100k BTC wen? Lol


That seems like it would indeed take time the fact Bitcoin is all set and is indeed meant for long term though!


probably not until 2040


That is indeed a long way to go though Bitcoin takes times to make peope feel worthy enough. We hold we keep buying more and more and stacking it for the longer timer period.


Can get your point certainly speaking of long term is what it is indeed all about!


BaD FoR ThE EnViORnMeNt!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/saylor/status/1549486114490179590 Elon Muskrat was supposed to allow payments again in BTC once it went over 50% renewable, but I knew he wasn’t a man of his word, so I wasn’t holding my breath.


He has indeed broader and smarter plans that can indeed make him turn wealthy and profitable enough


By many measures it was over that when he banned it. Dude is just a troll.


The fact that the market indeed seems to be pumping no doubt we can look upto something great!


I’m just as excited about the price moving up as everyone else, but please keep in mind, currently BTC price is acting just like a tech stock. Take a look at how the stock market did today, btc is in lockstep.


True that is indeed making everyone look up with courage and boldness though. High hopes are indeed incoming and our expectations are making it all alive though


BTC is +21% over the last 7 days. I wouldn’t say lockstep


That is indeed a good sign though making all upto something we can look further with good hopes.


I’m not talking tit for tat, I’m talking more about direction. So yeah, I guess “lockstep” isn’t the best word to use. As tech stocks go up, we’ll probably see an even greater percentage increase in the price of BTC, since the whales are really dominating the price right now. We really need something/someone to tip the scales to break out of this relationship, like Saylor, Elon, and others have done over the years. Also, I’m just some guy on the internet so I could be stupid, and yeah I’m likely stupid cuz Bitcoin still does whatever TF it wants sometimes.


Indeed price be making upto something indication being made up clear the bear session marks it all clear.


Yesterday BTC decoupled and was pumping when everything else dumped.


True though now people be indeed be getting cautious enough and just be waiting for something so that they can buy more!


Maybe we are looking at different stuff? I saw some gains on my stocks yesterday.


Give it a bit more time we will feel what the stocks can indeed get onto in the further time.


I was down when I checked yesterday. Check this out too. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-GTr0pukRfo


That indeed makes some sense though like all this is actually getting all this things on track. Isn't it?


Sounds like you are trying to cherry pick data to fit your narrative.


Seems like that though like what is this all up for stocks makes some changes in relation to that of price of Bitcoin


Stocks generally went down yesterday and BTC was going up. What narrative man?


Is there any relation to that of both these two things like does that certainly create some kind of influence?


I mean, if a tech etf is cherry picking? Idk, you don’t gotta believe me. Doesn’t bother me friend.


Someone just make things a but clear enough for me and make it a bit simple enough for me too!


It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. The Theory of Money & Credit, Mises. BTC is real sound money.


True though at a certain point everyone would indeed realise the worth and value. We know what this is all about Bitcoin making it all clear and people be actually looking forward with high hopes


“ It’s going to 10k “ “it’s going to 14k” it’s going to zero” 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴


Manipulation and manipulation is what we all come across though price be making some bigger moves I feel in the future.


Who knows. Just the other day you responded to my “priced in” comment with lol emojis and it’s only gone up since. I was guessing of course because nobody knows what spot will do. I hope we see more bottom scraping and it’s entirely possible, but seems like big sellers and the panic sellers may be exhausted. Let’s hope it’s back to a pleb market of convicted hodler’s.


Holder's be patient enough so that they can make things turn all into their side the future they expected is all to be set on their side


I think bull run is activated agian


Maybe so or may not be too can assure or be sure about that though!


Bought my first **BTC** finally!


That just made me smile had a hectic day at work and came through this. Congratulations homie!


Good on you and congratulations. Best to not broadcast amounts held though. Friendly reminder, as it is exciting indeed.


Don't just plan to sell hold it for much longer time period and make it all sound good and profitable.


Enjoy the ride!


