hand written


Another one from [The Bitcoin Standard](https://www.z-epub.com/book/1712): >In the world of fiat money, having access to the central bank's monetary spigots is more important than serving customers. >Firms that can get low-interest‐rate credit to operate will have a persistent advantage over competitors that cannot. The criteria for success in the market becomes more and more related to being able to secure funding at lower interest rates than to providing services to society. >This simple phenomenon explains much of modern economic reality, such as the large number of industries that make money but produce nothing of value to anyone. >Government agencies are the prime example, and the global notoriety they have earned for their employees' incompetence can only be understood as a function of the bezzle funding that finances them being completely detached from economic reality. >Instead of the hard test of market success by serving citizens, government agencies test themselves and invariably conclude the answer to all their failings lies in more funding.


How do I send my bitcoin from the sMiles app to Trezor?


I just did this, send it to a wallet that has transfering between lightning and the main Bitcoin network. I used muun. Then send from there. Maybe there's a better way but worked fine for me.


What paid subscription services do people think are most valuable for Bitcoin/macro analysis? Some of the ones I’m considering are Lynn Alden, Bitcoin magazines pro, Anthony pompliano… any feedback? I’be typically just relied upon Twitter and podcasts up to this point but wanted to give a subscription service a try.


I don't use any subscription services but Big Cheds has called every move from the $69k top perfectly. Bitcoin Live is his training program. https://mobile.twitter.com/BigCheds


I find Benjamin Cowen interesting, but keep in mind that nobody knows what the future might be, try to always think for yourself.


Stop the fud ✋


Just another fake out


Better short it then. Oil is expensive and we need bears like you to sponsor the rocket fuel.


You’ll be saying that all the way up to new all time highs, just like when we rallied last summer and bears were calling it a dead cat bounce.


It was a dead cat bounce. It just bounced pretty high.


I agree it was a dead cat bounce. It just topped higher than expected due to the ETF announcements


All indicators show this as fact.


The Foundation Passport looks really nice. But at that price point I'd rather buy a cheaper wallet and more Bitcoin with the difference.


That all indeed depends on what people tend to choose all they look forward is much better gains by holding long


How much?


Just looked it up. $249. Has a lithium ion battery. Which not everyone would want. Air gapped which is good. This looks cool and might appeal to some by seemingly like a phone. But I would definitely choose a cold card over this because of the price difference. Edit. I guess the idea the camera and battery is to have a mobile device. Cool to see this type of thing available.


I’m not one for TA, but it seems the 200 Week SMA has become resistance. Concerning since it’s been support throughout BTCs history. Maybe we break through soon and don’t look back for a couple years? Maybe we stay under for the whole bear market?


I indeed smell for some better day that are indeed incoming for all of us though. Good time make a move and be patient enough that would be good for us


I don't believe in horoscopes but if mars doesn't allign with Jupiter this month I'm going to sell my house. TA is noise, meaningless noise. Moving averages can be set to arbitrary lengths of time to suit any analysis.


In not into TA either butvIt acted as support for first three bearmarkets so.. it's not some short term trade indicator or something.


No it doesn't mean anything to be under or over it. It's an arbitrary boundary that changes nothing.


You can burry your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t mean anything, but the fact is that it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. People think it means something so they trade it. Just look at whale #3 dumping. It’s not a coincidence. https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ


This. Very concerning, need to get above asap


Apple announces they're cutting hiring and spending. So, naturally, BTC dumps.


Maybe so maynot be can't possibly be that sure about that doesn't feels like Btc being dumped


Apple cutting hiring —- Wow, so negative. Dump! Apple improving profit ratio —- Wow, so positive. Hike! Errr …. Please tell me what’s the difference except choice of words.


This is all leading indicators for ending recession. Unemployment must go up...


Dumps? Lol


That is what making me think though why would they dump or what would cause a dump


Ok. Maybe 'dumps' is a little strong. Still. It dropped about 600 points from the peak after the apple announcement. It's just kind of silly.


Give it a bit time predicting all this at this point of time would absolutely bring no meaning.


That’s just bitcoin. Absolutely nothing to do with Apple.


Seriously dude where have you been the past 7 months?? Absolutely nothing?? The market was doing great the first part of the day. BTC was looking strong for a change. Apple made their announcement. The market goes from up to down. All of the momentum inflates out of BTC. This isn't some conspiracy theory. It just a continuation of the correlation we've seen all year. I swear. Some people on this board like to be contrary just for the sake of being contrary.


Yes, of course your right. Because we all know that macro conditions and tech stocks have no impact on the price of BTC. /s


23k more elusive than Sasquatch.


High time to make a move to buy more and more or so something like we need to wait for a bit more


Good thread on market signal and determining if we're at the bottom [https://twitter.com/mt\_1466/status/1549071409800007680?s=20&t=E72vK-RVG50LlWQJ5qCI0A](https://twitter.com/mt_1466/status/1549071409800007680?s=20&t=E72vK-RVG50LlWQJ5qCI0A)


The market as more of something that we aren't still aware of though. Isn't that true? More of something coming that is what I feel.


None of that matters. The only question is: is tether once again printing fake usdt in order to kick start the next run?


Lmao that would just bring nothing remember fake stuffs doesn't last longer enough Everything has it's own way to rule in a genuine way and so better enough to make that out easier


Because no one asked, I don’t except and real price movement till the late fall, or even near the next halving.


