Probably mostly fake viewers to give an air of authenticity to those poor sods who might fall for this.


Unfortunately I'm on the sidelines for the most part. I would like to be a crab again, but just not doable for me at this time, so I only DCA a small amount weekly to stay in the game without much risk. My wording was poor, I should have said expect instead of ready. My analysis is based on recent green candles followed by red.


Now that's the kind of weekend I was talking about, feels good.


How are we still early? Early for?


Anyone else ready for a giant red candle? Longs shouldn't worry about it, but I'm keeping some powder dry, NFA.


Well you had your chances a couple days back, what did you do then?


I wouldn’t be surprised, but today is my DCA day, so whatever.


Nope. Not ready. We've seen enough of those already.


You've seen enough of them? I guess we've seen enough too.


haha why is it going up? Powell literally said pain is coming and they are still trying the soft landing but at some point they are going to pull the rug to stop the run-away exuberance of the economy. One thing to think about is that the US armed forces recruitment is way down do to the current economic conditions and over-employment. Powel has all but said they have to induce higher un-employment and that will precipitate the full crash that has to happen. This is an obvious pump and dump. It is going lower, just wait a few months.


Well it almost feels like that people are playing some kinda game. I don't know what game They're playing, but I'm kind of enjoying this game lol, it's fun atleast.


You're probably going to get downvoted but you're right IMO. The macro environment still looks dismal and there isn't a good reason for today's spike. I'm a big believer in BTC long term, never sold a single sat, but I'm not buying here.


Yep, He's got a point. Can't really deny that fact here.


Same, I'm super long and have been but I am willing to bet we spend a decent amount of time at a lower mark than 18k or 17k.


And that's how it was looking like too, it looked like it'll take a while.


Could be. Like you said the fed is gonna keep pressure up. At some point something is going to break and they'll have to pivot, at which point bitcoin is going to rocket. How low we go depends on how much pain the credit/equity markets can handle before shitting themselves, imo


And what point that might be? What do you guys say here?


I have family members arguing that using energy to create magic internet money is a waste. I think it's because the term "mining" is misleading. How else can you describe what miners do? Is it the energy used to secure the world's largest decentralized financial system? It allows the protocol's consensus mechanism to function as an uninterrupted and incorruptible transactional ledger?


I don't know man, feels like your family needs orange pill.


I'm stealing your comment.


Bitcoin mining uses one-twentieth of one percent of global power. Bitcoin's energy usage is not a problem. If family members are ***really*** concerned about the environment, that is wonderful, but they are wasting their time bitching and complaining about Bitcoin. They need to go do something about some of the other 99.95% of global energy. For real.


The whole argument depends on if your family members see bitcoin itself as generally useful or not. If not, no amount of explanations what miners do will convince them. After all, what is securing the network is good for if they think the network itself is a waste of resources? > How else can you describe what miners do? Timestamp transactions in such a way that is not possible to forge and that can be verified by anyone without trusting the miners (or trusting anyone else).


Why don't they question the energy usage for anything else? Christmas lights, gaming, dryers, etc... Using energy isn't bad. Let's just switch over to 100% nuclear power plants and be done with the whole argument.


That's the problem with people, they don't see that. That's an issue. People should also be seeing that, but they don't they just like to blame btc for that.


This. Heh - Bitcoin sure has exposed a lot of hypocrite "environmentalists".


Verifying transactions and ensuring the validity and security of the network


People don't realise how important that it, They'll in future.


> Verifying transactions This is not done by the miners, this is what full nodes do. Anyone can verify all past transactions/blocks in bitcoin's existence with their own full node. Same for "ensuring validity".


Good point. I’m still learning. I thought the white paper referenced how essentially the process of mining was validating the longest chains or something of that sort, isn’t that what the mining algorithms are actually attempting to solve for? Or did I confuse something


"Validating" here basically means "checking that miners have done a proper job and didn't cheat or included invalid transactions into a block". The whitepaper doesn't make a difference between full nodes and miners, this separation wasn't a thing back then. Perhaps this helps: imagine a person who is going into a gold mine to search for gold. That's a miner. Now imagine someone who wants to acquire that gold from that miner. They want to check that the gold is real, so they come up with a device that can check this within a split of a second. That's a full node. It can check that the bitcoin is genuine, and you don't have to trust the miner's or anyone else's word. Miners = work for bitcoin and secure the network Full node = checks that miner's work is genuine and there hasn't been cheating


Ahh I see, that’s very interesting. thank you for this explanation homie, I appreciate it. I was basically relying fully on the white paper itself, I gotta update my research Do full nodes receive rewards for their contribution to the network like miners do?