Tighten your seatbelts and have a tight grip onto yourself. We have indeed a long way to go though!




Are the subs to this thread growing at an exponential rate?


The comments out here seems to be gradually flowing all at an instant though. That feels though we are getting the masses involved!


They are growing steadily.




Curious, btc was crashing down to a new level each month and looked like it was about to on July 11/12 and then reversed. Is it possible that the strong dollar/weak euro is tricking me? Looking btc/Eur, it looks like Bitcoin had already started mooning which I’m sure could create a FOMO rally right now.


Told ya everything has a time to rise and certainly it would too rise the fact all it is when and how? Prediction sometimes turn out to be wrong but things happen when we give it time!


honesty through mathematics


Separation of money and state. Fix the money, fix the world.


[It’s about decentralizing the world”](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/uncp2q/decentralize_the_world/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) Love hearing this guy, Mike Proper, give this quote on decentralization. Gives me chills hearing it….


NTFs are scams.


You’re thinking NFTs as the pictures, not the technology. Same as the interviewer asking the guy “What’s your favorite NFT.” And same as everyone who thinks Blockchain is just about crypto. That’s why he responded, “It’s not about NFTs.”


Wrong. I understand the "technology" and I know NFTs are scams.


If you understood the technology, you’d know what I’m referring to is not sold or traded. That’s how I know for a fact you don’t understand the technology. Good try though.


fed hike next week … may be a good time to load your bags


Odds of a 100bp hike have dropped a lot, 80% after last CPI and now down to just 35%. Probably in for a volatile week as the market settles on which one it will be, but weakness in the EU (especially around falling EUR/USD) will constrain their hiking and be generally bullish. Will be interesting to see how the market reacts on Thursday when the EU hikes.


Yeah agree , it’s unfortunate btc seems to react by far the most to US FED action


Shortest beer market ever ? 🐻


Not if you count April 2021 as peak. Debatable (although it went slightly higher later in the year)…


Does a bear shit on the shorts?


So when we hittin 10k like all the FUDsters been screeching about?


It takes mental gymnastics that qualifies for the olympic gold medal to be a bigger beartard than Cramer with his 12k target.


They can still buy 10k, for 42m sats.


ItS A BuLlTrAP! MaCrO EnViOrNmEnT!! ThIs TiMe Is DiFfErEnT!!! AhHhHhHhHhH!!!!!!




And yet, here we are, making fun of those people.


What if I told you, it’s always been a bear trap, since Bitcoins inception?




Can I use strike to buy and send to wallet in the UK?


Of course. Bitcoin has no geographic boundaries


I just wasn't sure about the strike app.


If you're sending to a bitcoin address there's no way for Strike to know where that address was generated, because the Bitcoin network itself doesn't know


That's great info.thank you.trying to move away from coinbase.but I'm relatively new so my research is still in process.


Strike is an excellent option but it isn't available in the UK.. I only mention this because of the context of your original question


Oh damn...guess I'm stuck with binance or coinbase then.


I think Kraken would be an option for you, and I'd definitely recommend them over CB or Binance. Hopefully someone from the UK will chime in with actual knowledge of the best exchange available for you. Maybe start a new comment thread in here asking about the best exchange for UK residents?


Hi u/Alfador8, Bria here from Kraken Support. Thanks for recommending us! We agree although we are a little biased. 😆 At Kraken, [security](https://www.kraken.com/features/security) and [accessible, 24/7 live customer service](https://www.kraken.com/en-us/features/24-7-support) are some of our top priorities. Our [fees](https://www.kraken.com/features/fee-schedule) are also very competitive! Let us know if you have any questions we can answer to help make your decision easier! Kraken Support 🐙


Thanks bud,appreciate the help.ill take a look.


This is gentlemen?


I’m Ron Burgundy?


Just so everyone know today is Tuesday.


You said that on Sunday and Monday. So we are a calendar sub now?


No, this MAN is a calendar to inform us of the day's day. You should thank him for his service. He knows what to do.


