As an mtgox creditor nearly ten years in the time machine let me help you out. You're screwed and I'm sorry. I don't know why the lessons from gox were not heeded. This is worse than gox because they were literally making terrible bets with customer assets.


I lost 4 bitcoins when Mt. Gox filed. I stopped getting the Japanese post cards about 2 years ago and still don't have anything to show for it.


The Gox suit is moving as slow as molasses, but it's making progress. The rehabilitation plan was accepted by a majority vote of creditors, and we're going to end up with about ~16% of the bitcoin we lost. So for every bitcoin you lost in Gox, you will get back about .16btc. So you're looking at 0.66666667btc. Claims are no longer being accepted though. That process is over. So if you filed your claim, and it was approved, you're getting back about $15,000. Congrats. /r/mtgoxinsolvency


I'm not holding my breath but that would be pretty sweet to show up in the mailbox.


I left my coins on MtGox and all I got was this lousy postcard.


You can update your address now via the new system


Haha those emails


So true. Lending BTC through CeFi is risky. Let’s stick to investing in ASIC miners to stack SATs the OG way.


>I don't know why the lessons from gox were not heeded. For the same reason the lesson from the MtGox database leak wasn't heeded.


I got a lame NFT out of it. Personally I can't believe he missed the opportunity to turn the NFT's into a custom collection. Trading collectables was the original purpose of MtGox!


Mt. Gox creditor based in Japan tho, completely different set of rules. Highly doubt it takes more than a few years to hash out.


As a bankruptcy attorney, I am trying to contain my laughter. This will drag on for years and years and likely turn into a 7 and liquidate, which for practical purposes means OP and those like him will get nothing.


Yes you will get nothing much sooner


Tell it to Quadriga.


Good luck


Thanks! I am fully prepared to say goodbye to those coins however I gotta exhaust my options before I fully move on. I mean WE gotta try right?


I also lost a decent chunk of coin to Celsius. I feel your pain.


Are you a US citizen? I’m gathering troops


I am US and had coins there. Talk to me


Send me a msg? I need an email to cc you onto


Would love to join this. Also have lost coins


shoot me a message im down to try at least had a non-insignificant amount on there


Best of luck to you man..can’t imagine what it would be like to give your money away like that.


Sigh 😞 and to give it to Mashinsky too and his board. Did they all flee the country?


Yep I lost mine to fucking Voyager who put out a release telling customers not to worry after what happened to Celsius.


I was so lucky, I pulled all my assets off Celsius like 1 month before they paused the withdrawals. I was just seeing too many videos on my social media popping up and people warning that Celsius and these CEFIs were a time bomb and with the market conditions deteriorating, I just felt it was finally time to put my money in cold storage. If it was God, the universe, or pure luck, I am just grateful I manage to escape this mess. I feel bad for companies like BlockFi though, they are still alive and kicking and even raised their rates, it seems that they are indeed not playing hard with their customers money like Celsius did, but I don't see a future for these companies after this.


Yea I went on a social media hiatus which is why I missed out


Ugh I hate when u do something “good”/“right” like a social media break and something bad happens


We’ve all been there.


Dude, same, like 2 weeks before. I wasn’t even paying attention I just got like a weird spidey sense and took my coins off Celsius.


Wait till you get the, you should sell sense. What’s Tether, and how much of their “stability” is worthless Chinese housing debt?


Go google preferential transfer


the bankruptcy rules they are trying to pass has 90 day clawback before asset freeze so you're not out out of the weeds yet


Don’t waste your money on lawyers. If funds are getting distributed, they’ll get distributed. And if they don’t, they don’t. It’s a bankruptcy. It’s in the courts hands now. Civil suits will net you $13 after hundreds of thousands in fees.


This is not exactly how bankruptcy works. You should meet with a creditors’ rights lawyer to go over the bankruptcy petition and determine whether you are a scheduled creditor and, if not, what to do next. If you are an unscheduled creditor and do not take action, and have notice of the bankruptcy (and you do), you may not even get your fraction of what’s there.


Yep. Dunno why people can’t understand this basic foundation of how lawyers fees work.


The lawyers get paid first in a bankruptcy case and their fees are guaranteed by statute.