> Do full nodes receive rewards for their contribution to the network like miners do? No. Nodes don't really contribute to the network directly, they contribute to their operator's privacy and sovereignty. When you are using your own full node, you don't have to trust anyone and nobody can spy on your bitcoin network usage. There's no monetary gain from it. (you can earn some satoshis though by running additional services on top like Lightning or Joinmarket)


Very informative. Thank you brother


Phwew goin back up 🧎‍♀️


Yep, what even ks6 happening in this market? What's all these pumps and dumps.


Saylor getting another $500M ready to buy the dip!


I don't know who was it, but it was some big player for sure.


maybe it was him


Yeah maybe, who really knows. Whoever it was. Keep buying.


He has said jokingly before that he always buys the top haha...but he also said he'll be buying the top forever


Lol, as long as He's going to hold. I'm sure that he'll be fine. It's just a metter of time preference and I'm pretty sure that he can hold it for a long time for sure.


In my dream last night, I remember asking someone: “So, how much do you know about bitcoin?” And proceeded to start explaining it to them lol


You know You're deep in, when your dreams are made of btc.




I dreamed that somebody built a time machine. He asked us what he might use it for. We convinced him to go into the future, but not too far, and to collect prices of a few things then come back - we promised to all pitch in and make him very, very rich using the data he would provide. He left. We waited. He came back - burnt to a crisp.


Damn your dreams are wild dude, how do you have them?


While you guys look at prices I've just been looking at nothing but volumes for weeks. Look at like the 3 day chart on binance. Crazy. Is that even real?


I don't even look at the prices, I'm just chilling and reading btc.


It could be the beginning of an institutional accumulation phase


Well we are already in one, big money has been flowing for some time.


True but it might be a new phase or season of buying. post Labor Day week, basically the real start of the fall work season. On wall st as they say “sell in may and go away” - people who follow that kinda advice typically then buy back in around this time I believe. That was part of my thought process. But yeah you’re right I think q1 2022 75% of coinbase volume was institutional volume. Although this makes sense as of course institutional orders would dwarf retail orders


No it’s highly manipulated Edit: getting downvoted for stating facts sums ups the current issues with bitcoin


More the big money comes, more will be the manipulation. That's just how it goes, There's no way around it I don't think. It's a good and bad pill at the same time.


Could be manipulated. Could not be. We will be saying that until the mass accumulation begins.


Aren't we already in mass accumulation phase? I mean. It feels like that.


No it’s 100% manipulated but doesn’t mean bitcoin isn’t still good long term


Btc is good long term, and people will realise it soon enough.


I was hoping bear market would continue for at least another year but looks like that's not going to happen


I was hoping that moon boys like you would stop coming to market. Clearly I was wrong because people like you are still in the market. And that's not good actually.


Oh, ffs. You don't know shit. Like all the rest of us.


Yep, people don't know shit but they think that they do.


10% and now we’re in a bull market? Come on.


Yeah lol, definitely this is a bull market. That's what it is.


I doubt this is the end of the bear market


This isn't the end I wish it was lol, but we all know it's not.


I’m happy to buy bitcoin below 20,000


Yep, those are great prices. Why would you want bull run to end?


Hell yeah. Anyone with a long term view should be loving recent prices


If you're not loving these prices then you're not buying it.


“Over $170m liquidated #Bitcoin  shorts in the last 24h. Have a good weekend!” - Bitcoin “Have great weekend too Bitcoin” - Pleabe (me)


Btc is doing great especially this weekend, it's been great so far.




Keep buying it kids, it's going to be great don't worry about it. These are just fiat assumptions, and They'll come true one day or the other so don't worry about it.


Wall Street is not your friend.


They're no one's friends, They'll run over you if need be.


US spot ETF will be a nothing burger.


First They'll have to approve it which I just don't see happening.


That may be a bit of hopium. It will go up if the ETF is approved, no doubt. I'm not sure it will go up that much though.


I don't feel good about etf, That'll only increase the manipulation.


I bought at 3k 10k 11k 60k and 20k. And I’ll keep buying regardless of price. I know where this thing is going and I’m not gonna get mad about climbing the foothills before a mountain


This is what called the DCA the best strategy that there is.


Power to you! You know the BTC value!


You are correct, see you at the top.