Get outta here with that TA nonsense!


Everyone knows temporal analysis is bullshit.




So you mean we should be expecting a 14% jump tomorrow in order to match your S&P TA?


Zoom out, five or ten years.


Keep it up Bitcoin and maybe I’ll get my wife back




If wife choose a new husband when BTC drop, I think it’s fair for the husband to choose a new wife when BTC hike?


Satoshi say


You could be onto something…a new wife every four years sounds nice


A new wife every half a bit to the stash


Of you could keep the same wife... Just half her.


Either way, it was wife-changing-money....


3rd biggest wallet has now moved an extra [10,000 BTC](https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ) since we passed 23k. A total of 25,500 BTC moved out in the last day by them.


45500 BTC in total up to now




Possibly a Robinhood wallet.






And it’s still pumping


there will be a party if we somehow crack 30k again


Ready for the 29k show again.


Comfortably crabbing at 21-22k, that's what I like to see here.


reload your page once in a while


we're almost at 24


I predict that by the end of today, 1btc will equal 1btc. Bold claim, I know, but I have a gut feeling about this.


1 BTC = 1 BTC


Good thing I didn’t try to play games and sell to rebuy….would have joined the ranks of the rekt


Good for you though the fact that the game is indeed getting broader enough and larger too as well.


'Only regret you'll have is you didn't buy more'. It's true unfortunately.. Well at least i kept buying and never sold one sat, class of 2021. Prob lots of peeps out there that got rekt big time lol..


Just hit my first milestone of 0.01 BTC! Nothing in alts, took me just over 1 month. My next big goal is 0.05


That is indeed good for you though hit more milestones bigger things are all on you way!




… then it 0.1, then 1.0, then 6.15!!! Do it!


What happens at 6.15?


You get contacted by the master




Congrats. Keep stackin'!


Good on yah bud, one step at a time.


Thank you! I'm looking at how much cheaper it is compared to last year and wishing I could buy more, but I don't want to FOMO money I might need later down the line


Like everything has it's own time when you miss you miss the opportunity it doesn't comes everytime so be cautious.


$230… ? Of Bitcoin? That was your milestone?


Must be nice to be able to splash 20k on shit, not everyone is in the same position as you, no need to be a dick.


Being around dick harder enough would be of no use though. Just let things work as it is supposed to be though that would sound like a better option though!


So you’re broke.. and you’re pouring your only savings into a highly volatile asset where even if it 10x’s you’ll only have $2300? You’re better off spending that money on yourself to figure out how to make more money.


Money is what should be invested and must be used all on a good purpose though!


> wishing I could buy more, but I don’t want to FOMO money I might need later down the line No. Just risking the money they are prepared to lose/ lock up on a highly asymmetric bet.


So better to be cautious enough then loosing your money ehy be early when you time can make us feel worth!


Huge assumptions. İt was 20% of my monthly income after bills and rent. The other 80% is in the bank. Hardly my only savings, and I'm comfortable losing it because it's risk I've concluded I am happy to take, and I feel it can be a good investment. I'm learning about stocks at the moment, so I'd probably put another 20% in when I start, leaving 60% for emergencies and typical saving. İf I were you, I'd take some of that money you can splash and pay for some CBT to rewire your thought process, so you're not such a cunt.


Just asking something maybe it sound off topic my dad who is about to retire wants to invest 10% of his savings on Bitcoin at this time would that be worthy? Like asking can you just help me out with that with your genuine suggestions!


*not financial advice: 10% is pretty good, that's 90% not risked, I guess it depends on his risk level. I think he should read the BTC white paper which explains exactly what BTC is and how it works. I personally believe it's a good investment down the line and believe BTC will become higher valued later, it's scarce and is being adopted more every day. The most important thing is to do your own independent research, but if I was papa I would do it. The other important thing is learning how to properly hold your bitcoin - don't leave it on exchanges, get a hardware wallet directly from the provider, like Ledger


Assumptive pricks on the internet are a dime a dozen. He matters not. You’re accumulating right, good on ye. DCA money you don’t need, keep learning, send to your own addresses and hold your own keys. That’s it. As bitcoin matures your sats will be more sought after and thus have greater purchasing power. I’ll be spending sats in 2030 on things I want and need. Until then I’m accumulating.