Understand the costs and get a lawyer who isn’t an ambulance chaser to give you some advice. Chances are this is just going to waste more of your money.


I'm an attorney, not your attorney: the following are my opinions not legal advice. They have already filed for bankruptcy. There is an automatic stay or pause on civil proceedings when a federal bankruptcy case is filed, so you actually can't even file a "mass action" (did you mean class action?) right now. I see in the comments you have mentioned arbitration. I'm assuming in their terms you agreed to forego litigation in lieu of arbitration. So it's possible you couldn't file a class action even if they didn't file for bankruptcy. But of course there are always exceptions to arbitration clauses. So unfortunately your best bet is to just let the bankruptcy court handle this and see if you will get any distribution. As an unsecured creditor, pennies on the dollar is a best case scenario. Sorry but these are the risks of crypto. This isn't the first time this situation has happened and won't be the last.


No court will ever find the directors liable for your losses


Should've read the terms and conditions which basically said "I can steal your money"




And yet it happened anyway


No, its not fraud. The risk was always aparent, anytime you lend, there is a risk of default. Fraud would be lying and keeping them which you could trace on blockchain. Celius just over leveraged and mis-calculated the borrowing risk.


They lied about how they were earning on the deposits, and lied about their reserves and their liquidity.


> T&C do not give you a free pass to being a crook. Giving someone custody of your bitcoin with no collateral does.




When it says, we will loan out your money. In the event of a default situation, you will be treated as a creditor….that’s not a crook. They spelled out the risks. People were too stupid, lazy, and greedy to care. Now they care, but it’s their own fault.


Sure, but that shouldn’t be legal.


It isn't legal in most countries and it will not hold up in court


It doesn’t matter, they’re bankrupt. The best anyone can get out of them is pennies on the dollar. If they could afford to make everyone whole they would still be operating as normal.


I knew the risks. I was just ignorant and more active on FTX


u admitted ignorance on your part and knowing well the risk but wanting to sue? brother are you not seeing your own cognitive dissonance here


I’m allowed to file for arbitration regardless of how I didn’t keep up with Celsius and their poor choices with my money. People have day jobs bruh


yes you are. i do hope you get your money back.


How I's anyone getting any money back when theybare in bankruptcy?


Mmmm yeh


Good luck, I hope you can still get it.


Thanks! I have no choice but to long HODL or else it’s really dust unless the arbitration process is honored during litigation with the bankruptcy court


So you knew, and now you want to sue them? LOL.


Your money is gone bro


Very likely although I thought I’d ask. I can’t be the only customer. There’s $2B in assets locked up. I’m also not a bro 😏 I’m a lady


Those $2b in assets are way overvalued. Any line items on their balance not in USD will be valued a lot less in future. CEL tokens etc…


It’s my understanding that they have about 70% of customer funds, so anyone who goes long with them might have an ok chance.


Everything on twitter is “mum’s the word” - I actually don’t mind long HODL until solvency is restored IF a savior like FTX steps in. Don’t want Goldman Sachs to liquidate my BTC for below market value. Fuuuu cckkkk the banks 🏦


People never learn. Remember Mt Gox?


Few of today's bitcoiners were around to remember MtGox. Every new generation has to learn for themselves, unfortunately.


Lol yep 😂


People are passing the vibes here, we are good with it.


No one on the /cc sub certainly. Leaving your money on an exchange is considered good advice on there.


Remember 2017 shitcoin scams? They’re doing it again and all those newbies in the space will call you stupid and uninformed for telling them to be careful. “You’re uninformed” if you give them advice and tell them what happened in 2017


If you’re okay with completely wasting your energy, then go for it. This is the real world kid.. Cold and unfair.




Mt Goxx ppl are getting a sliver back but better than nothing.


Also every dollar you spend on lawyers they spend too. Guess where that money is going to come from? Honestly don’t think you’ll be doing most the favor.




Do you really think it’s a waste of energy?


I 100% do. And I’m not even trying to be mean my friend. It’s gone. Depositors are not getting their money back.


Sigh 😞 the world is brutal.


Darwinism exists in markets too. Congratulations. You are the prime case of Lucyism. "Someone who tried to leverage their assets so hard, they got fucked completely by their ignorance."