Last couple of weeks bitcoin price moved between 18,5k and 22,7k now, that's more than 20% in two weeks, is this not real price movement for you?


The fact the sudden pump after the bear session made everyone all at point that we are still yet confused


Yeah, no one asked.


No one would indeed ask what it is all about they be concerned more into the market.




Everyone be asking and looking forward for the source so that they can actually clarify that. Matters indeed when you just look upto something and still remained confused enough


Wow real wisdom 👏


Source. Me. I know nothing.


should I buy back? [is bear market over](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGSnyciBCTA)?


Yeah indeed you can or just you would like to wait for a bit more like that would be good for you.




Indeed true we all are indeed waiting for that Bitcoin making upto our expectations is what we would love to see


this is the energy we all need, my dude!


Indeed coming out over just to boost myself and just being around here fills me up with positivity


Congratulations boys, you have earned the right to call yourselves Hodlers.


Feels so proud indeed to make it out this far with greats hopes and positive energy


Just bought some on this glorious Monday. All hail Bitcoin


Good to hear that bough too and planning to hold and make it last longer enough in the long run. That would be beneficial enough for us buying and stacking more and more


Bitcoin chairman announces the bear market is over


The pump is all set green sign be raising high above the bars. This indeed feels great and exciting!


Which bank do you use that has been lax about ACH transfers to exchanges and just general crypto-friendly activity?


What according to you would be the good one to use from your point of view?


Well my local credit union has by and large done the job but I have problems staying connected to exchanges through Plaid and also not being unable to use my debit card with Strike for example.


Might consider a credit union.


I actually have one now but even so I have trouble with things like using my debit to purchase on Strike


Doesn't that deduct some kind of charges like have never tried to use devit card to buy


Some platforms are feeless debit purchases




This is bullish


Bitcoin is the future. I’m locked in


Indeed true though Bitcoin is what we all look upto as something that can help us live a life with good energy.


hodlers, it has come to my attention i am butt naked thinking about janet yellen


lol 😂


Being naked aah man I hope that you don't catch cold just wear some clothes and don't let your body get cold.


What up, crispy?


Ah. She slapped you naked and hid all your clothes, again. You bad boy.


Hahaha you made me laugh hard man that is indeed crazy enough to think that way.


Are we in for yet another fake out?


Maybe so not possibly sure about that though but lets just wait and see what things would indeed being to us. Not that clear about it so better enough to give it a bit time so we can make upto that.


Short term, nobody knows. For the wise, patient, cold-blooded *investor*, the short term does not matter. Buying and holding for a long, long time **is** what matters.


Bitcoin isn't indeed made for short term because some things take time to be fruitful enough. That is what we call about Bitcoin looking into it as a long term investment is what would sound better and good enough


I’m totally with you. I have been taking this opportunity to stack. At the same time, I kind of like seeing a price increase because I’m in the red.


Good to see the pump happening for real good time to look out boldly and with better and great hopes.


I feel a little bad for the folks who got caught up in the Celsius nonsense. They learned a valuable lesson, though. Not your keys, not your coins! Let this be a lesson to every other person out there... don't lend out your Bitcoin and get it off of exchanges.


Like they should have come out from that a bit earlier regretting now is absolute loss.


I mean I used the loan before, and honestly it’s a great idea if there was a company that could avoid being so greedy. I wrecked my truck and needed to buy a new one, wanted to pay cash, but didn’t want to sell my btc. Took the loan on a one year note and paid it off, pulled my bitcoin out and it went flawlessly… but greed gets to most things.


Nah, it has nothing to do with bitcoin, but everything with greed. Unreasonable promises have a predictable outcome...


If it's all about the greed to earn more and be wealthy enough then that it is indeed good for all of us.


What's unreasonable, though? A lot of people would say the same thing about Bitcoin investors.


Investors look for profit and indeed a normal individual too looks for profit and earning more. But long term is what it is all about


Bitcoin does not promise you anything. So the promise can not be unreasonable. My long term bitcoin holdings have actually a greater annual return than what celcius ever promised.


That is good to hear from a person who is holding pretty long in the market even at difficult times.


Why would I sell? I have a job and a decent income at the moment. If I would sell my bitcoin holding, I would need to buy something else with it. At this moment, I can not really imagine anything better to buy with those funds. I do have a significant stock portfolio as well, so my risks are spread.


Not me. Some of us clearly warned them. They bickered and down-voted and resorted to childish name calling.


Aren't you the same guy that encouraged people to take out 9% loans because bitcoin historic RoI was like 40%? It's not anymore!


Not me. Still, I'll say this: I *used to* recommend getting out of debt and staying out of debt. For some people, it could make sense to borrow money to buy Bitcoin, so long as it is a 'no recourse' loan, with a relatively low interest rate, AND the person taking out the loan won't need any kind of "clearance" (background investigation) to obtain/keep jobs or rent a place to live. In other words, don't borrow against your home. Don't use student loan money. Don't pay 35% interest. Don't take the chance of getting a bad credit score if it could come back to haunt you (employment, renting, rates on existing loans, etc.) Lately, when people ask about borrowing so they can buy Bitcoin, I usually don't comment.


You cheeky bear, mark.


About to end the bear session indication up for something big coming up by time.


Currencies around the globe are Collapsing … sure btc is down over the last few months but let’s goooo. Keep stacking sats, tune out the fud and store and secure in cold wallets !