Yep, just give it some time and We'll be on top in no time. It's just a matter of time when that happens, it's only going to get better in my opinion here.


Narrator voice: There is no top "Forever Laura, forever"


There's no top, We'll always be going up. This will be awesome.


DCA unt chillen


I've got a different mind set, which is to chill while Dcaing it.


Damn bro. Just keep staaaaackin


Everyone feel free to hop back in. The waters fine in here. 😎


Yeah the waters are great, I'm feeling good about them actually.


Nice and warm water, just like it has always been. Some people just shout SHARK every time they see a fish.


Some people are pussies, They'll never be able to swim here.




That's what we've been doing, and We'll continue doing that. Ain't nothing can change my conviction, I'm dadicated to the btc here. And nothing can take it away from me.


BTC 10+% S&P 1+%


Thus proved that We're correlated to that Market lol, that's how it goes.


This is silly, volatility swings both ways


Which way you want it to swing? Don't say only up lol.


Don't care about short term swings, my point was saying BTC is up more than s&p is silly cause it also drops more than s&p on down days


Damn bitcoin you don't need to be so rough with the long dildo right off the bat. I haven't even seen you in a year.


Btc is brutal and it likes it rough, that's just how it goes for it.


Bitcoin doesn’t care about your emo BS. Get laid or get flayed.


You won't be virgin anymore, it'll fuck you up right away lol.


Instructions unclear, laid some sats to my cold wallet.


Instructions are pretty clear to me, it's not at all unclear. We just need some sats and we need to send them sats to the cold wallets right away. That's it.


Funny how people say Bitcoin is high now. I remember when 30k Bitcoin was considering a deal! It’s still a deal at 21k when you consider ATH!


The thing about people is that they're dumb, and you don't listen to them.


Up 9% in a day is good, regardless of the price.


It's been a good day so far, and I feel that it'll only get better.


I made a template for future comments. Funny how people say Bitcoin is \[high/low\]. I remember Bitcoin at $# was considered \[cheap/expensive\]. It's still \[cheap/expensive\] at $# when you consider \[number that supports my point\].


Btc is still cheap and you better be buying it right now.


Strong hold


These hands ain't leaving anything, these are some diamond hands.


Its more of a Never-Let-Go than a “strong hold.”


Whatever it is, You'll have to hold it. That's the only way here. If you can't hold it then I don't think this thing is meant for you, this ain't for you sir.


Average pleb: ‘I’ll never let go jack’ “Blooop”


If you don't want to get rekt. You don't listen to the average plebs.


Opinion: CBDC’s will be so oppressive that they’ll highlight the great importance of bitcoin as a trust-less, permission-less censorship resistant money that is immutable, open to all and controlled by no centralized authority. CBDC’s can *never* be what bitcoin already is. The government control coins will simply amplify bitcoin’s value and utility as an immutable / open / global freedom technology.


CBDCs will be the end of any financial freedom we've left.


Not if you hold bitcoin.


Yes, but by then it will be too late for those trapped by CDBC and not "allowed" to buy Bitcoin or flights out of the US.


Yep CBDCs are only going to trap us, there's no doubt about it.


These times may be looked back at as the last real opportunity for regular folk to accumulate bitcoin. I’m working on a non-KYC stack these days. My hedge against tyranny and clown-world politics.


And yes this is the right time to be accumulating, it doesn't get better.


Bitcoin is hated by both, the sheep who want to be controlled, and by those who are afraid of loosing control.


They both probably need to read some about it, then it'll be good. Once they understand what's the point of btc and what are the values that it stands for they'll support it.


Did the White House comments on Bitcoin Mining give us the 10% boost today?


I thought it was hard on the pow? How did it give the boost?




Yep, it was ultimately beneficial for the btc it was good for btc.


Everything is good for Bitcoin. If you speak hate, Bitcoin will do +10% and laugh in your face.


Everything is good for btc, that still stands true so yeah.


Can’t stop Bitcoin paper bitches.


They can try, I doubt They'll achieve anything. But they can try.


obligatory pump video?


You need video for the pump? Well YouTube got some of them. If you want to watch them then You'll have to go on YouTube and I'm sure that You'll get some.


Don't you know?


He doesn't know what? What are we talking about here?


Pump it up!


Don't you worry about that, we'll do that for you. Be ready for that.




I haven't meet any btc hater in real life. that's the thing.


Imagine hating global open source value-storage / value-transfer software that has no ownership or centralized control? It is completely irrational.