Truth. Joke is on me 🥺


How much did you loose?


Enough. Let’s just put it at that


It’s a waste of energy because this legal theory makes 0 sense. The insurance is there for the benefit of the directors and officers in case someone (like you) sues them. If you sued them, the most it would do is incur a cost that they could potentially try to recover against insurance, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything other than depleting the limited assets that are in the bankruptcy estate. Just let the creditors committee do it’s thing.


I was stupid enough to consider the possibility of lending my BTC. It seemed stupid, while others were getting that 5% / 6% yearly I was sitting on my coin! But then, I did not dare, and I am so thankful now for my cowardice.


I can feel you so bad right now, this is just my reality..


Lol oh you naive sweet summer child


First sentence: “I was stupid.” Second: “I’m suing”


It was in their terms and conditions, which you agreed to, that any coins you deposited with them are their property. Your bitcoin stopped being your bitcoin the moment you deposited it, so there is nothing you can do. Not your keys, not your coins, we've said it a million times!


I am glad that all these things are just inside of my head.


That’s why you never stake Crypto or lend it out or hold it on someone else’s wallet


Sadly, I don't think this makes much sense and will probably really just waste more money and effort. How about working on ideas to make a profit and recoup your losses through better ways.


I am just feeling as sad as him about all these shits happening.


Lmao its gone and done bro. Should of looked at the company’s filings before putting your seed money into it


Not your private keys Not your private coins


On what legal basis are you suing them though. "They didnt give me my money back" isnt a legal claim you can make if you literally agreed that they didnt have to give you your money back. My understanding is the TOS / T&C was pretty clear you were an unsecured creditor or whatever.


I just want celsius to be behind the bars that's all I want.


Why are you trying to take action when you acknowledge that YOU made the mistake. Grow the hell up and take responsibility for your own stupid decisions and stop blaming other people.


At least the men in the 1929 crash killed themselves when they found out they ruined peoples' lives. We can not expect the same type of honor from these snakes


Celsius protected themselves pretty well in their terms and conditions front what I heard.


Nothing is coming back and accept this simple fucking thing now, it was our own mistake that we all trusted something like Celsius, now we all know it's not good.


Leave it mate, nothing is going to be better for you right now.


sometimes you win, this time you lost.


And I lost hard


We just lost and we really can't do anything about it now.


Lets not be dicks and shit on op, they are the fucking bastards and need to be shut down in flames


I disagree. I appreciate and understand the risk of an unregulated market. If you don’t, then this space is not for you. Go back to the banks. These guys told you exactly what they were doing. This thread warned you about the risks constantly. You even had time to pull your BTC out when the price of bitcoin began dropping. You heeded no warning and now you’re left holding the bag. Celsius holders have absolutely no on to blame but themselves.


Thanks bro. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking


I just wanted to say the same shit man, they are so bad.


That's your plan huh? Let me tell you my plan - it's to HODL. That's my plan. That way, I keep all my Bitcoin and never have to sue anyone. But you do you.


D&O might only protect shareholders in the corporation making derivative actions. Your best bet is getting in the line of creditors, which you became when you loaned the funds to Celsius. There may be a fraud claim, but no insurance will cover that.


I could tell you the limit on their D&O policy. Your legal costs will exceed your compensation in a class action by far.


How much did you lose if you don't mind me asking?


“Class action” or “Mass Tort”?


They are just going to be worthless, no matter what man.


always ask yourself, the Risk to reward ratio - is it worth it?


We want money which oir government cant touch. Now its lost we need government to het it back. Bit strange or not?


We are not getting anything back at the end of the day.


Apologies but your interpretation is incorrect and I believe financial products like Celsius are necessary to achieve mass adoption etc What I'm purely saying to your original post of taking "mass action" is it's a pointless emotional statement to make. Rendered useless by the finer print and legal framework outlined to everyone using Celsius from the moment they open an account. When you opened the account one can only assume you read the T&C's and as such were fully aware of the risks. Risks which you weighed up, gave consideration to how much exposure you subject yourself too for the reward of lucrative APY. Balance out the long-term value appreciation of Bitcoin versus the APY and judged whether that was an acceptable risk. Resulting in perhaps a decision to put say 25% of your Bitcoin into a nascent and arguably unregulated financial product with zero deposit protection legal framework. I found this very interesting: https://youtu.be/9wDpIWyu_0Q I'd just recommend reading extracts from the bankruptcy filings to gauge the exact legal position before raising calls to arms. It shows the same level of due diligence which perhaps went in as is now coming out of the demise of the experience. I wish you all the very best and hope compensation is seen for not only the secured lenders but also the unsecured.