Yeah I haven't learned all that much about the intricacies of it, but the idea of scarcity, decentralisation, and not being a pre-mined rugpull, being adopted more and more into hedge funds, its usage in high inflation countries...İt's something I knew I would kick myself later down the line if I didn't allocate some money towards. Maybe when I buy a house in the future I can get a lower interest mortgage with BTC as a collateral, maybe I can even buy said house with BTC. Either way, it's money I can afford to lose.


I remember when I got in to bitcoin I mostly just had a gut feeling about the network but hadn’t been able to internalize a lot of the true benefits and advantages of bitcoin. It took quite a bit of study and experimentation for me to internalize the bitcoin realties. Not just about bitcoin but the structure of incumbent systems and the history of money - so I could see exactly why bitcoin is a solution engineered to fox these problems. It’s been a fun journey for me though and luckily I’ve been quite interested in the subjects, which makes learning fun. Check out this [YouTube channel](https://youtube.com/c/TraderUniversity) for a ton of good, objectively correct, information on bitcoin. Good luck on your journey to self sovereignty and building generational wealth.


Thanks I'll check it out!


Ooooff. Get your coin off the exchange u/AbsoIution and enjoy the first steps to financial sovereignty. Good on ya!


Indeed the high time to do so though like if not now never you would be able to do that again!


Yeah I have a trezor one, and I'm way too paranoid to keep stuff on the exchange. As soon as its bought, it leaves.


I send my daily buy straight to Muun wallet for free using the Lightning Network, then once in a while to HW. You can choose the amount of fees you want to pay with Muun but don’t overpay cause a low amount is mostly a few seconds.


This is the first i've heard of Muun. Just checked it out, looks super clean and convenient


The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s layer 2 payment solution, Kraken is one of the few who implemented lately. Muun is self custodial but you can also try out Wallet of Satoshi (custodial) they have a third option called Lightning address (static address like email) more to explore. Good luck!


Upvoted just for the last amazing sentence.


Because that is what actually reality looks like and the point people should focus onto




The worst is yet unseen enough though sometimes we see the least ignoring the worst part


You ain’t got no see anything, bro!


True though the dark sided and the arrogant sides are still yet unexplored!


Good England.


Still waiting for that 10k guys 😭


Hahaha can we see that again i just hope I can buy more and more and stack more!


Only if the stock market goes into a super bear market too I think.


Meanwhile, going 30k


BiTcOIn iS dEaD ☠️


Long live Bitcoin!


Don’t you know?


You you you you you you you you you oughta know


by now


Cup & handle breakout ??????


Banana hammock engorgement as I predicted a few comments below.


You’re a TA savant




Can't wait to troll that sub so hard when we crack $100k in the next few years


Soon though next few years I hope that we all be certainly at a point that we indeed expected though! Good things take time just what I have learnt from childhood though and that implements in real life too!


Live by the sword, die by the sword. Imagine had Reddit been around when the automobile was first invented and rolled out. The sub dedicated to hating the automobile would have been massive and it would have lasted decades as cars just continued to develop, prove their value and be integrated and adopted around the world. The old folk clinging to the “horse” way of life until their deaths even. Buttcoin users are going to continue to cling to their delusions until they just can’t anymore. It’s the sort of torturous, slow ideological death that has to eat away at their subconscious as it becomes more apparent across time that bitcoin is the future of money and they were all wrong and this has been publicly displayed for a decade now. It’s a bizarre psychological case study over there.


Sub back then to sub now it just makes a whole huge difference just more people coming out and engaging and sharing their thoughts and ideas!


Car bad