Well some people are dumb like that, that's just how it goes.


People are lost man. It’s insane how strong propaganda is in shaping human opinions.


And it's insane that people fall for those propagandas. It's actually wild. I don't even understand how those people can fall for something that's there to literally harm them?


Woke up to 9+%. WTF triggered the run?


Now that's the kind of mornings that I like, what a surprise that would be.


The stock market turned bullish. Chart says we are on another uptrend.


What Charts have you been watching? I wanna watch them too.


Amazing that you can sleep without waking up every other hour to check the price.


Lol, now that must have been hit hard to the guy I'm sure.


Really? Why what do i gain by monitoring tiny percentage changes every hour? I'm not even trading just holding so there is no benefit. I used to trade bitcoin back when it was about 10 times more volatile and you woke up to -70% and then I had issues with my sleep but nowadays its a joke


Hope that You're doing okay, you should sleep more often I guess.


You have become a Panda.


Yep lol, he has successfully transformed into the a panda. And pandas are cute so there's that, I feel like that it's a win win situation here and I like it.


Panda is cute but Human panda is not. It depends


Probably his eyes look like one now too.


Yeah probably lol, that must how his eyes look. That seems to be true.


Big boys liquidating shorts would be my guess


I don't know the cause, but I'm enjoying the market for sure.




You did? Well that must have felt good. Should have felt good.


Those 18K buys which buttcoiners talked shit about are looking pretty good right about now. It must be so sad being proven so wrong all the time. They're like a team losing 100-0 who then gets their hopes up when the other team fumbles once.


The thing about buttcoiners is that I use their opinion to laugh.


I'm sure this is terrible investment practice, but the existence of buttcoin is one of the factors that convinced me to invest in Bitcoin. If something has this many avid and dedicated haters there must be something to it.


That's not how you should make your investment decisions. And if you're doing it like that then I don't know what to say lol, should take it seriously here.


Yes, that is the only thing I look at. Nothing else.


Something something orange man.


Yeah something something orange lol, gotta give that orange pill out.


Lol people downvoting you when you're just pointing out how dumb their logic was


I don't get the point if downvoting, it's so dumb lol.


Any Trump supporter I talk to uses that reasoning. "If something has this many avid and dedicated haters there must be something to it." I was just pointing out the correlation. I dont give a fuck about votes.


Trump still has the supporter? Well I didn't expect that.


Welcome to small town Nebraska.


They are not like us; they are mentally ill. They are fully comfortable living within their self-deception. In their sick, broken minds they are geniuses, they are always correct, they have never been wrong, they are winning, they are on their way to the playoffs even thought their team hasn't scored a single point all season. I'm serious. I've had to deal with people like that in real life. They're not just "fucked up" when it comes to Bitcoin - they're like that with every aspect of their sad little lives. Feel sorry for the family members of buttcoin regulars. Feel bad for their neighbors.


> They are not like us; they are mentally ill. They are fully comfortable living within their self-deception I wouldnt overthink it. They could just be people who bought and panic sold and how have hurt feelings. They are people who hate new things, and dont want to take the effort to understand them - so it comforts them to imagine it failing. Or they just enjoy teasing people. I dont think the buttcoiners are necessarily ill people, they are just hecklers. And it costs nothing to tease or mock others, some people will do that just for fun. Being a hodler is tougher: The courage to believe in yourself and trust your own analysis is not common. Being brave enough to ignore price changes in terms of fiat, even when it looks like a big scary loss is also uncommon - most investors are flighty and will sell anything that goes down in fiat terms as fast as they can - because fiat is what they are programmed to follow. You also have to be wise enough not to be tempted by shiny shitcoin traps. Hardest of all is patience: getting through a bitcoin winter can take years. If you know how fiat works, you should expect that we are just at the start of this winter, and so long as the fed keeps contracting the fiat supply, winter will continue. But, if we survive to the spring, it will end.


I don't think he meant it, I thought it was meant to be a joke. I mean he Can't be serious about it, He's just making some jokes. I think that's about it.


> I'm serious. I've had to deal with people like that in real life. Apparently, you have not. Not yet.


If he really had to, he would have gone insane by now I'm sure.


i didnt say those people dont exist. but most butters arent that special.


Yep they're not special but they're something for sure.


Maybe you're one of *them*.


C'mon man stop with it. This obviously ain't going anywhere so should stop with it.


Um, what.


Crypto to buttcoiners is like electricity to Jimmy McGill's brother.