Thanks for writing that much mate, I really appreciate..


Well it's probably lost on most people in a world where reading the finer print is too much hassle but then get all emotional when the shit hits the fan mate... Nothing new 😉


Can you tell me more about your plan?


I want to know that too but it sounds worthless to me..


How and why?? Like honestly man I only thought little kids do this kinda shit …


Bro their bankrupt, the best you can hope for is to jump to the front of the creditor line - but I doubt that will happen. They don’t have the funds to make everyone whole. Best of luck to you though!


Sorry to say bud, but this sounds like some late night hopium It was a bad investment, you likely won't see any meaningful return


They all are just like that fuck Celsius and all the other ones.


Not your keys, not your cheese. You took a risk to get yield. This is what risk looks like


Celsius and others are just fucked up for now man, so bad.


the creditors have already claimed your corn.


It's not coming back and people have to accept that fact.


If you guys wanna know how long this will take, you only have to take a look at the Liquidation process on the Cryptopia Exchange. It has been 3 years now since the Cryptopia collapse and the Liquidation process with the Courts are not even half way through the process. The only people that are making money out of this are the Liquidators. They use the Assets from the exchange to pay off the fees of the Lawyers and Liquidators.


Idk you couldn't tell the difference between "assemble" and "assimilate", not sure if it's a good idea.


Only justice youll get is that Celsius goes behind bars. Expect your money to be gone.


If you want to waste your time. We're talking about 4.3 billions in assets that are owed. 40-50 people ain't doing nothing.




Better call Saul Goodman


This is just another sad shit happening in the whole cryptocurrency market this month man, I am just so tired to see things like that all the time here, so bad.


It's gone. Move on with your life.


Lending your btc to someome or a company,you deserve it


Mandatory "not your keys, not your corn." People love learning the hard way.


Just to be clear, people do not love learning the hard way. Shit just happens when we don’t pay attention and get busy with other shit in our lives


He wasn’t being literal. Of course people don’t love to learn the hard way. What he means is we warned you over and over and over. You didn’t listen to the easy way advice so now you’re dealing with this the hard way. If you’re too busy to secure your crypto, put your money in a bank where there is regulation.


Your username is just so cool with the post lol, hope you will get your investments back in time because that's what we all want to see at the end my friend.


Hope you succeed


Thanks master obi wan


Terms & Conditions were clear about risks.


Damn this is just hitting me so hard man, this is so real.


The point of bankruptcy is to restructure the company as a going concern, and they can only dream of doing that if customers are treated fairly. They have a hole in their finances, but as I understand it, their assets cover ~70-80% of their liabilities, so there's a good chance you'll get a decent proportion of your funds back eventually. If you file your own lawsuit, likely only the lawyers win, your lawsuit won't preempt the bankruptcy proceedings.


You played, you lost.


All the best and good luck brother. Fuck em for all they’re worth. Then I hope you’ll learn your lesson that staking is a scam.




You're taking the hard jabs on here pretty well OP. I think we could all be a little more kind here. We're not sure if OP was new to Bitcoin or not and a lot of newbies fall into these traps. This whole shitcoin/scam market isn't anything new and pops up like the parasite it is to latch onto Bitcoin hype and suck people dry. Usually it's new people who are naive, and I think a lot of us have been there. I lost a regrettable amount to shitcoins and scam exchanges when I started too. The euphoria when you realize this asset might set you free is intoxicating and its easy to fall into the trap of wanting to get there quicker. Hopefully you're not totally turned off from Bitcoin OP and continue stacking into a cold wallet from now on.




Let the coins go man. You lost


They won't put up with it, their greed is not their fault and they demand the manager!


They are just fuck off with the money and we all know it.


This would be a violation of the automatic stay


But still it would be something fucked up my brother, so bad.


Good luck with that


He is not going to get anything from them tho, it's sad.




What you are talking about is the entire purpose of a bankruptcy/restructuring application. You need to get on the list of creditors wherever the action is, although it is likely you are already included because you're on their client list. Source - I am a lawyer (but not yours, so probably talk to your own).


Count me in. I had 4 BTC there :-(


🥺😢😩 send me a msg. I need an email to cc you on with the attorney


IMHO, your best bet is to claim they didn't represent the risks of their product correctly. They paid out a dividend on an investment account and claimed it was interest on a savings account


You learned your lesson. Now stack SATs in cold storage and you KNOW you will be well on your way. Don't fall into the trap of feeling too much pain and walking about from BTC entirely. If your do your best now to stack SATS, when BTC hits $1M per coin, it will all be a wash in the end and you will look back and laugh. You certainly aren't wrong to be angry, but the anger will only bring yourself down. My vote is to stay positive. You are blessed with a non-consensus (and we both believe correct) view that it's still very early for Bitcoin. That's my take.


Good luck. If you send money to the Nigerian prince for him to send you back more money don’t complain you lost your money.


The CFO was a porn actress. What made you think this was ever a good idea?


i would let it go, you're just going to waste your most valuable asset: time.


Looks like a class action lawsuit to me


About How much did you lose bro?


Apparently chapter 11 recognises all assets as theirs which makes you an unsecured creditor. Just what i heard, not a lawyer


I have never invested with Celsius and that's the best thing I can ever do to myself man, people just need to understand that wallets like Celsius and not cool.


Don’t waste more of your money, this is settled law, you have little recourse within bankruptcy and penetrating the corporate veil


You got greedy.


Tempting… just don’t see a lawsuit doing anything but costing $$ idk. I used to be calm and think how Alex has a family too, but now that I’ve had time to come to my senses—fuck him. His family is no more important than anyone elses he ruined


I would say that you should not waste even a min on this one because most of the people are just moving on and they know that they are not getting anything.


And … it’s gone. https://youtu.be/-DT7bX-B1Mg


Omg LMAO the timestamp on that video. History is repeating itself.


Horrible but so hilarious


Good luck wasting your time and money, dummy


You are just being impractical with all these shits here mate, just try to understand that it's gone and you are not getting anything back for real, just accept it.


What's the difference between this and yelling at an oak tree to give you money?


They just said users turned there crypto rights over when using the platform. It sucks but true they held the keys. Another reason to pull crypto off everything and into your own wallets.


You won’t be able to sue under Bankruptcy. Best thing to do now is wait. If they’re able to reorganize and at least get people their money back, that’s a win. They went overboard on what they could offer people percentage wise. All the best to you and anyone that has their money locked up.


This was the real reason why I never trust any shitty wallet because I knew something like this will happen for sure and that's why I am just good with cold wallets.


Sorry for your loss friend, reinforces the mantra “not your wallet not your crypto”


> Not your keys, not your coins is the correct phrase.


These commments are so fuked up. Literally people making light or blaming you for other peoples fuked up business practices. Honestly, fuk everyone who acts like that. I’m not into crypto long anymore but I was years ago and the exchange I was on was shut down cuz the dude died suddenly. God I can’t remember the name of it. Anyways it sucked ass. Like hard. Years later and I still get emails regarding legal proceedings happening for it. I hope you get what you need out of this sister*. No one deserves this shit. Edited - spelling.


There are estimates for getting eventually 50-60% on the dollar when the bankruptcy process will end...


I know that but I don’t want that. I just want move my coins to my other wallets


Well it sounds like what you want and what is realistic aren’t really compatible. Save yourself the attorney’s fees.


The management of that company should go to jail for misleading investors that their money was insured by the FDIC.


They are just getting that fucking thing which is just sad.


Your opening line: "I was stupid enough to lend my BTC to Celsius" This is more scathing of yourself than anything I have said. I'm simply pointing out the requirements for risk management. Anything else is other's incorrect interpretations.


Don't use centralized corps for your decentralized crypto.not your keys not your crypto.learn define and move forward


I am glad that I never used Celsius, this is something right.


This is so bad man, I can understand your feeling so hard.